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The CABINET VISION 2022 update is poised to accelerate feature and functionality development to deliver next generation capabilities. This new version has been boosted to 64bit, delivering a larger memory footprint.


We have taken CABINET VISION from 32bit to 64bit, modernising the code base

xRender Enhancements

With the upgrade to 64 bit, the xRender multiplier can now run as a standalone application, allowing you to render a job while still working within CV. You can also now output high resolution renders.

Database Updates

SketchUp Import Updated

Export 3D

This multiplier will output ARD files ready for processing with ALPHACAM Automation.

Version 2022.0 also boosts compatibility with improved databases for Product Catalogues, Drawing Libraries, Bidding, Reporting data, and more.

CABINET VISION 2022 allows you to export 3D DWG files for use in 3rd party CAD applications.

New Release Cadence The new release cadence of CABINET VISION means you receive 4 releases per year. With the release of CABINET VISION 2022.0, the other releases are planned for every quarter moving forward. These releases will primarily consist of maintenance with some new features added into the mix. This is an exciting step forward for the industry leading software solution. The new releases are available from the Hexagon Customer Portal.

CABINET VISION 2022 now has support for SketchUp 2020 and earlier files.

NEW: x2AC Multiplier



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Welcome to the May / June 2022 issue of Supplier Magazine. Inside this issue you will find our Feature on hardware, fittings, and components where we discuss the most talked about international trends in modern cabinet hardware design: simplicity, functionality, and eco friendliness.

Biesse Group 20 years in Australia

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Elton Group

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SCM Group celebrates 70 years

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Performance, flexibility, and maximum safety

Design & Trends

In response to the upturn in demand across the home renovation and furnishings market, which began in the second half of 2020, Supplier Magazine has broadened its Design & Trends section to include a full wrap of the new designs, materials, and technology available in today’s marketplace. Check out this issue’s offerings for the very latest in kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings as well as architectural features and commercial building products. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding any industry news, company events, training and or product information you would like us to publish at – michelle.cammiade@ Don’t forget to join our growing online community and visit us on Instagram and Facebook.


2022 Design insights and trends

Until next time, enjoy your read.

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CDK Stone’s Fabrication Innovation Day Held on Thursday the 24th of March, CDK Stone’s Fabrication Innovation Day was about educating the industry on the latest advancements and innovative factory practices.

Combined with StonePro business software for inventory, sales, production planning and scheduling visitors on the day were able to appreciate the advantages of linking factory processes through innovative software.

With the current limitations of staffing, factory floor space, time, and other resources, many in the stone industry and other related industries are looking for ways to ensure their business is running more efficiently and effectively. With this in mind, the purpose of CDK Stone’s Fabrication Innovation Day at their Gold Coast warehouse was to educate the local market about the benefits of an automated factory. CDK Stone explored how their range of software and automation products can assist stone processing businesses in maximising their production and planning efficiency. CDK Stone have found customers who use software and automation to drive production experience significantly reduced machine downtime resulting in greater throughput and faster delivery times.

Both Sekon and StonePro are German software developed especially for the stone industry and have a worldwide following. These were demonstrated at the Fabrication Innovation Day in a theatre presentation and on machinery via display screen, as well as in an adjacent working factory.

Instead of creating multiple drawings for different machines, Sekon software enables producers to apply just the one drawing to different machines, resulting in considerable time saving and reduced errors. Sekon software enables all the production planning to be managed from an office environment rather than individual operators programming at the machine.

Adrian and Marcus Tiso from Absolutely Marble Us in Victoria who were present at the Fabrication Innovation Day gave a live testimonial by demonstrating how the Laser Products LT-2D3D laser templater can measure a job in minutes, and instantly send the completed drawing with edge details and accompanying photographs taken on site directly to the office for preparation of quotes and machine programming. As well as time saved, use of a laser template greatly reduces errors and the need for costly remakes. Showcasing two of their software solutions, CDK Stone demonstrated how photographing slabs away from the machine using the SeKON software module DigiStat can assist in digital slab book matching as well as 8 management of slab inventory.

Supplier May/June 2022


LEUCO „AEROTECH System“ 1 SYSTEM – 2 FUNCTIONS: Clamping device and extraction turbine at the same time Dust-free nesting and routing with all the benefits for  Tool  Production Energy efficiency  Health! | different designs depending on your application and material (MDF, Fibre…) | machine manufacturer approved versions available forget this:

enjoy this:

CONTACT US DIRECTLY Your LEUCO technical advisers  T (61)-02-8708-4900

ONLINE PRODUCTS LEUCO tools online catalog 



Scan and watch the video on YouTube!



and larger companies, as the options are modular and can be implemented gradually over time as the company grows and needs change. As well as showing innovative software and working machines CDK Stone also displayed a range of innovative tools and equipment. This innovative process which incorporates a frame with grid references proved of great interest to customers processing natural stone where vein matching is a time consuming and costly process. CDK Stone also demonstrated their overhead Projection Laser System which can be fitted to new and existing CNC machines using Sekon software. Use of a Projection Laser to position vacuum pods and workpieces on a CNC machine greatly reduces set up time and improves operator safety by reducing worker movements around the machine when setting up. Software and processes demonstrated on the day proved of interest to both smaller

Supplier May/June 2022

CDK Stone’s Fabrication Innovation Day was a success in educating the market in the latest industry advancements and innovative factory practices, with customers from as far afield as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Tasmania attending. CDK Stone will continue to bring their Fabrication Innovation Days to different states around the country, with the next event planned for Sydney in August. CDK Stone’s joint Managing Director Jonathan Height said, “our aim is to educate our industry on emerging innovations and advancements, as well as highlight the benefits on an automated factory that is run from the office. Our Fabrication Innovation Day on the

Gold Coast succeed in educating customers on how to improve their business in this fast growing market.” CDK Stone’s Commercial Manager Machinery Peter Mitchelhill said, “our customers who move to an automated factory run from the office enjoy increased production and an increased output from the same factory as the decision making has moved from the factory floor to the office. With many of our customers experiencing limits on staff, factory space and time, we are seeing a positive shift in businesses’ turning towards automation and software to drive a factory’s results.” CDK Stone’s General Manager, Tooling & Equipment James Clark said, “we are constantly working with our customers to increase their efficiency with the latest tools available. The Laser LT-2D3D allows customers to save lots of time templating a kitchen by using laser measuring over traditional manual measuring. It also allows for easy transferring of templates to software and machinery, as well as aiding in customer sign offs.” ❚

Less is More. High Per Perfformance ormance.. Low Silica Silic a*. New Silestone® with HybriQ+ Technology® Made from minerals and recycled materials. Manufactured with reused water, renewable electric energy and zero water waste. The Mineral Hybrid Surface.

Find more information at * You must review the safety recommendations and information contained at



Biesse Group 20 Years in Australia Article by Philip Ashley A machine from Biesse Group could have made the floor you are standing on, the window where you look out onto the World, the door you pass into the sunlight, the furniture you sit on or the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Since 1969, Biesse have manufactured technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic and advanced materials, and metal. In just a few weeks, the company will celebrate 20 years in Australia as a branch of the worldwide Biesse Group. Built on a solid foundation that started in earnest in the early 1980’s when Allwood Machinery brought the first numeric control Rover machine to Australia, the group is now one of the major players in the supply of quality machines to the Australian and New Zealand market. Biesse Group opened the first foreign branch in the United States in the 1989, leading to the explosion of business and an increasingly strong presence in more and more markets.

The company operates through over 300 agents and dealers in 120 countries and is supplied by 12 production sites, located both in Italy and other strategic countries such as India, opened in 2008 to cater for mostly local demand. A number of training ‘campus’ have been built in strategic areas to promote the product and cater for the training needs of Biesse customers. Biesse Group is active in a number of industries to satisfy many diverse markets. Biesse is most well-known for their woodworking machines, in particular, CNC machines, mostly what are often referred to as point to point routers, or machining centres, where material is processed by a number of different tools such as drill bits, saw blades and routing spindles. Dedicated Biesse routing machines, beam (panel) saws, sanding machines, and edge banders have also been introduced to the trades and provide customers with a one-stop shop, especially in the production of cabinetry from manufactured boards.

Intermac is another Biesse Group division that concentrates on machines to process glass, stone, and metals. Many international, design-driven companies use Biesse machines to produce items with these materials such as Fiam Glass (Italy), WoodSkin (Italy), Sky Corporation (Japan), Bram Woodworking Studio (India), Yachtline 1618 (Italy), The Sagrada Familia Carpentry Workshop (Spain), Factory Unit 3D car modelling for Lexus and Toyota (France), and in Australia, musical instrument manufacturers Maton Guitars and the Sydney String Centre.

Biesse Group People Biesse Group employs 4,300 people worldwide in manufacturing, sales, and technical support. In Australia, those like me, mature members of the industry, will recall John Cover and Jake Martin, the ‘game changers’ who established Biesse as a leading brand in Australia and New Zealand with ground-breaking new Biesse CNC technologies. Many of those early people are still active in the industry, such is the significance of Allwood Machinery and Biesse as an industry training platform for heavy equipment suppliers. Biesse Group CEO Roberto Selci said at the last AWISA show in Sydney, sadly too long ago now, “It’s the human contact that makes the difference. We increasingly aim to be a

Supplier May/June 2022



we provide that solution for the life of the machine, and we believe that should be as long as possible, or as long as the customer needs it.” Lee continues, “We’re also concentrating on our hotline for service and parts, and this is proving to be very effective in supporting our customer base.”

large group that is digital in its technology, but human in its relationships.” Australian CEO Michael Bullock agrees, “Certainly from a service and after sales support perspective, it’s all about people and we are looking forward to increasing our personal contact with our customers now that we are able to travel more freely. We are definitely looking forward to meeting as many of our customers as possible at our open house from 22nd to 24th June in Sydney.” Biesse Group Innovation and Quality Biesse Group employs over 300 persons involved in research and development activities, totalling approximately 206,000 working hours every year. This commitment ensures the relevance of Biesse products and guarantees their customers a continual supply of class-leading machinery and technology, such as Biesse’s new High Dynamics (High speed) processing. This ensures that whatever their customers are engaged in, they will benefit from Biesse Group’s ongoing product development. Moving forward, Biesse Group chief financial officer Mr. P. La Tour recently reported, “The group will continue to promote innovation and research, convinced that these are two strategic and essential ingredients for sustainable growth.” Quality starts from the ground up, so Biesse provide almost 70,000 hours of technical training and approximately 6,000 hours of safety training to their people every

Supplier May/June 2022

year. The fact that 1,500 people with more than ten years of work experience with Biesse Group are still employed by the company, ensures a continuing legacy of quality and performance.

Biesse Group Communication Raphael Prati, BIESSE Group Corporate Marketing and Communications Director knows Australia very well. He recently said “We are investing in service to our customers; this is a key factor for Biesse Group. Leading technology; customer support; software; everything goes in the direction of making our customers’ life easier.” This focus on service is not new; John Cover, co-owner of Allwood (Biesse) Machinery once famously said, “Service is the most important part of our business, and we can always do more.” Part of any good service program is looking after the customer’s machines in the long term. Lee Barlow is Biesse Group Australia sales manager. He says, “We don’t just provide a machine, we provide a solution for a specific manufacturing need, and

Biesse Group worldwide In 1969, Biesse machines revolutionised the furniture market, with solutions that served to set new technological standards in the industry. Then, in 1989, the opening of the company's first foreign subsidiary marked the beginning of an intensive process of internationalisation, which helped to establish the brand worldwide. In 2019 Biesse Group celebrated 50 years. Today, Biesse Group operate 39 branches, five of them making up Biesse Oceania here in Australia, a division that ranks in the top five with turnover and number of people. ‘Let’s speak more and write less,’ is a sentiment held by Biesse Group. Now that people are learning to live with COVID and getting out more, the people at Biesse Group look forward to meeting their customers in person again. Lee says, “We like to see people face to face wherever possible. The group is always working on new innovations such as our ROS (Robotic Operating System) and while this is not for everyone, what we learn from our continuing R&D flows down to all our products.” It’s people, collaborative machines and smart software that will drive innovation and Biesse Group is at the forefront of continuous improvement, driven by their customer’s needs. ❚


Company Profile

Elton Group, Materially Different and Curated for Excellence Article by Philip Ashley Wood is one of few renewable resources. Companies engaged in the forest products industry have a responsibility to ensure the protection and sensible use of forests for future generations. Elton Group is committed to supplying timber veneer and panel products in harmony with advanced environmental standards for forests, water, and raw material consumption. Established in 1943 in Melbourne, Australia; Elton Group are suppliers of high-quality Interior Timber Veneer Based Products. Central to each of these curated products is a commitment to environmentally sustainable, FSC sourcing and world’s best practice manufacturing methods.

innovation, creativity, and excellence. Founded by Pietro Alpi in 1919, the Alpi family has managed the firm through three generations. Elton Group, also run by 3 generations of the Elton family established the relationship with Alpi in the early 1960s when they recognised the potential of the product and became the first export customer. ALPI’s ongoing commitment to innovation has led to collaborations with many of the world’s leading designers including Pierro Lissoni, Kengo Kuma, Matteo Ragni and Atelier Mendini, creating patterns that cannot be found in nature, experimenting with pattern and colour, and forming the Alpi Designer Collection available to the industry exclusively through Elton Group in Australasia. Relationships Matter Elton Group is a family company where all relationships matter. Since Willi Elton and his son Joseph started the company as an interior fit-out provider using diverse materials, Elton Group’s experience evolved naturally through almost eighty years of working with the timberbased design and architecture industry.

Above: Photography Nicole England Elton Group, through partnerships with world leading manufacturers provide local specifiers and manufacturers with the most responsible and innovative timber veneer products. A major partner is the Italian manufacturer, ALPI; the first company in the world to industrialise the production process of composite wood. The ALPI story is a vibrant tale of a manufacturing tradition focused on

Supplier May/June 2022

Above: Photography Anson Smart

Above: Photography Dave Kulesza Following the furniture industry to Adelaide in the early 1980’s, Elton Group returned to Melbourne in the late 90’s, first to Brooklyn, then Fairfield and ten years ago to the present 5,000 square metre office and warehouse in Springvale. The company also maintains warehouses in Western Australia and Queensland, so is truly a national supplier. The business is now ably led by Managing Director Dylan Kane; Group Director Karen Elton who is also a qualified architect, and Sales Director Max Mascitti who has an extensive industry background. The team at Elton Group have decades of knowledge and experience dating back to Karen’s late husband Michael’s great uncle, a German timber merchant who emigrated to Australia just before the Second World War, and Michael’s grandfather and company co-founder, Willi. Their service is generous and personal and guarantees the best results for every project. Karen Elton said, “Michael Elton’s uncompromising passion, extensive product knowledge and experience created the 14 foundation of who Elton Group are today.”

Joinery Evenex Tuscan Oak by Elton Group Project Pacifico House Designer Shelley Craft Photographer Depthfield Photography TM

Materially Different

Supplier of timber veneers, sheets and panels. Visit


Company Profile

sources. All products have been tested to Australian standards for fire ratings.

Above: Photography Sub Zero Wolf Relevant and Interesting The group is tuned into international design trends, and the changing face of the Australian interior fit-out and cabinet industries. Their international suppliers are competitive and always on-point with the innovative needs of the world-wide interior design markets. In recent years Elton Group has grown significantly as their business model continues to evolve to meet their customer’s needs. Elton Group is future focussed and agile, and over the years has re-invented itself; first in the mid-1990’s when the veneer industry shrank rapidly; and more recently, in 2012 when the Group’s business model adapted to increase its focus on the trade, in line with the everchanging focus of their wide customer base. Max Mascitti said, “We are in a competitive industry, every product we bring to the market has a unique point of difference. We thrive on being first to market, discovering new opportunities and curating a quality sustainable range of hundreds of products that last.” Elton Group imports the best timber-based products for the design inspired Australian market. The product range is always relevant; unique; contemporary; refined and functional. Products are tested, both by the manufacturer and here in Australia to outperform other products that may look similar. They are unique in design, product quality, and are always fit-for-purpose.

Supplier May/June 2022

Elton Group’s most ubiquitous product Eveneer is a well know and trusted brand, delivering a high quality, sustainable and defect free timber veneer in an evolving, Australian focussed and curated palette. To meet the needs of diminishing access to high quality polishers, Eveneer Prefinished provides a high-quality factory applied polished veneer ready to be used, saving time and cost. Elton Group’s most innovative and distinctive product is a game changing micro thin timber veneer surface called Woodwall which replaces the need for panels and framing and can be applied to walls directly like a wallpaper. The yield equates to 30 times that of a traditional veneer and comes prefinished with a highquality factory applied timber polish. For projects where timber veneer is not practical or possible, Evenex is made with pure wood fibre and printed with a perfectly synchronised texture with a polished finish like timber veneer making it near impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Authentic and Sustainable All Elton Group veneer products are sourced from woods harvested in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora International Trade Agreement. Elton Group is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. The FSC label specifies that the wood used in the production of veneer originates from sustainably managed forests according to strict environmental, social, and economic standards and other controlled

Elton Group applications include surfaces, panelling and facings for interior architecture, hotels, multi-apartment and residential complexes, shopping centres, retail outlets, commercial workplaces, and public spaces. Elton Group products can be found in award winning projects across the country, most recently the Sofitel Adelaide; Jewel Apartments on the Gold Coast, Harrington Street apartments and Millers Point penthouses in Sydney, the Next Hotel in Melbourne, as well as showrooms for high end industry suppliers Sub Zero Wolf, Jardan and Harvey Norman.

Above: Photography Dion Robeson The business is based on the supply of the best performing timber-based products with a unique colour range; supported by extensive knowledge and experience and a genuine focus on service and customer support. Quality is important in any business but at Elton Group, quality is uncompromising, it lasts, it’s timeless. Max says, “We aim to lead the industry. We aren’t a ‘me too’ company, we aren’t the same as everyone else. We are passionate about our veneer products, and we have confidence in everything we do.” Karen adds, “Service, support and education are also very important to us. We put a lot of effort into helping designers, our specifiers, and the trades.” Elton Group are here for the long term and their commitment to quality product sourced from specialist suppliers with proven track records supports those longterm, materially different aspirations. ❚


Easy use, optimisation of the production process, constant top machining quality on every type of material - even the most delicate. Automated solutions for panel movement to reduce standby time and eliminate the risk of damage to the material.

Selco WN6 ROS



Product Update

New timber-look designer finishes from DecoWood Rediscover the warmth and beauty of timber with the brand-new Super Durable DecoWood finishes from DECO Australia. On offer are seven new realistic DecoWood woodgrain finishes for aluminium, ranging from traditional to on-trend contemporary timbers. Offering a spectrum of designer timber-look finishes from a stunning French whitewash to a deep charred black, the new woodgrain colours offer specifiers, designers and homeowners alike more inspiration and choice than ever before. The new Hampton Beech finish will allow designers to easily add a modern Hamptonsstyle timber flair, while the addition of Merbau will replicate the look and feel of this popular timber species traditionally used for decking. Brush Box adds an Aussie-inspired twist to the range with orange-red timber flames.

Above: DecoWood Brush Box finish on DecoPanel facade New to the Contemporary Species collection, elegant French Wash and Smoky White Ash offer beautiful light timber tones, while Blue Ash offers seductive grey-blue hues. Inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of wood preservation, Yakisugi, the new Charred Timber finish offers a dramatic scorched charcoal appearance. As with all of Deco’s designer finishes, the new DecoWood finishes have been put through Deco Australia’s stringent testing programs, which includes over 2000-hour QUV testing to ensure they meet national and international standards of the highest quality and durability.

Above: DecoWood French Wash cladding Supplier May/June 2022

The new DecoWood woodgrain finishes are suitable for a wide range of architectural and design projects and are available to order now across Deco Australia’s range of aluminium cladding, battens, fencing and decking, as well as across any aluminium product range offering the DecoWood finish including windows, door, louvres and more.

About DecoWood DecoWood is a textured woodgrain powder coating that combines the natural beauty of timber with the ease and durability of aluminium. DecoWood is 50 per cent more durable than standard powder coating, non-combustible and never needs painting or staining. Perfect for windows and doors, cladding and facades, battens and beams, fences and gates, decking, slats, and louvres; DecoWood creates an environment of warmth and style, just like real timber without the ongoing maintenance. Deco Australia specialises in a range of high-quality aluminium building systems and decorative finishes for effortless, beautiful living. Their range of industrialdesigned aluminium buildings systems and products, all feature their custom finishing technology and are designed for fast and easy installation. Systems available include cladding, decking, battens, slats, splashbacks, panelling and more. ❚

Product Update Software for Interior Design and Production

A new generation of engineered surfaces by Smartstone Smartstone has launched a new, gamechanging product range that will forge the future of engineered stone. The Ibrido Collection is the first low-silica surface to market, combining Smartstone’s exclusive NewGen formulation with innovative hybrid print technology to advance surface aesthetics and product integrity. Comprised of only 28% silica and engineered from 56% recycled material, Ibrido sets a new standard for responsibly made surfaces, without compromising on product integrity or aesthetics. Italian for ‘hybrid’, Ibrido employs Smartstone’s exclusive hybrid-print technology, which recreates seven luxe and beautiful natural stones with absolute precision on identical, jumbo-sized slabs (3200 x 1600mm). “With the Ibrido Collection, Smartstone embraces genuine innovation and product advancement to offer a market-leading range of engineered surfaces that deliver on aesthetics, quality, value and with an incredibly low-silica content,” says Belinda Kelaher, Managing Director, Smartstone. As an industry leader and trusted brand, Smartstone develops products that not only meet the highest standards of beauty and performance, but also feature safety and environmental certifications. Next-level Ibrido comes with Greenguard, Greenguard Gold and NSF accreditation. The range is the first in Smartstone’s commitment to a 100%, lowsilica range by end of 2022. The seven unique Ibrido designs include: • Calacatta Oro reinterprets a magnificent, veined marble with distinctive gold highlights with a polished finish.

Supplier May/June 2022

• Elba Bianco reinvents timeless Italian marble and is characterised by a darker grey shadowy vein on a white background, with a polished surface finish. • Grafite Grigio recreates a dark, elegant marble in textural shades of grey characterized by linear pale veining with a honed finish.

Complete software solutions for interior design and manufacturing We offer + Specialised for bespoke furniture + CNC connection in less than a week + Cloud Solutions & Online-Shops

• Onyx Verde is a remarkable reinterpretation of a prized Iranian marble featuring different tonalities of green in the background enriched by shades of white with a polished finish. • Statuario Grigio is a distinctive grey veining on a luminous backdrop is enhanced by a polished finish.

• Super White replicates a distinctive Brazilian marble featuring tones of grey with contrasting darker grey veining and is available in a honed finish. • Tundra Grigio is a superb limestone recreation in versatile, textural greys with a honed surface finish. ❚

CAD+T Australasia PTY/LTD +61 2 800 620 67 NSW, 2000 Sydney, Australia


Product Update

Experience the magic of metal SURTECO Australia’s Deko Metal surfaces and edges. SURTECO Australia’s custom fusion of innovation, creativity, generations of experience, and deep understanding of modern surface technology results in a comprehensive offering that displays the brand’s ongoing pursuit of perfection – and makes SURTECO Australia the ultimate destination for industry professionals looking for consistency in their projects across both edge and surface. As experts in creative design and technologically advanced surfaces and finishes, SURTECO Australia develop new ideas and products that move people and make trends come alive. This constant pursuit of design excellence helps SURTECO Australia remain on the forefront of new design trends which can be seen in an exciting new offering; SURTECO Australia’s new Deko Metal range of surfaces and beautifully matched edges.

Made with real metals, these new colours and tactile finishes make a dramatic statement and will leave a lasting impression. However, did you know, SURTECO Australia’s Deko Metal surface range now has matching edgebands available for the brushed range of surfaces? Perfectly match these edges with a Deko Metal brushed surface application or feature a dramatic contrasting edge design when paired with a more subtle decor. The design options for the range are extensive and inspiring.

Deko Metal edges are available in 23mm wide by 1mm thick and there are five luxurious colours available to order now: Brushed Bronze, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold, Brushed Titanium, and Brushed Silver. Inspired by precious metals, these desirable edges have been perfectly colour matched to seamlessly suit the range of Deko Metal brushed surfaces. These real metal laminates and edges have been carefully curated to complement or contrast SURTECO Australia’s extensive range of beautiful decors. With applications of these finishes seen in popular hotels around Australia as well as high end kitchens, if you are looking to make an impact, Deko Metal surfaces and edges are the perfect solution for your next project. For more information, please call or email the customer service team at SURTECO Australia and let them take you through a presentation of the new Deko Metal surfaces and matching edges. ❚

Supplier May/June 2022


Product Update

Long-lasting beauty and a reliable performance Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL) brings long-lasting style, on-trend designs, and outstanding performance to residential and commercial interiors. With two times more post-consumer recycled content than any other brand, it is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly decorative surface materials available on the market today — ideal for a wide range of vertical and horizontal applications. Industry-first Declare labels from the International Living Future Institute have been awarded to Wilsonart HPL and Compact Laminate. These products are Living Building Challenge Red List approved and leading the laminate category. Declare serves as a nutrition label for products, showcasing product ingredients and sustainability information. Wilsonart HPL (Types 350, 335, 107, 366, 376) now feature a Declare label and are Living Building Challenge Red List approved. The Red List includes chemicals, materials, and elements that are harmful to human and environmental health. Wilsonart are proud to help designers find the solutions that meet sustainability and health goals.

dramatic or playful, with choices that suit a variety of styles. Wilsonart HD and Premium Laminates feature AEON Enhanced Scratch & ScuffResistant Performance Technology for a surface that is dramatically more durable than standard laminates with similar finishes.

You choose products that reflect your sense of beauty – and of what is important. You want a brand that solves your challenges sustainably. That is why the team at Wilsonart crafted their High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) engineered surfaces to reflect the values of architects, designers, and end users. Durable Wilsonart HPL surfaces not only help reduce waste over the life of a home or other building, but they are also designed with human health in mind. Choose surfaces with confidence, knowing they are engineered to last and are tested and third-party certified to help maintain a safe indoor environment. The value of HPL is often underestimated. The paragon of engineered laminates, Wilsonart’s HPL is an economical choice with lower minimum order quantities, easier maintenance and better lead times than comparable surfaces. Ideal for countertops, cabinets, fixtures, shelves, architectural doors, walls and more, Wilsonart HPL is also available in a number of specialty products. Leading surface finishes technology Wilsonart’s surface textures offer a plentiful range of finishes, from natural or matte to

Supplier May/June 2022

Wilsonart’s antimicrobial protection is also built into their HD laminates to protect the surface against unwanted mould, mildew, stains and unpleasant smells. Wilsonart high pressure laminates are available with several enhanced performance capabilities and texture options to meet the challenges of any design space.

Key benefits of using HPL • Hygienic surface and easy maintenance • Ability to create your custom design • Scratch, abrasion, and impact resistant • You can bond it on to a wide range of substrates • Variety of specialty laminate solutions available • Highly durable for horizontal and vertical applications • Many design options with wide range of colours and textures ❚


A Point of Difference


Article by Philip Ashley Hardware, fittings, and components for cabinets complete the look, feel and ambiance of any space, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom, living space, or commercial application. Cabinet hardware could be the defining element in the room, or the last detail in the design. The modern kitchen merges seamlessly into the living space where people enjoy cooking, eating, and spending quality time with family and friends. Planned kitchens are sustainable and flexible; using quality materials for cabinets and highly functional hardware that keep up with this development. A point of difference in any cabinet are the fittings used in its construction, and the hardware that provide the user with access, ease of operation and visual appeal. The most talked about international trends in 2022 kitchen design are simplicity, functionality, and eco friendliness leading to green living. Cabinets may have minimalist handles, or no handles at all, relying on a simple push to open. Hinges and stays are more likely to be more discreet, taking less space from the cabinet storage space. Runners, like hinges, will almost certainly be dampened. Discrete lighting for decorative elements is highly desirable. As the cabinet morphs from kitchen furniture to living furniture, hardware design and function will be more significant than ever.

Above: (From top) Blum, GRASS and Hettich Supplier May/June 2022

Modern cabinet hardware leads to enhanced freedom of design, whilst maintaining form and function, enhancing life, living,


Feature and working both in the home and in the workplace of the future. ‘Less is more’ as consumers are drawn to clear lines and minimalist but sustainable design that satisfies the increased demands on functionality due to changed living and working arrangements. Cabinet hardware contributes mostly to user comfort, where unobtrusive design and simple operating functionality contribute most to the space. Modern Standards Blum Servo-Drive motion technology opens lift systems, pull-outs, and fully integrated fridge/freezers with a single touch. They close again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION. But there could be more to come. At the last Interzum in 2019, Blum presented its SERVO-DRIVE smart concept study to demonstrate how wall cabinets and pull-outs, dishwashers and refrigerators can be opened and closed with simple, spoken commands. Say, “Clear away the shopping” and the relevant wall cabinets and pull-outs will glide open by themselves. Intelligent devices are becoming more important to consumers, and more homes are becoming “smart”. Everything revolves around connecting people and the objects around them and the innovative Blum SERVO-DRIVE smart concept could one day become a reality. Pioneering architect Rem Koolhaas said, “If less is more, then maybe nothing is everything.” This was the inspiration for the development of the Grass Kinvaro T-Slim flap lift mechanism that seems to blend into the furniture almost invisibly. GRASS engineers have managed to reduce the complex mechanism of a lift-up fitting down to an overall size of 12mm, providing furniture designers with maximum flexibility. Häfele understand the digital networking of living environments is the big topic of the present and future. Also, at the last Interzum, Häfele excelled with Loox5, the 5th generation of the LED lighting system

Supplier May/June 2022

by Häfele, featuring intelligent connectivity in the smart world of living. Digitalisation will have a secure future in the furniture and living environment if their integration into the cabinet, and their operation is easy. Häfele Connect technology makes it possible to network with smart components, and sophisticated lighting, controlled by a smartphone or tablet. The “translators” are either the Häfele Connect chip, as the heart of the Häfele Connect Mesh system, or the Häfele Connect Hub. In March of this year, Häfele expanded its expertise in smart networking of furniture and rooms with the acquisition of the innovative company ThingOS who have developed technology to enable smart control of complex networked systems in living spaces and hotel rooms.

Results have shown that the "LeMans" offers up to 70 per cent more storage space than a cabinet with pull-out shelves when it comes to the usually dead corner space. Also, with its "urban smart kitchen", Kesseböhmer can demonstrate how a small metropolitan kitchen measuring six square metres can be planned with intelligent fittings in a practical and user-friendly way, how technology can make the best use of storage space on small floor spaces. The supplier is readying all of the relevant fittings for use in the smart home, making them compatible with the various options for voice control. The rubbish bin is very likely the most used appliance in the kitchen. A Hideaway Bin by Kitchen King is a practical solution that slides away inside the cabinet and is completely hidden from sight until needed. The result of seven years of research, development, and testing, the Concelo bin delivers form and function that should be expected from all premium kitchen appliances.

Above: Häfele's Connect technology In the megatrend towards urbanisation, every inch matters. Hettich has solutions to show a home office or pantry kitchen invisibly integrated in a very small space in the living room or make an office space more flexible. Customisation is the new Hettich standard and their AvanTech drawer system permits slimline, purist design without visible screw heads or cover caps. Inlays can be used to create a huge variety of individualised eye catchers on the top edge and outer side of the drawer side profile. opening up great potential for kitchen and furniture manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition with their own furniture design. Kesseböhmer is represented in Australia by Häfele. With the "LeMans" corner cabinet pull-out, the company is putting forward a solution brimming with persuasive features.

Above: Kitchen King's Hideaway Bin The award-winning DTC Pivot Star adjustable soft-close hinge holds four patents and integrates a multi-cam mechanical motion device into the hinge arm, enabling the soft-close damper to be adjusted even while installed. The hinge is available from Nikpol who can now manufacture and ship custom benchtops through their automated ordering system. The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute estimates that between 78% and 81% of Australians aged 55 years or older want to live in their own home as they age, rather than entering specialised aged care. One of the most important spaces in ‘ageing-


Feature in-place’ design is the kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the home. Achieving a balance of accessibility and style ensures a kitchen will bring joy and happiness to its users for their entire lifetime. Nover supplies a wide range of accessible solutions that are perfect fits for barrier-free kitchens and living areas including PEKA storage solutions, Krome task lighting, and the Concelo bin system. From Salice, Pin is the innovative and revolutionary display storage system. Available in three versions, Pin Wine, Pin Knife and Pin Shelf, Pin allows the most flexible and creative arrangement of bottles, knives, and shelves. The system is available in aluminium and titanium finishes,

complementing diverse room settings, furniture, and other applications. Traditionally, storage in living areas has been in either tall, built-in units, or freestanding furniture. More recent design trends have seen kitchen-style cabinets move into other areas of the home as the kitchen becomes more of a focus for family living. Vauth Sagel has recognised that innovative storage concepts work in almost all areas of the home, introducing clever storage solutions such as the VS SUB Comfort, a drawer system that utilises clever kinematics to transfer the rotary motion of the doors in such a way that the speed at which the drawers come out is either increased or decreased at an even, gentle pace throughout until they are fully extended.

The upturn in demand in the home renovation and furnishings market started in the second half of 2020. Across the globe, many people invested in their own homes and that trend is predicted to continue for several more years at least. Working from home has opened up a new market: the home office. The skyrocketing cost of raw materials and logistics followed by ever higher energy prices are issues hardware suppliers must deal with by becoming more flexible in their raw materials sourcing and manufacturing. In spite of these issues, the hardware, fittings and components market remain strong, with a clear user-focus based on design, functionality, sustainability and quality. ❚

Laundry solutions for limited spaces


s homes get smaller it is important to think through how your customer is going to live in the home and space you are designing for them. The appliances that you select for the homeowner need to be practical and space conscious.

Laundries are a critical and busy hub of the home, and when it comes to apartment living there is limited space available. It is also common to have laundries that are part of a kitchen or open area, so having hidden storage becomes more important. Including a laundry hamper is often not a realistic

Supplier May/June 2022

option as it requires too much space in an already limited environment. However, this decision leaves the homeowner without a location to store dirty washing and often they will need to buy a hamper option that sits on the bedroom floor occupying further essential space. The new Concelo 1 x 35L laundry hamper has been designed to resolve both issues. Being compact in size, it fits behind a 350mm door and provides the homeowner with a large single 35L hamper that slides away out of sight. By including a Concelo laundry hamper within the laundry design, the homeowner is provided with everything they need for a practical and workable compact laundry. The Concelo system features premium, concealed, soft closing synchronised runners. The 35L hamper is easy to remove and carry as it is made from a lightweight polypropylene, it features air vents and a

solid base to prevent drips. The hamper then sits in the unique clip’n’clean tray which can be easily removed for cleaning, and it will never rust.

Designed and made in New Zealand, Concelo has been well engineered and designed to fully meet the requirements of the homeowner. Hideaway Bins are distributed nationwide throughout Australia through Hideaway’s distribution partners Nover, Hafele and Galvin Hardware. web ❚



Free Space engineered by Hafele > light grey

The clever connection of less and more. Small and strong, for more freedom in furniture construction. Häfele is expanding its successful Free Space flap fittings family with two new flap fittings for heavy weight flap doors up to 15kg. With the new Free Space 6.15 and Free Space Push to Open 5.15 for large and very heavy flap doors, the family is now complete. The compact flap fittings with minimal space > black requirements in the cabinet now cover all common flap stay applications.

> Free space 6.15

pre-production of cabinet panels and the absolute easiness with simple and very quick installation. The perfect alignment of the front is quick and easy with a generously designed 3D adjustment mechanism. The opening angle can be limited to 90˚ by means of a tool free, integrated adjustment option.

convenient operation is the result of a very low opening resistance and extremely smooth-running properties. The soft closing mechanism ensures soft and quiet closing of the flap thanks to an integrated mechanism tailored to the entire range of application. Its unique feature is an absolutely slim design. The hinge-less flap stay eliminates the need for large cover caps and creates more space for modern furniture design even with shallow cabinets thanks to its minimal installation depth of 173mm height and 63mm depth.

183 mm

Free Space 6.15 and Push to open 5.15 have a slightly larger installation size than Free Space 1.11/1.8 being 183mm high and 72mm depth to allow for the larger weight capacity and doors up to 600mm high.

72 mm Free Space provides something unique: It creates more storage space in furniture with less volume and more power at the flap. The

Supplier May/June 2022

Free Space 6.15 and 5.15 still have the same drilling pattern as the lighter weight Free Space fittings for the side wall of the cabinet (standard series drilled holes 32/37mm) and the door flap. The well-tried positioning pin system and the fact that only one pre mounted fixing screw is required, ensures a high degree of standardisation in the 5

The Free family calculator is an easy-to-use configuration tool on the Häfele website helping you to calculate door weights and takes the guess work out of selecting the correct model required for each application. The Configurator tool can be found on the ‘Services’ tab at

The Free Space fittings are currently available in the standard colours of white/ nickel, anthracite/nickel and now a puristic Black Edition design line that fits perfectly into darker cabinet interiors to extend the range of colour options. For more information, please call your nearest Häfele sales office on 1300 659728, download a copy of the Free Space brochure or talk to your account manager for a product demonstration. web ❚



Load bearing capacity of up to 15 kg with a cabinet height of 600 mm

Pins as positioning aid

15 kg No additional cover required Only one screw for the side panel

Free Space 6.15 and 5.15 (Push to Open) complete the Free Flap family from Hafele, enabling heavy doors to be fitted weighing up to 15kg and 600mm in height. Complete with soft close, minimal installation depth, 3D adjustment and 3 colours to choose from, Free Space is the perfect Flap fitting that offers Less and More at the same time.

Suitable for standard series drilled holes 32/37 mm

1300 659 728


Discovering Stone

Labour vs Automation Article by Tijana Trifunovich Is the stone industry’s biggest battle about to end? There is no denying that Australia is in a labour crisis. Everywhere you look, businesses are desperately seeking staff, and going to great lengths to get them. Some manufacturers are making a strategic move out to rural areas, where labour is readily available, infrastructure is easier to navigate, and a more laid-back lifestyle awaits. Others are staying put and hoping to get solutions in place, quick smart. The stone industry is no exception. Stonemasons - if you can get a hold of them are asking for anything from $49 per hour to a whopping $80 per hour. With the rising cost of raw materials, disruptions in the global supply chain, and a whole host of challenges posed by COVID restrictions, that is just not feasible for most manufacturers to pay. “The Stone industry is extremely challenging for a number of reasons. It is a very traditional industry and the environment where the stone is manufactured, in a lot of cases, is not very clean - often wet or dusty. The material itself is very heavy, requiring skill and equipment to handle. Then when you factor in COVID restrictions, demand on labour has really been affected. Stonemasons in the industry, in every state, are looking for astronomical wages. That is, if you can even get them.” says Pierre Sullivan, Managing Director of machinery supply firm Innovync.

and Carpenters rank in the top fifteen of Australia’s Skilled Labour Migration list, along with Programmers and other technical professions. But Australia already has a large number of highly skilled stone professionals who could do the work. They are just not being encouraged to. “There are a lot of highly skilled people in Australia that are at retirement age, but if they work just one day a week, their pension gets cut by 50%. They say, well why should I work then? That is the problem. The younger workers can get plenty of training at TAFE colleges. But no young worker wants to work in dusty environments, where they can get silicosis and cancer and other nasty things. They want to work where there are high-tech machines in place, where the environment is clean and the right safety measures are implemented,” says Dennis Horne, Melbourne-based Director of Equipment Finance & Leasing.

Rather than seeking out retired staff or waiting for cheap labour to arrive from overseas, factories are putting more strain on their existing workforce. The pent-up orders caused by last year’s restrictions are still being processed; and recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales have only caused greater demand for stone cutting services. The band-aid solution? “People are paying overtime, and once you start to pay overtime, you lose money. That is why people are stopping the hiring of staff and choosing to invest in machinery. It makes a lot of sense. For every $10,000 a month you spend on overtime or wages, you could borrow $500,000 and invest in machinery. Specialist finance brokers like myself go to banks and ask for the money on your behalf, then help you put it toward investing in equipment,” says Dennis.

Nation-wide, the situation is so bad that State Governments have taken to implementing immigration programs in order to lure workers in. Occupations like Metal Workers and Machinists, Construction

Supplier May/June 2022


Discovering Stone

Despite desperately needing cleaner, safer technology, Australia’s Stone industry is one of the last to adopt automated machinery. According to Dennis, resistance stems from a number of things; including the perception that debt means failure, and the mismanagement of money - whether it is stacks of cash that cannot easily be counted or badly kept balance sheets. And then there are the non-financial objections. Some of these include having to train operators who might eventually be poached by other firms, the expense of the equipment itself, and the

Supplier May/June 2022

lack of local service and support. All valid issues in the industry. Yet, there are plenty of success stories that prove that smart investments pay dividends. Take Pacific Stone, for example. With a large fleet of locally supported CNC machines and well-cared-for staff running them, Daniel Zovko and his team are constantly growing operations. Their CMS Brembana models work away with minimal staff on hand - a factor that has helped them ride out the impact of COVID restrictions, while cutting costs down to a minimum. “Because we have two machines, we have what we call a cutting cell, so we have two machines but one operator. Our labour costs are essentially halved,” says Daniel. Pacific Stone’s Director.

The CMS Brembana Smartline and Speed TR were recent acquisitions, installed during 2020 and 2021, respectively. Like all CMS Brembana models, they are optimised to process stone as efficiently as possible, with high-quality results to boast. The Speed TR has even been customised with three expanded tool racks under the bridge to cut down on back-and-forth movement across the table, while also lowering tool change time. If anything should happen to slow them down, CMS’ dedicated local distributor, Innovync, is there to resolve any issues. With COVID regulations affecting factories, plus rising inflation predicted in the near future, it is hard to argue against the benefits of automated machinery in the current market - even in an industry that has largely resisted it. The only question is: how long will Australian Stonemasons afford to deny the advantages that advanced technology brings? ❚


Discovering Stone

Neolith – The natural choice


ransforming imagination into functionality, Neolith Sintered Stone is the premium fashion stone. Imported directly from Europe, Neolith synergises the utmost design principles with functionality, resulting in a scratch, stain, and heat-resistant surface. Made to the highest international standards, Neolith is available in a wide range of styles and textures and is suitable for the most demanding applications. Neolith is synonymous with excellence and obsession for detail. Its striking designs and superior technical characteristics make it an ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms, furnishings, display fittings, shop fittings, cupboards, work surfaces, wall, and floor cladding. Redefining architecture around the globe, Neolith has featured in numerous award winning and innovative designs. After years of research and innovation, Neolith is 100% ecofriendly. Consisting of all raw materials pressed under immense pressure, Neolith eliminates the need for any resin or polymer which is the basis of other engineered stones.

Grand commercial and retail Redefining the way designers are creating commercial and retail spaces, Neolith pushes the boundaries of style to create truly memorable designs. With an endless number of applications, Neolith’s styles can be crafted to reverberate any desire. Vogue benchtops and bathrooms Whether you are after a lavish lifestyle, enviable apartment or creating your dream home, Neolith creates a truly elegant look. With its natural allure and unparalleled characteristics, Neolith is ideal for any kitchen benchtop or bathroom vanity. Adding a touch of elegance to any design, Neolith has a wide range of styles and finishes to suit every home. Stylish floors and walls Neolith’s large sizes create a uniformed, consistent, and chic look across floors and walls. Neolith is an extremely hard-wearing material that can withstand heavy foot traffic areas and abrasions. Opulent surrounds and features Create a consistent and alluring style across any space with Neolith features and surrounds. With unlimited applications, Neolith adds a touch of opulence to fireplaces, BBQ areas, feature walls, furniture, cabinetry, pool surroundings and more. Fashionable facades Due to the innate beauty, superior technology, resistance against temperature and UV-fading, Neolith is ideal for ventilated facade systems and curtain wall applications. With so many colour combinations and continuous styles, this Sintered Stone creates an impressive facade solution.

Supplier May/June 2022

Bookmatching Neolith has created a reversed style for its Calacatta, Estatuario and Blanco Carrara designs - meaning a bookmatched pattern can be achieved. Bookmatching is the design practice of matching two stones together, so they mirror each other - giving the illusion of an open book. This effect is perfect for continuing Neolith’s veining or natural grain. This range can be bookmatched on all four edges of the design. Neolith sintered stone is available in four different finishes: SATIN - Neolith’s original finish is characterised by its natural matte look and a slightly textured feel. SILK - The Silk finish is much softer to the touch. The smooth nature of the surface is achieved through Neolith’s Airless Pistol [NAP] technology. POLISHED - The Polished finish adds shine, depth, and a reflection that stands out through its complete flatness and a touch of elegance. RIVERWASHED - Neolith’s Riverwashed finish is compared to a bush hammered or aged finish and adds a touch of realism to Neolith’s range. ❚




The one partner you need for stone with exclusive and innovative suppliers from around the world. Expand your capabilities and reach your business potential with CDK Stone.

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Discovering Stone

Changing the world from the kitchen


ig changes come from small actions. At Cosentino, that small action began with a mission to create products that are sustainable and kinder to the earth. As one of the world’s leading architectural surface manufacturer, Cosentino create sustainable products that are designed for life, transforming spaces for a more human way of living. 2022 marks a big step for the company as it once again become a standard-setter within its sector in sustainability issues with its latest and biggest campaign for the Silestone brand of surfaces titled “Changing the World from the Kitchen”. The ideas that changed the world used to come from the garage. They won’t anymore. Cosentino believes that the next revolution to change the world will come from the kitchen. The kitchen has become the heart and soul of our homes, the epicentre of everything. From our kitchen, we don’t only cook. We now live, work, study, and bond in it.

Above: Silestone Et Calacatta Gold Supplier May/June 2022

workplace for those who produce it without compromising the performance of the product – the hardness and performance of the updated Silestone with HybriQ+ remains unchanged.

Above: Silestone Sunlit Days in Arcilla Red (top) and Posidonia Green With more than 30 years at the forefront of architectural and design surfaces, Silestone is setting a new standard in the world of quartz kitchen worktops with the ground-breaking patented HybriQ+ technology. The innovative technology marks an entirely new product composition and manufacturing for Silestone. The new Silestone transforms the kitchen into a healthy, sustainable, and personal space. It is a hybrid surface of natural minerals and premium recycled materials that consist of a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials such as glass, zero water waste, and a lower silica content. At the production level, HybriQ+ technology includes Cosentino’s own environmental milestones such as the use of 99% reused water and 100% renewable electric energy while incorporating new improvements and more advanced systems in sustainable management and circular economy in its factories. The HybriQ+ technology has received DNV Certification verifying its sustainable measures in the production process, and the levels of performance. The technology’s new formulation of lower crystalline silica content also brings a healthier

“Sustainability is in our DNA and at the core of everything we do at Cosentino,” says Itay Shimony, Vice President of Cosentino Oceania. “We are incredibly proud in introducing an entirely new product category with our new Silestone hybrid mineral surface and continue to invest in environmental innovations for a greener future.” HybriQ+ is just one of many sustainability initiatives that Cosentino has committed to over the years. Sunlit Days and Ethereal, two of the brand-new collections launched in 2021, marked Silestone’s first-ever carbon neutral collection. In addition, the Dekton brand of ultracompact surfaces by Cosentino has also achieved carbon neutrality from the extraction of raw materials to the use of the product and the end of its life in 2020 – cradle to grave. The company continues to fulfil its commitment to environmental sustainability with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy, SDG 9 Innovation, and infrastructure, 12 Responsible consumption and production and 13 Climate action). Cosentino’s manufacturing headquarters in Spain is dedicated to ensuring sustainable practices, including housing its own Waste Management and Recovery Plant onsite, managing water waste through a “zero waste” approach, reducing energy consumption in the production process by optimising processes, and implementing improved air purifications to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. ❚

• • •

is more



SCM Group celebrates 70 years


CM Group's 70th Anniversary, the outstanding figures recorded in 2021 and the main pillars of investments for 2022, among which innovation will continue to be the priority. These were the topics covered in the interview with the SCMGroup CEO Marco Mancini, published in the Top 500 supplement of Il Resto del Carlino, and picked up by several national newspapers. This year is the 70th anniversary of its foundation: what does this achievement mean at this unusual and complex time? The seventy-year anniversary is, on the one hand, an important achievement while, on the other, it should be a stimulus to continue along a successful path based on ongoing innovation and sustainability, or rather, with a long-term vision that guarantees long life and a better future for our company. We shall apply the same logic as in the past as we set out along this path, focusing on both organic growth that aims

at innovation, digital transformation, and internationalisation, and on partnership research in Italy and abroad in all of the key sectors, to complete our solutions and technologies for machining wood, composite materials, glass, or stone. 2021 was an excellent year for financial results both in terms turnover and order growth, into double figures compared to 2020, and at a level of profitability and cash flow. Equally positive are the non-financial results. Here are just a few: over 50 thousand hours of training distributed in situ and on-line by our Campus, approximately 35 million invested in R&D (each year we invest 7% of our turnover), 125 recorded patents (the highest in recent years) and another one hundred or so R&D projects launched. We have opened new SCM Subsidiaries in India and Turkey and a new Hiteco Subsidiary (Electro-spindle Division) in the USA. We signed strategic trade deals, like the one with the Swedish company, Randek in the field of systems for timber construction.

Above: Marco Mancini, CEO of SCM Group Will 2022 be a year for investments: in what areas? As well as product innovation carried out non-stop with the programmes in recent years, that saw us continue to launch new products onto the market, important initiatives are planned with investments in digitalisation both of internal production and to support our customers' processes. In addition, further upgrading of the production capacity of industrial sites with particular focus on matters of sustainability. Of particular importance is the modernising

Above: SCM new Headquarters, Rimini Supplier May/June 2022



and renovation of the area of the Foundry in Rimini, with the creation of a fully automated spare parts warehouse that brings considerable advantages in terms of logistics, efficiency and energy saving. Why was there a corporate reorganisation? The reorganisation is in line with the group’s ambitions for growth. The founding families remain at the helm with a renewed governance set-up, of three equal quotas, which guarantees continuity, entrepreneurial dexterity, and a common strategic vision. SCM Group is a family business that knew how to adopt multi-national managerial standards and make use of external professionalism to successfully face the ever more complex market challenges. The problem of costly energy and the price of raw materials: what impact does this have on SCM Group?

Supplier May/June 2022

Like everyone, we too find ourselves facing the well-known criticality linked to the rising cost of energy and materials and the difficulties of procuring components. Despite the fact that SCM Group is structured and benefits from the possibility of internally producing part of its components for machines, we fear that demand could, over time, drop if the lack of raw materials were to continue, resulting in lengthier delivery times and were accompanied by significant inflationary effects. How important is innovation for a business like yours? Customers and markets have prompted us to think, plan and develop technological solutions with an innovative content of discontinuity. Possibly one of the best examples of all that saw us earn new market shares in the additive manufacturing industry is represented by the new solution LFAM (Large Format Additive Manufacturing) by our entirely

owned CMS Spa. A machine capable of producing large-scale components with carbon content, with a process similar to that of 3D printers. In 2021, moulds were produced with this machine used in the construction of restomod (modified restoration of auto) parts, based on the Maserati 3200 GT produced by the company Bercella Srl in Emilia Romagna. Other examples of innovative products manufactured in the group include the CMS technologies for machining stone used by the Tuscan artisan Claudio Claudi to reconstruct the rose windows in the Basilica Santa Maria Novella in Florence, and some high-automation SCM plants, including the 100-metre line inaugurated recently by Gautier, a leading French company, in the production of custom-designed furniture, and the project for the Chinese giant, Star River Bay: a 200 thousand m2 factory with over 50 of our technologies for contract furnishings. ❚



Streamline your business with customised software “It was a no-brainer,” says Retief from Provence Brothers on deciding to use Cabinetry.Online, “we should have done it sooner. “ From small beginnings in 2014, Provence Brothers in WA have experienced exponential growth over the last few years. They started as cabinet makers with a 180m² factory. Today, they are one of the leading suppliers of flat packs in Western Australia and have quadrupled in size, upgrading to 900m² across two factories. In 2019, Provence Brothers reached a tipping point. They realised that it was time to invest in software to streamline their business operations. At that point they were spending up to five hours on drafting, quoting, and creating order lists using CAD based software for each job. Then, they would also need to make the inevitable adjustments to the order and invoice the client. Through a recommendation of a hardware sales representative, Provence Brothers started investigating the Cabinetry.Online quoting and ordering system. One of the main

features of this platform is the user-interface. It is, as Retief puts it, “user friendly, and customisable and easy to use.” Customers log into the dedicated, branded online ordering system directly from the Provence Brothers website. Provence Brothers were able to easily customise the portal to suit their look and feel. Here, customers can request and receive real time quotes, and place orders. The system produces a PDF list of the order for the client to peruse and approve before submitting. The major way in which this system increases productivity is that Provence Brothers don’t need to engage in the tedious and timeconsuming process of creating quotes. The quotes are created automatically, in real time. Customers can make as many adjustments to the quote as they require and get the information they need instantly. Importantly though, Provence Brothers are in control of all the pricing. This is done via their manufacturer’s portal. The platform also functions as a centralised hub for all the orders, allowing Provence Brothers to have a real-time overview of how

many orders are in the pipeline, which have been dispatched and how many have been delivered. This can help to better manage production planning. The platform not only increases productivity, but also minimises financial losses through errors in plans and orders. When creating their plan on the Cabinetry.Online user platform, the customers first set their room defaults and then create their plans using a drag and drop tool. A huge range of cabinetry options and sundries are available. These too are set by Provence Brothers. Using the customer-created plan, the platform creates an order list. This reduces user error as there is a seamless integration of the quoting and ordering functions. And, while the customer creates the plan, the software calculates all the required items to produce the cabinetry, further reducing the risk of user error. The Cabinetry.Online system has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in propelling Provence Brothers to the next level. Provence Brothers and numerous other cut-to-size manufacturers have identified Cabinetry. Online as the key factor in the growth and development of their businesses. Are you ready to take your cut-to-size business to new heights? Cabinetry.Online is here to help you achieve that. Go to to find out more. ❚

Supplier May/June 2022

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Moving your business to the next level with Cabinet Vision


hen Chris Carmeci established Precision Cabinetmaking in 2007, his ambitions were fuelled by strong ethics and a passion for the craftsmanship he had learnt during his apprenticeship. Chris's parents – Sam and Maria – were extremely supportive and helped him kickstart his business in their single garage in Carlingford. With his unflinching dedication and constant drive for excellence, Chris has cemented Precision Cabinetmaking as a symbol of excellence across Greater Sydney over the last 15 years. Let us take a deeper dive into Chris' journey of entrepreneurship. The humble beginnings Back in 2007, when Chris launched his business, he had one goal in his mind: to build a loyal customer base for Precision Cabinetmaking. Driven by this goal, Chris set about making a name for himself in the Hills District and northwest Sydney. Precision Cabinetmaking did not take long to outgrow his parents' garage. Its exponential growth was beyond Chris' imagination, and then he realised he needed help to match the increased demand. Keeping it in the family Chris' father, Sam, an accountant, had instilled in Chris the values of working systematically and rationally. As a result, Chris moved to his first proper business premises in Dural. There he approached Planit Australia to discuss how Cabinet Vision could assist him in moving his business to the next level.

Supplier May/June 2022

In his words, "Cabinet Vision was slightly different to us because everything we'd done was pen-and-paper and the old-school way. The thing that caught our eye was the ease of manufacturing, compared to how we were doing it".

Planit Australia and Precision Cabinetmaking Chris initially chose to partner with Planit Australia using the entry-level configuration of Cabinet Vision; and made sure that he used their functionality to the fullest.

Joining hands with Planit Australia and Cabinet Vision opened up an advanced toolset for Chris. As a result, he optimised and automated his workflows, eliminated mistakes, mitigated wastage, and presented his business to his customers even more fashionably.

As Precision Cabinetmaking began to really grow, Chris heavily invested in a new factory in Riverstone. Along with the factory came his first and second CNC machines.

This venture helped Precision Cabinetmaking boost its sales by wowing its customers with professional renderings and presentations.

Centred around smarter manufacturing, these investments enabled better brand communication to customers and prospects. He was also able to dispense timely manufacturing information throughout the office and machine ready G-code to his CNC machinery.


41 Chris begins his day early, and Cabinet Vision’s efficiency and flexibility allow him to be home by 4 pm. Then he relishes the afternoon with his primary-school-aged children and the evening with his wife, bookkeeper, and business partner Rebecca. Looking to the future Looking to the future, Chris wants Precision Cabinetmaking to “get bigger, but with more of a focus on productivity and profitability, rather than just going after increased volume.” Even though the Covid -19 pandemic is fading, it has left us with unimaginable realities and labour market constraints. Hence, Chris wants to focus on “automating as much as possible. We see software and machinery as the future of the industry and our business.” Cabinet Vision has allowed Chris to cut costs and amp up his profits. He says, “Planit Australia and Cabinet Vision were my first choice years ago. We look forward to partnering with them for many years.” ❚

Chris explains, “The CNC machine is all hooked up to Cabinet Vision. Everything is done through Cabinet Vision – it comes straight down to the control centre of the machine, and we basically just push start, and it starts cutting for us. We do not really need to know coding, thanks to the functionality contained within the Cabinet Vision Machining and Router modules.” Built around the Core (Cabinets) module of Cabinet Vision, Chris has the full suite of multipliers and additions at his fingertips. This suite allowed him to automate his designs and production tasks. He was also able to customise Cabinet Vision to implement his custom and bespoke installations. “Planit is always helpful,” Chris says. “They always come up with solutions outside of the square. We always find a way to do it, a way that works for our business.”

Supplier May/June 2022



PRO100 – Experience designing in 3D


RO100 and Design2Cam Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the re-designed and enhanced CNC Linking module – adding complex functionality usually only found in more expensive software design packages. Built with the same easy-to-use ethos that makes PRO100 so simple to operate, the new CNC Linking module enables you to add, then view, the machining within the project before sending the files to your CNC. This allows for everything to be created and viewed within the PRO100 project, allowing for accuracy of drilling and machining

because any element of a design can have machining attached. No more having to edit your design in a separate CAD/CAM program.

parts are nested and the layouts (and labels if required) are produced alongside the g-code needed by your CNC.

Adding even more value, PRO100’s CNC library can also be used by any PRO100 user without requiring a CNC license. This means your project can be opened by the production department for checking before being sent through to your CNC machine. Once approved, the project is simply exported to the integrated ActCut cad/cam software. This is a simple process where the

Easy to use Design & Manufacturing software

Here’s why you need PRO100 for Cabinet Making 3D Design - Experience designing in 3D including all elevations Photo Realism & Panorama - You can export images, record panoramic views and share them with your client. Cut Lists - Generate reports such as a cut list and price list, it is as simple as a click of a mouse. Import 3d Models - Import 3d models from your suppliers or download from the web. Shape Editor - Custom Cabinet Design - Create your own custom objects, cabinets, mouldings, and more. Job Costing & Pricing - The easy-to-use software that will price your job based on material used, parts etc.

Create Your Own Catalog - Create your own cabinets and objects without limits. Kray Rendering – Add on module - PRO100 works now with Kray renderer. User-friendly interface allows exporting designs from PRO100 to Kray renderer and creating visualisation of unprecedented quality. PRO100 CNC - New add on module for linking to your CNC Machine Why not try PRO100 for yourself! Download the trial from our website - IT’S FREE! or scan the QR code for a direct link.



PRO100 software includes a basic CNC library to get you producing from day one. You can change and alter the contents of the library and add and save new cabinets to be used again. With the ability to save machining templates in the CNC module, different machining can be applied to any part, quickly and easily. The benefit? Different drilling and machining patterns are simpler to accommodate in your designs, and faster to get into production.

As well as the new functionality, PRO100 still has all the standard features that have made it such a popular choice for design and production workshops: • • • •

Drag and drop libraries Stretchable cabinets Replace cabinets, items, or objects 360 Panorama export (View 3d with 3d Goggles) • Manual dimensioning - ability to add on different layers

• Hide cabinets, items, or objects • Import 3d Models directly into the software • Apply text to the project • 2D Shape editor - these shapes can be send used in the CNC module • ●Align feature • ●Distribute feature For further details or to download a trial version of PRO100 go to www.pro100. ❚


Machines, Tooling & Technology

Universal access to the high-performance class of pushfeed saws Performance, flexibility, and maximum safety. These features have always been characteristic for the OptiCut S 50. Moreover, the follow-up model of the revolutionary machine design offers universal applications for small and medium-sized companies. The modular design offers a perfect fit for your needs to give you the necessary flexibility for future extensions. This pushfeed saw is the right choice wherever packets or individual boards are cut in large quantities. Thanks to the optimised cutting process you can cut up to four times more than with a manual chop saw. The best thing about it? Your production remains highly efficient combined with a maximum yield. There is a lot of potential for increasing productivity, profit and added value in length cutting. In addition to solid wood, many other materials can be processed, such as synthetics, aluminium and wood composites in a variety of profile shapes. The OptiCut S 50+ means even inconvenient or heavy pieces can be handled without making time consuming pre-settings.

Supplier May/June 2022

The WEINIG OptiCut S 50+ provides: • Up to four times higher performance compared to a manual cross-cut saws • Reduced costs per piece due to 1-manoperation • Easily upgradeable towards a complete cutting line • Mainly maintenance-free • Automatic, intelligent waste removal Innovative engineering The feature cross-conveying directly after the cut allows optimum use of the entire cross section up to 300 x 100 mm in the standard version. Reliable discharge of

waste-by-waste pit or flap allows for a quick and easy separation of pieces (optional). Innovative workpiece clamping enables precise angularity. Future-oriented safety Perfect safety thanks to new locks and safety switches compliant with the latest regulations in accordance with the German employer's liability insurance association. The unique covering hood helps to keep an overview of the running production and prevents access to the danger zone. Trouble free manufacturing The encased pusher guide is particularly long-living, reliable, exact, and almost maintenance-free. The pusher is conducted via a drive motor situated in the machine frame. This configuration generates the shortest possible belt length. The belt is steel reinforced to reduce elongation at a maximum. ❚


Machines, Tooling & Technology

SCM beam saws – always ahead The wide and varied range of SCM beam saws continues to evolve to meet the different demands of panel machining, from mass production to "batch 1". In stand-alone version or integrated in cells or automation lines, SCM panel saws are the result of a continuous research and development process aimed at guaranteeing ever higher standards in terms of productivity, speed of execution, cutting quality and reduction of waste material. The wide range of models is enhanced by the IoT Maestro connect platform and enriched with new software for increasingly simple use by the operator. Excellent results are also obtained with the circular sawblades supplied by Leitz. Indeed, SCM announces the collaboration with the German Group as OEM partner for the initial equipment of panel-sizing saws. A new cooperation that confirms the German group’s high esteem for SCM cutting-edge technology and that brings the Gabbiani panel saws range to even higher levels in terms of solidity and reliability.

The latest SCM products and solutions for sizing: New GABBIANI A2 angular panel saw designed to think big, with reduced times and space. The new Gabbiani A2 was devised to meet all the demands of panel machining, from mass production to "batch 1", and particularly suits companies that are more conscious of the need for a cleaner machine and working environment. The new model developed by SCM, is equipped with 95, 115 and 125 blade projection options and offers maximum performance in terms of productivity and cutting quality.

Supplier May/June 2022

This breakthrough occurs thanks to the new functional units found in the range. • Saw set for an automatic, rapid, and accurate tool change. • Flexcut 1D to perform extremely complex cutting patterns in rapid times. • Powered side aligner for fast positioning during the cutting process. • A zero dust system means maximum cleanliness of the machine and environment, thanks to an automatic system of dust control curtains by section that activate on each cut to contain the sawdust and guarantee their complete evacuation. • An automatic panel labelling system before the cutting stage. • Dramatic reduction in processing times.

the market with numerous new additions. • New 60 and 80 mm blade projections. • Automatic blade unlocking selector switch, as standard feature. • Increased motor power. • Possibility to manage the peripheral speed of the blade. • Saw set, to meet every process demand and tool setting. In a few seconds, the Saw-Set device performs a quick and precise set-up of the tools, thanks to an electronic adjustment allowing easy use of the machine and increased 46 productivity.

New GABBIANI P/PT - the perfect balance between panel cutting and superior capabilities to be evermore competitive on the market. The new automatic beam saw is back on

Machines, Tooling & Technology

• Air blowing on the machine table: as of today, even on this machine, the smooth sliding of heavy or delicate materials is guaranteed by the air blowing on thecutting table that protects against the risks of friction. • Up to 30% more productivity in a limited space thanks to Flexcut1. Cross and longitudinal cuts can be done simultaneously. The use of brushless motors sliding on linear guideway with recirculating ball bearings reduces mechanical parts friction and guarantees precision. The flexibility of the device is also ensured by the presence of the main pusher grippers, which can be excluded from the working area, so that strips with different widths can be secured and as a result, any type of cutting can be performed without limiting the stroke (opt.) MAESTRO ACTIVE CUT - simple, powerful software to program and create all the panels imaginable. Maestro active cut is the new software dedicated exclusively to SCM beam saws machines developed entirely by the Group's technicians with.

Supplier May/June 2022

• An intuitive and reliable multi-user transversal interface that can be customised. • Materials stock - panels storage with an integrated bi-directional connection and Maestro active watch. • Automatic off-cuts restocking that will be displayed together with the materials stock. • Parts handling management during machining a parking bay for end products, off-cuts, and scraps. • Modular software - the standard functions of Maestro active cut can be extended using plugins (reports, graphical Editor, etc.). MAESTRO OTTIMO CUT - software for beam saws cutting optimisation


Maestro Ottimo Cut is the professional software supplied by SCM for controlling the entire costing and optimisation process of the beam saw. The program can be used in the office for simple and efficient creation of cutting programs. It enables the following functions: • Grained panels management (longitudinal and cross). • Materials, pieces, and edges stock management. • Preventive calculation of costs and machining time. • Customised report printing with statistical production data. • Labels with integrated graphic editor. • Sends of cutting programs with labeling data included to the beam saws control.❚



The Perfect Solution There comes a time when having a CNC machine is simply not enough. Your competitors have them too and so, you look for other competitive advantages. One company in Queanbeyan has found a solution to their space and production issues with industry-leading technology supplied by Biesse Group.

was considered a niche market. I thought I should tap into that market and use the skills I learned in the UK to make a range of bespoke furniture such as dining and boardroom tables, and credenza’s. We also did veneer work for other manufacturers, especially those with patterns and inlays they couldn’t do themselves.”

Capital Veneering is a company heavily invested in innovation. In fact, their motto actually is, ‘Innovation in Joinery.’ Managing Director Ben Madden, and Director and Operations Manager James Saffery believe that when vision and skill come together, the result is nothing short of inspirational. And so, Ben and James actively seek better, more effective ways to manufacture their mostly high-end, quality products through innovative processes; software solutions; machinery; and logistics.

Ben and James both have trade backgrounds, Ben winning a 12 month scholarship to the UK. Here he worked for Viscount Linley, a furniture maker; former chairman of the auction house Christie's UK, and nephew of Queen Elizabeth II. Linley furniture is sold in retail stores in Belgravia, Harrods, and overseas.

Capital Veneering has grown over 22 years from a two-man joinery shop manufacturing bespoke solid timber and veneer furniture, to one of the largest joineries in the Australian Capital Territory.

Returning to Australia, Ben returned to the joinery he did his apprenticeship with as production manager before starting Capital Veneering. Ben says, “Veneering was not widely taught in Australia and

Supplier May/June 2022

A Partnership with Biesse Their growth over the last 20 years or so has been made largely on the back of quality work, and for 17 of those years, the use of Biesse Group CNC technology. Ben said “We’ve never been afraid to invest in innovation. Yes, we’ve looked at other brands, but we are yet to find another machine with the same value as Biesse. The key things we look for is build quality and after sales service. When things don’t go to plan, and they do no matter what brand you have, it’s good to know Biesse Group are always there to get us back up and running again. We upgrade our major production equipment every five years and so two years ago, we started thinking about our next 48 step.”



Most factories have high ceilings and manufacturers are starting to appreciate the unused space right above their heads. Mezzanine floors are a cost effective way of increasing production space within the same factory footprint. Ben, James, and Andy decided to consolidate their machine shop and board store into a fully integrated cell within the limited space and once again, went to Biesse Group to make it all happen. The solution; Capital Veneering’s Andy Mann would work together with Biesse Group to build a mezzanine floor in collaboration with local engineers in Canberra. Biesse Group would locate a new, larger capacity K1 Winstore on the mezzanine and two new Rover B CNC machines on the ground floor underneath and drop the panels through an opening in the floor of the mezzanine, right onto the CNC machine labelling tables… brilliant!

And so, last year, when faced with an overcrowded workshop, the need for even more CNC machinery and the likelihood of being forced to seek out a larger factory; Ben, and James invested yet again in innovation. The solution was installing a Winstore automated warehouse from Biesse Group, along with two new Rover B CNC machines. They did this within their existing factory to store even more product, increase production output yet again, and achieve an even safer manufacturing environment. So, in a limited space, how did they achieve this?

Supplier May/June 2022

Winstore is the Solution Capital Veneering had invested in a Biesse Group K2 Winstore some five-odd years ago now. The Winstore is an automated storage and retrieval system that is integrated into your digital production through software. The Winstore replaced much of their standard sheet racks and led to improvements in productivity, quality, and safety. Five years later and faced with having to relocate due to the amount of work they could take on; Ben, James, and Capital Veneering’s Systems Manager Andy Mann looked up and saw a perfect solution; air space.

Biesse Group’s Clint Lewis says, “We’ve installed a lot of Winstore’s, but this is our first one on a mezzanine here in Australia. These installations are very popular in Europe where space is at a premium. Since we installed the Winstore at Capital Veneering, 50% of our Winstore enquiries would be for installations on a mezzanine, and we can only see this increasing. The industry here can certainly see huge advantages with this concept of materials handling and delivery to their CNC machines.” Compelling Numbers A Winstore automated warehouse can deliver some impressive numbers. Production line increases of 25%, product delivery to machine times reduced by 35%, 30% labour reduction and a 50% space saving over conventional panel racks located on the ground. When installed on a mezzanine, those Winstore space savings get close to 100%. Without the need for aisles for forklifts, your floorspace savings climb even



higher, your workshop safety increases, and the real potential of your Biesse Rover CNC machines can be realised.

Some of their notable projects are ACT Law Courts, AFP Headquarters, Attorney General’s Department, Adina Hotel, Canberra Centre, Canberra School of Music, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Department of Defence, Republic apartments, and Parliament House.

Capital Veneering’s Winstore is 29 metres by 11 metres and can accommodate 35 stacks almost a metre high. The Winstore can stack sheets up to two metres high but in a mezzanine setup when the ceiling height is lower the system is adapted to suit, thus reducing the stack height. This could seem to be an issue at first but the lower stacks can improve the efficiency of the Winstore. This is achieved by not having to move as many panels to get the board you need. ‘Just in time’ machining can finally be realised as manufacturers further embrace automation and digital technologies. It's manufacturing what you need, when you need it, and it’s achieved with a clever and efficient use of space you already own. Winstore uses an open software platform and will work with any of the industry software programs as all of the software suppliers integrate with Biesse Winstore. Winstore is also a digital database with full visibility of existing stock, including any offcuts that can be stored in the warehouse, or catalogued by the software and stored externally. Winstore can also ‘defrag’ your stock for greater efficiency, and to use your oldest stock first.

Capital Veneering currently employs a staff of 65 full time people including 30 on the workshop floor. Ben and James are focused on their people and run a social club that includes out-of-work activities and events. Capital Veneering also employs 12 apprentices and are committed to the future skills training in the industry. In fact, Ben taught apprentices at a TAFE College in the early days of the business. A Focus on People, and Quality Capital Veneering is now one of the larger joinery shops in the Canberra region, producing commercial joinery, kitchens and residential joinery, and custom made furniture. Their work mostly comes through architects and builders, with their core business being large commercial fitouts, multi-unit residential projects including kitchens, vanities, robes, and storage units; and office fitouts including reception counters, wall panelling, breakout areas and boardroom joinery.

What sets Capital Veneering apart is their attention to detail, old-fashioned hard work, and state-of-the-art Biesse Group equipment. The company maintains its roots from the detailed, high-end custom furniture and joinery that is still at the core of their business. Ben describes Capital Veneering as, “A company that embraces leading technology and innovation whether it’s in our systems, equipment or our thinking.” Over the last ten years Capital Veneering has won numerous awards and builders in Canberra will often be heard to say, “That’s a Capital Veneering job.” Winstore is not just another piece of technology, its part of an integrated system that improves the output of your Biesse CNC machines, whether these are beam saws or machining centres. Winstore provides Capital Veneering with significant benefits. A return on investment of only one year, massive savings in space, production time and staff, a reduction in material damage from manual handling or forklifts, coupled with improved performance from their three and five-axis CNC machines. Winstore really is the perfect solution. ❚

Supplier May/June 2022


Design & Trends

2022 Design insights and trends


olding pattern and servicing the material needs for home renovators and design visionaries alike, Artedomus – Australia’s pre-eminent supplier of high quality stone, tiles, architectural surfaces, and bath ware – reveals its key inspirational brands and products, including revolutionary antiviral surface coating, that are tipped to the steal the spotlight in 2022. “I’m hesitant to use the ‘C’ word again, but Covid globally caused a rethink on house planning as so many dived into renovation and building mode. Perhaps it was the excess time on their hands because they became keenly interested in researching the origins of brands and their sustainability principles. We also noticed a greater sense of value in selecting considered, crafted elements and investing in premium products from established brands. 2021’s collective mantra was ‘choose well; make it last.’ Long may it continue.” -Phil Brenton, Managing Director, Artedomus

seamlessly engineered features (most notably bathtubs including Patricia Urquiola’s timeless free-standing Lariana marrying regal Grecian qualities within a minimal frame). Their new Outdoor Collection made a splash in 2021, including, pedestal washbasins, freestanding bathtubs plus built-in designs for wooden decks or concrete settings. Wall-mounted washbasins and counter tops, plus towel rails, hangers and shelving designed in-house and by a coterie of renowned European designers.

Above: Artedomus INAX Fabe re Tiles, Frankston House by MRTN. Photo credit Dave Kulesza

Phil Brenton’s observations and predictions for 2022 are as follows: 1. Bathing sanctuaries With the luxury of time on people’s hands over the past 18 months, bathrooms have become the home’s inner sanctum for relaxation and indulgence. Bathtubs especially are becoming as highly considered as a new sofa investment, whilst the solid and tactile appeal of tapware is navigating consumer preferences, especially towards darker burnished brass and matt black finishes punctuating surfaces. Agape continues to pioneer the evolution of bathroom furniture and accessory design to highly desirable sculptural elements with

Supplier May/June 2022

Above: Artedomus Agape DR Bathtub

2. Natural selection European and Asian suppliers with long production histories have become the go-to choice for tiling. With a rising preference to texturally layer homes and experiment more freely with idiosyncratic tile shapes and unique colours, Artedomus’ ceramic and terracotta tiles are in high demand.

Photographer Andrea Ferrari. “An unstoppable tendency of reaching close contact with nature and natural surroundings is leading designers to start blurring and, in some cases, erasing borders between the interior and exterior, not just with versatile architectural frames but interior elements migrating outdoors. Yet again, Agape leads the way,” adds Phil. Their finishes and hues harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings and, ever versatile, all are also suited to indoor spaces.

Above: Artedomus INAX Sugie Series SU2031 Tiles and White Fantasy Honed Stone


Design & Trends Right: Artedomus Fiandre Fragmenta Milano Porcelain Tiles. 3. Scientific solutions Responding to our ongoing obsession with hygiene, Artedomus exclusively offers Fiandre’s Active 2.0 surface – an antibacterial, anti-odour and most uniquely antiviral coating that can be fused to engineered stone in the Artedomus stable including MAXIMUM porcelain panels and Fiandre’s porcelain tiles. Better still, its self-cleaning properties ensure ease of maintenance. “It’s a wonder product as its 100-per-cent natural composition is free of toxic resins and chemical binders. Unlike other surface materials on the market that call themselves ‘antibacterial’ but simply stop the spread of bacteria, Active 2.0 actually kills virus particles and bacteria, even physically cleansing the

air around it. Demand for it will continue its ascent at an accelerated pace,” enthuses Phil. “The added kicker is its self-cleaning hydrophilic properties mean there is little or no need for detergents or scrubbing, even on building façades.” Combining all these

attributes, it’s a superior choice for public spaces including hospitals and medical centres, offices, and hotels, but also ideal for our home kitchen benchtops and bathroom surfaces. ❚

The kitchen tap takes centre stage


ith the kitchen considered the living, beating heart of a home, it is no surprise that renovating or building a new kitchen will reach record volumes in 2022 . The kitchen accommodates everything from culinary adventures to entertaining and socialising with friends and family, so when considering a change, ensuring that the design and its function work to meet these requirements is more important than ever.

function. Kitchen tapware choices are plentiful and choosing the correct one for your kitchen requires careful consideration and research.

Kitchen layout Choosing a tap just on its appearance may let you down. The size and shape of your sink and how many people will be using the tap need to be thought through. The placement of where it sits also has a major impact on what type of tap will suit the space. For example, is the tap to be placed within the sink, on a wall or on the countertop? Make sure you have a correct understanding of your kitchen layout before purchasing.

Open-plan, larger kitchens are now commonplace with many people preferring not to close off this communal space. Integrating accessories that are designed in harmony with the environment, as well as reflecting your personal preferences is key. When it comes to selecting your kitchen tap, the humble kitchen tap is no longer just about

Supplier May/June 2022

There are numerous options available offering new technology and a range of finishes and colours. Here are some tips to look for when choosing your kitchen tapware.

Above: Culinary Gaston Pull Down Sink Mixer

Form and function When you are clear of where your kitchen tap will be placed, then decide on the particular function of the tapware. You may require


Design & Trends

long-necked tapware to create more space in the basin to wash pots and other larger utensils, or you may wish to have a pull-down option for ease and versatility allowing a greater range of movement in and around the sink.

Above: Urban Pull Out Sink Mixer Designed to enhance not only your kitchen space but also your lifestyle, the Culinary Urban Pull Out Sink Mixer from Methven features the latest in tapware innovation and design and offers you more options for your day-to-day kitchen tasks. With a stylish design,

it will sit comfortably in any modern kitchen. Alternatively, the Methven Culinary Gaston Pull Down Sink Mixer has the versatility of a pull-out or pull-down spray option, designed to enhance not only the kitchen space but also the homeowner’s lifestyle, delivering a higher degree of moveability in and around the sink with an extendable hose for spray flexibility. Stylish space savers Choices are also endless for those who do not require a high or large tap or have minimal space. There are many mixer combinations available to suit a variety of designer styles. If you are looking for clean lines and a strong, dynamic form, Methven’s Kiri sink mixer offers solid architectural style as a feature piece in your kitchen. With a built-in swivel action and the ability to adjust water flow to minimise splashback, it’s perfect for a small space. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for performance. Whilst colour, material and finish are the key drivers for personal expression within your kitchen, technology now contributes to an enhanced water experience.

Above: Kiri Sink Mixer Keep in mind your preference for appearance and water delivery, plan well and your kitchen tap can elevate the look of your entire kitchen. Methven products are available through Bunnings Warehouse and plumbing stores and showrooms nationwide. ❚

Boomerang House a masterpiece of design


oomerang House is the stunning home of architectural husband and wife team, Hayley, and Joe Adsett. Designed to their own brief, functional family living was at the core of each meticulously considered decision. The property was built on a 1200 sqm block by high-end residential Brisbane builder/ developers GRAYA and is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Grand in scale and impressive in nature, Boomerang was one of the biggest builds undertaken by GRAYA. “This was one of the biggest homes Graya has built and we’d never

Supplier May/June 2022


Design & Trends

and breathtaking, the skylight and void were also created using Gyprock Flexible, demonstrating how elevated design thinking, coupled with great craftmanship, can shape basic building materials into modern masterpieces.

completed a home with a tennis court. It was a great challenge and we enjoyed watching it all come together,” said Rob Gray from GRAYA. While generous, the property still manages to feel relaxed enough to accommodate family living. Curved geometry defines the inside space, resulting in an organic, natural sensation throughout the home. Statement architectural features are layered throughout the interior in a palette of fresh white and soft grey, juxtaposed with striking furnishings, while floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors enable natural light to flood the downstairs living area, maximising the connection with the outdoor space.

“This was the first curved stairway we created, Gyprock Flexible helped to make this process seamless,” said Rob. The 6.5 mm thick plasterboard sheets have an enhanced gypsum core which is designed to bend for small radius curves, enabling designers and installers to create convex curves with a 250mm radius and concave curves with a 450mm radius. The home is configured in an L-Shape, which helps take advantage of the large block, but also enhances the indoor-outdoor living. The practical configuration enhances the liveability as the separate living spaces all connect to the pool, garden, and tennis court.

“This was Joe Adsett’s personal home, so he wanted it to be functional for his family, whilst bringing the inside out and connecting key interior and external design elements,” says Rob. The defining feature of the downstairs living area is a helical stairway that joins two floors of the residence. This magnificent sculptural masterpiece was created with CSR Gyprock’s premium Flexible plasterboard. Designed to impress, Gyprock Flexible enables specifiers, designers, and installers to easily create architecturally defining moments such as curved walls, ceilings, and stairways.

Supplier May/June 2022

The stairway culminates in a beautiful wrap around library, complimented by a circular skylight which enables light to fill a spectacular void that traverses the three-story home. Impressive, impactful,

With oversized windows featuring throughout, the remarkable light filled property, set within the inner-city suburb of Ascot, Brisbane, is grand and impactful on all levels yet responds to the dynamic of family life and living. ❚

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