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Eurowood™ building Products High Performance / Low Maintenance

Creating the aspiration of wood with long-lasting paint free durability

A new era of low maintenance high performance building products

More than ever before, architects, builders and home owners are looking for building products that are guaranteed to perform. At the same time, they don’t want to compromise aesthetics. When it comes to architecture, appearance certainly matters.

We’ve taken everything on board to create a revolutionary new range of building products that live up to the highest expectations. The durability and low maintenance of aluminium. The timeless good looks of wood. The high performance of advanced design. Now you can have it all. wood finish Our Eurowood™ finish technology allows us to create the look and feel of wood on aluminium. But unlike real wood, which needs to be cleaned annually and stained every five years, Eurowood™ is strictly low maintenance. Or pick a colour, any colour While our Eurowood™ finish is our special point of difference, we can powder-coat or anodise any products in our range to match your colour scheme. With some products, it’s even possible to have one colour for the external surface and another colour for the inside. Simply show us the colour you need and let us do the matching.


Meter box

Garage doors

Surround frame

Metal meter boxes

The sleek

Garage door frames are

are able to be

combination of long-

usually made from wood,

permanently coated

lasting aluminium

which immediately

with Eurowood or

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creates maintenance


powder-coat or

issues. Our surround


frames are made from



and glass gives

aluminium, to match

your home extra

the doors or house

street appeal.

cladding exactly.

Designer Benchmark Design Builder Jennian Homes Mid-Canterbury Fabricator Shearmac Aluminium & Joinery


Soffit lining

Facing system

Extruded aluminium

Our clip system

Our timber window

protected with

makes our

facing system


pre-finished soffit

emulates traditional or contemporary

powder-coat or

linings quick to

anodising. Choose

install. Grooved

wooden window

an accent colour

lines provide a

and door frames

or match your

smart finishing

– nobody will know


touch to your home.

the difference.

Front entry


Down pipes


First impressions

You’ll never have



count, which is why

to worry about

from extruded

and sidings

our entry doors are

maintaining timber


The ultimate in

designed to keep

frames. Enjoy the

Eurocoat or

‘fit and forget’.

their good looks.

durability and


No more peeling

Plus we make them

design advantages

in any colour

paint. Finished in

structurally strong

of aluminium

you like.

Eurowood™, powder-

for superior security.

with the style of

coated or anodising to

solid joinery.

your colour choice.


Eurowood™ FINISH Eurowood™ won’t rot or change shape and requires very little maintenance

Finally you can have a home that doesn’t demand

unlike real wood. You’re

constant attention and worry. What you see at the

not compromising using

beginning is what you’ll see for years to come, because

Eurowood™, you’re making

long-lasting high performance is built into the design,

a very intelligent decision.

the construction and the finish. With no paint pots and sandpaper in your future, you can count on more time


for your family.

The powder-coating system that we use has a track


record more than 25 years

The amount of time you’ll need to spend on home

long. It is one of the world’s

maintenance can be significantly reduced. We

most proven coating

recommend a regular inspection, followed by a

systems and you can have

wash with water and a mild detergent, which will

it in any colour you like.

prolong the life of the product. anodised FINISH

Cost ($/m2)*


Anodising offers a durable and tough wearing finish.

$160 $140 $120 $100 $80 $60 $40 $20 $0

Colours offered by anodising are the result of an anodic oxide coating. The final finish is metallic in appearance.

Year 0





WARRANTY Our finishes are guaranteed for a minimum period

Aluminium (Includes Eurowood™)

Fibre Cement Or Wood (Painted)

Cedar (Stained)

* These figures are collated using information from various manufacturers to give an indicative reference only.

WEATHER SEALS Our windows and doors are built to keep the weather outside with a superior sealing system. What’s more, you can expect them to open and close perfectly all year round, because they’re not going to warp or swell. GLAZING These days there’s a glass type for every purpose. You can ensure privacy and reduce sun fade with tinted glass; reduce noise and increase energy efficiency with insulating glazing; and increase security with safety glass. Our windows, entry doors and garage doors can be made with the glass of your choice.

of 10 years from the date of application. Colour integrity is also guaranteed for ten years. All our window and door systems are manufactured to meet all the relevant New Zealand Standards. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Our Eurowood™ and powder-coat finishes are environmentally friendly unlike wet paint applications, because they’re solvent-free and applied electrostatically. When your home reaches the end of its life, our aluminium products can be completely recycled.


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For a country that’s demanding

Weather Board Design Options

higher performance building products, our weatherboard system is purpose-built to

reassure. Aluminium is one of the world’s most durable building materials. It can handle any weather, which is why it’s just perfect for cladding systems. We’ve taken aluminium’s reliability a step further with our patented Cavity Clip system, which creates one uniform cavity around the entire house. HERE’S HOW THE CAVITY CLIP SYSTEM WORKS Traditionally, timber battens are used to create a cavity and to fix cladding to a wall. This system results in multiple closed-off cavities, which inhibit airflow and create uneven equalisation zones around the house. With our Cavity Clip weatherboard fixing system, cladding is attached to the frame with special clips that allow a consistent 20mm cavity right around the house. Because air can flow around the cavity without obstacle, air pressure is equalised. The benefit is a drier, healthier house. PAINT-FREE WEATHERBOARDS Our weatherboards are finished in Eurowood™ to match popular wood finishes, powder-coat or anodised, to suit your exterior colour scheme. Matching flashings and mouldings ensure quick installation and a flawless result. While standard weatherboards need to be repainted many times throughout the life of a home, aluminium weatherboards deliver a future free of wet paint.

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