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Cambridge General English (ESOL) Tests Primary and Secondary Students What is Key English Test (KET)? KET is an international qualification in English for teenagers and adults which recognises the ability to deal with everyday written and spoken English in basic level. What is Preliminary English Test (PET)? PET is language qualification at CEF level B1. It assesses candidates’language skills at lower-intermediate level. What is First Certificate in English (FCE)? FCE is an upper-intermediate level examination that requires application of all language skills. It assesses English language ability at CEF level B2. It has widespread recognition in commerce and industry. It is also recognised by some university faculties, colleges and other institutions as fulfilling English language requirements. What is Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)? CAE offers an advanced qualification for those wishing to use English in their study or at work. It assesses English language ability at CEF level C1. It is recognised by the majority of British universities and higher education institutions as fulfilling entrance requirements in English language. What is Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)? CPE indicates a very high level of competence which is widely recognised as the standard for University Entrance. Professional bodies and the corporate sector acknowledge CPE as the certification of a near native command of English. It assesses English language ability at CEF level C2.