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Development of the Painful and Deconditioned Knee Knee injury or pain



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Stiff Knees are Painful (or Sore) Knees Even a small degree of motion loss, particularly loss of extension, can result in long term diminished function and increase in pain. *1. Shelbourne, KD, Biggs, A, Gray, T. 2007. Deconditioned Knee: The Effectiveness of a Rehabilitation Program that Restores Normal Knee Motion to Improve Symptoms and Function. NAJSPT. 2(2): 81-89. *2. Shelbourne, KD, Patel, DV, Martini, DJ. 1996. Classification an Management of Arthrofibrosis of the Knee After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Am J Sports Med. 24(6): 857-862.

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What is the ELITE SEAT


The ELITE SEAT is a patient controlled knee extension device designed for non-operative treatments of degenerative knee conditions with a flexion contracture. The ELITE SEAT is used as an adjunct to physical therapy, like an athlete stretches before practice. With proper use, studies* show that patients significantly increase knee extension equal to the opposite knee, decrease pain and improve the overall function of the affected knee. Indications for the ELITE SEAT Include: Arthritic knee joint with a flexion contracture Deconditioned knee with a flexion contracture Arthrofibrosis Total knee arthroplasty Acute ACL injury Post-operative knee rehabilitation Waiting or substituting another product may delay or even compromise the rehabilitation process.

The ELITE SEAT can be used in a clinical setting or prescribed for home use as an adjunct to physical therapy. The advantages of the ELITE SEAT over other products or treaments include: 1. Instead of just masking the pain, it offers the patient a SOLUTION to their pain by addressing the underlying issue, the flexion contracture of the knee. 2. Fast results - Most patients see improvement in their range of motion even after the first treatment. 3. The short treatment protocols fit busy lifestyles Just 10 minutes per treatment, no brace to wear and you get a good night sleep without wearing braces or splints. 4. Patient controlled - The patient adjusts the intensity of the stretch based on their tolerance level. The ELITE SEAT is available by prescription for home use on a monthly rental basis through:

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AFTER Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions How long will I need to use the ELITE SEAT ? The patient uses the ELITE SEAT until they reach and can maintain their prescriptive values, full range of motion. Once the ELITE SEAT is delivered will there be someone available to answer my questions? An AKT Medical representative will contact the patient when he/she receives the ELITE SEAT unit to answer any questions. They will also be available to the patient throughout the treatment process. Is the ELITE SEAT covered by insurance, & if not, what are my options? Many insurance companies do cover the ELITE SEAT with proper documentation. As a courtesy to our patients, AKT Medical offers a DPO (Discounted Pre-payment Option) and will then process the claim on your behalf. Any insurance payments made to AKT Medical will be reimbursed back to the patient up to the DPO amount less co-insurance and deductibles. If no insurance is available, AKT Medical will work with the patient to help find an affordable solution. No unit will be delivered to a patient without them knowing their maximum out of pocket exposure.

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