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CATALOGUE OUT NOW THE LED LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR FURNITURE AND ROOMS. We have spent about 100,000 hours working with LED lights, we have developed and researched, we have had many valuable discussions with partners in trade and industry – and we have learned a great deal. The market is demanding digital answers. The result after four generations of Loox LED lights is therefore not simply further development, but a new level. Our development has accelerated; Because the world is accelerating, and the demands of our customers are growing at an equally rapid rate. The essence of our experience therefore has a new face. Welcome to Loox5.

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Discovering Stone 14

Welcome to the October / November 2021 issue of Supplier Magazine. Inside this bumper issue you will find our annual feature on edge banding where we look at the major players and distributors, as well as the various new technologies associated with what, many furniture manufactures and cabinet makers claim to be one of the most useful machines on the factory floor.

How to achieve sintered stone success

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Associations and institutes

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Edge banding - It’s the edge that matters


Philip Ashley takes a look at the various industry associations and institutes you can become a member of and discusses how they play an important role in providing a collective voice for individual businesses within our industry.


CAD+T welcomes a new generation

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de Wacht Cabinets and Design

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Supplier October/November 2021





The Wood Tech Group acquires Rogers Industries The Wood Tech Group, Brisbane-based national supplier of woodworking and stone processing equipment, has acquired Rogers Industries, a specialist plastics and aluminium manufacturer for over $12.5m. The acquisition includes the land, factory, plant and equipment. Founded in 1953 as a small engineering workshop, today, Rogers Industries, based in Hemmant, Queensland, is an industry leader in plastic injection moulding and aluminium die casting services. Rogers Industries’ customer base includes local and national companies, which it produces components for truck/ute bodies and trays, diggers, and aluminium pipe fittings for farming irrigation. The acquisition via an associated trust, includes the transfer of assets with over 17,000m2 of land near Port of Brisbane, to be redeveloped for the Wood Tech Group. Machinery also forms part of the deal, including injection moulding machines, CNC lathes, milling and machining centres plus multiple furnaces.

The existing site already includes 7000m2 of factory space, with a further $3m investment announced for a 2,500m2 purpose-built office to serve as the national group headquarters. The new HQ will also include a technology and innovation centre to invite collaboration between inventors, designers, engineers, government departments and real-world production.

Above: Site at 1284 Lytton Road, Hemmant The Wood Tech Group is increasingly diversified; last year a new division, PPE Tech, was established to locally manufacture millions of P2 face masks for industry and government. The new site at Hemmant will expand production with a $1.5m investment in new ISO cleanrooms, automated production lines and a quality testing facility for face masks and other PPE. The acquisition of Rogers Industries’ plastics division will allow new product development into face shields, helmets, hard hats, and safety glasses.

Above: Artist’s impression of new purposebuilt office building due to be completed late-2022 “The move to acquire and integrate the Rogers business into the broader Wood Tech Group is an investment and shows confidence in local manufacturing, right here in Brisbane”, says Group Managing Director, Ron Smyth. “The existing Rogers’ business will expand with further investment, plus our new in-house capabilities will complement existing business units, with machinery spare parts manufactured locally, plus expansion of Australian PPE production.” Smyth continues, “Our message to Australian companies is clear: if you’re looking to reshore your manufacturing, speak to us. Our technology investment makes it viable for you to provide Australian made products to your customers.” The business is expected to announce up to 50 new positions over the next 6 months in their Brisbane-based headquarters. ❚

Above: Ron Smyth, Group Manager Director at Wood Tech (left); Col Rogers,91year-old founder of Rogers Industries (right)

Supplier October/November 2021

Australian Made tools for your Success A CNC Machine is only as good as the tools being used. At Leitz Australia our Compression Router Cutter range is produced to exact high precision standards required by our German parent company. We use only the best quality of carbide rod for our Australian Made router bits, using the correct grade for each tool design to achieve maximum performance. Our coated Carbide Compression Router bits provide up to a 40% increase in edge life and are available for all common material sizes.

Productivity & Efficiency The range of Australian made compression cutters includes coated compression cutters offering up to a 40% increase in edge life We offer a comprehensive range of carbide compression routers, covering all common material sizes



With our local manufacture we can produce special sizes upon request

Made locally in Australia Longer tool lifetime

Leitz offers a uniform sharpening service with quality to our worldwide standards

Contact our Sales Team

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Product Update

LOOX 5 by HÄFELE Supplying Distributing Networking Illuminating. Working with LED lights over the last 100,000 hours globally with their partners in trade and industry has led to the latest generation in LED lighting from Häfele – LOOX5. Loox5 now comes with high quality Samsung LED’s, shining with extraordinary quality of light. The products’ simple ‘straight down the line’ assembly integrates into furniture production processes with ease and combined with smart and easy to control switches and connectivity to third party systems, makes this new generation product from Häfele the No.1 choice for LED lighting. The heart of the system are the new drivers with an installation height of 16mm for 12 and 24 volt systems – 20W, 40W, 60W and 90W and a 38mm height for large installations in 24 volt up to 240W. Häfele’s own development delivers an output current of 5A in safe continuous operation covering longer installation distances as well as taking care of the safety monitoring of the system. Distribution and control in the Loox5 system is controlled by linearly connected 6 way distributors for monochromatic lights with connections for all standard wired switches and sensors from the Loox range. The Mesh 6 way distributor for RGB, multiwhite and monochromatic lights connect wirelessly with wireless remote controls, wall switches or third party wall switches and corresponding sensors. The Häfele Connect Mesh app for mobile devices is used for simple, intuitive configuration and control of Connect Mesh

Supplier October/November 2021

networks, lights and electrically powered fittings. The app is available as a free download for IOS and Android operating systems. All this combined with new LED Strip lights, recessed and surface mounted profiles in silver, black and brushed stainless steel look, spotlights and new modular furniture lights

for 26mm and 58mm drilling, designers, joiners and installers alike will have a wide variety of options to choose from. For more information jump online to view the latest catalogue release or to see a demonstration by one of the account managers, please call 1300 659 728 or visit ❚


LEUCO „AEROTECH System“ 1 SYSTEM – 2 FUNCTIONS: Clamping device and extraction turbine at the same time Dust-free nesting and routing with all the benefits for  Tool  Production Energy efficiency  Health! | different designs depending on your application and material (MDF, Fibre…) | machine manufacturer approved versions available forget this:

enjoy this:

CONTACT US DIRECTLY Your LEUCO technical advisers  T (61)-02-8708-4900

ONLINE PRODUCTS LEUCO tools online catalog 



Scan and watch the video on YouTube!


Product Update

DecoSplash kitchen splashbacks launch new collection One of Australia’s most innovative aluminium kitchen splashbacks, DecoSplash, has launched an exciting new collection. The new range features replica on-trend stone and tile designs, as well as captivating landscapes that will transport you to your favourite destination without leaving the house. The new collection includes 50+ classic splashback designs as well some bold and daring options that showcase the endless possibilities achievable with an aluminium splashback. Customers also have the option to select their own custom image for a personalised design that is unique to their design vision. DecoSplash is available in a choice of three finishes: Gloss, Satin and the recently introduced Chrome effect for a moody, metallic feel.

products on the market. The new range offers contemporary on-trend designs as well as adventurous and bespoke options for those wanting something completely different,” said Meika Doonan, General Manager, DECO. “Our innovative technology also means that we have been able to replicate looks and styles of some of the most popular splashback products on the market, like marble and tiles, without the associated hefty price tags, all whilst providing the durability and ease that is associated with aluminium splashbacks.”

Designers and homeowners alike are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a customised kitchen, bathroom or laundry splashback design to complement their space. “The collection provides homeowners and designers with more design choices and an alternative to other costly splashback

the selected image, pattern or design is sublimated – or baked – into the powder coated surface. The result is a vibrant, crisp image that will never peel or rub off, and effortless to look after.

DecoSplash is made from a 2mm solid aluminium flat sheet and is coated with a unique anti-graffiti powder coating before

Being aluminium, DecoSplash is completely non-combustible, complies with the Australian Standards Gas Installation Code AS 5601 and is safe to use behind both gas and electric cooktops. It is also lightweight and easy to install, requiring only double-sided tape and silicon to secure the splashback directly to the wall surface. This makes it perfect for DIY renovations or cabinet makers who do not have time to wait for glass or tile installations.

DecoSplash is available in large 3600 x 1500 mm sheets and can be cut to size to suit any space. Designs can also be set across multiple panels with absolute precision and seamless joins. For more information or to request a sample visit ❚

Supplier October/November 2021


Product Update

Introducing the Stratlock Rail System New Zealand-based manufacturers of hidden panel mounting systems, Fastmount, has launched its new Stratlock Rail System for interiors. Riding on the success of the Stratlock Range of clips, the Stratlock Rail System provides designers and builders with a complete, integrated and purpose-built system for building ceiling and wall framework onto uneven substrates to precisely attach interior paneling to. Comprising of a custom-built aluminium extrusion profile and three cast aluminium connectors to enable absolute installation flexibility, the Stratlock Rail System has been designed specifically to be used with the Stratlock Range of clips, resulting in a complete, flexible process for precisely framing up walls and installing interior panels in a streamlined manner.

With the mission to simplify aluminium extrusion framework in mind, the SL-RLE extrusion was designed by Fastmount to be used on either the vertical or horizontal plane, which can be cut to size to build a grid, using the three connectors that give designers and builders virtually limitless possibilities to create a precise framework to mount panels to.

The die-cast aluminium connectors offer options according to specific construction requirements: a fixed 90º connector (SLRCF90), a flexible 180º adjustable connection for perpendicular profiles such as connecting a wall to a ceiling (SL-RCA180 + SL-RCF90) and a flexible 180º adjustable connection for parallel profiles such as wall corners (SLRCA180 + SL-RCF90). A typical construction scenario would see the SL-RLE extrusion cut to size according to the designer’s CAD plans, sections pre-constructed offsite using the appropriate connectors, and fastened into place. Fastmount Stratlock Range clips can then be installed, ready for interior panels to be fitted at the last minute. “In the last few years, we have seen interior construction move towards the reliability and security of aluminium extrusions to frame up ceiling and wall panel framework, instead of or in addition to timber framework.

Supplier October/November 2021

Creating this system felt like a natural progression for Fastmount, staying ahead of the curve in terms of construction processes,” says Gregg Kelly, Founder and Head of Innovation at Fastmount. Benefits of the Stratlock Rail System: • To make an uneven or un-level wall or ceiling perfectly straight and level • Aluminium extrusions absorb zero moisture compared to wood substrates, making it perfect for use in clean rooms or hospital fit outs • Superior fire rating compared to wood substrates • Ultra-light substrate construction (500gm/m) • Process and design driven - entire substrate can be CAD designed and prebuilt precisely prior to install, speeding up construction process • Limitless construction possibilities The Stratlock Rail System will be available from select Fastmount distributors worldwide from October 2021, and more information can be found at ❚


Product Update

Chip extraction and tool cooling Staying cool on a hot topic when processing composites and plastics. The machining of either thermoplastics or thermosets requires a variety of technical demands. A good surface quality and burrfree edges are often taken for granted. To achieve this, tools that allow a continuous flow of chips, avoiding multiple chipping, are necessary. During this process, the tools shouldn’t overheat or become prematurely blunt. The tool characteristics such as the number of teeth, speed and feed rate are finely tuned to the variety of materials. The patented Aerotech technology takes an entirely new approach to stationary processing, the chip extraction turbine is placed directly above the milling tool. Aerotech is a tool holder (clamping device) with an integrated suction turbine. The airflow directs the chips into the extraction hood and maximizes chip evacuation. At the same time, the airflow significantly cools the tool. This widens greatly the boundaries in plastics processing. The tool holder generates an airflow with a speed of 80m/s, from the surrounding air, this cold air cools the tool. This is energy efficiency at its best and at the start of the process chain too.

Three case studies where this technology is already in place: A.) When processing Plexiglas, Z1-tools with a drawing cut are usually used, in order to allow optimum chip formation. When using an Aerotech, the number of teeth and therefore the feed rate can be increased due to the constant immediate removal of chips. Cooling adds additional time to the tool life. The drawing cut can also be replaced with a negative cut; this means that the protective Plexiglas coating can be cut simultaneously. When using a Z2 or Z3, instead of Z1 the processing time can be greatly reduced. B.) The main advantage of using Aerotech when processing thermosets with a glass fibre content, is that the chip flow removal is improved, and therefore the number of respirable fibres in the surrounding air is greatly reduced. In addition, the permanent cooling of the tools cutting edge significantly reduces the rounding of this edge after a few linear meters. This in turn increases tool life and reduces burrs. C.) Surface milling is always a challenge when a high-gloss finish is required. At minimal feed, with a low chip volume, it is crucial to optimise the cutting process. This means that the chips shouldn’t be caught between the milled surface and the

cutting edge. The Aerotech removes chips immediately. This technology enables surface finish and average roughness depth values, which are at a polishing quality level. The AEROTECH technology is not a distant dream, it is an innovative solution for a market with a constantly increasing variety of materials needing to be processed. Aerotech is a tool holder clamping device, combined with a chip extraction turbine. The airflow directs the chips into the extraction hood and maximises chip evacuation. At the same time, the tool is significantly cooled by this airflow. This widens greatly the boundaries in plastics processing. ❚

Above: (Left) Without Aerotech, processing with diffused dust distribution (Right) With Aerotech, clearly visible is the flow of chips to the extraction hood Supplier October/November 2021


Design & Trends

Innovative designs with Nikpol With a wide range of products, Nikpol’s stunning slimline DragonPro drawer is designed with perfect unity and functionality, making it one of the best drawer solutions for your ideal kitchen. From the ever-popular white drawer to the bold matt black drawer, your kitchen will make an impact especially with the clean design on the double wall profile, creating space saving and practicality in your modern-day kitchen.

look with a one of a kind ultimate softclose adjustment, ideal for all end users. The hinge is designed with a seal of excellence and quality, with it also being cyanide free and electroplating suitable for schools and hospitals.

We can’t forget about Nikpol’s awardwinning hinge, PivotStar. This iF design awarded hinge creates the ultimate fine tuning to your everyday kitchen needs. PivotStar offers a clean and minimalistic

OUR POPULAR CONCELO LAUNDRY RANGE HAS NOW EXPANDED TO INCLUDE TWO NEW 2 x 35L MODELS! The new 2 x 35L Concelo® Laundry Hamper offers sophisticated storage for projects with limited space, allowing laundry to be sorted and stored easily. The CRL235 models fit into a 450mm cabinet whilst offering a generous 70L total capacity. As part of the Concelo range, it incorporates unique moulded Clip ‘n’ Clean Trays and a smooth soft closing action thanks to its premium Matrix runners.

Find inspiration for your next kitchen and choose to experience Nikpol’s innovative designs on the DragonPro and PivotStar. Nikpol provides innovative, high quality, environmentally preferable interior solutions for residential and commercial applications throughout Australasia. Nikpol believes in balancing social, environmental and commercial considerations to deliver sustainable interior choices for the building industry. For more information go to www. ❚

AVAILABLE IN 2 COLOUR OPTIONS Further information and technical specifications are available on our website: Available now from Nover, Häfele and Galvin Hardware.

Tel 1300 645 765 Web Email

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TUV Rheinland and ISO certified

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Well designed; award winning

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Award Winning Hinge Fine tuning One of a kind, unlimited soft-close adjustment. Side, depth and height(cam)adjustable. Modern functional design Clean, minimalist look. Highly slam resistant; without rebound effect. Environmentally friendly Cyanide free electroplating suitable for schools and hospitals

Overhead Cabinet

Top Stays Versatile range Comes in a variety of heights, widths and weights for both lift up single door or bi-fold doors. Minimalist style Hidden mechanisms for a clean look. Available in white as standard or a grey/dark grey dual colour option. Personalised mechanism DTC’s widely recognised damping system for both soft closing and opening actions gives options of hovering at any height.


Quality Drawer System Functional design Soft-close drawer system; full extension, synchronised runners with 40kgs capacity. Minimalist style No gallery rails for a one piece 13mm minimalistic, clean double wall complete side available in Matt Black or Silk White finish. Fine tuning Hidden internal adjustment with Push-to-open options also available.

Discovering Stone


How to achieve sintered stone success using minimal manpower


or the past few years, the Stone industry has seen a steady rise in demand for porcelain and ceramics production. Like with all trending materials, the surge is driven by a blend of design and consumer demand, both of which have grown as millions of Australians stayed at home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. "The reason why porcelain is becoming more popular is because it's more suitable for outdoor use. With more modern and luxurious renovations, customers like having the porcelain flow from the kitchen to the outdoor area," says Dominik Holfter, Stone expert at CNC supply hub Innovync. With home renovations gaining momentum throughout 2020, porcelain and ceramic products are highly sought after. Sadly, few fabricators want to take on the challenge of cutting this brittle material, which brings with it a whole host of manufacturing headaches. Rather than capitalise on the trend, firms prefer to give the work a pass which presents an opportunity for others to take on the task.

"Often, customers will price themselves out of a job with porcelain because it's too difficult to cut, or they will go to someone with a waterjet", says Dominik. The brittle characteristics of these stone creations make it difficult to achieve clean, professional cuts using standard bridge saws. Using the wrong equipment often results in shattered sheets, making it both costly and dangerous to work the stone. Craig Haidley, Innovync's highly experienced stone expert, has seen it successfully cut using special saw blades but only when the procedure is performed by true craftsmen who know exactly what they are doing. "Porcelain is very much like glass when it's created. There is a lot of surface tension. Using something like a saw blade to cut it isn't impossible, but it is very difficult. You need a very experienced sawyer, and there is only a handful of saw blade manufacturers that make the blades to get it done," explains Craig.

While finding capable skilled labourers was already challenging before COVID-19 hit, the pandemic has made it even harder to rely exclusively on manpower. With pre-lockdown orders piling up, decision-makers are looking for efficient machine solutions that can fulfill orders reliably and effectively. Unlike bridge saws that apply even, perpendicular force upon contact with sheets and slabs, waterjets cut through stone in a much gentler way. First etching, then cutting the material, the surface tension is drastically lowered; allowing for a clean slice-through with minimal risk of shattering the sintered material. The greatest benefit of all, however, is the minimal labour cost involved. Once the stone is laid out on the waterjet table, CNC operators set the program, then let the cycle run. Any staff member trained on the machinery can execute the function with ease - which is an excellent advantage in the peak of a pandemic. As Dominik explains, all that's needed is a short course on the machine's user-friendly software, and employees can produce quality results that efficiently meet requirements. "With waterjets, there are different parameter settings for different materials. For example, marble vs porcelain. With machines like those from CMS, they have a library of materials and cut quality. You choose the materials and cut quality, and the machine adjusts the parameters to make the cut. Because it has been pre-programmed, it takes a lot of the risk of cutting and operator responsibility out of the equation." The ease of use and exceptional outcomes 16 have made machines like the CMS

Supplier August/September 2021


Discovering Stone

Brembana Idroline, Easyline and Smartline popular choices among forward-thinking stonemasons. Adelaide-based Ideal Stone has benefited greatly from their acquisition of the Idroline in particular: increasing porcelain production by an impressive 40%. The increase is partly due to CMS' built-in Greenjet, a proprietary water intensifier pump installed in every waterjet machine. The technology increases cost savings by up to 33%, plus needs much less maintenance; a convenient mix that fabricators appreciate. Companies like Pacific and North Coast Stone, who have several CMS waterjets in their fleet, enjoy these savings on a regular basis, investing the extra cash back into operations for even greater streamlining. But the machines themselves are not the only solutions on offer. Porcelain Benchtops and APD, both progressive Stone firms, have also acquired highly sensitive Dal Forno vacuum lifters, specially made for maneuvering ceramics and porcelain. The lifters, also provided by Innovync, ensure that pieces loaded and unloaded on the waterjet stay chip-free throughout the whole process, leading to successful - and timely order completion.

Supplier August/September 2021

It is indisputable that these advanced technology innovations have made it easier than ever for these firms to prosper in the rapidly growing porcelain and ceramics niche. CMS' technology offers endless possibilities for achieving excellent results in the workshop, especially when supported by Innovync's premium after-sales service.

For those wondering what other options are on the menu, just check out the impressive collection of waterjets exclusive to the Sydney-based hub online - or ask Craig and Dominik which model they would recommend for you. ❚



CDK STONE THE ONE PARTNER YOU NEED FOR STONE CDK Stone have sourced the finest equipment from around the globe. Tried, tested and trusted, these products will take your business to the next level.

Discover more at


Discovering Stone

Introducing Silestone Ethereal Inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the sky. The new Silestone Ethereal is a collection of surfaces that interpret the dream-like beauty of the sky. The magnificent white canvases have delicate deep-hued veins that propel the concept of marbled colours into a new dimension.

Ethereal Dusk is modern and urban with an avant-garde directional grain imbued with subtle bluish accent. It pairs beautifully with dark colours, such as black and brown, as well as reddish woods and dark and oxidised or golden metals.

Ethereal Glow has a bold and modern structure. Its white background is tinged with small veins of gold and grey that unfold across the canvas in multiple directions. It is perfect for adding light-coloured surfaces to classic and elegant spaces and combining with light woods and golden metals.

Silestone Ethereal is a collection of four timeless, classic and elegant colours developed with HybriQ+ Technology. The surfaces are an unprecedented leap forward in design, sustainability and innovation that brings new life and vitality to this surface category. Silestone Ethereal is an evolution of the acclaimed Silestone Eternal collection. Focusing on the veined white surfaces that are the Silestone bestsellers, Cosentino has reinterpreted the natural stone aesthetics with bold and inspiring patterns inspired by the ever-changing sky. The cutting-edge series redefines veining with delicate yet bold surface designs that bring grace and beauty to any space.

Ethereal Haze has a sense of warmth, with a play of deep-coloured gradients against the crisp, neutral background. This combination of cold and warm makes it perfect for spaces with timber or concrete, and with accents of copper, antique metal and gold.

Ethereal Noctis is a renewed classic. Black accents add contrast and elegance, while the short-grained grey veining has texture and depth. Inherently sophisticated, this colour is a versatile choice for all interiors, and works beautifully with brass, stained timber, and white or grey cabinetry. The design of Silestone Ethereal is made possible with HybriQ+ technology that offers beauty, performance and sustainability. HybriQ+ technology is a new manufacturing process that uses 100 per cent renewable energy, 98 per cent recycled water and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled raw materials. This new technology significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica although it still offers the same hardness, stain resistance and low porosity that Silestone is renowned for. Cosentino is a global company with a local outlook and commitment to sustainability. ❚

Supplier August/September 2021


Discovering Stone

Keep clean air and clear lungs in engineered stone


afe Work Australia’s Clean Air. Clear Lungs. campaign aims to raise awareness of occupational lung diseases in workplaces across Australia. Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter said the Clean Air. Clear Lungs. campaign has already helped those in the engineered stone industry realise that occupational lung disease is an important work health and safety concern in Australia. “Not all hazards in the workplace are visible. It’s important to identify if your work processes are creating hazards such as dusts, gases, fumes or vapours, that if inhaled can cause lung disease,” said Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter.

Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) must ensure the health and safety of their workers – this includes protecting their lungs. Safe Work Australia is providing PCBUs with information on how to eliminate or manage these work health and safety risks as part of their risk management process. This is not a one-off – all control measures need to be reviewed regularly to make sure they are still working and controlling the risk. A review is required: • when the control measure is not effective • before a change at the workplace that may create new hazards or risks • if a new hazard or risk is identified

• if the results of consultation indicate that a review is necessary, or • if a health and safety representative requests a review. Safe Work Australia has published new guidance on how to manage the risks to workers’ health from hazardous silica dust contained in engineered stone. Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter said the publication of the model Code of Practice: Managing the risks of respirable crystalline silica from engineered stone in the workplace plays an important role in stopping workers developing silicosis. “Silicosis is a serious lung disease that can be fatal. All workers have the right to a healthy and safe working environment and no workplace death or injury is acceptable.” “Occupational lung disease and silicosis continues to be a major work health and safety concern in Australia.” “The Occupational lung diseases in Australia 2006-2019 report highlighted a substantial increase in silicosis in those who work with engineered stone.” The model Code aims to help persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) understand their specific WHS duties for working with engineered stone and provides information about how to protect their workers from exposure to silica dust.

Not all workplace hazards are visible. Work processes can release invisible dusts, gases, fumes and vapours into the air. | #clearlungs

Supplier August/September 2021

Running until December, the Clean Air. Clear Lungs. campaign targets high-risk industries of construction, agriculture, manufacturing and engineered stone. ❚


Industry Associations

Associations and Institutes Article by Philip Ashley

The ACCC website states, “Industry associations play an important role in providing a collective voice for individual businesses within an industry. Association members regularly share information, discuss issues, develop standards and establish rules for best practice within their industry.” Whether it is a trade association or an association of alumni of an institute, all associations refer to an organized body with people having a common interest. The difference between an association and an institute is that an association is the act of associating while an institute is an organization founded to promote a cause. An institute is an organisational body created for a certain purpose. They are often research organisations created to do research on specific topics. An institute can also be a professional

body, or an educational unit imparting vocational training. TAFE colleges are often called institutes. Institutions are traditions and customs that are followed for generations. An institution is a procedure of working. It refers to the organised way of doing things, it regulates the conduct of its members. Joining an industry association or institute brings a number of benefits. Clearly, working with like-minded professionals could be a game changer for your business. Membership of an association or institute will also bring you into contact with some of the key movers within your industry and raise your businesses reputation and profile. An association should also provide you with the potential to grow, not only in stature, but financially as well. There are many issues that affect both you and your competitors, and an association provides you with a voice to make those issues known to government, and those within your own field of expertise. photo credit: christina-wocintechchat on unsplash

Paul Simon wrote the lyrics, “I said Hey Senorita that's astute, I said why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute.” Simon’s lyrics can take some time to dissect and maybe the rhyming words ‘astute’ and ‘institute’ are all that matters. But getting together is probably what it’s all about.

Furnishing Furnishing can also include cabinet making and involve solid timber and manufactured board cabinetry. The associations representing these sectors have changed over the years. At one time the FIAA (Victas)

represented Victoria and Tasmania, merging at some point with FIAA West Australia. FIAA South Australia and New South Wales merged, and FIAA Queensland operated on their own. You could say the FIAA was a national association, but in reality was primarily representative of the various states. In 2018 FIAA (South Australia and New South Wales) and CMDA (Cabinet Makers and Designers Association Victoria) merged to form ACFA, Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association. FIAA (Victas) rebranded to become AFA (Australian Furnishing Association). ACFA FIAA (SA and NSW) have a history going back to the nearly 1900’s. Past Presidents of the FIAA include Jack Parker (Parker Furniture), Doug Jackson, John Chiswell (Chiswell Furniture), Ern McCain, Peter J Van Treight, David Hoare and more recently Ron Scott and Fred White. Accomplishments the FIAA (SA and NSW) claim are the drafting of the Furnishing Trades Award; created the FIAA Guild Apprenticeship scheme to provide the industry with flexible delivery of apprenticeship and traineeship training; were instrumental in reforming the training system to the industry friendly competency based training of today. FIAA once owned and ran the Australian International Furniture Fair, one of the oldest exhibitions in Australia. In November of 2018 FIAA merged with the Cabinetmaking and Designers Association of Victoria to become one of the largest industry associations representing the furnishing industry in Australia, with members from across the country. Members come primarily from the kitchen and bathroom sector, and this is reflected in furniture enrolments at

Supplier October/November 2021

Industry Associations

TAFE colleges where the sector commands 95% of all apprenticeships. Dean Brakell is General Manager of ACFA and said, “We offer a wide range of services to our increasing member base, at a very reasonable membership cost. ACFA is also a registered training organisation and offers flexible training options for members and nonmembers alike.” AFA The Australian Furniture Association, also operating as the Australasian Furnishing Association, claims to be ‘The only recognised peak industry body for the furnishing sector in Australia.’ It’s a claim that overlooks the existence of ACFA. AFA operates out of Holmesglen TAFE in Melbourne’s Southeast. Originally a merger between FIAA (Victas) and FIAA (West Australia), the organisation rebranded to become the AFA. AFA is associated with the Furniture Research and Development Institute in Tasmania and members enjoy discounts with that organisation. AWISA AWISA needs no introduction. The association, the show and now the publication are well-known throughout the industry. AWISA stands for Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association and was formed in 1986 by the principal suppliers to the Australian woodworking industry. Members of AWISA include suppliers of woodworking machinery, cabinet and furniture hardware, panel products and surface materials, portable tools, computer software, materials handling equipment, dust extraction equipment, components, and general plant and safety equipment. AWISA also operate a bi-annual exhibition that is highly regarded on the world’s woodworking show calendar. The next show is scheduled for July 2024. ASOFIA-IFA The Australian Shop and Office Fitting Association is now the Interior Fitout Association since 2009. This online

Supplier October/November 2021

community brings together shop fitters, office fitters, manufacturers, suppliers, specialist contractors, service providers, subcontractors, educational institutions, architects & designers, developers and building owners and apprentices. Accessible on your phone, tablet or PC, the community provides a range of online services at two levels of membership. IFA run an industry awards evening and an apprentice award program. CMAWA CMAWA is the Cabinet Makers Association of West Australia. The Cabinet Makers Association of WA is a not-for-profit, nongovernment independent body representing the interests of the cabinet making industry in the state. Its members represent a considerable segment of all established cabinet makers throughout the state as well as many industry suppliers and key stakeholders. All members of the Cabinet Makers Association of WA are required to be local manufacturers utilising Australian Standard products. The CMAWA provides members with frequent information related to their business needs, and they have the opportunity to interact directly with other CMAWA Members, which has the potential to enhance business productivity and profitability. HIA The Housing Industry Association has represented the Australian housing industry for over seventy-five years. In 1945, just after the end of the Second World War, two Victorian builders, Bill Hunt and Perce Newton met outside a real estate agent’s office where they had both bought blocks to build ‘spec’ houses. Building at that time was difficult because of acute shortages of building materials, so it’s not surprising that their conversation turned to prevailing problems. When their idea of an industry association found ready acceptance, they called an initial meeting on 26 November 1945. Enthusiasm for the proposal prompted a follow-up meeting at which the 45 people present agreed to establish the Builders and


Allied Trades Association (BATA). In June 1965, the Housing Industry Association formerly came into being and now has a current membership of over 60,000 builders, developers and trade contractors and other building professionals. KBDi The Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi) is a not-forprofit industry group supporting Australia’s kitchen and bathroom designers. KBDi is managed by a board of directors with extensive industry experience and design expertise. It is a national organisation with chapter committees located around Australia. Each committee is comprised of a small number of volunteers who meet on a regular basis to discuss upcoming KBDi events and the industry. KBDi organise video conferences and webinars, a national design symposium and designer awards. Becoming a KBDi certified kitchen or bathroom designer is achieved through a comprehensive accreditation program and represents excellence in kitchen and bathroom design. DIA The Society of Designers for Industry was formed in about 1947 and was followed just over a decade later with the incorporation of the Industrial Design Institute of Australia in Melbourne in 1958. On 1 July 1998 the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) became a Federal body and Chapters were replaced with Branch Councils. The DIA is the organisation through which designers work for the future of the design professions in Australia. ❚


Spotlight On

Impact Benchtops by HÄFELE


he successful launch of the Impact customised benchtops from Häfele has 100’s of online registered users now designing, quoting and ordering made to measure and cut to size benchtops through the online configurator. Häfele’s website offers a simple to use configurator allowing you to have complete control over where cut outs can be placed for sinks and appliances saving you time having to recut these on site. Many kitchen companies are opting for ‘Do It for Me’ alternatives to save time and cost. With Häfele’s online configurator you are in total control from the design, cut outs and then knowing the final price to having the product dispatched within 48hours after submitting the order. Impact customised benchtops are the solution for busy trades. Select from 24 finishes in a choice of materials – Dekton Lite, Mirostone, Compact Laminate and Duropal Quadra laminate.

While Mirostone modified acrylic, Duropal Quadra laminate and Duropal Compact laminate benchtops are not so new to the Australian market the complete offer of four benchtops types will give you many options to select from for your kitchen, furniture or commercial fit out designs.

Many kitchen companies and designers already know of Dekton from Spain with their superior product qualities and safe handling properties. Their latest product to hit our shores is Dekton LITE. An ultralight, innovative, compact surface offering durability, lightness and easy fitting. The benchtop is made using 4mm ceramic slab bonded to a lightweight core – 30mm thick. The reverse side is balanced and sealed with a fibre glass coating.

Apart from a great solution of 24/7 quoting, ordering made to measure tops with cut outs and a variety of benchtops options, the key driver for this range is supported by sustainable thinking and action which is essential for all our futures. Amongst the Häfele partners, the awareness of sustainability suitable for a healthy living environment is constantly growing. Their product range is sourced and manufactured with the utmost care within the framework of a certified environmental management system as well as being reliable, hygienic and safe for the fabricator and end customer from start to finish and for many years to come. For added peace of mind the benchtops come with a 10 year limited warranty. For more information visit or talk to your nearest Häfele Account Manager. HÄFELE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Phone 1300 659 728 ❚

Supplier October/November 2021

Häfele now offers cut to size and finished benchtops in Dekton LITETM, Mirostone®, Duropal® Quadra laminate and Compact Laminate, all through our easy to use Impact Benchtop configurator via the Häfele website. Visit to find out more or check with your Häfele representative to see how easy it is to order online. Our promise: • Online 24/7 quoting and ordering. • Dispatched in 48 hours directly to you. • Made to measure & cut to size including optional sink and cooktop cut-outs. • Sustainably sourced and Safely manufactured. • All benchtops come with a 10 year limited warranty.

1300 659 728


It’s the edge that matters


Article by Philip Ashley Most wood and panel machines take material from the product. A routered or moulded edge, holes for hardware fittings, or the kerf of a sawcut. An edge banding machine is one of few machines that add something to the board; a functional and decorative edge. Edge banding is the name of both a process and an associated narrow strip of material. The process can be achieved with handheld equipment comprising a heat gun and pre-glued edge tapes; however, industrial high-volume application requires the use of an edge banding machine, edge tape and an adhesive that is applied to either the board or edge tape. EVA and PUR adhesives are usually applied to the board. ‘Zero’ glue line applications using laser, infra-red or hot air, have the ‘adhesive’ manufactured into the edge tape, referred to as the ‘functional’ layer. Edge tape used in hot air applications can also have the functional layer added after manufacture. Speak with an older furniture or cabinet maker and they will most likely tell you the edge bander used to be one of the most problematic machines, and the most difficult to set up. It would have been the case that only one person in the company would set up the machine or make any adjustments. Modern machines rely on PLC (programmable logic control) to manage the functions as the panel progresses along the machine. Edge banders now operate at higher speeds, but the biggest advantage is decreasing set-up times, now measured in minutes.

Supplier October/November 2021



The Players The first edge banding machine is claimed by the Homag Group in 1962 and you may recall the Brandt part of the group. HOLZHER entered the market in 1969, redesigning their machines in 2004 and became part of the Weinig Group in 2010. Around 1980 we saw Hebrock enter the market, now part of Altendorf Group. SCM Group entered the edge banding market in 1992 with the acquisition of Stefani who had begun making edge banding machines in the same year as Homag started. SCM edge bander brands also include Olimpic and for smaller companies, Minimax. Biesse Group introduced their first machines in the 1990’s and in the late 1990’s, Felder Group introduced their Format-4 range that included edge banding machines.

Other Edge Technologies CNC machines can of course be fitted with edge processing equipment and most of the larger players have machines in service for quite a few years now. Some of the more recent machines of this type can now apply the zero join edges. Used mostly for shaped components, this technology is becoming simpler to use as software develops. For elements that have been shaped on a CNC machine, WOODTECH Group can supply the New Zealand origin Vector CNC edge banding solution.

In addition to the (let’s call them) larger suppliers, there are many (let’s call them) locally-focused suppliers that can provide some excellent edge banding machinery. In no particular order we have from Forza Group, Pakenham, Victoria; the Nikmann machine, made in Bulgaria. WOOD TECH supplies their own NB machine range, Fravol (Italy), and IMA, a German machine brand used by the World’s largest cabinet manufacturers who make thousands of cabinets every day. Leda machinery supply the increasingly popular KDT including a model that is capable of angled edges. Tuckwell Machinery supply Bi-Matic and OTT. OTT is also supplied by I&J Machinery in West Australia. From Thatcher Engineering we have Rhino and from FIGTEK, their own brand, made in Taiwan.

Edge banders now operate at higher speeds, but the biggest advantage is decreasing set-up times, now measured in minutes.

In addition to the most recognised brands, you may find in new or used machines, the following brands. Turanlar (Turkey), the Australian Ermo machine, OAV (Taiwan), Casadei and the separate but related Casadei Industria, Robland (Ron Mack), Cehisa (Gregory Machinery), Toughcut and Virutex (J C Walsh and also from Beyond Tools WA), Tecnoma and Aaron.

Edge Banding Tapes PVC is the most commonly used in the manufacture of edge-bands for the furniture industry due to its excellent processing characteristics. For modular furniture, PVC edge banding is extremely durable, simple to fix and has an extremely long life. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shares

Supplier October/November 2021

most of PVC characteristics, but ABS is lower in density, does not include chlorine in its composition and is not flame retardant. PP (Polypropylene) is excellent for small radius applications, is chlorine-free and popular as an alternative to the traditional PVC and ABS materials used in the furniture industry. PMMA is a high-grade thermoplastic material. The transparency of the acrylic exceeds that of glass. Wood Veneer Edge banding is produced by joining individual pieces of veneer together into a continuous master roll by finger-jointing the veneer. Edge Banding adhesives Adhesives which are particularly resistant to heat are recommended for high application temperatures, such as in the cooking area in the kitchen, and in containers for furniture export. The most-used edge band adhesives are EVA for low-cost applications. Reactive Polyurethane (PUR) hotmelt has high initial bonding strength; chemical cross-linking within a few days insures a permanent, tight-fitting bond approaching that of laser applications. This adhesive provides high heat and water resistance. PUR requires the use of special equipment to store the opened adhesive. The release at the last LIGNA show of the completely closed ‘Gluebox’ PUR gluing station from Felder demonstrates machinery companies’ commitment to making the application of PUR easier. 28


THE HEART OF EVERY HOLZ-HER EDGEBANDER PERFECTLY INVISIBLE JOINTS GLU JET FOR CLEAN OPERATION The sealed system prevents the glue from burning, ensuring that it maintains its original colour and does not emit any unpleasent adhesive vapors. Complicated, labour-intensive cleaning work on the adhesive basin and glue rollers is eliminated.

100 % ADHESIVE FORCE Melting the glue as needed, ensures that the glue always maintains its full adhesive strength without losses resulting from repeated heat-up.




The Glu Jet thin film technology means the glue penetrates deep into the panel structure. You get a highstrength joint and an invisible look at the same time.

From zero to operating temperature in only 3 minutes and back to zero just as quickly. The HOLZ-HER edgebanders operate with Glu Jet – not with traditional glue pots and application rollers.

With the LTRONIC, you can process state-ofthe-art laser edging silently, without heat-up time, excessive loud generation of expensive compressed air that requires large panel spacing at the detriment of your productivity and time consuming, unnecessary cleaning work for results with a perfect appearance.

MICHAEL WEINIG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD | 3 Widemere Road, Wetherill Park NSW 2164




To facilitate your decision in favour of Glu Jet, we are pleased to offer a three year warranty on the complete Glu Jet system.

INTELLIGENT EDGEBANDING INTELLISET Ensures that operators can always identify which corrections are being made in which direction on a graphical display. The values entered for tool feed are converted to the actual axis values fully automatically in the background. This makes sample workpieces a thing of the past.




This multi-version is based on the axis-controlled standard version, however offers up to four different profile variants in addition to 8 mm flush cutters. These profiles can be selected on the control with a touch of the button, offering an uncompromising finish on the workpiece.

fa.s.t (set-up in the gap) enables you to run different machining processes at the same time on the edgebander. This process is extremely efficient in combination with the high speed NC servo-axes.

Just push a button to clean the gluing station perfectly. The monitor for the remaining glue quantity ensures that you always know how much more work you can complete. Whether thin edging or thick veneer edging – always the right power at the guillotine. Real wood coils or thin edging – the pressure combination at the pressure unit is always perfect.

Phone 1800 736 460 | Mail |



Laser Edge banding or Zero Joint Edge banding offers the possibility of a permanently functional and invisible joint on the finished component thanks to a 100% adhesive-free, functional layer manufactured into the edge banding. The seamless bond creates a permanent, functional invisible joint. The fusion of the edge band and the board increases the finished components' resistance to thermal distortion as well as the moisture resistance. Ten years ago, laser edge banding was the domain of IMA and Homag and added a hundred thousand dollars to the cost of a machine. Recently though, technicians worked out that hot air blasted onto the functional layer of the edge banding would achieve the same results as a laser application. Hot air technologies are Schugoma (The original developer and still used on many machine brands), Airtec (Homag), Airforce (Biesse), Air Motion (Felder) and Air Fusion (SCM),

amongst others. The hot air technology uses a lot of hot air and can be noisy. HOLZ-HER has an alternative method using Near Infrared (NIR) technology, and other suppliers are known to be working on similar developments. It would be difficult to justify a laser application today, given the cost and complexity of a machine fitted with a laser beam to melt the functional layer of the edge banding tape. (Insert image “HOLZ-HER application units”) Supplier's Tips Edge banding and glue suppliers have a few do’s and don’ts when applying the edge band with and edge banding machine. First, the board; it is highly recommended that the wood moisture of the board material for processing is between 7% and 10%. If the board and edging are stored separately, it is highly recommended that you bring the board and the edge material together a day or two before doing the job. When boards

or edge bands are too cold, the hot-melt adhesive will likely set before the edge strip is applied. Draughts should be avoided for this reason. The feed rate of the machine is important. While the gluing station will be matched to the machine by the manufacturer, feeding the board too fast and the hotmelt adhesive may become stringy in consistency, preventing full saturation of the board edge. If the feed rate is too low, the interval between adhesive glue application and attaching of the edge banding tape is too long. The temperature of the glue may fall below the necessary processing temperature and the adhesive will harden before the two surfaces are joined. It goes without saying that blunt tools will undo all your good work and lead to an unsatisfactory edge banding solution. After all, it’s the edge that matters. ❚

Fifty Years of Development Since 1969 HOLZ-HER has produced edge banding machines that now satisfy the demands of all sectors of the cabinet industry. From entry-level machines to highly-flexible equipment suitable for large-scale industrial use, HOLZ-HER is arguably one of the World’s best-known and respected edge bander brands.

Your first contact with a HOLZ-HER product may have been at trade school with their excellent power feed unit for spindle moulders. Founded in 1914, HOLZ-HER has become one of the leading suppliers of technologically advanced equipment for the solid wood and flat panel furniture industries. HOLZ-HER has been part of the

Supplier October/November 2021

Weinig Group since 2010 but still operates as a uniquely identifiable brand respected for their performance, ease-of-use, and quality output. Manufacturers may have their preferred machine brands, but by and large, there is more often than not a HOLZHER edge bander in their factory. The reason HOLZ-HER edge banders are highly regarded is mainly for the heart of the machine, the gluing station. HOLZ-HER use either a cartridge or hopper system that provides distinct advantages to the end user. Firstly; the HOLZ-HER Glu Jet is a closed system and only the amount of glue needed is melted. There is no glue pot burning expensive glues. In addition,

there is no waste that you normally get with glue in a heated pot, and there is also no loss of adhesive strength you get when glue is reheated. An ‘invisible’ join is highly desirable and HOLZ-HER’s Glu Jet and LTRONIC systems deliver on that goal. The Range This year, HOLZ-HER continues to meet the demands of the small to medium cabinet manufacturer with the newest addition to their fleet of machines; the ARTEA series. The ARTEA 1030 edge bander comes complete with corner rounding and three finishing units. The compact HOLZ-HER ARTEA operates with the same patented glue application nozzle also used in the larger



models. The Glu Jet guarantees flexibility, exceptional PUR edge banding quality and simple handling. The easy-to-clean glue system is a great added value. The stateof-the-art control concept provides graphic operator guidance, just select the program, and start producing. A step sideways brings you the STREAMER C Series edge bander. The STREAMER provides compact entry into professional HOLZ-HER edge banding. The highly flexible glue application using HOLZ-HER nozzle technology sets new standards for state-ofthe-art cabinet making in terms of processing PUR glues and changing colours with an unequalled heat-up time of only 3 minutes! High performance post-processing units complete the finishing area. A highlight starting with the STREAMER 1054 C is a compact upgrade package for processing edge thicknesses up to 6mm and workpieces with a thickness up to 60mm. The STREAMER combines the advantages of top equipment with an unbeatable price/benefit ratio. A step up this time sees the AURIGA series delivering essential features to unify compact design with a high degree of automation. The 1308 XL power has the highest degree of automation with three finishing units. It provides efficient, automatic, and complete edge processing at a professional level, while remaining compact and affordable. Set-up is achieved with state-of-the-art NC servo-axes, making it unnecessary to open the machine hood. The AURIGA 1308 XL is one of HOLZHER’s top selling machines and the high sales volume makes it possible to offer this machine at an excellent price/benefit ratio.

Up another step to the SPRINT series. The SPRINT 1329 power edge bander provides multifunction technology at the highest level. Motor-driven adjustable axes are used for the entire machine, and this enables you to precisely reproduce any setting at the touch of a button, without opening the machine hood. The SPRINT 1329 power uses Holz-Her’s new high-speed servo-axes where the rapid in-feed capability allows what Holz-Her refer to as “set-up in the gap”, which makes it possible to run various applications in the machine simultaneously. Up yet another step to the ACCURA series. The ACCURA 1554 is a compact solution in the high-end range developed by HOLZ-HER for high quality artisans and industrial parts producers. The ACCURA series stands for complete processing of modern edging and panel materials and redefines edge banding, requiring only 6.5 meters of floor space.

This modular system provides flexible adaptation to customer requirements and future furniture trends. The top-end LUMINA industry series offers two systems for perfect invisible joints. The Glu Jet system for standard use of PUR glue and LTRONIC, the new ‘laser’ edging unit from HOLZ-HER that uses Near Infra-Red Radiation (NIR) to bond the laser edge to the panel with unbeatable speed and cost efficiency. The LUMINA 1596 premium model with two cutter units allows processing of solid wood edging with thickness up to 15 mm (optional 20 mm) and is available in three equipment versions. High quality diamond tipped cutting tools with extremely long service life and chip-optimized evacuation technology are standard features in all HOLZ-HER machines. HOLZ-HER edge banders are built on the back of over fifty years of experience, operating in all conditions around the World. They are one of the oldest edge banding brands with legions of loyal followers, especially in Australia. Like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners, HOLZ-HER is to edge banding. HOLZ-HER support their equipment Australia-wide with excellent after sales service provided by people who know the machine inside-out. And after 50 years, why wouldn’t they? web ❚

Supplier October/November 2021



German technology, Australian know how


s Australia’s only ABS edgeband manufacturer, Surteco Australia are committed to creating the highest quality product through local design, materials and manufacturing. Did you know that Surteco Australia lead the market in crafting beautiful, on-trend decors and surfaces, that have been available for over 130 years in Germany? This is a legacy they are very proud of. A one-stop-shop for all of your needs Surfaces are crucial when it comes to whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. As one of the world’s leading full-service providers of decorative surfaces and edges, Surteco develop perfectly matched products for all materials in terms of design, colour and surface. Ideal for rooms we want to live in today and in the future. With their extensive history and experience, Surteco Australia know that their customers prefer to get everything they need with

minimal fuss in the one spot. That is why they are a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. From their wide range of adhesives to their solvents and release agents, they sell all of the accompaniments, along with their surfaces and edges, to ensure you produce the best product possible for your customers. Exciting new changes at Surteco Australia Surteco Australia have implemented some exciting new changes. With new management, they are more engaged with the market and are bringing more product development and new product lines to market, along with better finishes and more designs. Their new management team is focused on how they listen to the market and its needs. More marketing brings with it an enhanced digital presence in the form of a new website. Along with improved navigation and product information, it is now easier to get in touch with them than ever before. Just visit www.

Many exciting new product development projects are currently being implemented at Surteco Australia: hey are developing new finishes that are more competitive within the market, super matt finishes and ultra-violet (UV) resistant gloss products that have an extended life cycle and longevity.

They also have new finishes now available, such as the luxurious new Deko Metal range. Made with real metals, the new colours and tactile finishes of the Deko Metal collection, available with matching edge bands, will leave a lasting impression. They have been perfectly colour matched to seamlessly suit the range of Deko Metal brushed surfaces. These real metal laminates and edges have been carefully curated to complement the extensive range of beautiful finishes. web ❚

Supplier October/November 2021

Inspiring spaces

with Lamitak by Surteco | | PH: (07) 3734 4563



Ott, for over 40 Years Ott has been producing edge banding machines since the early 1980’s making them amongst the most established and experienced edge bander producers in the world. Through Ott’s Australian agents, Tuckwell Machinery in Queensland, and I&J Machinery in West Australia, it is Ott’s goal to find the perfect solution for every customer. Ott as an edge bander brand is well-known in Australia as a quality Austrian machine that is easy to set up and use and includes a number of models with specifications to meet all sectors of the industry. In West Australia, Ian Patterson of I&J Machinery have been supplying the Ott brand for twenty years. Up in Queensland, Mark and his son, Patrick Tuckwell, took on the Ott brand in 2016 and have reported steady sales of the well-known Austrian range of edge banders ever since.

Supplier October/November 2021

Ian has been in business for 45 years and describes several customers who have up to four machines and that a number of their installations have been running continuously for almost twenty years, impressive stats for a machine with so many moving parts! Ian describes Ott as, “Everlasting and extremely strong machines.” Patrick has been particularly busy over the last five years and has seen a lot of interest in the range of Ott products. Patrick tells us this is likely a combination of repeat business, word of mouth and the instant asset write off initiative of the Federal Government during COVID. The traditional cabinet maker and furniture maker need a machine that delivers perfect results every time they turn it on. Every job is different, and machinery must be flexible and easy to set up. This is particularly true for the edge banding machine. Ott has designed their edge banders to be easily accessible and easy to use. Ott machines are reliable, take very little time to set up, deliver high production output with exceptional

panel quality and with the use of PUR adhesive, achieves an invisible glue joint. From the simplest application to the highest output, automated edge banding cell, Ott are able to supply a complete solution for any customer. Ott edge banders are well-known in Australia for the quality of their output, due to the heavy-duty construction of the entire machine, starting at the beginning with the frame. The frames are engineered to reduce vibration, the enemy of all quality machines. The strength of the machine construction allows for the most delicate of adjustments, such as in the case of panels with protective films. Edges are flush trimmed without operator adjustment according to the high gloss program that automatically adjusts to the thickness of the protective film. This produces a perfectly flush trimmed panel edge every time. Ott edge banders also feature automatic radius scraping workstations with either two or four 34 independent radius profiles.

For three years OTT has been supplying edge-roll management warehousing solutions and only a few months ago, announced a new machine model, FlexEdge that sits between their popular Tornado and Storm machines. OTT machines are reliable, take very little time to set up, deliver high production output with exceptional panel quality and with the use of PUR adhesive, achieves an invisible glue joint. From the simplest application to the highest output, automated edge banding cell, OTT are able to supply a complete solution for any customer.

supplier contacts I&J Machinery Sales Pty Ltd

A | 144 Francisco Street, Belmont WA 6104 T | 08 9478 1911 E |

Tuckwell Machinery Pty Ltd

A | 1/34 Goodooga Drive, Bethania QLD 4205 T | 07 3805 5444 E |

HP-Technologies Ltd

A | 81 Bolt Road, Nelson New Zealand 7011 T | +64 3547 6699 E |



pot and hopper are no longer necessary. With Ott you get the full value of PUR because maintenance has been reduced to just a few minutes, and there is no wasted glue.

The strength of the machine construction allows for the most delicate of adjustments, such as in the case of panels with protective films. Many innovations have been achieved by Ott over the years, like the perfect gluing system CombiMelt for both EVA and PUR adhesives. CombiMelt is the heart and soul of every Ott edge bander and allows the quick changeover of the machine to different glue swap containers and thus, to new types and colours of glue. The proper glue dosage is critical to achieving an invisible glue line and with Ott, the glue dosage is managed from the machine controller by a stepper motor on the CombiMelt, ensuring a nearinvisible glue joint using PUR glue. The glue roller is driven from above, so there are no seals in the underside of the pot that could

Supplier October/November 2021

leak and contaminate the universal joints and drive motor found in other edge bander brands. A ‘dry box’ is available to store PUR adhesives for several days. A changeover of glues, especially between PUR white and PUR transparent, is made as easy as possible by using the optional Ott Service Station. The application head and glue pot, which are able to be removed separately, can be preheated on the Service Station and are ready to use quickly. The mobile Service Station can also be used for cleaning; it’s an especially useful option and saves a lot of time. Daily cleaning of the PUR

In addition to the Ott range, both I&J and Tuckwell supply a range of equipment for both solid wood production and panel (cabinet) construction and work closely together to ensure that all of their customer’s needs are met in a timely manner. I&J Machinery and Tuckwell Machinery are heavily involved with their customers and are particularly good at what they do. Call Ian in Belmont (Perth) on 08-9478-1911 or Patrick in Bethania (Brisbane) on 07-3805-544 today. web web ❚

Delivering clean work environments through effective, reliable solutions that: Production seeks for optimal performance, Resellers recommend to their clients, Workers request for their work environments; and Business Owners enjoy for outstanding value and long-term returns.






Dust extraction for edgebanders – A quick guide


dgebanders are one of the more complex machines in operation in most joinery and cabinet making facilities. Manifolds, flexible hose, ducting and dust collectors must be designed to optimise airflow for effective removal of dust and trim. An effective dust extraction system is imperative to the performance and reliability of your edgebander. Without it, you can experience a poor edge quality which will result in hand finishing and defects. Worst of all is the significant downtime and expense in repairing the machine. Some basic maintenance tips can greatly reduce the downtime you experience with your edgebander and keep it the lifeblood of your operation. The importance of cleanliness and dust control 1) Cleanliness It is critically important, especially on edgebanders, to keep them clean. The majority of service calls received for edgebanders are the result of a machine that has been neglected. The trimmings produced during edgebanding operations can be more difficult to collect in a dust system than wood products. The shavings and trimmings can build up on tracing wheels, damage switch components and electrical components. At the end of each day, the operator should open up the sound enclosure and use compressed air to clean the machine thoroughly. Ensure there is no

build-up of chips on the tracing wheels for the top and bottom trimmer and scraping units. A build-up of trimmings will result in poor edge quality as the tracing wheels cannot follow the panel properly. Periodically you should open up the electrical panel and use a vacuum system to suction off the dirt build up on the electrical components. Dust can cause havoc on electrical contactors and will result in costly downtime.

this relates to a 250mm/280mm/315mm connection size on the edgebander manifold itself.

2) Proper dust collection Proper ducting and dust collection are critical for the optimal running of an edgebander. This helps significantly with tip one above on keeping the edgebander clean and it starts with the manifold. The correct manifold design will ensure that the edgebander is receiving the air to the ports at the required volume as per the connection size on the edgebander. Once you have the manifold size right you want to make sure you have enough airflow and pressure for good extraction through the internal connections on an edgebander. Modern edgebanders require significant airflow and pressure.

Problem: Poorly maintained ventilation/ extraction system 1. Provide and maintain an effective dust extraction system and exhaust ventilation. Ensure fumes from hot glue are extracted away from the operator 2. Wear protective personal equipment (PPE) such as face masks 3. Regularly vacuum dust and sawdust 4. Reduce the noise levels of your edgebander and extraction system

How much airflow do edgebanders require? Modern edgebanders are air and pressure hungry. The typical recommendation is 28m/s extraction through each port on the edgebander, along with 1.5 – 2kPa worth of pressure allowance. More and more commonly

Preventative measures for safe operation of edgebanders Here are a few preventative measures you should consider with regards to airborne contaminants (dust and vapours), as suggested by Worksafe Australia.

You should also consider the noise levels of your dust extraction system. Various machines running simultaneously in the same area can be a noise hazard. Cutters, saws, pressure rollers and compressed air all add to the noise. Make sure to use acoustic dampening, wear hearing protection, display warning signs, and install a quiet dust collector. Contact Airtight Solutions today Dust extraction can be very confusing, and different manufacturers give different volumes required at different speeds. It is best to speak with dust extraction experts to work out the capacity required for your dust extractor which should help you make the right decision. Airtight Solutions is here to assist you. Colin@ web ❚

Supplier October/November 2021

Experiencing High Power Bills? Eliminate your power bill now with a custom-designed NEON Solar System. NEON specialises in small to large MASTER BENCHTOPS – 305KW + TESLA POWERWALL commercial installations. Our quality In the current climate, reducing growing operating costs for and performance are proven with Australia’s tier 1 manufacturers. your business is essential. With NEON you can expect

immediate and reliable financial returns with no upfront cost.

We promise you: 3 Quality, professionalism and outstanding client value We specialise in engineering commercial systems for rented 3 A money-back performance and owned premises. With our engineering expertise guarantee; and 3 10 - 20 yearand warranties! proven track record you can trust NEON to maximise

your savings and deliver the greatest value. Get your free customengineered solar proposal Call: 1300 899 256 or SMS ‘commercial assessment’ Main to Mob: 0491 247 830



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ROI: 23.8%

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NEON clients are achieving 22-34% ROI Act Now - Full government rebate of up to $52,500 available until December 2021

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Lakes Linen Service

ROI: 28.3%

Wood Tech Instyle Wardrobes Carrera By Design Airtight clients are achieving ROI: 34.2% ROI: 33.1% ROI: 38.7%

26-34% ROI

Timpelle Kitchens

ROI: 29.2%



Technology from the top down


iesse Group design and build edge banding machines for industrial applications, from large, fully automated plants to small to medium enterprises; companies typical of the Australian cabinet industry. Their design philosophy is to start at the top down, ensuring every machine they build carries the same high-end technology and quality. Biesse Group came to the attention of the Australian Furniture industry when their first CNC machines were introduced in the early 1980’s. Their cost-effective; advanced technology, and easy-to-use equipment was a huge hit, particularly here and in the United States of America where the industry needed fast and efficient manufacturing while at the same time, maintaining a high-quality standard for small batch sizes produced ‘just in time.’ Biesse Group continually developed more efficient machines to meet the changing demands of various industries. At all times the top end of the industry was the initial target, with every other machine down to Biesse’s smallest models, benefitting from new technologies and developments.

Supplier October/November 2021

You get a lot more for your money with Biesse Group. While some suppliers created technologies for specific end users, Biesse developed solutions for the most demanding applications, then filtered those technologies down to their more affordable equipment. In this way, Biesse Group customers are guaranteed equipment that meets the demands of the most challenging applications. In the 1990’s Biesse Group developed their first edge banding machines for high-volume manufacturing, and these were exported in great numbers around the World. From the very beginning, Biesse Group edge banding machines were developed with a focus on innovation and a continuous search for excellence to ensure their customers remain competitive.

Roberto Selci, son of Biesse Group Founder Giancarlo Selci recently said, “Innovation is our past, present and future. It is embedded into the group’s DNA. We innovate to bring new standards of technology to the market and to provide solutions that make work simpler for our customers.” Biesse Group edge banding machines have almost thirty years of history and innovation to call on, innovation aimed at the highest level of industry use, innovation now applied to every machine in the full range Biesse Group produce. While only a few companies have been producing edge banding machines longer than 30 years, Biesse edge banders have benefitted from the group’s high-end technologies in other vital areas of furniture production such as CNC processing and panel cutting. The synergy between this diverse but focused range of equipment means Biesse edge banders are produced with proven, reliable technological components and features that guarantee long, trouble-free work with a consistent 40 quality outcome.




AKRON 1100

JADE 340

AKRON 1400



Full range of edgebanders ready for demonstrations in the Biesse showrooms.




The technology utilized in Biesse Group’s most advanced, million-dollar edge banding solutions is now applied to even their entry-level machines. The only visible difference is the speed of the machine and panels produced per shift. The techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of Biesse Group’s fastest, high-production edge banding machines is evident in every machine in the range.

Biesse Group offer a full range of edge banding solutions, from the single and double-sided Stream for high-end production, through to the Akron for small to medium-duty use, to the entry-level Jade for flexible production in limited space. A dedicated program has been developed in the last 5 years, aiming at making the technology more user-friendly and, as consequence, the machines cleaner and more reliable. Biesse Group uses their own internally manufactured high-frequency electro-spindles designed to perfectly match the output of the machine. Biesse Group build all their own strategic and critical components to ensure long-lasting reliability.

Pierluigi Tacchi is Sales Director for Biesse Group edge banding machines and said, “Our edge banding machines do not stand alone; they are technologically equivalent to Biesse’s extremely successful line of CNC processing centres.” Over the last five to ten years Biesse Group have made huge inroads into the edge bander market and are now amongst the top three suppliers worldwide. Edge banders represent the biggest proportional growth within the group and to accommodate this growth, a new factory has just been completed in Italy to accommodate the additional demand. Here in Australia, more parts are available 24/7 with Sophia Parts to ensure downtime, should it ever occur, is kept to an absolute minimum.

Supplier October/November 2021

those machines has been naturally applied to our future machines developed over the years. It’s top-down technology and represents an original and intelligent way of developing new product. Biesse Group innovation is targeted at reliability; less operator input; more automation inclusive of maintenance, especially at the gluing station, all critical issues for today’s highdemand cabinet manufacturing.”

Matt Lott is Director of Gold Coast Wood Machining. Their business is typical of the many thousands of small, family-owned furniture making companies around Australia. Matt bought a business with an existing edge bander and found himself spending a lot of time cleaning up the finished boards. He was concerned the poor finish could cost his business some customers.

Giuseppe Serpentino is Biesse Group’s Australian edge banding sales manager and brand specialist. He said, “Biesse Group’s largest edge banders are designed to work multiple shifts. The technology applied to



Matt said, “We purchased our Jade 240 edge bander to meet the needs of our existing and future customers. It gives us a dependable finish. We know exactly what comes out the end. Our only limitation is keeping up with the machine.”

Lee Crow is the sole Director of LCR Shopfitters in St Marys, NSW. Their major production equipment is all provided and supported by Biesse Group. Their current edge bander, an Akron 1400 replaces a Biesse machine they had for an amazing 15 years that is still working for another manufacturer.

“We know exactly what comes out the end. Our only limitation is keeping up with the machine.”

Lee said, “The finish coming off our Akron 1400 is second to none.” What Lee really likes is the connection to the machine through the Sophia IOT software. He says, “I can check my machine’s performance on my phone and the tech’s at Biesse can access the machine for maintenance if we ever need it.”

Supplier October/November 2021

lies in the simplicity of a machine that doesn't require glue. While gluing systems have evolved greatly in recent years, the use of a hot melt bonding agent involves a series of precautions and maintenance that has a definite impact on the use of the machine. In addition, there's no longer the problem of finding a glue of the right colour for the specific edge banding strip: changing from a white-on-white finish to a dark colour finish requires no particular set-up time and glue change because it's the polymer on the edge tape that melts and doesn't need a bonding agent of the same shade.”

For laser edge strips, Biesse Group offers the innovative AirForce System, one of Biesse Group’s foremost innovations in the world of edge banding. This technology melts the laser edge banding strip with very high temperature air that when applied to the board, penetrates the wood fibres so as not to have any joint between the strip and the panel surface. This avoids the need to use glue as a joint and therefore does away with the glue line, producing a perfect aesthetic result that's particularly suitable for highly visible parts of the furniture item.

Biesse Group produce edge banders equipped for the application of EVA, PUR and Laser Edges for every type of customer. There is a solution for all applications and Biesse Group has World-wide experience with installations in almost every country on Earth. In addition, every year Biesse Group invest 4% of yearly revenue on research and development. Customers can be sure that whatever they ask of their edge banding machine, Biesse Group has seen it before; has built it before and has the practical experience and expertise to meet any challenge, from the top down.

Pierluigi says, “The advantages of AirForce

web ❚



SCM presents Stefani X SCM's new industrial edge banding machine has been designed to offer top-quality machining on any kind of panel and material, to fully meet the needs of a connected and integrated digital factory.

The end of compromise in productivity SCM's new industrial edgebanding machine can machine panels at a speed of up to 30 m/min during several shifts per day. It also has new dynamic units, custom-designed to further increase performance and to include additional high-end functions if requested.

Yet another high-tech new entry from SCM to satisfy the latest trends in furniture and design in terms of flexibility and 4.0 production. Each detail has been designed to offer an innovative solution in line with the industry's more complex demands; from the machine's structure to the digital and electronic control systems, the machining units with power assisted movement and the latest gluing devices.

Highly flexible even when changing the glue Another significant new feature of Stefani X is the gluing unit which, thanks to the unique glue switch solution, allows for a just in time change of colour and glue type, thus achieving even more flexible, efficient production. The secret lies in the fact that there are simultaneously two glue tanks which, during machining, can be interchanged using the type and colour of glue requested by the work program. The glue tank can also be replaced for maintenance work carried out on it without having to stop the edgebanding machine.

The result is a highly configurable, customised edgebanding machine, designed to reliably work several shifts and capable of providing top-quality machining, both in the stand-alone version and in integrated cells or lines. Furthermore, in an attempt to meet the increasingly widespread demands for flexible, connected and integrated production, Stefani X offers and exclusive digital control system that means it can operate in perfect synergy with other technologies and IT systems as well as MES management used in the factory.

Supplier October/November 2021

Top quality even on the most delicate edges Stefani X offers top-quality gluing no matter what type of edge there is. Indeed, the intensity of the first pressure roller can be automatically adjusted by the edgebanding machine's control system. Furthermore, the edge can be replaced without any distance limit between the panels thanks to the new automatic edge change device with 2 and 6

rolls and with a roller change system that allows for a reduced interspacing of 350 mm. New range of high-end electronic units The new Stefani X electronic units are designed to meet two objectives that are key to the market: ease of use even for more complex machinings on delicate, trending materials, thanks to an automatic, flexible set-up, as well as repeatability, quality and accurate production processes, due to the electronic touch. 1. Y-SE 1000 Servo and Y-SE 1200 Servo end trimming units. For constant precision when cutting, irrespective of the amount and kind of panels machined, to optimise machining work even on the most delicate panels, automatically control adjustments and correct any machining errors on the spot. 2. Round 2 Servo rounding unit .To ensure top quality machining on any profile and optimise the processes even on three different edge thicknesses. 3. RC-E Multileaf glue scraping unit. Ideal for machining panels with film, thanks to the automatic tool adjustment for any film thicknesses. web ❚


Interior Design & Production Software

CAD+T welcomes a new generation After more than 30 years, founder and CEO of the international CAD/CAM and ERP software company, CAD+T Consulting GmbH, Anton Schwarz, is stepping down as CEO. The move, which will take effect from this Summer 2021, will see the current CTO, Thomas Schwarz and International Sales Director, Martina Schwarz, reprise the role and continue to carry the business forward. Anton founded CAD+T in 1990 and in the same year, launched the company’s first AutoCAD-based design software. Success followed and a year later, the company opened its first subsidiary in Germany, growing its bespoke software and consultancy offering to the furniture design and manufacturing industry. Within 10 years, the company had over one thousand clients worldwide and, as his workforce grew, Anton welcomed his son, Thomas Schwarz and later his daughter, Martina, into the business. Today, the company has subsidies across the world, including the Australia, Middle East and South Africa and employs over 80 members of staff. Its renowned for supplying complete software solutions to the furniture industry and offers over 60 software applications based on AutoCAD and Autodesk

Strategic Partnership in ANZ Region

Inventor for batch size one production and serial production. Martina Schwarz says: “My father had a vision – to become a leading bespoke software provider for the furniture design market. He has achieved this and so much more. Now, with the industry entering a new generation of developments, and cloudbased solutions leading, it seems like a fitting time for him to pass the baton onto the next generation of the Schwarz family. My brother and I share my father’s vision. We want to continue to create innovative software solutions to the global furniture design and manufacturing industry, with the family ethos still very much at the heart of our business. After all, companies consist of people. The quality of our technology, product offering, and service depends on the people behind it. We want to offer our customers continuous added value and that all stems from the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff. We intend to continue on this path and work with our customers to embrace technology and the power of digitalisation and reap the benefits it has to offer.” For more information please visit ❚


come together to transform the Bespoke Furniture Industry

Offer complete software solutions CAD/CAM and ERP Provide extended local Support and Training

CAD+T Australasia Pty Ltd

Level 5, 23-25 O‘Connell Street NSW, 2000 Sydney Phone: +61 (2) 800 620 67 E-Mail: Web:

Enter the draw to


A FREE copy of the industry leading software for cabinetmakers from

Supplier Woodworking Magazine is pleased to invite readers to enter into the draw to win a free 12 months subscription of the industry leading software from 3D Kitchen™.

3D Kitchen QT Software Produces:  Floor Plans  Elevations  High Quality 3D Rendering Features:  Easily create your own unique cabinets  Full cabinet library built to allow detailed design  Full product support (12 months) Broadband internet required

How to Enter Email your entry, including your full business name and contact details W O O D W O R K I NSUBJECT: G TO: Free Software 2021

Terms & Conditions 1. 2. 3. 4.

You must be a reader of Supplier Woodworking Magazine. You must be a manufacturing cabinetmaker. You must want to give your business a competitive edge! The offer does not include sofware updates.



The great leap forward - Revolutionise how you supply cabinetry Article by Riley Henry


hether you have or have not used goCabinets before, you have never experienced the efficiency or performance that has stemmed from the recently overhauled interface. Over the past years, goCabinets has been helping many businesses adapt and change their processes for the better while continuing to demonstrate the benefits of change via their own improvements and adjustments to the goCabinets platform. Recently, goCabinets has undertaken and launched one of their biggest projects for the ordering platform. Drastic improvements have been made to the look and function of goCabinets to enable faster, easier than ever quoting and ordering of custom cabinetry, materials, and hardware.

Completely customise products to suit your required sizing, materials and other requirements and watch accurate quotes instantly generate as you make your selections. The moment you are satisfied with your project it can be instantly submitted to your manufacturer for production. More than a makeover While many visual improvements have been made to the general user experience of goCabinets, plenty of these changes contribute to vastly improve the ease-of-use and functionality of the platform. Easy-to-navigate tabs and menus are complemented by dynamic visuals to better represent material and hardware selections, hinge or shelf locations, door/ drawer gaps and margins, and more. Advancements to the benchtop designer and layout tools also make it easier to expand on and plan your projects.

What is goCabinets? goCabinets is a FREE online platform that allows trade professionals to easily order custom cabinets directly from their local, independent cut-to-size manufacturer.

Supplier October/November 2021

Faster than ever Not only have recent changes streamlined the quoting and ordering process, but enhancements have also taken effect on loading speeds and more. A recent test of completing the same job, same items and same specifications resulted in a whopping 33% saving in time experienced using the new interface over the old.

improvements to mobile functionality have been prioritised for the goCabinets platform. A unique app-like experience for mobile makes it more convenient than ever to quote and edit projects at home or away. The changes discussed above are just a few of many improvements continually researched and implemented to make goCabinets more accessible than ever. You are only one free click away from finding an independent cut-to-size supplier near you and majorly streamlining how you quote and supply your next project. After being live for only a short period of time, the updated platform has already received enormous praise from existing and new users regarding its ease-of-use and functionality. Visit or contact the team at to find out more. ❚

Mobile functionality It’s not uncommon for tradies and designers to be regularly on the move, so crucial


Company Profile

Not your average mum and dad cabinet shop Article by Philip Ashley


ebbie and Craig de Wacht have been in business for over twenty years. In that time, they’ve won almost fifty industry awards for their work. Certainly, the most awarded cabinetmaker on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, their secret lies in their tight-knit team; their attention to customer’s needs, and an unwavering commitment to quality. In an industry mostly driven by price, de Wacht Cabinets and Design is one company that gives their all for their customers. Often described as ‘The ultimate professionals’ Debbie and Craig have learned to listen not only to what their customers want, but to what they need. The result is a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office, or wardrobe that suits their needs, meets their budget, and a space that’s a joy to use and live with. Based in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula, de Wacht Cabinets and Design work with clients from all around Melbourne. They have some magnificent

accomplishments to show for their work, leading to the huge number of times they have been rewarded by cabinet industry associations as either a finalist or winner since 2004. They’ve also been involved in the Australian reality television series House Rules, in the 2016 season where the Mornington Peninsula team of Claire Lintzeris and Hagan Rice were runnerup, and de Wacht received praise for best kitchen.

Through the years Debbie and Craig have put everything they have into the business, and even at the beginning, mortgaged their home to get it going. Debbie and Craig had been married for about eight years and Craig; a qualified cabinet maker was working for another company as a production manager. They wanted something to do together and decided to start out on their own. There weren’t a lot of cabinet makers in the area and so, the fledgling business got some ‘legs of its own’ as Debbie puts it. Debbie’s father assisted with his mechanical knowledge to purchase their first company truck and set up the business with Debbie, just round the corner from where they are now. Craig was working in a nearby peninsula suburb and walked into the business with the modest equipment set up, and orders ready to produce. They looked at the current premises before when it came up for sale but could never afford it. Eventually though, the tenant moved out and Craig and Debbie were able to offer the owner enough to buy the property.

Supplier October/November 2021


Company Profile

There are no unpleasant surprises. Debbie and Craig talk a lot about the systems they have in place that ensure everything is done the same way every time. Systems ensure quality. Quality is what customers are looking for, even at a competitive price. You don’t get to stand on the podium as many times as Craig and Debbie have without systems that guarantee a high level of consistency and quality.

Debbie and Craig have been friends for many years, Craig as a Cabinet Maker and Debbie as a dental nurse, also working at the local kindergarten for twenty years. She is still well-known as ‘Miss Debbie’ locally. In the beginning, Debbie worked three jobs but still found time to work four hours in the new business after an all-night shift Mothercraft Nursing at Bays Hospital in Mornington. At the same time Craig was committed to getting the business off the ground and sharing care of the couples three small children. Debbie describes the period as, “The most difficult juggling act you could imagine, working in the new company, three other part-time jobs, and doing school runs for three children!”

The de Wacht Difference de Wacht Cabinets and Design offer bespoke, boutique cabinetry. Every job is different, and every job is an individual design to meet the unique lifestyle and needs of the customer. It’s not just about tops, doors, appliances, and cabinet handles, it looks at the physical needs of the user, and how the kitchen or bathroom or space will be used. Now, more than ever before, the kitchen is an integral part of living in a modern home and de Wacht delivers a living environment their customers could only imagine. Debbie involves their clients in every stage of selection, manufacture, and installation. The customer is never left out, even knowing how far down the queue they might be.

de Wacht kitchens can be found in high-end Portsea homes; Phillip Island & Mornington Peninsula resident and holiday homes; retired property developers/Architects/ Builders, and industry people who value quality work. Much of their work is word of mouth or return business, and they never let a past customer down, no matter what the next job is. A de Wacht customer is for life. Craig says, “How we work now is where we want to be. We don’t need to be bigger; we like to be comfortable, able to treat our customers well.” Debbie adds, “Our business is based on communication. What we offer is that we care.” Nowadays, manufacturing is done on a Biesse Klever flatbed router, followed up with an almost new Hebrock F5 edge bander from Altendorf Group. Relationships are very important to Debbie in particular and working with others through the cabinet industry has been her passion.

Craig and Debbie are joint directors, but Craig gives the credit for running the business to Debbie. Craig still does his own installations and will often be found onsite with one or two of their people. Over the years their workforce has been as high as ten, and now three other people; Sam, Adam and Mitch are sufficient to produce the work they need. It’s well-known that many of the cabinet makers in the area have worked for Debbie and Craig at one time or another. At all times the business has come first, to the point of going without personally so their people, and their suppliers could be paid.

Supplier October/November 2021


Company Profile

For several years Debbie served on the board of the CMA and CMDA herself and was the first woman to do so. Others who helped or offered advice and friendship over many years are Peter Gill, Mark Nickson and Rex Hirst, all invaluable relationships, and networks.

Debbie speaks highly of relationships with suppliers like Paul Serini of Altendorf Group, Gail Cameron from Laminex, their representative for years, Tony Sette from Polytech, Justin Spencer from Hafele, and many more. Others who have been a great help are Richard Brooks of the Cabinet Makers Association and Dean Brakell & Monique Penton of the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association, to mention only a few.

Supplier October/November 2021

Study and advancement are also a priority and Craig, Debbie and Adam are all qualified designers. Craig is doing most of the factual design with Adam working mostly on the computer area within the business. Debbie has branched out to more study and recently designed and completed a full bedroom, WIR and Bathroom renovation. It’s now a more laid back, satisfying relationship with the business, the client and seeing the finished product created with individual functionality.

Family First Outside of business is family, and it’s clear Debbie and Craig’s work ethic has rubbed off. Their three grown-up children; two young ladies and a young man, are successful in their own fields. They spend as much time as possible with family, with a second grandchild on the way. On weekends Craig can be found on the bay, catching snapper, flathead and whiting on their modest fishing boat. Debbie has always been a car & motorbike enthusiast, her first car was a GTR XU-1 Torana, a Bathurst winning muscle car that changed Australian motor racing in the early 1970’s at the hands of the legendary Peter Brock. Debbie’s hands are full these days with two small dogs that are often seen running around the office. de Wacht is definitely not your average mum and dad cabinet maker. They’re so much more than that. ❚



Always one step ahead with the right concept


urniture and kitchens are an expression of individuality and lifestyle and could not be more diverse in the way they are constructed. Consumer demand for high quality materials, manufacturing and design in these products is increasing, so manufacturing companies must be able to handle the resulting growing variety of materials with sophisticated surfaces, coatings and structures. This special market and competitive environment has compelled manufacturers to create efficiency and flexibility in production processes – while remaining cost effective. To be successful, furniture and kitchen manufacturers must ensure they are efficient, flexible and can maintain a highquality product. This often results in a fine balance between processing quality and maximum economic efficiency. The sizing of furniture panels, as a finishing operation before edging, takes on a key function in the entire production process. This is particularly important for highquality edges with a combination of the ‘nojoint’ profile, high-gloss and matt coatings, valuable real wood veneers or finish foils; perfect machining of the decorative edges and narrow sides is absolutely essential before edge banding. The aim is to always achieve an almost invisible glue joint and a tightly closing edge. These challenges can only be solved with suitable, perfectly coordinated machining and tooling concepts.

additional sharpening cycles on the tool can be maintained, again increasing the life of the tool. Leitz is number one for diamond servicing in Australia, with the tools delivered cleaned, sharpened and remeasured so that they can be used again by the customer with a fast turnaround time. All Leitz tools are serialised (serial no. and RFID chip) so that they can be managed individually and that, with future machine generations, even an automatic data transfer between tool and machine would be possible.

Perfect edge quality can only be achieved on chipboard or MDF by circumferential cutting with diamond tools. Leitz Tooling offers advanced tool technology that allows increased tool life by utilizing the unused cutting edges of a jointing tool through a simple axial adjustment. In addition, the operator does not have to correct the spindle position, as the width adjustment of the tool is synchronised with the top and bottom of the panel. This means the tool life can be significantly multiplied, up to six times in some cases, before the tool needs to be resharpened, with reduced tool changes and no time-consuming adjustments required. Practical applications have proven that machine downtimes can be reduced up to 80 percent compared to conventional tool changes. In addition, Leitz combines a hydraulic clamping system and integrated dust protection to maintain the highest precision and reliability of the tool system. Finally, it is important that the sharpening of diamond-tipped cutting tools is carried out by qualified staff and that minimal material is removed from the cutting edge as is necessary. This ensures that

Supplier October/November 2021

Leitz tools are the perfect solution for furniture manufacturers striving to achieve consistently high machining quality, longer tool life, shorter set-up and downtimes, lower production costs and satisfied customers. With its innovative, efficient and sustainable machining concepts and tool solutions, Leitz proves that economy, flexibility and quality can be combined. ❚


Suppliers of Premium Quality Labels for the Cabinet Making Industry

BUY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER Download Cabinetry Labelling Guide for more info

Let’s talk labels The cabinet making industry has some horror stories about experiences with labelling cabinets. Installers can spend ages picking the labels off cabinets, sometimes damage the cabinet, ruining the job. Special solvents are often needed to remove the residue after a permanent label is peeled off. Even the label costs using a brother or Dymo label printer can be expensive. The difference between using All About Labels and other branded products can be well over one hundred dollars extra for every thousand labels you use! Manufacturers are rightly concerned about the bigger picture and major cost items of manufacture, packaging, and distribution. Small costs can add up and become a big issue without you knowing about it. If someone spends an extra 10 minutes a day cleaning up after the incorrect labels, that’s 50 mins a week or 43 hours a year! This is where All About Labels can work with you to save money and find the best label solution specific to your business.

With the right label and adhesive combination, labels can be applied to the job and removed when required, without residue. All About Labels specialises in these labels so you can avoid the horror stories.

All About Labels is a long-standing member of AWISA, supplying costeffective labels to the cabinet making industry for many years. Labels are compatible with all popular cabinet design and nesting software including CabMaster, Cabinet Vision, Pytha, EsyNest and EnRoute. They can find the best solution for your print-apply CNC machine or discuss your hand apply label options using your standalone office or dedicated label printer. All About Labels will send you free samples to try some labels with their removable adhesive. With the right label and adhesive combination, labels can be applied to the job and removed when required, without residue. All About Labels specialises in these labels so you can avoid the horror stories. Come direct to the manufacturer and use a business that works within the industry every day and understands the needs of cabinetmakers. Available in sheets and rolls for all different printers and cabinetry solutions, contact All About Labels on 1300 762 603 and “Let’s Talk Labels” ❚

REMOVABLE 80mm x 80mm 100mm x 73mm 102mm x 48mm 102mm x 63mm 102mm x 74mm Direct Thermal Labels $1Prices from 8 per 10 00 specifically made for: Printers, CNC Application, Panel Saws etc Many more sizes available Also available in Permanent adhesive

REMOVABLE Prices from $15 per pack

Paper Laser Sheet Labels Many other size sheets available Also available in Permanent adhesive

REMOVABLE FREE with every purchase

Compatible Brother Labels available in continuous & die cut suitable for QL Series Brother label printers Genuine Brother & Dymo labels available

PRINTERS Dedicated label printers Ask about our printer and label packages which can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements


All prices ex GST

1300 762 603 2/22 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea, Queensland 4106

Removable, No Residue, Best Price Guaranteed* Request a FREE Sample to try for yourself

ers memb



High speed router spindle safety Tips, hints and advice on safe working practice Manual collet spindle It is important to have a clean internal taper on the spindle, clean threads on the collet nut and a suitable sized collet for the tool. Try and get an exact collet as collets that range between sizes can be confusing and sometimes difficult to tell if the tool is tight or worn. Ensure the brush guards are replaced often, these can slow the speed of large tools should they break. Make sure the spindle is stopped before the operator can get near the spindle. If you have an older style spindle, consider having DC injection braking fitted or even better have a modern inverter fitted. After you remove a cutter ensure you have spare collet nuts. You can soak a collet nut, in a solution such as paraffin, and clean it at a

convenient time. Resinous woods such as pine can create all sorts of difficulty for the internals of the tool clocking mechanism. Regularly check the condition of the spindle threads, if the collet nut wobbles on the threads when it is nearly tight - replace it. It is cheaper to replace the collet than the whole spindle shaft. After you tighten the collet, spin the spindle by hand and just have a quick look to make sure things run true. Automatic tool change spindle (ATC) It is always recommended to remove the tool overnight or machine down time. Although your factory may be warm, moisture can appear especially if the spindle has been worked hard. Have a designated tool change area where the dummy toolholder is bolted onto a firm bench. Same with manual TC spindles, check the threads regularly and have spares so they can be cleaned. Some collet nuts on ATC machines have a bearing ring on the end of the collet. This is to allow pressure to be taken by the bearing when tightening and not taken by the threads. It also stops the collet from being twisted if overtightened, if the bearing is rough and difficult to turn by hand, soak it in paraffin or some other non-destructive solvent. Collet life is usually less than 700 Hours of run time.

Spindle Repair, Servicing & Refurbishment, balance & test as standard We Repair: HSD, COLOMBO, OMLAT etc. HSD spindle repair specialists

SPINDLES NZ LTD 9 Larges Lane, Nelson mobile 021 023 89028 email

Supplier October/November 2021

Regularly check the condition of the pull stud. This is the top of the toolholder (on ISO30 tapers) and varies between machine manufacturer. Inspect it closely for burrs or radial scarring. To replace them they are held in with a very high-grade Loctite and may have to be warmed to remove and replace. Use an engineer to do this. Remember if the pull stud breaks the tool holder is coming out of the spindle at speed. A slight smear of oil on the collet nut threads will allow the nut to tighten and stop the collet twisting. Ask yourself any of these questions Is there any gouging around the collet? Is there a line around the collet gage line? Has the collet lost its roundness? (Tools entered too shallow) Are there any burrs on the collet? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then replace the collet. ❚


Overseas News

Wood Taiwan


he Taiwan business and trade show webinar, for the Asia and Oceania woodworking machinery industry, a new episode of Wood Taiwan Digital Days, took place on November the 18th. The webinar showcases four presentations from industry professionals, sharing valuable information about their various services, products, solutions and insights. Scan the QR code attached to view the webinar and keep yourself updated on the latest developments in the Taiwan woodworking machinery community. Ranking as the fourth largest exporter of global woodworking machinery, Taiwan shipped USD713 million of machinery for woodworking to the world in 2020, according to Trade Map statistics published by ITC, International Trade Centre. Taiwan has been a long-time supplier of various woodworking machines and equipment, from DIY machine tools to customised production lines. HOON HSIANG Industrial, or Sawyer, will show its wide range of wood resaws, with a wheel diameter from 600 mm to 970 mm,

cutting wood faster from a single cut up to 6 cuts multiplied. Cheng Kuang Machinery (CKM), specialist producers of planers and jointers, will introduce its fully automatic finger jointing line with an automatic outfeed stacker. Salida, a wood sanding expert capable of raw sanding and sealer sanding, such as flat surface sanding, irregular curve surface sanding, lineal profile sanding, 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding, and wood grain sanding, will show you its advanced high-quality sander: SL-H2RB.

Cliff Chang, Standing Director of TWMA, (Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association), who is also the GM of SK Global, will brief viewers on TWMA’s latest digital ‘Buyer Guide and Directory’; containing valuable information for its members as well as specialist product

information about the woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan. TWMA has more than 250 members, who represent over 90% of industries and related tool manufacturers in the field of woodworking machinery in Taiwan.

Wood Taiwan, the one and only trade show for woodworking machinery in Taiwan, commits to keeping the global woodworking community connected and informed with the ultimate ambition to shape the future of green manufacturing. With more than 150 exhibitors expected both online and at the showground in 2022, Wood Taiwan will present one of the rare opportunities to meet with leading Taiwan exhibitors both online and during the show. For more information check WOOD TAIWAN’s latest status at: https://www. ❚

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