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Introduction Both cross platform apps and web apps are used in businesses. The main aim here is to provide apps that give great user experience. Cross platform mobile app development is best for business

applications while native app development would be a natural choice when there is a lot of animation and user interaction. A web app is an application program that is stored in a browser and

delivered over the internet through browser interface. Cross platform apps are those apps that are compatible with different mobile OS.

Web Apps Vs Cross Platform Apps The first argument is concerned with cost of development. Quite

clearly, cross platform wins on this score since web apps are dedicated to one particular space and needs to be developed separately for different platforms. Remember, a cross platform app is quicker to develop since it is a simple prototype. The web apps, being more sophisticated, need more time and effort to develop. On the other hand, debugging is easier on cross platform apps but may become a critical issue in web apps. To create a web app you start from scratch and code the application in a language supported by that particular platform. Cross platform apps are built on existing applications using language that can be integrated into various platforms. The web app needs access to all device hardware and functionality, is high responsive in user interface, and works with big data. Cont…

The cross platform apps tests and validates simple concepts, needs a

promotional application of limited lifespan, has a simple user interface, does not interact with any device hardware, and does not process complex data or work with audio and video. The primary target is one OS and you do not need a specific user interface. In cross platform apps the code used is reusable. They have access to plug insinto other devices, and are easy to develop. They can direct be integrated with cloud services too. However web apps remain relatively lesser known as there is less commercial interest in them from vendors. Web as are distributed free of charge making them less lucrative for vendors. Developers and distributors have greater control over web apps.

Conclusion ď śDebates on Cross platform apps development and web apps

development rests on these above differences. ď śBoth apps give great user experience.

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The debate cross platform apps vs web apps