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Colchester High School Awarded Quality Mark for English and Mathematics Page 26 for more information DOES YOUR DOUBLE GLAZING STEAM UP? WE REPLACE THE GLASS NOT JUST THE FRAMES AT A FRACTION OF THE COSTS OF NEW WINDOWS See page 6 for more details


Life returns to near normal but....

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...are we ready for the consequences! Welcome to Issue 209, so much has changed for us here at elite magazine since March 2020 including our acquisition by Creative Fabrik and we look forward to working with all our new and existing advertisers and contributors as we look to grow the magazine... So many things will have changed for you, our reader too and the team here hope that you can look forward with some confidence as we move out of lockdown. This issue has an exclusive for us Ewa Aladowicz, Higher Scientific Officer at The Institute of Cancer Research, gives us here at elite magazine an exclusive look into how the research could potentially save lives with the help of The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation who fund vital research into sarcomas, which make up 11% of all cancer diagnoses in young people, on Page 10. Page 26 we hear from Ms Gracie-Langrick, Headteacher of Colchester High School about the outstanding accolade for the school to be recognised for Academic Excellence within their Lower School. Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) unveiled a unique sculpture at its Earls Colne Airbase and you can read more on Page 30 What’s On and Where is on Page 27 and there is a link to the website so you can make sure that your event isn’t missed out of the next issue, don’t forget to stay up to date at: Have fun in the sun and as always, please Be Kind! Alice

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Go local for home improvements With the home improvement boom showing no signs of slowing down, now is the time to get your home looking the way you’ve always wanted it.


How research can save lives Ewa Aladowicz, Higher Scientific Officer at The Institute of Cancer Research, gives Elite Magazine an exclusive look into how the research could potentially save lives.

living WELL



Colchester High School are delighted to announce their recent accreditation of the Quality Mark which was awarded for English and Mathematics from Year 1 to 6 (Primary Accreditation).

Our Living Well section with this months activities to help us all love to Live Well as we look to come out of Lockdown.

School Awarded Quality Mark

Living Well


Charity unveils unique Sculpture Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) unveiled a unique sculpture at its Earls Colne Airbase.


Gardening with Ken

Tell us about your What’s on and Where 4

Keep up to date with all the latest goings ons in the garden this summer..

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Go local for your home improvements W

ith the home improvement boom showing no signs of slowing down, now is the time to get your home looking the way you’ve always wanted it. Here, Steve Rawding, Sales and Marketing Director at leading South East home improvement company SEH BAC, discusses why, when it comes to work on your house, going local is always best. Whether it’s replacement windows, a new set of bi-fold doors out to the garden, or a conservatory to create more room for the family or have a space for home working, your home improvements could be some of the biggest things you spend your money on this year. Which means that choosing the right company to place your trust in and enhance your home is the most important decision you can make. People naturally assume that the bigger the company, the more superior the product. But the size of the company is not always a good barometer when it comes to quality. And, when it comes to who carries out your home improvement work, the benefits of using a local home improvement company from start to finish far outweigh what you will get from a national one. There will be no hard sell or outrageous quotes that can’t be honoured, while a local company

will be able to give you a quote in writing should you want one. You should also remember that a local company has a local reputation to rely on, particularly one they have carefully built up over time, and rely on word-of-mouth and referrals for business, which means that their customer service will be much better than a national company, who will be less reliant on your experience; they will just want to get in and get out as quickly as possible to move onto the next one. A local company will also be much more familiar with the different types of property in your area and local planning guidelines. As home improvements can be a big commitment, it’s important that you see and experience what you want up close before you buy and it’s very rare a national company will have a showroom you can visit. Contrast this with a local company, that will have a showroom within driving distance from you with experts on hand to answer any questions you might have before committing. You want your home to be the best that it can be, which is why you must have confidence in the company you task to do the work. With more than 50 years’ experience, the multi award-winning SEH BAC is part of the multimillion-pound Ipswich-based One Group Construction and has won numerous awards for its single-storey extensions. With more than 50 years’ experience, the multi award-winning SEH BAC is part of the multimillion-pound Ipswich-based One Group Construction and has won numerous awards for its single-storey extensions.

For more information call 0800 666 444 or visit


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How research can save lives E

ach year, The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation funds vital research into sarcomas, which make up 11% of all cancer diagnoses in young people. Ewa Aladowicz, Higher Scientific Officer at The Institute of Cancer Research, gives Elite Magazine an exclusive look into how the research could potentially save lives. Can you explain your work in a couple of lines? My research is focused on finding more efficient and less toxic treatments for children and adolescents with sarcomas How does your work contribute to the ICR’s mission to make the discoveries that defeat cancer? Paediatric sarcomas are relatively rare and because of that the research is more challenging than research in adult cancers that are more common. We make a huge effort in our team to understand the biology of these tumours and to develop better treatments. My work covers different aspects of cancer research: developing models for drug testing, exploring new therapeutic approaches and understanding how new therapies work at molecular level in rhabdomyosarcomas and desmoplastic small round cell tumour. What big projects are you working on? Development of new sarcoma models is one of my major projects. The models allow us to understand the disease and test new drugs outside patient body. The most used models in cancer research have been cell cultures where cancer cells are grown for many years attached to plastic dishes. Although a lot of discoveries have been made thanks to them, we now know that they poorly represent the tumours that grow inside of human body. Thus, we put a lot of effort to improve the models both in vivo and in vitro.


My other project involves testing a new drug combination in alveolar rhabdomyosarcomas that could be more effective than traditional chemotherapy. I am now trying to understand how the therapy works at the molecular level which will identify molecular markers to know which patients would benefit from the most (tailored therapy) as well as defining molecular markers to know how individual patients are responding to treatment. Talk us through your typical day Currently due to pandemic we work in shifts to respect social distancing. I work in the lab every morning doing experiments. In the afternoon I work from home covering all aspect of “office work”: I feel lucky because my days are never the same and I am really motivated to tackle the technical challenges and understand the biology that I believe will ultimately benefit patients. What’s your favourite part of your job? I love analysing data, trying to understand results and, based on that, designing new experiments to push my projects forward. For me this job is like solving jigsaw puzzle, sometimes very frustrating but sometimes immensely rewarding. What are the next steps in your research? My research has the ultimate aim of identifying the best possible treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma and DSRCT patients. Everything I do is working towards making this a reality.

To find out more about The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation, go to

John Fisher

Gardener & Landscaper 30 years experience

Hedge Cutting Tree Cutting Regular Garden Maintenance One off Tidy Ups New Planting Schemes Pressure Washing Garden Design Garden Gates Made to Size

Fencing Patios Turfing Driveways Concreting Brickwork Gravel Gardens Shed Bases/Roof Repairs

FREE QUOTES. No job too small. Very competitive rates. Good references. For a friendly and reliable service please call John on 01206 251276 or 07775 562201

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Littlegarth – the ideal independent primary school experience Littlegarth is a non-selective independent preparatory school for children between the ages of 2½ and 11 situated in the beautiful Stour Valley overlooking the village of Nayland. Littlegarth prides itself on preparing children thoroughly for the rigours of entrance exams to grammar and selective independent schools whilst embracing a broad and exciting curriculum. Specialist teachers offer guidance in key subjects and the children achieve extremely high standards in a wide range of activities. The school has been judged as ‘Outstanding’ in all four categories in the school’s latest ISI inspection and the excellent reputation the school

has for academic success was highlighted in the Standard Inspection Report which commented, “The overall achievement of the pupils is excellent, because of the exemplary attitude to learning by the pupils, who approach every task with delightful enthusiasm” and “The evidence from the inspection is that the pupils make exceptional progress when compared with those of similar above-average ability”.


Littlegarth children also achieve excellent standards in music, art and drama and in recent years sports teams have achieved unbeaten seasons and have won regional and national titles in major sports. Children of all abilities acquire a passion for a wide variety of activities inside and outside the classroom and the school works hard to feed that enthusiasm to ensure that each child leaves Littlegarth a confident member of a successful team. Early last year Littlegarth received a visit from The Good Schools guide and the glowing review resulting from this visit and subsequent interviews with parents can be found on the School’s website.

places at our local grammar schools while all children gained places at the independent schools of their choice. In the past four years, more than half of the Year 6 leavers have been awarded scholarships to senior independent schools with 80 children gaining over 120 scholarship awards. Headmaster, Peter Jones is delighted with these excellent results; ‘The children and staff have worked extremely hard in a very difficult year and we are very proud of the achievements of all our children. They really enjoy supporting each other and children of all ability levels feel that they are making a valuable contribution to the success of this very exciting school’.

Despite the huge difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the children have continued to receive their full curriculum and results in external exams have seen 11 children achieve

If you would like to know more about all that Littlegarth provides, please visit our website or telephone 01206 262332 to arrange a visit in the coming weeks.

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Gardening with So many pests about this year I thought the rain would keep them away but “NO” there are Sawfly, Box caterpillar, aphid galore on the vegetables, the viburnums, the lupins, the cardoons, the nasturtiums and even the ivy from next door on my fence. Attack seriously why not, instead of waiting till they are everywhere and killing the plants. Try spraying with an insecticide like Neudorff natural bug and larvae killer, yes that one is organic or what about Resolva Bug Killer or even Bug Clear Ultra 2. So get spraying. Not forgetting slugs and snails I’ve seen some beauties this year, personally I’m a slug pellet man and there are many that are friendly than there used to be like Neudorff Sluggo, this works with all flowers and Vegetables, so its ok in gardens and on the allotment and unlike some others is very resistant to rain due to their innovative bait technology, remember slug pellets are a bait to attract. Have you looked at your strawberry bed lately, if you have ‘ever bearing’ varieties like Flamenco available from Pomona in Walton in Essex a

great company for a vast range of fruit bushes, trees and plants. You will have been cropping for a couple of months and the plants will still be flowering for more fruit to come into the Autumn. If yours were early or mid flowering varieties then a clean up of the old leaves around the plant and if they are old you could start a new bed with the runners which have started to be produced. If pegged down they soon root and I give the whole bed a boost at this time with a water of liquid Maxicrop to help them all along. Staying on fruit those Worcester and Discovery apples should be ready to pick and get your teeth into and soon be time for plums. If you have a small garden don’t be put off worrying about the size of trees as so many fruits today are grown on as dwarfs and produce fruit very quickly. You will also see what are commonly called Auumn Crocus on sale at this time of the year. Well firstly most are not crocus but one that is and is

my favourite is Crocus Sativus, which is the variety where saffron is obtained from the stamens. Now for the confusion, Colchicums are also called Autumn Crocus but are not, no they are not. They are though very attractive and come in purples and white, the ones most sold out of a huge family are the Waterlilly type with large multi petted flowers, yes you guessed it like waterlillies. They flower in autumn with no leaves, and produce leaves in spring. Planted at the front of borders in groups is best or can be in grass. Most importantly find time to enjoy your gardens and never forget “GardeningwithKen “ is always here to help whatever the problem , call or e mail . Remember as well Chelsea Flower show is next month, so get your tickets before they have all gone.

Ken Crowther CHort MCIHort




living WELL

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Safety measures continue at ESNEFT C

oronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures will remain in place at hospitals run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not gone away and anyone who gets it can become seriously ill or have long-term effects, regardless of their vaccination status.

Although there will be big changes from Monday 19 July with lockdown restrictions lifting, Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures that have been in place at ESNEFT throughout the pandemic will not be changing yet.

ESNEFT Chief Executive Nick Hulme said: “We are urging everyone to play their part. Please continue following all the guidance we have in place at ESNEFT to reduce the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection for those working in our hospitals and for those who need our care.”

National guidance issued this week says people in healthcare settings up and down the country must continue to stick with measures including mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing. Therefore the Trust will continue to follow all Public Health England infection prevention and control guidelines and visiting guidance in its hospitals.

To help keep everyone safe, it is strongly recommended visitors and outpatients have a quick test for Coronavirus (COVID-19) before coming to ESNEFT hospitals too.

More information on how to order rapid testing kits is available on the ESNEFT website.

Here whenever you need us Funerals | Memorials | Pre-paid Funeral Plans Hunnaball of Colchester

York House, 41 Mersea Road, Colchester CO2 7QT

Tel: 01206 760049

Hunnaball of Stanway

8 Chapel Road, Stanway, Colchester CO3 0PU

Tel: 01206 489212 24

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Commercial and Domestic

Billy Barke 07860 143459

Dry Carpet Cleaning



Deep Powerful DRY Clean Upholstery Cleaning also available For a FREE no obligation quote Telephone Stephen 01787 223857 | 07793 153987

Legal Services and protection for all ages Will writing Lasting Powers of Attorney Probate & Estate Admin T: 0800 689 0386 E: W: The Hub Business Centre Ipswich, Hubbard Way, 2 Civic Drive, Ipswich IP1 2QA

We love all things vintage, retro, quirky and upcycled from furniture and clothes through painting and frames to vinyl and childrens toys and games and absolutely everything in between.

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Colchester High School Awarded Quality Mark for English and Mathematics C

olchester High School are delighted to announce their recent accreditation of the Quality Mark which was awarded for English and Mathematics from Year 1 to 6 (Primary Accreditation).

The accreditation process was undertaken by Nicola Morris, the National Director of Tribal Group and the Quality Mark Programme. As a school community, Nicola Morris was treated to a myriad of pupil, staff and parent presentations, interviews, focus groups, learning walks and a guided tour of the Lower School by our Lower School Head Girl and Boy. Mrs Morris praised the school for the way in which it, ‘fostered a culture of empowerment’, which was demonstrated by the way in which she felt that, ‘our pupils are at the heart of everything we do.’ Additionally, she commented on ‘the inclusive and positive ethos of the school’, which supports both a holistic and personalised approach for pupils, and included, ‘precision teaching, robust planning and personalised pupil assessment’, enabling ‘a clear view of pupil attainment which supports their next steps in learning to be achieved.’ Ms Gracie-Langrick, Headteacher said, “This is an outstanding accolade for Colchester High School and marks a year-long aspiration for the school to be recognised for Academic Excellence within our Lower School. We are incredibly proud of all our teachers and pupils’ hard work this year and the progress they have all made as they continue on their own individual learning journey. This award is a source of pride to us all.“

To find out more about Colchester High School Lower School, please visit our website at www.colchesterhighschool.


Your local What’s on and Where Guide Firstsite

Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JH Email: Michael Landy’s Welcome to Essex 25 June 2021 - 5 Sept 2021 Colchester’s contemporary art gallery, Firstsite hosts a major exhibition of brand new works by Michael Landy CBE (b.1963). Free entry

Colchester Castle Museum

Castle Park, Colchester, CO1 1TJ Tel: 01206 282939 Colchester Castle Is Under Siege! Head to the Castle over the August Bank Holiday weekend and step into an early medieval encampment filled with magic and mystery! You will be able to book your visit up to 14 days in advance by calling our booking line on 01206 282939 between the hours of 10am – 4.30pm (11am – 4.30pm on Sundays)

Headgate Theatre

14 Chapel St N, CO2 7AT Tel: 01206 366000 tickets@headgatetheatre. Can We Have Your Liver Then? A Terry Jones Tribute Fri 9th & Sat 10th July at 7.30pm Monty Python star, Terry Jones, shuffled off this mortal coil, ceased to be, expired and went to meet his maker in January 2020. Suitable for ages 15+. Tickets: £15, £12 Student Kemp’s Jig - An Elizabethan Roadshow Fri 30th July at 7.45pm Meet Will Kemp – comic superstar and creator of several of Shakespeare’s comedy roles. Kemp’s Jig is a romp through Elizabethan England as told from the viewpoint of one of Shakespeare’s forgotten clowns as he Morris dances his way to London. Tickets: £12

Colchester Arts Centre

Church St, Colchester CO1 1NF Tel: 01206 500900

The godfather of political comedy, Mark Thomas 21st October

Colchester Charter Hall Colchester Leisure World, Cowdray Ave, Colchester CO1 1YH. Tel: 01206 573948

Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney, Colchester, Essex CO5 9US Tel: 01206 330784 Robin Hood by the Three Inch Fools 23 July 2021 | 6:00 pm 8:00 pm Five actors, with all manner of musical instruments, struggle to remember Britain’s bestknown folktale.

TV favourite Ed Byrne brings his biggest tour to date to Colchester 11th November All these dates and times are subject to Government Guidance at the time and always contact the event before attending... Please mention elite magazine when replying to advertisements


Essex & Herts Air Ambulance unveil unique Supporter Sculpture E

ssex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) unveiled a unique sculpture at its Earls Colne Airbase. The installation “Supporting Us, Supporting You”, which will take pride of place at the airbase entrance, is the result of the charity’s sculpture Design Project, in collaboration with Harlow College. Art and Design student Kiera Harkett’s design represents the local community who proudly support EHAAT. Kiera Harkett, Art and Design Student at Harlow College, said, “I had a lot of different ideas for the sculpture which were linked to community and how the EHAAT crew are like a family. I researched the charity’s history which helped me see how it has become what it is today; how the community has played a huge role in helping EHAAT assist people since the very beginning.”

“When visitors see “Supporting Us, Supporting You” I would like them to think about the lifesaving work the charity does, make them aware of all the diverse people who play their part, as well as those that are helped every day, and to ultimately appreciate everything that EHAAT has done and will continue to do in the future.” Jane Gurney, CEO of EHAAT, who unveiled the sculpture with Kiera, along with Simon Brice, High Sheriff of Essex, local MPs Stephen Metcalfe and Will Quince and two members of EHAAT’s Critical Care Team Laurie Phillipson and Ben Myer said, “Many congratulations to Kiera Harkett who has created an outstanding sculpture that will be seen by all who visit us here at Earls Colne. We were delighted to be able to work with Kiera and are thrilled with what she has achieved.” “Our very grateful thanks go to the Harlow College tutors who oversaw this project and all of the Art & Design students who took part. Thank you also to NES Limited, Milbank Concrete Products and Poplar Nurseries Ltd who donated materials, time and expertise to the project.”

Left to right – Stephen Metcalfe MP (South Basildon and East Thurrock); Jane Gurney, CEO of EHAAT; Laurie Phillipson, Clinical Manager and Critical Care Paramedic; Kiera Harkett, Art and Design Student at Harlow College; Ben Myer, Clinical Manager and Critical Care Paramedic; Simon Brice, High Sheriff of Essex; Will Quince MP (Colchester).


Cliff Gale, Operations Director said, “We are very pleased to officially mark the opening of our newly refurbished and extended airbase here at Earls Colne. The service has been based on the airfield since 2011 and, with the help of our remarkable supporters, we have been able to update and extend our hangar to create a firstclass facility that will enable us to continue to provide an exceptional clinical service for those in need across the region well into the future. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to bring this project to fruition.”

For more information about EHAAT and its work, visit

n io ) at AA vi (C l A y ed vi rit ris Ci tho tho Au Au

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All the latest from the Headgate Theatre W

ith great relief in June the Headgate Theatre presented its production of ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright to over 150 patrons over 5 performances. There was some great feedback from the audiences.

And if you know of a young scriptwriter, then The Writing’s on the Wall! On the 21st and 22nd August the theatre will be running a script writing workshop for 13 to 18 year olds.

With legal restrictions now finished, the theatre is preparing for full seating in the auditorium and has launched several new projects for young people.

The adults aren’t being left out, as on the 9th August there is a one-day workshop on Twelfth Night. Shakespeare’s story is a bittersweet tale of fools and madmen; brawling drunkards and scheming wenches; of love lost and found, music and melancholy, laughter and revenge.

Headnotes is a newly formed vocal group for 8 to 12 year olds who love singing and want to perform, but maybe don’t have the confidence or experience. The group is meeting each Saturday afternoon, under the leadership of Nic Graham.

The first full season brochure in over 18 months, with details of their autumn programme, will be available from mid-August.

This year’s Summer Musical Theatre Workshop for 8 to 16 year olds (16 – 20th August) will follow the fortune of the Sunshine family, as the children search for a nanny.

For further information email tickets@, call 01206 366000.

Brownie boxes - £12.50 a box or £15.00 for a mixed box. Flavours are mars bar, caramel, white chocolate button, chocolate orange and almond. A mixed box - The contents change each week, this contains six items. £16.00 Cake Jars - £12.50 - Ready to bake at home Mini cakes - six to a box- £12.00 Vegan truffles - £12.00 Direct message us at @ReadyBaked in Facebook or Instagram to place an order. We offer local collection from Colchester or local delivery on a Friday or a Saturday in the Colchester area.



es e at u tyl w tiq fes . No d An d Li r 44 or an ale elf s e M rior e, D te tr In cen

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Furniture Restoration and Conservation. Including small upholstery commissions.

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