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APRIL / MAY 2014



THE LITTLE FISH SHOP 34 HIGH STREET KELVEDON Tel: 01376 573535 Traditional Fishmongers Wholesale and Retail Specialising in seasonal locally caught fish Smoked and shellfish Try our cook-in-bags, no mess no smell, perfect results every time Seafood platters made to order

Total Catering: Jacqueline’s Tea Room, Colchester

TOTAL CATERING: JACQUELINE’S TEA ROOM High tea has become very fashionable again in recent years. It’s a lovely way to treat yourself in pleasant surroundings and although a cheaper option than lunch or dinner, it is still truly splendid…


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business plan over the last

the detail exact to the period,


year to get it just right.

with wide variety of period tea cups and some very unusual

a nation of Right from the start, it was not

tea pots. The decor is spot-on,

and it’s rather nice to see

just to be a place to have a cup

looking just like someone's

the modern coffee-multiples

of tea, but a proper tea room

front room from that era.

trend being challenged locally.

all themed on the 1940's in

Jacqueline's tea room in

décor, style and dress code. It

Their detailed approach didn't

Colchester is a case at point;

really is like stepping back in

stop with the look. They

and Neil and Jacqueline have

time to the heyday of Lyons’

researched the tea market very

thoroughly researched their

corner houses. They have got

thoroughly and have nineteen



Total Catering: Jacqueline’s Tea Room, Colchester traditional route

The food on offer is wide-

that you might

ranging and exclusive to

expect from their

Jacqueline’s, and not just for

décor; instead

those with a sweet tooth. They

have taken on a

have gorgeous deep sponges

full range of gluten

and light salads, and some of

free food snacks.

the real treats are Goats cheese

When I first heard

and caramelised onion or bacon

about it I was

and brie tartlets or try the curd

unsure of the need,

and passion fruit cupcakes.

different blends ranging from

but once I’d started to consider

popular favourites such as Earl

this and discuss it, I discovered

But I recommend you go

Grey and Darjeeling, to a spicy

the obvious. Firstly, you don’t

the full Monty, and treat

chia one that I have personally

need to have a medical reason

yourself to a sumptuous,

got to like. The brewing

to eat gluten free products, and

terribly 1940’s, afternoon tea.

experience is explained and

secondly, they taste brilliant!

You will be glad you did!

small egg timers accompany each pot to get the strength just right. Just in case you like your drink a bit more middle of the road you can have a cup of good old Yorkshire or, yes, even Mokarabia coffee if you still need your coffee but in more romantic surroundings than Starbucks. But what Neil and Jacqueline have done with the food offered in their tea room is both brave and clever. Without food these days, no tearoom will survive, but they did not take the

Tel: 01206 795327

Fax: 01206 796689

Total Catering Equipment, Unit 21, Moorside Business Park, Eastgates, Colchester, Essex CO1 2ZF ELITE FOOD & DRINK


Escape, Relax, Enjoy

am gos

An award-winning 4 star resort with outstanding spa facilities in stunning Constable Country.

mexican restaurant Spa Days from £79 and Spa Breaks from just £113.50! VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR UPCOMING OFFERS AND EVENTS See website for details and special offers.

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mexican restaurant

Email: Keepers Lane, Leavenheath, Colchester CO6 4PZ All of our dishes are prepared in our kitchen where flour and nuts are commonly used. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our dishes are free from traces of these products. Fish or poultry dishes may contain items not mentioned in our product descriptions so please notify your server if you have any particular allergy or requirement. All items are subject to availability

am gos mexican restaurant

am gos mexican restaurant 14 - 15 North Hill, Colchester • Telephone 01206 768060

Welcome to Amigos! We only use the freshest ingredients and source them locally where possible. Being a Mexican restaurant most of our dishes are naturally spicy and we have put chillies next to the dishes that are extra hot. If you would like a dish less spicy or not spicy at all please ask your server and they will be more than happy to help. We hope you enjoy your visit to Amigos!

Starters Balas Quentes V £5·25 Fried breaded jalapeños in a cream cheese sauce with sweet jalapeño chilli jelly. ‘Piles de Papa V £4·25 Deep filled potato skins filled with sour cream, chives, cheese and black pepper. Topped with Monterey cheese with salsa on the side. Add bacon for a real treat


Champinones con Queso V £4·25 Sautéed mushrooms in garlic butter and oregano. Topped with melted cheese.

Fluatas de Cerdo £5·95 Slow cooked pork loin in BBQ sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried until crispy. Served with a rocket salad.


Chi Bee wit

Chi Veg top gar

£7·25 Combo de Altias de Pollo & Albondigas Chicken wings cooked in mild mexican spices, lightly fried and tossed in hot caliente sauce with sour cream dip & Beef meatballs with shallots, red chillies, Mexican seasoning tossed in tomato sauce.

Pol Gri sau wit

£7·95 Combo de Langostinos & Calamares Four king prawns in garlic butter and chillies & Deep fried Spicy Squid rings, lemon, lime and salad garnish

Cer Por pap wit

Jam Pae cub veg

Starters To Share Nachos V £6·95 Home-cooked corn tortilla chips with jalapeño cheese sauce topped with melted cheese, jalapenos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Quesadillas Folded Flour tortilla with jalapeno cheese sauce, choice of filling topped with grated Monterey jack and grand Padano with a pinch of paprika.

Ma Mix avo ran

Add beef chilli, Spicy Chicken or Veg Chili

BBQ Pulled Pork


Spicy Chicken & Hot Chorizo


Add Spi Ste Sea


Tacos £12·95 Four home cooked tacos each with a different filling - spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork, veg chilli and mixed bean salsa. Served with grated Monterey jack, shredded lettuce and re-fried beans on the side.

Beef Chilli


Veg Chilli V


Amigos Platter for 4


The ultimate feast, chicken wings, BBQ ribs, filled potato skins, jalapeño poppers, spicy onion rings, corn on the cob, messy nachos with BBQ and sour cream dips

Side Orders Marinated Olives


Hot Salsa


House Salad


Mango & Pineapple Salsa


Mexican Rice


Mixed Bean Salsa




Sweetcorn & Herb Salsa


House Chunky Chips


Sweet & Spicy Onion Rings With cholula mayo



Bur Sof bea gua

Enc Rol tom serv

Chi Frie

jala gua

Filli Spi Bee Veg



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Chilli con Carne £10·95 Beef Chilli served on a bed of Mexican rice and topped with corn tortillas, fresh salsa, sour cream and garnish.

Our fajitas are served on a hot SIZZLING skillet with spiced fajita onions and mixed peppers. With warm tortillas, sour cream, fresh salsa, guacamole and grated Monterey jack cheese.


£8·95 Chilli con Habas V Veggie chilli served on a bed of Mexican rice and topped with corn tortillas, fresh salsa, sour cream and garnish.

h d ce.

£11·95 Pollo del Fuego Grilled chicken marinated in our chef’s hottest chilli sauce with roasted spicy veg and Mexican rice topped with sour cream. Our hottest dish! Try if you DARE!






£12·25 Cerdo Con Championes Pork loin and mushrooms marinated in white wine, paprika, chilli, fresh coriander and cherry tomatoes with Mexican rice. Jambalaya For 1 £12·95 For 2 £24.95 Paella the Mexican way! Pan fried prawns, chicken cubes, hot chorizo, Mexican rice, sliced red chillies and veg chilli all tossed in our tomato sauce. Main House Salad V £8·95 Mixed leaves, tomatos, cucumber, julienne carrots, avocado, sliced jalapeños, fajita veg all tossed in ranchero dressing. Add a topping: Spicy Chicken Steak Sea Bass


£10.95 £14.95 £13.95












Burrito Soft flour tortilla filled with jalapeño cheese sauce, beans, Mexican rice topped with cheese, fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream and garnish. Enchiladas Rolled flour tortillas baked, filled with our Amigos tomato sauce, choice of filling topped with cheese and served with Mexican rice and garnish Chimichanga Fried flour tortilla parcel filled with Mexican rice, jalapeño cheese sauce, beans, served with sour cream, guacamole, fresh salsa dips and garnish Filling choice: Spicy Chicken Beef Chilli Veg Chilli or Spicy roasted veg V

£11.95 £10.95 £9.95


Choose Your Favourite Fajita Filling Classic Pollo Grilled tender marinated chicken breast.


Aculpoco Pollo £14·25 Oven baked chicken breast with chives, jalapeño cheese sauce, coffee, crushed corn tortillas, breadcrumbs, topped with grated cheese. BBQ Costillas Slow cooked ribs glazed in our BBQ Sauce.


8oz Filete de cadera Rump steak grilled to your taste.


Gambas Del Ray Prawns pan fried in garlic butter.


Roasted Spicy Veg V £10·95 Slow roasted sweet potatoes, courgettes, onions and peppers cooked in Mexican seasoning. Combo Choose any two of the above Choose any three of the above

TexNorth Mex

£15·95 £18·95

of the Border

Pollo Texas Fusion £11·95 Marinated Chicken breast grilled and topped with bacon, cheese and spicy tomato sauce with house chunky chips, coleslaw and corn on the cob. £11·95 8oz Amigos Burrito Burger Beef mince burger with an amigos twist, lettuce, jalapeño, tomato and Cholula mayo, all wrapped in a flour tortilla with house chunky chips and coleslaw. Estante de Costillas £15·95 Succulent slow cooked pork ribs glazed in our BBQ sauce with house chunky chips, coleslaw and corn-on -the-cob.

am gos mexican restaurant


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mexican restaurant

All of our dishes are prepared in our kitchen where flour and nuts are commonly used. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our dishes are free from traces of these products. Fish or poultry dishes may contain items not mentioned in our product descriptions so please notify your server if you have any particular allergy or requirement. All items are subject to availability




Elite Recipe Ideas


am gos

There is a bit of a battle going on at the moment, between eating out and eating in; while eating in often involves opening a pot of something that has already been cooked once by somebody else anyway … Although we cannot know the long-term effects on our health of all this twice-cooked fare, we would probably do well to redress the balance a bit and treat ourselves to what our grandparents would

mexican restaurant

have called ‘proper home-cooked food’. But, ironically, this dish is not only easy to prepare, it is also great for keeping in the fridge for 3 or 4 days, and it can be reheated without impairing the flavour or texture, so you have the best of both worlds.

It goes well with most meats, but I think, particularly well with pies, puddings, and sausages.


Braised red cabbage Ingredients

1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC/338ºF/Gas 3. 2. Mix the cabbage with the rest of the ingredients and put in a lidded

am gos

ovenproof dish. 1 medium red cabbage, quartered, cored and sliced 3. Season well. (I usually remove the thick stalk) 4. Bake in the oven for 60-90 minutes 2 red onions, peeled and sliced until the cabbage is tender and juicy. Mix the ingredients together 2-3 Heaped table spoon of Cranberry Sauce times during cooking. 2 large cooking apples (Bramley apples are best), 5. Serve with spicy sausages or allow to cool and store in the fridge and peeled, cored and grated reheat when needed. 1 tsp ground cinnamon (or five spice according to taste) Serves 6-8 14a -sugar 15 North Hill, Colchester • Telephone 01206 768060 25g /1oz Demerar 3 tbsp wine or sherry or balsamic vinegar.

mexican restaurant




14-15 North Hill Colchester CO1 1DZ Open from noon til late, 7 days a week!

am For

s l w o B h s i F s o ig

4 or 6 people to share in the following variants ‌




Jose Cuervo Silver,

Jose Cuervo Silver,

Jose Cuervo Silver,

Grenadine and

grapefruit juice, agave

Archers, Cointreau,

orange juice

syrup and soda

Grenadine, orange juice and cranberry juice


s e k a h s k l i M s o g i

Boozy milkshakes for the adults and yummy milkshakes for the kids = the best milkshakes in town!

ill DZ


GIFT/LOYALTY CARD Load the card with however much you want and we will add 10%, the best interest rate you will find anywhere. North H ill

Use it for yourself or as a gift for others.

, Colche

ster CO1 1D


Tequila is rich in a history far beyond the popular Margarita. Originally used during rituals beginning 2,000 years ago, tequila has evolved into the potent spirit we drink today. The town of Tequila was founded in 1656 and shortly thereafter tequila was produced throughout Mexico, with Jose Cuervo being the first to commercialise the product. The late 1800’s saw the first imports to the US and the following Mexican Revolution and World Wars added to the international popularity of tequila. Tequila is made by distilling the fermented juices of the blue agave plant (a member of the lily family) with water. After 10 years of growing, the agave plant is ready to be used in the production of tequila. The large bulbous plants are quartered DID YOU and slowly baked in steam ovens KNOW? until all starches are converted to sugars. This product is crushed in order to extract the plant’s sweet juices that are then fermented.


14-15 North Hill Colchester CO1 1DZ Open from noon til late, 7 days a week! Wi-Fi available





ÂŁ10.95! (not in conjunction with any other offer)

NOT SURE WHICH ARE? Please ask your server and they will be more than happy to help you! Alternatively, we can also make our dishes less spicy on request.


ill DZ



s ’ n e r d l Chi

s e i t r pa

INCLUDING A PIÑATA! Three choices of price packages available, plus cost of a piñata and filling of sweets or toys. For more information, contact us on 01206 768060.

WHAT IS A PIÑATA? The piñata is one of the many traditions typical of Mexico. A piñata is a clay pot filled with sweets, fruit and confetti, which is decorated with ribbons, tinsel and coloured paper. Mexican children love piñatas as they associate them with Christmas, birthdays and fiestas. A rope is thrown over a suitable branch or beam and it is then tied to the piñata. An adult or older child pulls the rope up and down while a child wearing a blindfold tries to break the piñata with a stick, thus letting the sweets fall to the ground. The children take it in turns, while the rest of the group clap and chant the piñata song. For health and safety reasons the piñata at Amigos will have ribbons that the children can all pull to release either sweets or small toys.

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