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December 2, 2016

The Ultimate Winner Is! By Darryl E Blair Sr.

In the early 2000 I remember reading the apocalyptic fiction series of 17 books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins called “Left Behind.” If you remember the series of17 books told the story of the end of times or a modern day version of the book of Revelations. In the series there was a section where the United States elected a president that was depicted as the Satan. When I read the series I kind of just laughed at this and said never. I always thought that the United States would never fall prey to this just as I thought that there would never be a time where we would see terroristic events happening in the United States. Well I was wrong maybe on both accounts.

At the time I could not read the book of Revelation thinking it to be way beyond my ability to understand the true message God was sending. I got caught up in the symbolism and shut my bible thinking why God would allow such things. But once I finally read Revelation I understand that no matter what God is going to win the ultimate war and all who believe will be sitting next to the father and not thrown in the abyss called Hell. The battles we see in who will lead us tomorrow and who we look to as a spiritual leader is not as important as each of us walking in the word of God. Living the life God has given us to live. As we move forward I know My God will lead my life and through Him we will win!

Yesterday while watching the morning news I was reminded of my thoughts when I watched that Dallas Mega Church pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist was a strong supporter of Donald Trump. I watched as he defended Trump’s positions and his appointments. I watched as he was questioned about the appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon. I went on line to understand exactly what the white nationalist group was and found them defined in Wikipedia that they are a political ideology group who advocates a racial identity for white people. Some advocate a separate allwhite nation state, white separatism and white supremacy. What an oxymoron That Jeffress is proud to say that he has a multicultural congregation and then defends an appointment that wants white separatism. As we walk into a new year I again shudder at the thought of our future not only as a state, country but as a group of people. I remember the Left Behind series and see what I once thought as pure fiction as maybe a foretelling in a manner that the writers used to prepare us for today. December 2, 2016

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Sunset November 30, 2016 The mother of Brenda Blair Mother-In-Law of our Brother Jordan (Randy) Blair Wake: Monday Dec 5, 2016 7:15 - 8:15 pm Golden Gate Chapel 4155 S RL Thorton Fwy Dallas, TX 75224

Annie M. Favors Church Name: Dallas West Church of Christ Pastor: Rev. Sammie Berry

Funeral Service: Tuesday Dec. 6, 2016 11:am Lighthouse COGIG 2127 S Corinth St Dallas, TX 75203

PRAYER CLOSET By Rev. Clarence Henderson

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 40: 31 Favorite Songs: “I Love to Praise His Holy Name” – “He is More Than Able” Favorite Sayings: “One Day at a Time ” & “ Lord Have Mercy ” Church Affiliations: Hospitality Committee, Food Service, Senior Seasoned Saints, Bereavement.

Entering our prayer closet is not a hard task because we go into the place of prayer with high expectation of coming out with victory. We also realize that the place of prayer prepares us for combat against our enemy (Satan). Satan is the prince and power of this world. He is in the business of trying to prevent the spread of the Gospel to the last and dying world. How does he go about his work; by attacking the “Christian” who is commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim the gospel? (Of course all Christians are so commissioned.) Therefore we should take advantage of the blessed opportunity to go into our prayer closet and let it become our dressing room, where we can put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand against the tricks of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

MINISTER OF THE WEEK Rev. Chris Simmons Cornerstone Baptist Church 1819 Martin Luther King Blvd Dallas, TX 75212 (214) 426-5468 4

December 2, 2016

Staying Engaged and Informed By Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

After the results of Donald Trump’s victory, people in our community and across the nation alike are nervous about the future. Some others may be sad, angry, or overjoyed. These responses are natural. However, the most useful exercise and biggest challenge is determining what comes next. No matter the outcome of any election, we are lucky to live in a democracy, where transitions of power are peaceful. Now that Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress, there will be fierce political battles, whose outcomes members of my party may fear. Some of the most passionate and controversial endeavors of the Obama Presidency could be overturned or vastly changed. For those of us who supported the Affordable Care Act, we are sad to see that its original vision will at minimum be drastically altered. Yet, while we might not agree with certain policy positions that will come from the Trump Administration and the Republicans in majority power, we know that our rights as citizens in a democracy

to Washington to let Congress know what you stand for. Political expression is not limited to just the first Tuesday of November, once every 1,461 days. Nor is it limited to your social media feed. It is hard work and requires patient participation. In the words of President Obama, “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

are still as strong as ever. The Election of 2016 does not have to be considered an irreversible travesty. It was divisive and ugly but still it was passionate. And it is after controversial times like these, like the Vietnam War, that our nation moves back into itself, longing for healing, but knowing more about the emotional undercurrents that exist within our populous. No matter your opinion, your affiliation, your joy or your pain, I encourage you to become involved politically—on any level. Organize in the community, familiarize yourself with your local politicians, make calls, show up at offices, or even come

December 2, 2016

One scary thing about this election is the propensity of misinformation on the Internet. But again, navigating what news is real and what news is fake requires participation and study. Like political organizing, it is a slow and patient process. But it is an opportunity not only to guard ourselves from misinformation, but to arm ourselves with knowledge. We are afforded the great privilege of living in a democracy, where we do not have to fear for our lives as political parties transition between power. However, the price we pay for that luxury is the necessity to participate.

forward, it is more important that we do not lose the lesson, as well. While there is much uncertainty for the future, the one thing we know to be true in the present is that indifference and apathy are not an option. Above all we must participate. We must educate ourselves and begin productive, difficult conversations that elevate our communities. Let us show our gratitude for the democracy in which we live.

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For so many of us, was the election a loss? Absolutely. Nevertheless, moving


How Are You Waiting? By Debra Huff

“And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.” (Hebrews 6:15 NKJV) Over the years, this has become one of my favorite promise scriptures. As I read and meditate on this text, I’m reminded whatever God has promised He is faithful and will deliver. It requires me to wait in faith for God to do what He said He would. It can be hard; but it’s definitely worth the wait. In the text, the Hebrews writer is writing about Abraham. We all know Abraham as the father of many nations. He was also called a friend of God. However, Abraham is probably best known as one who was faithful. God promised a blessing to Abraham. At times, it must have seemed as if the promise would not come to pass. Can you just imagine what his peers and family said or whispered about him as he waited? Yet, we read, Abraham patiently endured. How are you waiting on today for what God has promised you? Does it seem as if it will never come to pass? Do you feel as if God has forgotten you? Many are waiting on the promise but they are filled with anger, doubt and/or frustration. For some, you seem to be on the brink of the promise coming to pass; but for whatever reason you can’t seem to obtain it YET. Others are about to give up. But I have come to encourage you to hold on. Abraham waited patiently. As I’ve said before, waiting patiently is almost an oxymoron. How does one wait patiently?

It requires much communion with God. To wait patiently, we should be in constant contact with the Lord. We should pray, get in His Word and get into His presence. If you don’t commune with God, you are left to do things on your own. Abraham did that a few times, too. Because we serve a God who is merciful and gracious, He is patient with us when we get off track. Maybe God has given you a glimpse of your promise. You are doing everything within your power to obtain the promise. If that’s you, please continue to wait patiently. As Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:6, ‘Be anxious for anything….’ Remain steadfast despite the opposition. Remain steadfast during the difficult and adverse times. Don’t allow anger, frustration or doubt to set in. Know the One who promised is faithful. Know the One who promised is able. Know the One who promised will do just what He said. Knowing this should allow you to wait patiently and endure. Wait with a praise in your mouth for what is to come. Don’t grow weary in your waiting. Keep being obedient to God and faithful to Him. If God promised it to you; it will surely come to pass. Remember how you wait can affect how long you wait. Be Encouraged!


December 2, 2016

December 2, 2016


New STEM Enrichment Programs Comes to Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students! About 3 years ago, Roz Davis-Grimes, a native of Dallas who grew up in the Oak Cliff area was looking for a STEM summer camp for her 6th grade grandson. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is commonly referred to as STEM. During spring break of that year, she promised her grandson that she would enroll him in a STEM camp for the summer. As she researched various STEM camps, she was unable to find one south of downtown Dallas, but had a tremendous selection for STEM camps north of downtown Dallas. “When MiMi promises her grand-children something, I always do my best to keep those promises”, says Roz. Roz enrolled her grandson in a STEM summer camp and had to drive her grandson from Cedar Hill to Addison every day for her grandson to attend the STEM summer camp. Roz shared by saying, “At that time, I

Roz Davis-Grimes

kept saying to myself, this is ridiculous! There are no STEM summer camps or programs for kids on this side of town. So, I begin to do research on different STEM programs and curriculums. After I made the selection of the curriculum to be used, I began market research to local schools: public, private, and charter schools. I asked them if they were interested in various STEM programs like Aerospace, Mechanical, Software


Engineering and Robotics programs for kids ages 4-14. There was an overwhelming response of ‘yes’…’yes’… ’yes’! So I purchased the Engineering for Kids® Dallas SW Franchise with a mission to provide STEM Education Enrichment to children south of downtown Dallas.” Engineering For Kids® Dallas SW is an independent Franchise of EK Franchising. Since the start of the new Franchise, Engineering For Kids® Dallas SW had to privilege to provide STEM enrichment summer camps, after-school programs and in-school field trips to various schools in 3 major local school districts as well as a many private schools in the area. Engineering For Kids® is a global organization whose mission is to “Inspire the next generation of Engineers” and a top-10 ranked franchise according to entrepreneur magazine. “We are excited to be hon-

ored by such a major publication. At Engineering For Kids®, we believe STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education is something that is critically lacking in our nations’ public school systems. In a globally competitive economy, employers of all shapes and sizes are increasingly seeking workers skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math. Supply is low and demand is high. There is a mismatch between projected future jobs requiring STEM skills and the projected supply of qualified workers to fill them.” Engineering For Kids® seeks to be a major part of the solution to this problem by fostering these skills in young children. “Our vision is for every kid to discover what engineers do and ex-

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December 2, 2016

Continued from Page 8 plore what opportunities are available to them in STEM fields.” Engineering to discover what engineers do and explore what opportunities are available to them in STEM fields.” Engineering For Kids® brings science, technology, engineering, and math to kids ages 4 to 14 in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, clubs, and parties. We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Engineering is, after all, one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Some of our curriculums include: • • • • • • • • • •

Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Environmental Engineering Hardware Engineering Industrial Engineering Marine Engineering Mechanical Engineering Robotics

• •

Software Engineering & Electronic Game Design 3-D Printing & CAD

“I’m really excited about our technology portion of STEM Program. Leadership Diagnostics LLC has not only partnered with the Engineering for Kids® Franchise for children ages 4-14, but we have recently partnered with Ten80 Education to reach out and provide STEM education to the High School age students”, explains Roz. The Engineering For Kids Franchise provides the EFK Academy programs that offer 21st century curriculum based on the latest research and innovation from Robomatter. The EFK Academy Programs will help student develop college and career readiness skill as they work to earn Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Student Certification. For more information go to Academy This program teaches important skills in:

December 2, 2016

• • • • • •

foundational mathematics engineering programming problem-solving creative thinking computational thinking

Ten80 Education develops and publishes curriculum and trains educators in the art of STEM and organizes events that motivate student to engage and learn over time. For more information go to With the Ten80’s Computer Science curriculum, High School Students learn to “SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF COMPUTERS!” o (CS-1A, 1B) bridges engineering design and computer science with business modeling and real world applications. In the Student CompSci Challenge (CS-1A), students develop problem- solving and computational thinking skills. Student CompSci Challenge.

o Ten80’s Student CompSci Challenge is a full curriculum framework, not just a set of activities. It can be implemented as a standalone 1-semester computer science foundation course or be integrated into science and engineering elective courses. Combine it with the Student Rover Challenge to create full-year standalone CS course. Also, with the TEN80 Education Student Racing Challenge, Students Certify, then Specialize. o In STEM-1A, a half-year Intro to Engineering course, students are certified in three key aspects of race engineering: • Problem Solving, • Driving through Data, and • Mechanical Systems. Continued on Page 10


Continued from Page 9 o In STEM-1B, students Specialize into projects and roles that interest them personally and that contribute to the team’s performance • With the TEN80 Education original “Racing Challenge” vehicle comes ready- to-run so the first weeks of engagement are spent learning how systems oper operate and how to organize data rather than following ‘build’ directions. After being ‘certified’ in mechanical systems, data and problem solving students rebuild the car with improved parts. That is real reverse engineering! • Finally, The TEN80 Education Program offers National STEM League (NSL)…Collaborate. Create. Now Compete! It is easy to integrate collaboration and competition into your STEM program through The National STEM League (NSL), a practice league for future-professionals. Web-based and face-to-face series ensure you can

participate no matter your location or budget. There is a place for all students to contribute to the team through: - Race engineering - Coding and automation - Design and fabrication - Graphic design - Marketing - Community outreach - Data-driven design projects that ask students to follow their own interests (as long as they follow good investigation practices = GIP).

and her service includes but not limited to these non-profit organization: President of the Young S.T.E.M. Professionals; Former Board Member and Treasurer of Totally Equipped, Current Board Member of the Cedar Hill Action Team and member of the Building the Kingdom Community Church.

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These STEM programs use challenging hands-on content and curriculum to motivate student to learn while having fun. For more information on the magnificent STEM Programs, or how to get these programs in your kid’s school contact Roz Davis -Grimes at Roz@ or 469-844-STEM (7836). Roz Davis-Grimes is Founder and CEO of Leadership Diagnostics LLC, based in Cedar Hill, Texas and Franchise owner of Engineering For Kids® Dallas SW. Roz’s has a heart for her community


December 2, 2016


By Wanda McKinley, survivor of childhood molestation, rape and domestic violence

A few weeks later I went to the Christmas breakup party at the office. We went out to a nice Chinese Restaurant. We were seated at round tables and towards the end of the night when I was seated opposite the wife of a fellow worker, she turned to me in her drunken state and looking me directly in my eyes she asked me a very personal and intimate question. Her question peeled me open emotionally. I felt my legs pull together under the table and then my genitals being touched. I felt sick inside and my mind was racing with feelings. I didn’t know it at the time but I was beginning to remember being sexually abused as a child, and I was having the first of many flashbacks. Well that’s not entirely true. About two years earlier I had a dream, which was horrible. I was actually thrown out of bed and I found myself curled up tight on the floor screaming in terror. The dream was a mass of feeling of terror. No images just feelings, it was like taking a bath in terror. I was left shaking for about an hour afterwards.

torture made the sexual abuse seem like a trip to Disney Land. (Not to down play the effects of the sexual abuse either when I say this) In my recovery I was fortunate to find good help. I went to counseling for a year and during that time uncovered more memories and found new

ways to handle my feelings. I ended up leaving work and being unemployed for three years (doing part time work and studying) I was in no fit state to cope with full-time work at this stage.

Now two years later the door to my shut off memories was blasted through with this question and the following memories of being touched. Then as time went on I began to uncover more. Over the next two years I had a solid time of flashbacks and memories. What happened is less important to me now, than how I felt as a child and how I needed to recover who I was after the memories surfaced.

One of the important pieces of learning was that the things that bother me now are connected to past experiences. When I say bother I really mean hate! I kept a journal a notebook of all my flashbacks and dreams. My dreams were full on memories with feelings. Because I had been given drops I couldn’t see, but I didn’t know I was given drops at first so in keeping a diary I was able to see the progression of my memories. Boy is this important.

A mother and her 12-year-old son (who was shown what to do by his mother) sexually abused me. I was also tortured with electric shocks and had drops put in my eyes so I couldn’t see. At times I was given ether to knock me out. After remembering the sexual abuse I had a break of about 4 weeks in memories. I thought that this was it. Finally it’s over. What I discovered was that I had run my marathon only to discover I had been treading water and needed to start all over again. The following memories of the

Let’s look at some that I made. I hated anger; if anyone got angry I left. If I felt angry I would shut down, swallow my feelings and get on with life. I felt sick every day when I went to work as an electrician. I couldn’t think straight; I was only able to function if people told me what to do. I hate wearing a collar and tie; I hated being touched on my neck. The only hospital I ever went to was the eye and ear hospital for a dozen injuries to my eyes and when it came to being given eye drops I would freeze and hold

December 2, 2016

my breath, I hated needles, the smell of dentist rooms (ether), I hated being caught, being confined in small dark places, and most of all I hated getting electric shocks at work. I would feel sick inside and very angry with myself. These are the situations that had connections. I was at work installing security alarms. The client’s home was a concrete yard with two large dogs. The yard was hardly cleaned and it smelled of dog droppings badly. I hated this smell. It made me feel sick, very sick inside. And I hated dogs. Then three weeks later my journal records remembering having them set their dog on me licking my genitals, me feeling sick about this and them having the dog do his business on my face. It’s no wonder I feel that connections are important. I believe the things we hate are strongly connected to those earlier traumatic experiences. It’s as though our feelings are the roadmap to our earlier childhood experiences. It’s no wonder the things I hate are so strongly connected to the terror I experienced as a child….. If you have a survival story to tell, let me share it. If you have any questions please contact me, Wanda McKinley at 214-454-2933 and/or Also visit us at

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Rollin With a Brotha By Smokin Kevan Browning

Welcome to the weekend baby! Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving, survived “Black Friday”, “Small Business Saturday”, “Cyber Monday” and didn’t end up with “BROKE TUESDAY”! My Mom used to have a saying...”Baby, a sale is not a sale if you shop every sale”.

Opal Crawford As we swing fully into the Christmas season my memories of Opal Crawford’s unconditional love, style, grace, beauty, wisdom and intellect ring loudly in my mind. My mom had it going on for decades. She was a small town girl from Texarkana, Texas who won a college scholarship to prestigious Vassar College, an Ivy League School on the East Coast for her voice in 1945. I sometimes wonder how her life would have turned out had my Grandmother allowed her to accept it. Granny was a beautiful, strong, smart woman born in Longview, Texas in 1910 and felt that New York was much too far for her little girl to travel from home. Vassar, founded in 1861 was Yale University’s “sister” school and the 1st degree granting institution of higher education for women in the U.S. Instead my Mom enrolled

in Huston-Tillotson, a small historically Black College now University in Austin, Texas. Mom fell in love, dropped out, married and moved to Chicago in the 1950’s with a man who had a good post office job, but decided he wanted to be an interior decorator instead. After struggling thru the 1950’s and 1960’s, Mom’s brilliance came out as she excelled and eventually became the District Manager at Leader Dry Cleaners, managing 40 stores on the West Side of Chicago. I lived with my Grands and Great Grands in Texarkana, before moving to the “Windy City” and growing up there in the 70’s! I remember my Mom’s awesome home, the new car she drove every other year and her strength as she rocked a Blond Afro and instilled things in a boy who was as green as new mowed grass. She also found time to be church secretary for 25 years and go back to college where she achieved straight A’s at age 47 or 48. Fast forward to 1984. Mom moved back to Texarkana to care for her Mom, my Granny. Granny died in in ‘86 and I was surprised that Mom never moved back to Chicago. In 1996 she’d turned 70 and I knew it was time to bring her to the DFW where I could keep an eye on her. We we’re blessed and enriched by her presence as she talked sense to our kids and was integral in the early upbringing... We also were blessed also to give her $400.00-$500.00 a month for over 15 years so she could live comfortably and independently. Finally in 2012 at the age of 85 she moved in with us, unable to care for herself. The lessons on life continued


sity and his ROCK.

Donda and Kanye West as our daughters both moved back in and helped care for my Mom. I was Blessed to see a side of her I’d not known since moving out of her home after my high school graduation. I discovered she had an incredible sense of humor and began to understand her relationship with Jesus. Wherever she lived from our 1st place on the Southside, to the swank spot with a 20 foot high, 100 foot long wall of glass facing Lake Michigan to her final spot here, my Mom always had a war room, a prayer closet. I credit her being on her knees with a lot of my personal success. Yes it’s the holiday season and I had a Mom until she was 86 years of age, so I’m so very thankful. I started thinking about my Mom after watching the 2016 film “Almost Christmas”... My thoughts then wandered to Kanye West and his current mental health issues. People forget that Kanye is just another kid from the Southside of Chicago, like me. Kanye lost his Mom in November of 2007 due to botched cosmetic surgeries. She, like my Mom was a successful woman who chaired the English Department at Chicago State Univer-

Hanging with the Kardashian’s is stressful in itself. Add in the anniversary of his Mom, Donda West’s death and I believe you have the root cause of Kanye’s issue. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I’d lost my Mom 30 years before she died. In any case, someone asked me what I thought of Kanye’s situation? I think he misses his mom’s strength, guidance, and unconditional Love. I know I do. I reflected just the other day that I never had to call my Mom, or set up a date to see her, or not wonder why she didn’t answer or return my call. I could just knock on the door and know that I was welcome. It’s something to know you have a place you can go and simply without question feel welcome and loved. Kanye is out of the hospital and my hope is that his situation will pass. As you go thru this Holiday Season remember to remember, but never forget as my Mom shared during 2012, her final year... “Life is for the Living”! Happy Birthday! If you were born this week, you are in good company with these celebs celebrating Birthdays right along with YOU. Bo Jackson 54, Shaunie O’Neal 42, Dianna Williams 38, The Game 37, Trey Songs 32, Chrissy Teigen 31, Janelle Monae 30, Russell Wilson & Teairra Mari 28, Zoe Kravitz 27, Carnell Breeding 25 and Bryshere Gray 23! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thanks for “Rollin With A Brotha” in The Elite News.

December 2, 2016

Toliver’s Talents - Them Cats can Play By Mark A Toliver II

The high school playoffs have been anything but boring this year. Desoto, Cedar Hill, Lancaster and Duncanville have shown the talent it takes to go deep in the playoffs. But this year’s Duncanville Panther team has a little something special. That something special is senior running back Tre Siggers. Siggers rushed for four touchdowns, including a gamewinning 14- yard run with 4:09 left as the Panthers rallied to beat Arlington Bowie 32-27. Siggers, who also plays full time on defense, led his team back by scoring on a 32-yard run in the third quarter and then on a 3 yard run with 11:30 left in the game to give Duncanville a 24-21 lead.

Siggers finished with 138 yards on 16 carries and gained 76 yards on 10 carries in the second half. It wasn’t an easy game for the Panthers, Bowie quarterback Donovan Davenport threw two touchdown passes to Kobe Daniels in the first half, and scored on a 7- yard run to put Bowie back ahead with 9:07 left in the game, but the extra point was blocked, and Duncanville’s James Johnson ran it back for two points to make Bowie’s lead to just 27-26. Duncanville rallied when it trailed 21-7 after one quarter and 21-10 at halftime. After running for 504 yards in last week’s 52-7 blowout of Hebron it was hard to believe the Panthers were help to 84 yards rushing on 16 carries in the first half.

Bowie started its final drive at its 45-yard line and reached the Duncanville 30. But on fourth-and -10 from the 32 with 1:45 left, Duncanville forced a fumble and Terrance Newman recovered to clinch the win.

en Allen team next. Allen will be a great game for the Panthers. Both teams are filled with talented players on both sides of the ball. But the Panthers have made believers out of a lot of people.

Duncanville lost star quarterback Jaylin Nelson to a broken femur in a loss to Desoto in October but Junior Trazon Connley and senior Jalan Mclin shared time at quarterback. Connley completed 12 of 18 passes for 105 yards, and Mclin ran for 41 yards on six carries.

This year’s team has already surprised and lot people in the Duncanville community. Hat’s off to Coach Samples and his coaching staff. Congratulations to all the players on this year’s team. Just keep playing, on thing I can say for sure.” Them Cats can Play”

Duncanville was playing in the third round of the playoffs for the first time since 2000. Now the Panthers are facing an unbeat-

Go luck Panthers!!!! May God bless you and Use us to Change the World!!!

Bexar Street Member December Member of the Month

Sis. Virgina Trimble Mass Choir Culinary Committee Hospitality Committee Favorite Song: “Soon All Will Be Done” Favorite Scripture: Psalm 23 December 2, 2016




December 2, 2016


December 2, 2016


Elite news december 2, 2016 issue 40  
Elite news december 2, 2016 issue 40