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Cart abandonment is a major problem for online stores. A customer browses through the store, picks up products but finally abandons the cart and leaves the site.

This means loss of revenue. As the sale is virtual; there is little scope for personal intervention here.

However, it is important to come up with ways to stop this tendency. Magento store development has to take a good look at this problem.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment and solutions

One of the major reasons for cart abandonment by browsers is the complicated and tedious multi-step check out process. Most users are looking for a quick why to buy products.

Among the reasons cited by customers for abandoning their cart, the majority of them responded with unexpected costs included in the final bill before the payment is made.

Another response refers to the complicated website navigation that leads to potential customers losing interest or simply growing tired of moving from one page to another to find what they want.

Abandoned cart alerts sent for both abandoned cart and abandoned orders where payment did not go through could be used too.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment and solutions


A different strategy is needed for new visitors. Using personalized shopping offers and giving coupons are behavioral tactics that treat each as a unique customer.


Follow up emails are a great way to stay connected with customers and a good relationship building tool. These mails help to improve conversion rates.



Magento abandoned cart extension is an important part of Magento store development process. It has a fix it yourself solution that e-commerce sites can use to decrease cart abandonment and increase sales significantly.

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Solving the problem of cart abandonment in magento stores