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Join Us - ELITE SURVIVAL on our Unforgettable Woodland Survival Course Picture the scene. You’re miles from home, surrounded by remote woodland. You have no shelter, nowhere to lay your head, no mobile phone and limited food and water. The weather doesn’t look great and you’re getting scared. Can you survive? With our Full Day or 24 Hour Woodland Survival Course, you’ll learn all the survival basics - and have fun along the way.

the ultimate woodland survival course

Tell Me More… Where do our Woodland Survival Courses take place? We have unique access to 100s of acres of remote woodland in the heart of Surrey and Northamptonshire.

Who are the Courses For? For Individuals, Families and Corporates Do you spend your working week tied to a desk? Does your 9 – 5 job sometimes get you down? Is your Company looking to take a group of employees on a weekend team- building exercise? Or do you just fancy a weekend away from the football and soaps? If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, then Woodland Survival could be for you. We welcome anyone from the age of 10* and above who is physically ‘able’. For Schools School Groups of all ages love our courses. Whether it’s a couple of hours learning basic fire-lighting and shelter-building skills or a full 24 hours of survival training, children LOVE our courses. What sets us apart is that, after initial instruction and demonstration of each skill, EVERYONE gets to have a go! Many clients use our Woodland Survival Courses as pre-expedition training - preparing for much more lengthy and rigorous expeditions.



What can I expect from the course? We’ve designed these courses to give you an unforgettable taste of Woodland Survival. What’s more, you’ll be able to transfer the skills you learn to any remote environment - jungle, desert, mountains or arctic. Full Day & 24 Hour Course Having gathered at our location, we begin our adventure by learning about our essential survival kit. Then we’ll set off, plunging into the heart of the woodland. At this point, your imagination will kick in. You’ll be disorientated and surrounded by trees and shrubs. Your thoughts will turn to the matter of survival. You’ll learn about • Fire Skills - how to make a fire with only the most basic of materials – whether wet or dry • Survival Psychology - why a positive attitude is crucial • How to find items to help you in your quest for survival • How to find and conserve water • Navigation - how to navigate with a compass and by the sun and the stars • Aboriginal Cooking (24 hr course only) • Signalling for Help plus Search & Rescue - How to attract help and how to find lost (and possibly injured) team members • Shelter Building – How to build a shelter from whatever materials Mother Nature provides • Expedition and survival kit demonstration. Useful items to have on you when exploring remote parts of the world. Each of these sessions entails clear instruction and demonstration, followed by the opportunity for you to have a go for yourself. The 24 Hour Course includes more detailed instruction on Shelter Building and Camp Fire Cooking. You’ll be putting all your new found skills into practice. You’ll build your own shelter and cook your own food over your own fire. At our Northamptonshire site, you have a choice for your accommodation. You can build your own improvised shelter or, if you fancy a spot of well-earned luxury, why not spend the night in one of our Danish log cabins? The following morning, you’ll round off the course by bringing together everything you’ve learned in the past 24 hours and you’ll perform a Search and Rescue on a lost team mate. Throughout the weekend, our expert trainers will be there to instruct, advise and to make sure you have great time. 002 >>

Join us! Join us at one of our remote woodland locations for an outdoor experience like no other. We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t promise you 5 star luxury accommodation. But book today and we can promise you the survival adventure of a lifetime! *Children aged between 10 and 17 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian

Key info Participant Guidelines Minimum age is 10 (anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a participating adult). All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy with the ability to walk 500 metres. Weather This experience may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions. If in any doubt, please contact the venue before setting off. Duration Both courses have an arrival time of 9.30am with a start time of 10am. The day course finishes at 5pm with the 24 hour course continuing onto 10am the following day. Anything else I need to know? For the one day course you must bring your own packed lunch and a water bottle. For the 24 hour course you must bring a packed lunch and a water bottle for day one. Evening meal and breakfast will be provided for the 24 hour course.

24 Hour Survival Kit List Sleeping Bag Therm-A-Rest or Roll Mat Boots with good ankle support Waterproofs Suitable clothing and spares Warm hat and gloves Wash kit including alcohol based

hand wash Small personal first aid kit optional Water Bottle - 1 litre Knife, Fork, Spoon, Bowl or Plate and Mug Small cooking pot or army mess tin Torch & spare batteries

Small pen knife or multi tool Notebook and pen - optional Plastic Bags (for wet kit) Emergency rations (dried fruit, chocolate bars etc.) Para Cord (maximum 10 metres)


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Into the wild survival course Elite Survival Training  
Into the wild survival course Elite Survival Training  

Picture the scene. You’re miles from home, surrounded by remote woodland. You have no shelter, nowhere to lay your head, no mobile phone and...