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October 2011~March 2012

Chubu Edition

2011 Champaign Ball

ACCJ Members take it back to the 70’s

2012 Shinnenkai

Starting the 2012 Year off in fashion

Cultural Competence

Discussing Cultural Competence in companies

Semi-Annual Edition 2011-2012 2011 Wrap-Up and 2012’s First Quarterly Report



Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012

ACCJ Chubu


2012 Off in Style 1.27.2012: The 2012 ACCJ Shinenkai held at Bali LAX was a great success with more than 100 people in attendance. The new location provided a great backdrop for a night of dinning, drinks and networking. We thank all of those that were in attendance for helping us to start 2012 in style!

Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012 Shinnenkai 2012



Event Report

Event Report It is fair to say that the buzz created from this year’s TJCS and ACCJ Champagne Ball and Awards Evening has still yet to die down, and that everybody is eagerly anticipating the 2012 ball. We thank all who attended, and danced their shoes off to make the ball the great success that it was. We would also like to extend our warmest gratitude to all of our sponsors, all the volunteers, the Hilton Hotel, and the flawless, and beautiful audio visual presentation from Nameless Films, for helping to make the 2011 ball was the best ball to date. The Champagne Ball Committee wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all that attended, and all that took part in the organization and execution of the 2011 disco ball, and invites everybody back on November 16th, 2012! We urge everyone to keep their eye on to learn what the 2012 theme will be. We will be announcing soon! See you at the next ball.

今年のTJCS・ACCJのシャンパンボール&アウォーズイブニングは 大絶賛で終わり、その評判は今でも語り継がれている。 参加した全て の人達は間違いなく2012年のイベントを心待ちにしているだろう 。当イベントに参加して、靴がふっ飛ぶまでダンスをしてく れた皆様の おかげでイベントが成功に終わりました。誠にありがとうございます。 又、協賛をしてく れたスポンサー各社及びボランティアの皆様にも 大変感謝致します。 ヒルトン名古屋を始め、完璧な音響映像の プレゼンテーションを提供してくれたNameless Filmsの助けにより、 2011年のボールイベントが過去最高に成る事が可能に なりました。心より感謝の意を表したいと思います。 シャンパンボール委員会は、2011年のディスコボールの企画及び 遂行に立つ触った皆様にも大変感謝しております。そして、 また 2012年10月16日にお会い出来る事を熱望しております。 近日2012年度のテーマも発表して行きますので定期的にウェブで www.champagne-ball.comをご観覧頂きます様御願いします。 また来年もお会いしましょう!

Champagne Ball Report 2011 | The ACCJ Celebrates to the 1970’s Theme 2012.3.08: The 2011 TJCS and ACCJ Champagne Ball and Awards Evening, was by far the event of the year for the foreign business community in the Chubu region. This year’s ball was a fabulous blend of the traditional ball that Nagoya residents have come to know and love, with the new concept of adding a theme to bring new excitement, and variety to our balls. The 70s theme for the 2011 ball was well received by all who attended. Many of our patrons attended the ball in 70s attire, and many retained the traditional formal attire, but regardless of apparel all attendees flooded the dance floor with for the most active night of dancing that Nagoya has seen since the 70s. The dance floor was overflowing with bodies, rocking their disco moves to the eclectic sounds of DJ Danny (AKA DjDij) who wooed the hearts, inspired the moves, and moved the shoes of both the foreign and native, young and old, shy and outgoing, with great music from the 70s from both Japan, and North America. The dancers were also brought to a froth of excitement by the exhilarating sounds of Prisca, Nagoya’s Diva of Soul whose vibrant and exciting live performance is still echoing around the city. Our regular awards ceremony was forgone in the light of the Tohoku earthquake. It was judgment of the awards committee that it would have been impossible to single out just one person in the community and award their efforts, as the whole community came together in 2011 as such an incredible and unified force to help those affected by the disaster. Mr. Scott Reid, and Mr. Chris Zarodkiewicz rightfully gave the award to the whole community in the opening video for the ball.

2011年度TJCS及びACCJが主催する 「シャンパンボール& アウォーズイブニング」は中部地域に在する外国系 ビジネスコミュニーティが開催するイベントの中では最高だった であろう。今年のボールは例年名古屋市民が親しんで来た素晴ら しさを交えながら1970年代をテーマとしたエキサイティングで 新しいコンセプトを融合させました。今回の70年代のテーマは 多くの方に好評でした。 普通の正装でイベント入りするお客様が居る中、多くの来客者が 70年代の衣装で登場しました。皆、 それぞれ衣装が違ってもこの 夜は名古屋では70年代以になる熱きダンスの夜となった。 ダンスフロアは多くの人で賑わい、 皆、DJ Danny (通称:DJ DJ)の 幅広いサウンドに合わせダンスを舞った。彼の選曲は70年代頃、 日本と北アメリカで流行っていた曲を中心に、邦人、外国人、 老若男女問わず皆の心を揺るがし、 身体を躍動させた。その他に、 名古屋の「ソウルミュージックのティバ」 と呼び名高いプリシャの 陽気なサウンドで興奮した。そのパフォーマンスは今でも街中に 響き渡っている。 毎年行なわれたアウォーズセレモニーの部では東北に大きな影響 をもたらした東日本大震災のより、個人受賞者な居なかった。その 理由は、 アウォーズ委員会が、今年2011は一人の人物が特に 地域活性化に務めた訳ではなく、 多くの人達が東北の為に一丸と なって今までより大きな力を発揮したと審議したからである。理ス コット・リードとクリス・ザロドキアウィックスはこの全体な コミュニティーに属する全員に表彰した。 4


Event Report

Event Report Leadership in Entrepreneurial Ventures ACCJ Event

2011.11.24: ACCJ president Michael J. Alfant casually addressed a group of Chubu chapter members and guests on the topic of Leadership in Entrepreneurial Ventures in a meeting room within the offices of Oaklawn Marketing. The CEO of Fusion Systems spoke from broad experience on starting a business in Japan. He also gave candid comments on recent business events and how they may affect the ACCJ and business in Japan in general. For guests looking for practical insight that might not be found in business schools, Alfant did not disappoint. With numerous anecdotes of his experiences over 20 years in Japan, he also gave examples of how ways of doing business and government regulations have changed over the years.

Cultural Competence: What’s in it for me? Business Programs & Women in Business Committee

2011.12.01: The Business Programs Committee and the Women in Business Committee jointly hosted an interactive cultural training workshop with Alyssa Bantle, a professional business coach and trainer specializing in Culture and Communication. Ms. Bantle shared what a competency is, and how competency development is as an ongoing learning process. Participants then learnt the importance of getting past surface awareness of culture to a deeper awareness, and the implications of a particular business-related interaction were discussed in groups. Finally, Ms. Bantle focused on value differences on a continuum, and showed how values can be cultural specific and that different cultures often have a comfort zone located at different places on the continuum. Understanding cultural values can benefit anyone doing business in a multi-cultural environment.

Solar Synergies: How Academic and Business Worlds Combine The External Affairs Committee (EAC)

2011.11.02: held a special meet and greet with the University of Michigan's (UM) Solar Power Car Team on Wednesday, November 2nd, at the Westin Hotel. Approximately 60 people showed up to hear UM's faculty and students talk about their experiences from academic and business world perspectives. From the academic side, UM students and Professor Volker Sick talked about some of their challenges associated with building, testing, and racing a solar powered car. From the business side, students and Mr. Umesh Patel, Director of Business Engagement, talked about funding, marketing and promoting the project as well as the variety of internships available at UM. The UM team visited Japan after placing 3rd in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The World Solar Challenge is a friendly team competition to be the fastest team to traverse 3,000km through the heart of the Australian outback. Special thanks to ACCJ member company, IMRA, for sponsoring the car and arranging the visit.



Event Report How Do You Overcome the Challenges of Employing a Diverse Workforce? Women in Business Committee


Schedule of Events The Spring Meet & Greet “Arabian Nights” ACCJ Living in Chubu Committee DATE: Thursday March 29th, 2012 TIME: 7:30-9:30pm LOCATION: Casablanca

Ms. Ann Sado, Representative Director of A to Z Sado Enterprises Ltd. joined us to talk about the challenges she sees that will affect Japanese companies as it becomes necessary to employ a more diverse workforce. In particular, by referring to Power Competencies and accompanying Key Behaviors, Ms. Sado discussed how being diversitycompetent is already becoming critical for leaders, whose responsibilities require them to be both innovative problem solvers and diversity-competent role models. In addition, Ms. Sado introduced wiwiw, which is a program that supports employees in returning to their positions after maternity/paternity/care-giving leave, and explained how such a program is already benefiting over 450 major corporations in Japan.

DEAL: Fabulous spread of Moroccan food & 2 hour nomihodai ENTERTAINMENT: Live belly dancing PRICE: ACCJ Members 4,000 yen. ANZCCJ, CCEA & TCJS Members 4,500 yen. Non-members 5,000 yen REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 NOTE: This meeting is OFF THE RECORD The ACCJ cordially invites you to the ACCJ spring Meet & Greet “Arabian Nights”. Join us for a night of fun, belly dancing, delicious Moroccan food and free flowing booze! Don Franklin Brian Aycock Living in Chubu Committee - Chubu

ACCJ Consular Breakfast with the ACCJ Leadership

TO REGISTER: Visit <> and log in with your member ID and password. If you have any questions, please contact Noriko Kato at 052-229-1525, or <nkato@>. Or fax to: ACCJ Chubu Office: 052-222-8272

The Business Programs Committee

2011.10.20: The Business Programs Committee hosted an informal, yet informative, breakfast meeting at the Nagoya Hilton Hotel on October 20 with the new principal officer at the U.S. Consulate Nagoya, Harry Sullivan. Attending were ACCJ Chubu leadership and members, as well as the Nagoya American Center Director, Stephen Wheeler, and the consulate’s political/economic specialist, Tamaki Mizuno.


11th Annual HOPE Charity Gala, 2012 DATE: April 6th (Friday) TIME: 6:00 - 10:15pm VENUE: Hilton Nagoya, Oogi Ballroom 5th floor ENTERTAINMENT: John Janzen, Prisca Molotsi, Kande Sheppard, 4COLORS and others Premiere of a film by Nameless Media and Productions Raffle, Silent Auction, Live Auction of ‘Priceless Prizes’ *The ratio of Japanese to foreigners on the party is 50% to 50% The ACCJ is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a table at the upcoming 11th Annual HOPE Charity Gala. <> . All the details of the event are below. There are 5 seats at our table and there is more if we need. For those of you who want to have the opportunity to network with some of Japan's most prestigious corporations this is a must attend event. As you can see by the list of past sponsors below, there is a wide range of industries represented and companies located throughout Japan. This will also be a great opportunity for the ACCJ to attract new members interested in supporting the goals of our organization. Please rsvp to the ACCJ Chubu Office (<> or call 052-229-1525) as soon as you can as the seats will go quickly. The price per seat for a great dinner, live music, a fantastic evening of networking is only Y26, 250. It also includes a small donation to this great organization that brings hope to the poor overseas and works to bring economic recovery in the devastated areas of Tohoku. I hope to see you there. Best Regards, ACCJ Vice President -Chubu Chris Zarodkiewicz **If you cancel after the deadline, you will be charged in full.

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