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iPhone Application Development – What’s in the Future?

Introduction  Apple has played a significant role in the mobile revolution and has

completely changed the way in which we interact with technology.  No matter what their next product release is, the whole world is watching with eager eyes!  iPhone application development has augmented the use of smartphones to such an extent that they have become an indispensible part of our lives.

Why iPhone apps dev is very popular and what the future holds for iPhone apps ď ś Swift coding

This new set of coding methodologies and frameworks are more inclusive and enables the developer to write reliable code using Xcode tools. With the demand for seamlessly integrated devices, Swift has the potential to replace Objective C for good when it comes to iPhone apps development. ď ś Watch OS2

Apple watch 2 is already launched and is expected to be the top brand in the wearable technology category. The development and growth of Watch OS2 will push the market for apps for this device dimensions to the next level.

ď ś Number of free apps will increase

As per current trends, there are a number of free apps and there are many more apps that are paid too. Well, future trends show that there will be many more free apps and in app purchases and advertisements will be the main revenue drivers. ď ś iBeacons used for geo-positioning

With the iBeacon, Apple has already introduced smarter applications that include location support. iOS app developers have the opportunity to create sophisticated ecommerce apps and m-commerce apps that help personalize user experiences.

ď ś Emphasis on Mcommerce

Mcommerce is growing at an amplified rate. Mobile technologies like mobile beacons and wallets provide better incentives for users too. ď ś iOS and app security

Apps that do not meet the basic security measures are bound to fail. Especially apps where personal and relevant data sharing is required are more susceptible to vulnerabilities. They must be developed to be secure and protect user data too.

ď ś Cloud based app development

Cloud support will enable app developers to reduce the app size and help free space in the limited device confines. This type of app development can also help smart sync across multiple devices. Cloud supported applications are hence gaining more and more popularity and apps are being developed centering round the cloud to provide users with better features.

Conclusion ď ś Over the years, Apple has continued to maintain the buzz and the

excitement that goes around whenever there is anything new that is announced by Apple. ď ś Whether it is iPhone, iPad, Watch or any other technology!

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iPhone Application Development – What’s in the Future  

Apple has played a significant role in the mobile revolution and has completely changed the way in which we interact with technology. iPhone...