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Dr. Doug Swift


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A Letter From the Editor For many of our readers fall represents a special time of the year and a return to our normal routines temporarily suspended if not entirely forgotten during the months of summer vacation. Children return to school, the weather cools, the fall foliage unfolds and the fruits of the harvest season grace our tables. We can anticipate the delight of the coming holidays, quietly approaching but too distant yet to engender the frenzy that seems to accompany them. Life seems a bit more ordered giving us an opportunity to enjoy our pastimes, not the least of which involves the gridiron. In this issue we celebrate the return of the fall football season with an article about a brilliant former NFL linebacker, and two- time Super Bowl winner turned physician, Doug Swift. Swift’s story is a unique one that we are pleased to share with our subscribers. The weather in Philadelphia is still reasonably temperate and time still remains to enjoy the water, too cold perhaps for a swim but very conducive to sailing. I invite you to read about a former Marlton, NJ attorney who spends much less time in the courtroom since acquiring the schooner Summer Wind and opening his charter business. While it is unlikely that we will see any real pirates plundering Philadelphia anytime soon, this New Jersey lawyer aka, Captain Tom Erwin, guests to re-enact those swashbuckling days of yore in a battle against the Schooner North Wind on the Delaware River at Gloucester for the city’s Halloween festival, October 29th complete with cannons and all! The engineers featured this month span a range from a veteran electrical engineer with a long history of service to the profession to two young entrepreneurs in computer engineering who have developed a rapidly growing web based application.   Our lifestyle section describes a potential getaway spot only 2 hours out of Philadelphia by car, The Inn at Perry Cabin, where I had the opportunity to spend a few days recently. Cherie Bank was a veteran medical producer on NBC 10 and is wellknown to our readers. Her touching story and recent nomination to the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame is captured this month. Like always, we reveal our editor’s choice restaurant and there is much more to enjoy inside this issue.   Enjoy,   Paul B. Langevin, MD Editor and Chief


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From Linebacker to the Operating Room

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Dr. Doug Swift

Six Seasons Miami Dolphins Linebacker

Superbowl Winner to the Operating Room An Unlikely Tale…

How many of us can remember where we were last week, let alone on a particular Saturday in 1976? Dr. Swift remembers, he was taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in the gymnasium at Boston University, the day before he would play the Boston Patriots. “I asked Coach Shula if I could leave for Boston on Friday rather than travel with the team on Saturday like usual. He knew I wanted to go to Medical School and when I explained that I needed to sit for the exam, he agreed.” Doug Swift, #59, starting line backer for the Miami Dolphins had finished the epic and still only undefeated (17-0) season in NFL history, just a few months earlier. What many fail to realize though was his pivotal role in that game. Swift blitzed Washington’s quarterback Billy Kilmer forcing him to hurry his attempt to Taylor yielding an interception by Nick Buoniconti in the last few minutes of the first half. Miami capitalized on that turnover ultimately leading to a 14-7 triumph over the Washington Redskins and victory in Superbowl VII. It had been a season like no other.

Swift grew up in Syracuse, New York. “Syracuse University has always had such a huge football program so if you grow up there, you just sort of have to play”, recalled Swift. “So I did. I loved the hitting and the culture. Football players are kind of blue collar athletes and that promotes a camaraderie and atmosphere that’s unique. At Nottingham High School, I played both offensive and defensive lineman. I was on the smaller size as a kid with what I remember as pretty average athleticism. I never really thought of myself as particularly gifted. So I was just absolutely astonished when I was selected for the “All City team” my senior year. College coaches from all over were coming around recruiting for different schools and this one guy, Jim Ostendarp from Amherst really impressed me. He was a real coach, a teacher, a mentor. He made me feel confident and I went to Amherst College, a Division III school. The emphasis up there is on academics so there was no early training camp and an abbreviated eight game season. We played the likes of Williams and Middlebury and Wesleyan. Coach Ostendarp was just this incredible guy. He gave it to you straight.

Swift contracted a serious case of “sophomoritis” and told his coach that not knowing what he wanted to do, he was leaving Amherst for California. He didn’t know exactly what he was going to do there but he was sure he’d find himself if he went, so he was leaving. That’s when Swift was astonished for the second time in his life,”The coach didn’t try to talk me out of it, he just said, you know Doug, I think you could go pro.” Swift said that he went back to his dorm amazed by the prospect. “I had never thought I could do that. The NFL and the level of play are just unreachable. The very thought that I might be one of the few to have a shot gave me the focus I was missing and I became driven. Training became an obsession; the game all consuming.” “I thought I’d get drafted in my senior year but that didn’t happen.” Swift approached his coach and mentor. “Ostendarp told me to head up to Montreal and try out for the Canadian Football League. I didn’t have anything else to do. It was that or a teaching job at some private school. So I went to Montreal”, Swift said laughing. ”The guy

playing my position had left the team so they had a spot for me but two weeks later he returned and since he had previous contract, I was cut. The other guys on the team thought I had the talent to play and encouraged me to find another way.”

Swift still didn’t realize his talent. Sure I was pretty good maybe even formidable on a division III team but the NFL is made up of players from big time schools, Penn State, PAC-10 football programs where the competition is harsh. I was from Amherst.”

“I called my Ostendarp and told him I really wanted a chance at the NFL. It turned out he knew a fellow by the name of George Young who had been the general manager for the Baltimore Colts. Head coach, Don Shula , had just been lured away from the Colts to be the head coach for the Miami Dolphins. At Ostendarp’s urging, Young called Shula and suggested he give me a look.” The next thing you know, a 21 year old art major from Amherst College, passed over completely by the NFL college draft, and then cut from the Canadian Football League, receives a plane ticket to Miami, with an invitation to attend the Dolphin’s training camp at Biscayme College in Opa Laka, Florida. “It was bizarre. I just kept thinking, wow I’m playing in the NFL, at least for as long as it lasts.”

Swift was fortunate. It was 1970, the year of the players strike. The only ones in camp were the rookies and some of the free agents.” None of the veteran players were there when I arrived and for the first few weeks, Shula and the assistant coaches focused exclusively on us new guys. The coaching staff is sort of perched on your shoulder, always watching always correcting like a cross between a guardian angel and a nagging conscience. They would film us in practice and during games and then play the film in a team meeting to show you how you screwed up. Hey Doug, do you see that? Don’t do that. Then they’d reverse it and run it again. Doug don’t do that. That’s not good. And they’d back it up again and again. It was taxing, almost humiliating.” Ok. Ok. I get it! “Training camp somehow prepares you for

Dr. Doug Swift

the beating you’ll take in the season. You develop a toughness mentally and physically that prepares you for what’s to come. You learn to bounce off the ground and each other and get up. I trained as hard as I could, but I was also relaxed. It was unlikely that I had even made it this far.” When the seasoned players showed up a few weeks later Swift said, he had one more of the great revelations in his life, “Hey I can really play against these guys. In fact, I can play as well as them”. Indeed he could and a small kid from a division III school would realize a dream he never thought possible in his wildest imagination. He would become the starting strong side line backer for the Miami Dolphins his rookie year. The Dolphin’s would see their first winning season that year as Shula guided them to the playoffs. The next year the Dolphins posted a 12-1 record landing them and Swift in their first Super bowl against the Dallas Cowboys. I asked Swift what it was like to win a super bowl. His response was typical of the humble man he is and he started laughing. “Let me tell you what it’s like to

lose a Super Bowl” he offered. “I was devastated. To work so hard, to come so far, and then just toss it away, it’s the most deflating experience of my life. It took me weeks to get over that.” The next year though, perhaps as a result of the denial handed them by the Cowboys the year before, the Dolphin’s would go 160, entering the Super bowl for the second time.” None of us was going to go through that again”, Swift told me. “I was a lot smaller than a lot of the guys at only 228 lbs. So was my team mate and fellow line backer Nick Buoniconti, but we wanted it more. I was just so dogged and determined. We had to win. We simply had to.” Win they did. The Dolphins posted the only undefeated 17-0 record that year, the only undefeated season in NFL history. Swift would return to the super bowl for a third consecutive year in 1974 garnering yet another super bowl ring, but the excitement and the challenge of the game was ebbing. “I had sort of done it”, Swift told me. “I had aspired to one of the greatest achievements possible, to play and excel in the NFL. A lot of my friends from college were in graduate schools at the time. They were excited, invigorated, by new things that they were doing. They were still realizing their aspirations and their potential. They still had the enthusiasm and excitement engendered by the

Swift’s High School Football Team

challenge of getting there. A close buddy of mine was in med school at U of Penn. He was totally immersed in it and totally energized by it. His excitement was infectious and I decided to embark on a new challenge. An art major undergrad, Swift never took any of the pre-med courses, so he enrolled at the University of Miami. ‘I started taking the pre-requisites I needed and not quite realizing what was involved, I decided to take organic chemistry in the fall of 1974 during the season. There I was carrying Morrison and Boyd under my arm as I’m traveling around the country from game to game. It’s tuff to study on the road so I was a little worried about the first O-chem exam which was scheduled for the Monday after the Falcon’s game. As luck would have it, I collided with Bob Lee, the falcon’s quarter back and broke my arm. I had a medical excuse for missing the exam and dropped the course without penalty. I reregistered the next semester in the “off season”.

Swift vs Franco Harris

Photo Courtesy of Doug Swift

“U of Penn was interested in atypical candidates and I fit the bill so I started medical school there in 1976. My dad had been a general surgeon and my mom is a pediatrician but I really liked the physiology, pharmacology and pace of anesthesiology so elected to do a residency in that at Penn. I did a cardiac anesthesia fellowship there too with a six month rotation at St Michael’s in Toronto but by then Philadelphia was home

and I took my first job at Temple.” Swift was there a short 18 months but long enough to achieve another first. He performed the anesthetic for the first heart transplant done at that institution before taking a position at Pennsylvania Hospital. I asked Doug how someone transitions from NFL starting linebacker to physician and he said, “ Both require the same discipline, determination, and doggedness to succeed. The excitement’s in the challenge. I wasn’t always the best, but I was sure always the most determined”, in football; in medicine.

Swift today

As I interviewed Swift I was struck by the fact that throughout his career, he has never thought of himself as special. Indeed he has surprised himself on countless occasions. I watched Doug Swift play on the Dolphins when I was in high school and his talent was so obvious to my friends and I. Yet in speaking to him, his election to the all city team in high school, the faith of his college coach, his invitation to the NFL and the success he found there, were total surprises to him. He just never expected any of it. Swift thinks of himself as a pretty ordinary guy which I suppose is why he said that football players are kind of blue collar guys and he was inexorably drawn to the culture inside the sport. As a physician his work is exemplary but he goes about the business of caring for his patients in such an unassuming manner. Swift told me he eschews the limelight. He knew that well from his father who he described as a wonderful and amazing man. Throughout the interview, Swift spoke of his team mates and opponents, Nick Buoniconti, Lary Csonka, Manny Fernandez,Bob Griese, Jonny Unitis and others. He described each of as amazing and great guys. He was laudatory about all of their accomplishments while regarding his own nonchalantly. Swift lives in Philadelphia with his wife, an accomplished triathlete. He supports her dedication to training, knowing firsthand what it takes. He continues to work as an anesthesiologist. His son is a pulmonologist, his daughter a physical therapist and Swift hopes to be a grandfather in the not too distant future. He has a passion for fishing and is actively engaged in the Broadheads organization which promotes maintaining natural waterways in and around the Poconos.

Pennsylvania Center For Dental Excellence

Dr. Leonard F. Tau, DMD EP Magazine was pleased to learn about the advanced technology utilized by Dr. Leonard F. Tau, DMD. Locating a general and cosmetic dentist for you and your family is a big decision. You want a Dentist that is offering all the latest technology so the end results are superior. Dr. Leonard F. Tau maintains a full time private practice in Northeast Philadelphia focusing on general, cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. He received his dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA and a Certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at UMDNJ in Somerdale, NJ.  Dr. Tau has had extensive training in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry including Invisalign, which allows him to achieve beautiful anterior esthetics and an incredible smile. His primary focus in his practice is patient comfort and painless dentistry. Dr. Tau is a member of the American Dental Association Pennsylvania Dental Association American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Academy of General Dentistry (Fellowship Eligible 2010) Dr. Tau's extensive continuing education includes esthetics, implant restoration, cosmetic veneer preparations, and endodontics. A new addition to the comfort menu is the ability to have Dr. Tau use OraVerse.

OraVerse is the first and only product of its kind to rapidly reverse the effects of local anesthetic so the patient can feel, speak, smile and drink normally in approximately half the time. It has been proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation and function following routine dental treatment. Dr. Tau is also a sedation dentist, so he can prescribe oral medication that will reduce anxiety, or the patient can request that Dr. Tau use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during their visit. Outside of work, Leonard Tau enjoys spending time with his wife, Risa, and their young son, Aidan in Blue Bell, PA. He is an avid sports fan and his hobbies include computers, photography and travel. Dr. Tau enjoys practicing in Philadelphia and the people he meets each day. Dr. Leonard F. Tau Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence 11905 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia 215-969-4400 Sterilization Center Central unit to clean, sterilize, and store our instruments in the most efficient and hygienic manner possible.

STA: The computer –controlled local dental anesthetic system where just one injection at a single tooth is all that is needed to ensure single –session injection precision.

High Tech Features Digital Radiography

Digital Imaging and Computer Smile Simulation

Smile Makeovers

Implant Restorations After an oral surgeon places a titanium post, Dr. Tau will custom-create natural-looking restorations. These will match the rest of your teeth, function just like the originals, and be impossible for anyone to detect as manufactured.

With this technology, an X-ray is taken of the mouth with a digital sensor and downloaded into the computer, where it is immediately available. Dr. Tau can also view your entire mouth in one shot, including the upper and lower jaws, with panoramic digital images. These methods result in 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. No more waiting for images to develop and no more chemical waste to pollute the environment.

After Dr Tau takes a picture of your current smile, he can do several calculations on the computer concerning the balance and symmetry of your face to design the best smile possible. Then he lets the computer do its magic, and in minutes, they have an excellent simulation of what your new smile will look like.

Severe cases of advanced decay, broken and missing teeth, loose teeth, and resulting pain in the head, neck, jaw, shoulders, and back may benefit from full mouth rehabilitation. This uses a combination of techniques to restore or replace every tooth in the mouth.

Porcelain Veneers


Intraoral Camera

Laser Scanner

Patients with misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration might want to consider porcelain veneers. These natural-looking, thin coverings fit over and are bonded to the teeth.

The Zoom! Advanced Power™ whitening system gives dazzling white teeth in about an hour. This is the same whitening technique you’ve seen on the TV reality show Extreme Makeover.

This excellent tool enables us to view the inside of the patients mouth on a screen, providing a clear and detailed view of any problems.

Laser light is beamed beneath the hard enamel layer and reflected back to a handheld device. The laser beam makes it possible to measure the decay lurking below the tooth enamel.


A Comprehensive Online Diet Service

Helping you Change Your Lifestyle and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Before founders, Sergey Oreshko and Vasili Smaliak, launched on July 4, 2007, these two creative software developers had plans to make their mark on the world in an entirely different way—by creating an open-source UI (user-interface) library, complete with asynchronous data binding and validation. Sounds exciting, does it not? After spending nearly two years working side-by-side on this complex software, Sergey and Vasili realized that they were still years away from making their library a ticket to personal freedom and being in positions to leave their day jobs. Undeterred, Sergey and Vasili took their newfound partnership, and their strong work ethic, and formed a new company (4Technologies Corporation) from new found inspiration tucked away in a book about Apple’s history, by icon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. They also found motivation from start-up guru, Paul Graham, and a handful of beautifully-designed software programs made for end-users. Sergey and Vasili then understood where they had gone wrong—the software they needed to design should not be made for other developers, especially given that developers are a picky audience to please. They needed to make a software program that was simple, convenient, lightweight, fast and beautiful which anybody could use. The idea for MyNetDiary did not come to them until one of them received some unfortunate news though.

Making Something Mediocre Outstanding The news was that one of them that he had a seriously high cholesterol condition, and things had to change—most notably his diet. Coupled with a family history of heart diseases, the doctor recommended that in order to stick to a diet and make better food choices, he developed a food diary. The idea of keeping a tedious paper journal, lugging it around to every meal and scribbling down every food, did not sound exciting. Being computer savvy, the two software developers sought out the latest online food-tracking programs, but they were immediately and deeply disappointed in the available journals’ capabilities. And then it came to them, exactly as they had learned from Paul Graham—there is no need to reinvent a wheel in order to be successful. Just improve on something that is mediocre so it becomes outstanding. The idea for a sleek, comprehensive, simple and fast online food journal was born!

The Mobile Epiphany Work started on MyNetDiary in 2005, and for two years Sergey and Vasili worked tirelessly on building the software program they dreamed about. But work had to be done after-hours, on weekends and occasionally on lunch breaks, as both were family men with full-time jobs and responsibilities. Still, both men y-

earned for the freedom to do want they wanted and be responsible for their own achievements and their own failures. They wanted to trade the corporate culture for one that was doing good for real people. For the first two years of development and a year after was launched, neither of them saw a penny for their efforts. Perhaps as a stroke of luck, Apple announced the release of the first iPhone a few months after went live, and luckily Sergey and Vasili had the drive and skills to make use of their good fortune. With the announcement of the pending iPhone, Apple released a gallery of fast and light websites suitable for surfing on the iPhone. was a perfect fit. Work immediately started on a special iPhone-appropriate version of MyNetDiary. com, and in January 2008, Sergey and Vasili’s online food diary was featured in the first Apple catalog for the iPhone, making MyNetDiary the very first calorie counter for the Apple’s new Smartphone sensation. The signature iPhone touch-screen interface and “search-as-you-type” function of MyNetDiary could not have been better suited for each other. Later that year, Apple announced the launch of the App Store. Again Sergey and Vasili worked around the clock to create the MyNetDiary App, which was seamlessly linked to a member’s online profile. No double-tracking or special uploading to was needed. Members could take their iPhones to their “power lunches” or out to dinner and track their foods while they waited for their drinks. Not to be outdone by the clunky, free calorie counter iPhone Apps that began springing up, MyNetDiary quickly launched a “free” version of their Pro App, and just as quickly they returned to the Top 10 Apps in Apple’s Healthcare category, where they have stayed ever since. The Free, Pro and Maximum versions all had the same access to a 102,000+ foods database, which Sergey and Vasili painstakingly pieced together based on extensive research, testing and guidelines set forth by the American Dietetic Association. No other food diary offers the database MyNetDiary features. No competitors’ databases can track the variety of nutrients found in MyNetDiary’s database, so members can track more than calories, they can follow carbohydrates, sugar, fats, fiber and many more. By July 2009, the MyNetDiary Blackberry App was launched, allowing another 21 million Smartphone users access to mobile food-tracking and an extensive foods database.

Strengthening Their Foundation While the MyNetDiary iPhone and Blackberry Apps remained huge successes, Sergey and Vasili turned their attention once again to improving what they had already started, MyNetDiary. com. In late-2009, the MyNetDiary Community was launched, allowing members to interact with one another by sharing profiles, joining groups, being “friends,” and discussing topics on the MyNetDiary Forum, which is moderated by Katherine Isacks, MPS, Registered Dietitian, and MyNetDiary’s own nutrition and dieting advisor. Katherine was also tasked with writing informative articles about healthy nutrition, calorie counting and maintaining an accurate food diary. By the end of 2009, MyNetDiary added a “free membership” option, allowing members to join and “test drive” the site.

Looking Forward 2010 brought a new high-tech gadget perfectly suited for MyNetDiary—Apple’s iPad. Likely signifying the most ideal form of the MyNetDiary website, the iPad App Sergey and Vasili built became the pinnacle of their software design and expertise. With great effort, the MyNetDiary iPad App was ready and waiting for the new users since the first day it was launched. It was polished, fast and worked beautifully on iPad’s larger touch screen, and it has remained the #1 App in the iPad Health and Fitness category since the beginning. Not only did raving positive reviews come rolling in from members for the MyNetDiary Apps and website, but the press was also excited by Sergey and Vasili’s work. MyNetDiary has been featured in USA Today, Health, Chicago Tribune, MacNewsWorld, “Fox News Live” and even landed a spot on “NPR’s Morning Edition,” where a member says she prefers the comfort and convenience of the MyNetDiary Community over attending public and embarrassing Weight Watchers weigh-in meetings. In 2010, MyNetDiary released the much-anticipated Android “Pro” App. Since MyNetDiary was founded, tens of thousands of members have reached their weight-loss goals naturally by making better daily food choices and recording their food intake and exercises at And many thousands more are starting their journeys toward dieting success each month. “We plan to improve and further perfect the online service, making it even more intelligent. We are also working on a diabetes module, to help people with diabetes keep track of foods and medications, and help them understand and manage diabetes better. We have several other initiatives in the pipeline,” stated Vergey and Vasilli.

MyNetDiary Timeline 2002: Sergey and Vasili begin work on the UI library 2004: Both men realize program is far from success 2005: Doctor’s advice to keep a food journal sparks the need for MyNetDiary July 4, 2007: launches November 2007: Work begins on building suitable website for iPhone January 2008: MyNetDiary becomes first calorie counter for iPhone, still remains in Top 10 Healthcare Apps August 2008: MyNetDiary present in Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch July 2009:’s 2nd anniversary and launch of MyNetDiary App for Blackberry Smartphones December 2009: MyNetDiary Community and first “Free” memberships offered January 2010: MyNetDiary preps for release of Apple iPad April 2010: MyNetDiary iPad App is released August 2010: MyNetDiary App for Android released

MyNetDiary at a Glance provides a web site optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Personalized Analysis First, MyNetDiary does an accurate, personalized analysis of your calorie and nutrient needs, based on USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Both the regular site and MyNetDiary for iPhone work with the same data and what you enter in one, will show up on the other.

Weight Goal and Planning Next, you establish your realistic weight goal and target date. MyNetDiary calculates both your energy balance and the daily calorie deficit you need to lose weight. There is no starving - a reduction of 500 calories a day is very easy to maintain, and means one pound lost a week, 4 pounds a month, 24 pounds in six months. Nutrient and Energy Balance Finally, you balance your calorie intake and calorie burn with activities to meet your calorie deficit goal. Track Foods Everyday, you log your daily foods and exercises (and/or activities, like gardening) into MyNetDiary. It is simple to use, and only takes a few minutes. MyNetDiary has a large food database (over 102,000 foods and growing) and over 500 activities. Our built-in search logic makes it a snap to enter foods and activities. And MyNetDiary remembers your choices (and favorite foods) for next time.

MyNetDiary on iPhone

Perfect for entering daily foods and exercises anywhere, anytime. Optimized for small screen and minimal typing. Quickly check today's calories left. Lookup foods in a restaurant.

MyNetDiary Main Site

Plan your weight loss - define your weight goal and target weight. Optimized for large screens - enter foods and exercises directly into tables. Track multiple nutrients. Many types of charts. Manage your account and make payments. All bells and whistles making MyNetDiary so easy to use - in-place editing, undo and redo, catalog windows and much more.

Day Planning and Daily Bottom Line

MyNetDiary allows you to plan your meals (calorie intake) and calculate your daily energy balances. No food is out of bounds, even that chocolate or a special dinner "out". Total calories and energy spent are your focus - you are fine as long as you stay within your weekly balance. You can even see where will you be in a week or month, if every day will be like today!


MyNetDiary charts your progress with graphs that make sense. After you keep food journal for a few days, use charts to visualize where most calories come from, and to check nutrient balance. And you can always chart your weight loss progress.

Emilio M. Salgueiro Chairman Philadelphia Section IEEE

Emilio M. Salgueiro was selected to represent the Philadelphia chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) at the 2011 world conference. He was the primary delegate to the triennial sections congress of the society. Sections Congress is a gathering of regional leadership, sponsored by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board. It is the opportunity for IEEE representatives from all over the world to participate in a meeting to provide members with the tools which will assist their unit in focusing their activities solely on the member and increase members’ participation in IEEE activities. Sections Congress is focused on meeting the expectations of Section leaders by providing them with an opportunity to network, receive training, and provide input into IEEE programs and projects. Emilio told EP magazine he is very honored to have this opportunity. For EP subscribers unfamiliar with the organization, IEEE is a technological society representing engineers and with over 395,000 members in 160 countries. It is the largest technical organization in the world.

He chaired the computer society from 2008 through 2011 and served on multiple subcommittees and sections throughout the organization for well over a decade. He has been a political advocate for engineers representing them in Washington on government policy of interest to them. His colleagues see his efforts as tireless and “There couldn’t be a better choice to represent Philadelphia”, said a colleague.

Emilio was no doubt chosen for this honor because of his continued and committed leadership within the Philadelphia chapter of the IEEE. He served as chairman in 2011, vice president in 2010, treasurer in 2009 and secretary in 2008.

"Being a huge Philly’s and Eagle’s fan, just add to the excitement of living here.

Mr. Salgueiro obtained his bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering from the National University of Mexico in 1980 and then attended graduate school at PennState. He is currently a consulting engineer at Unisys in Philadelphia, PA. He says he came to Philadelphia to study but fell in love with the city. Indeed the thing he finds most attractive about Philadelphia is that he can live in a suburban community with easy access to all the city has to offer. “The city hosts so much talent, several outstanding universities, many cultural events, sports and there is a true sense of community that fosters a spirit of co-operation between people here.

J.M. Lichterman & Co A “Gem” on Jeweler’s Row

Jason Lichterman and his father have been in the jewelry business for a combined 60 years. Lichterman graduated from Tulane University with a BA in Business and graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 1995. He then joined his father in the jewelry business in 1996. In 1996 Lichterman joined his father in the jewelry business, after he graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and from the Gemological Institute from America. In 2009, the Lichterman’s came up with a concept for a new boutique/jewelry store/design house for the city of Philadelphia. “We felt Jewelers’ Row and Philadelphia were missing something that offered customers one-on-one attention at fair and reasonable price points,” says Lichterman. Lichterman, his father and their partner custom-make the majority of their high-end pieces, consisting of fashion and diamond selections with some of the most affordable, beautiful and unique treasures. “We are able to create anything and everything – including exact replicas of nearly all designer pieces – at a fraction of the cost,” said Lichterman.

J.M. Lichterman’s exclusive designs and one-on-one attention is something that their clientele can’t find elsewhere. “We hand design much of our collections and can custommake anything. Customers save on the backend because we do not maintain a fancy store front, rather put our “stock” and invest into our merchandise to offer the best possible price point for our clients.

“Customers save on the back-end because rather than maintaining a fancy store front, we invest and put our “stock” into our merchandise to offer the best possible price point for our clients,” said Lichterman Some of the high-end services they provide are; custom designs, diamond and gemstone grading and appraisals, all jewelry and watch repairs, polishing, engraving, and pearl stringing. Lichterman told our editors that they are very proud of their “Pearls for Passion” campaign, which they partner with the “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” Philadelphia and Central/South Jersey chapters. “Lichterman’s mother-in-law, who is a breast cancer survivor, inspired his involvement with the Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.” His crusade is in celebration of her fight and on behalf of all women–past, present and to come. In addition to “Pearls for Passion, Jason and J.M. Lichterman & Co. have donated Tahitian pearl and pink-pearl necklaces and bracelets to help fundraise the CBS 3 Call for the Cure, the 2010 Komen Philadelphia Pink Tie Ball®, Teens for the Cure’s Tickled Pink!® and other initiatives. Lichterman is in the process of creating an add-a-pearl anniversary necklace for breast cancer survivors the sale of which will also benefit the Komen Philadelphia Affiliate. “We will be expanding this fundraising initiative come this fall to also encompass the national level – featuring our pearl necklaces in the nonprofit’s catalogues which are distributed throughout the country,” stated Lichterman.

Jason Lichterman provided a few tips for our Elite Professionals readers on how to choose that special diamond. Color Clarity Carat weight Cut All four of these are very important. The beauty of a diamond or colored stone depends on cut more than anything else. Make sure the diamonds are GIA certified. You also need to trust who you are making the purchase of the stones from. JM Lichterman & Co., located at 802 Sansom Street, Suite 3B, is nestled atop a building overlooking historic Jewelers’ Row, and is one of our city’s gems and best kept secret.

Danny Bonaduce, Lisa Wallan (VP of Komen Philadelphia Board of Directors), Jason Litchterman

Pirates on the Delaware! Once upon a time, not so very long ago, pirates roamed the Caribbean and sometimes cooler waters reaching Philadelphia and points further north. Most of these pillages ended by 1700 but Pirate ships will again navigate the mighty Delaware come October 29th when the schooner Summer Wind sets sail for Gloucester City, NJ to encounter the North Wind before she can reach Philadelphia and plunder our fair city. The Summer Wind is captained by Tom Kirwan, a former N.J. attorney and accountant who grew up in Maine, in a sailing family. “My first sail occurred at the tender age of only three weeks and since that time I’ve sailed aboard many a ship from sunfish to the tall ship Kalmar Nyckel. The highlight of my sailing career has been taking the helm of the Stars and Stripes, a 12 meter yacht moored in San Diego that raced in the America’s cup. Those Boats are absolutely amazing, fast and twitchy, like thoroughbred race horses. Commanding the helm was an indescribable experience.” “I love the water and I love to be on it under sail. There’s just nothing like it. So when the opportunity presented itself in 2008, I purchased the Summer Wind. The previous owner had died and the ship was just sitting in dry dock in Southern Virginia. I spent the next eight months refurbishing the systems below deck so the ship would be compliant with Coast Guard regulations. My dream was to own a ship that I could enjoy every day and to do that it had to generate revenue. I started American Sailing Tours mid-summer 2009, and transitioned from Counselor to Captain. It’s been wonderful to go from full time attorney, part-time sailor, to full time captain occasional attorney. Now I get to make people happy every day.

The Summer Wind is a 48 foot steel hulled, junk-rigged ocean going schooner, designed by Thomas E. Colvin. Her design is based on Colvin's Gazelle, his personal boat. Colvin has long been recognized as one of the leading designers of steel boats and his books on steel boatbuilding are required reading for anyone interested in the use of steel in naval architecture. His boats have long been known for their rugged seaworthiness. Colvin's also been a longtime proponent of the lug or Chinese Junk rig and its application in western boats because the rigging, (ie the way the sails are suspended) is extremely versatile. Lug rigging allows the sails to be fully battened and so they are easily reefed for different wind conditions. The sails can be set to any size and at any point on the masts, making it very easy for the crew to handle the ship even in rough weather at sea. “The ship can be single-handed, although we never sail with less than 2 crew”, said Kirwan. The forward cabin on the boat contains the Saloon, the Galley, the Head and the Forward Bunks. The aft cabin is reserved for the Captain and is off-limits to passengers. These cabins are separated by the Engine Room. On deck there is seating for 20 with padded seats on the cabin tops on the main deck and the quarterdeck.Very little of the history of the boat is known. The previous owner left no records. The only log book on the boat had entries for trips in the Chesapeake Bay in the 1990’s but nothing else. It is not clear if he was the original owner. The boat was built in 1979 but by who remains a mystery. The boat builders listed on the documentation told Kirwan that they didn’t build this particular boat, but they don’t remember who did. Attorney Kirwan checks in at his law office in the winter months but most days begin with a historical morning sail, followed by tropical afternoon sails and continuing with an evening sunset sail that was described by as the most romantic thing to do in Philadelphia. Kirwan gets to end his work with a moonlight sail under the stars before returning to his home in Marlton, NJ. “I’d like to sail year round but that would take me away from my family and I don’t want to do that. Crewing on the Kalmar Nyckel required me to be away for a week at a time. My time with my family is important to me and having my own boat in Philly lets me go home at night. Perhaps when we’re empty nesters I can consider Caribbean excursions in the winter months but in the meantime I’m happy to be Cpt. Kerwan most of the year. His Charter business has grown dramatically and Kirwan now has a relief captain and three deckhands. “We have a crew intern program during the sailing season. They live aboard the boat during the season as a deckhand and get sea-time and training to sit for their own Captain’s license. We’re a member of the National Sail Training Association. Kirwan himself is a Coast Guard licensed Captain and a Red Cross certified first responder. “I’d like to expand with a second boat, but there’s really no room to do that. Dock space along the river with adequate deep water is hard to come by. We don’t have the space for a second boat on our current dock and there aren’t any better alternatives along the waterfront. I’m hoping the new waterfront development plan will address the issue for all the commercial boats along the river.” On October 29th, Kirwan, his pirate crew, and some lucky passengers will set sail on the Summer Wind from Port at Pear 24 at the Philadelphia Marine Center to join the Halloween festival in Gloucester, NJ. When she arrives she’ll go to battle with the schooner North Wind, cannons firing. The ships will spare for the fun of their passengers and those who can observe from shore. It should be a magical return to the swashbuckling era long since past. For more information about American Sailing Tours visit: http://www.

Cherie Bank

On Friday evening, November 18, 2011, Cherie Bank will be inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia's "Hall of Fame."

Cherie Bank will be inducted in the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame in recognition of her journalistic efforts. Philadelphia and the surrounding area turned to veteran NBC 10 reporter Cherie Bank for years in search of the latest news concerning health and medical procedures. Her wide appeal came from her innate ability to explain the most technical issues in a way that is accessible and easily understood. By doing so, she affected and touched countless lives bringing hope and direction to many who without her would have had none. “I am so flattered to be inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame. It is already populated by broadcast greats like Ed Bradley, Tom Brookshier and good friends like Terry Ruggles, Bill Baldini and Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz. As hard as you work and as well as you do, it is always most gratifying to have your work acknowledged by your peers.” stated Bank, Bank began her broadcasting career as a college intern at KTVI-TV in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1972, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Communications Education, she joined KTVI-TV’s news department, and soon began co-anchoring the 6 and 10 pm newscast. After living there for seven years, she decided it was time to move on and came to Philadelphia. Expecting to only stay for a few years, she ended up taking root. Bank has had a long and successful journalistic career, interviewing many notable celebrities from Sophia Loren and Ellen DeGeneres to Bob Hope and Julia Child. She even had the opportunity to meet her idol Mary Tyler Moore. However, these are not her fondest memories; they come from reporting on a different category of people entirely. Bank has had the opportunity to go along with various individuals on their journey through medical procedures. “They did [the interviews] to help other people who are undergoing similar problems. These people are my heroes. It’s hard enough to face life or death situations. But to allow news cameras to follow them through surgery, sharing all their fears, pain and unknown outcomes in a desire to help others is a beautiful gift,” Bank said.

Bank recalled one such individual, Alex Scott. Scott was diagnosed early in life with neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. She suffered all through her young life because of it. She let Bank visit often in hope that her reporting would help other children had cancer as well. Her intense desire to help others led to Scott to start a lemonade stand giving the proceeds to charity. When she died, it expanded into Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. This is just one case that Bank shared with the world. “My producer and photographer and I had the opportunity to tell medical stories that affected many people and we were able to tell viewers what steps they could take to help themselves,” Bank tells EP. In the 1980’s she and her team, in collaboration with renowned surgeon Gerald Marks, did a series of stories on colon and rectal cancer, entitled “The Cancer Nobody Talks About.” After the reports they worked with local hospitals to offer free colon cancer screenings testing some 17,000 people. Dozens of those people were found to have polyps and early stage cancers, which were still curable. She moved on to similar stories and projects concerning breast cancer and bone marrow transplants. In reality she saw the news as a catalyst for action and a source of direction. Bank’s series about bone marrow transplants, entitled “You’re the Cure” earned her one of the 14 Emmy awards she has received and a special top honor from The American Cancer Society. For over 30 years her medical stories have been broadcast by dozens of NBC stations nationwide and she has appeared many times on NBC’s “Today Show.” After 30 years of reporting, hosting and anchoring at NBC 10, Bank experienced her own medical trauma. She explained to EP Magazine, “I was getting ready for work in the morning, watching the Today Show, when I coughed and suddenly lost all the vision in my right eye. I’ve always been severely nearsighted, but never experienced anything like this.” A friend quickly brought her to Wills Eye Hospital where she learned she had a large bleed in her retina caused by Myopic De-

generation. Bank found one doctor on the East Coast that was willing to operate, Allen Ho, M.D. “I can’t be more grateful to him,” Bank says, “He restored a great deal of the vision in my right eye. I still have huge problems reading and have had many other bleeds in both eyes, but Dr. Ho follows me closely and I pray I won’t lose more vision.” Due to her medical condition, Bank was forced to resign her position at NBC 10 causing a bit of an uproar from her audience, who have come to rely on her medical reports over the years. They have even sent letters in to ask for medical advice from “Dr. Cherie!” who, not being an actual doctor herself, received an honorary degree in Neurosurgery from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Through her reporting, Bank has literally saved lives, and she knows just how valuable and fortunate she is, remarking, “Most people don’t get the chance to change people’s lives. I did.” Born and raised in St. Louis, Cherie is included in “Who’s Who in American Women.” She lives in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, with her daughter, Emily and all their pets. The Editors and Staff at EP Magazine congratulate Cherie on this prestigious award and we thank her for her years of helping so many people throughout the Philadelphia region. She is hard to replace!

Philadelphia’s Leading Antique Restorations Expert Founder and Master Craftsman of Nike Frances Restoration

John Swahn

John Swahn is the owner and master craftsman at Niki Francis Restorations (NFR), an Antique Restorations company. NFR  is a certified member of the Restoration Centers Hotline referral network and has been contracted by over 5,000 clients in the Philadelphia area since it opened in 1993. In addition to residential clients, NFR currently works for many insurance, van line and shipping companies. John Swahn has been involved in antique restoration arts for the past 32 years beginning his apprenticeship at the age of 13 when he began working for Arlene and Travis Mitchell. They lived down the street from me and owned a shop called Mitchell Design that specialized in upholstery and custom restoration. So he worked for them on weekends and during the summers. “It was just a part time gig to put cash in my pocket but I was learning a trade at the time even if I didn’t realize it and I actually upholstered my first sofa at age 13. I continued to work for the Mitchell’s through college and then part time throughout the years when they needed help or I needed some extra money.” Since those early years, Swahn has devoted the majority of his life to learning as much as possible about the art of restoration. He has studied the construction methods and materials used by different cabinetmakers during various periods of history. He has studied the chemistry, techniques and methods used in wood finishing, cabinetry, porcelain and china restorations, seat weaving, on-site touch-up and furniture repair, painting restorations, gilding and textiles. Swahn finished college and left the restoration work to pursue a career in the corporate world but some time later realized he would never enjoy the security of long-term employment that his father knew in a firm and he elected to return to his first vocation in historic restorations. “That was in the early 90’s and I was astonished to find a profound lack of quality and skilled craftsmen in the field. The general consensus was that people just wouldn’t pay for kind of period restoration that true antiques require to retain their authenticity. Those working in the field at that time believed customers just wanted it fast and cheap” Swahn told EP.

He remained true to his faith however believing that there was a market for proper restoration of quality antiques. He was right of course and soon opened Niki Francis Restorations offering high end workmanship at a premium. Swahn has continued to work with other master craftsmen, honing his talent in the restoration arts. He has developed new methods in conjunction with his studies of the old techniques. He has learned about organic chemistry and fine-tuned his woodcarving, finishing, touch up, and upholstering expertise. Since opening his business Swahn continues to devote time each week to teaching his staff and helping them master their skills. “I firmly believe that you can never know enough and the more you know, the more you work, the better you get at what you do,” Swahn said. Even now, when disposable income for antique restoration is greatly reduced in the current economy, Swan remains busy with work from insurance and moving companies for repair of damaged pieces. He is a member of the Claims Prevention and Procedures Council, British Furniture Restorers Association, and listed on and one of the founders and former head of the International Restorers Guild, UK. His list of clients includes Room and Board, Mitchell Gold Bob Williams, Crate and Barrel, National Business Furniture and most North Carolina based furniture companies as well as national and international manufactures of fine furnishings. He is also consulted regularly by nine of the largest US insurance companies in the country on a variety of issues and also serves as a consultant and master craftsman for Sotheby’s Restorations Studios (Billingshurst, West Sussex, UK), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK) and the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC, USA). Although you would probably never know that he was involved in restoring a particular piece, his restorations are on display in many museums in Philadelphia (e.g. the Philadelphia Museum of Art) and throughout the world (e.g. the Statens Historiska Museum, i.e. Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden).

“I have found the happy medium between artist and businessman and feel an obligation to teach my trade and pass on my expertise to the next generation who will inherit these treasures of history,” stated Swahn. In an attempt to record his knowledge and expertise, Mr. Swahn is preparing to release a new book, The Truth About Antiques, which may also serve to defunk the myths about the Antique Industry and educate collectors and would be collectors. The main focus of the book is how to identify a real antique based on construction methods and techniques. The book further delves into the commonly used wood and tools from various periods in history with the hope of providing more information on the antique itself. The soon to be released book is a must read for historians and collectors alike. Swahn and his business continue to adapt to a changing world, but he still believes in the values and essence of the craft he loves.

A little advance sample of John Swahn book for our EP readers

1620-1630 the Period know as the Carolean for England pieces, Louis XIII for French and Early Colonial in America pieces. The best know furniture for this period would be the Elizabethan. The most famous cabinet maker/designed was Inigo Jones. Many of the pieces made during this period of time had Renaissance and Baroque (extensive ornamentation; heavy and rectilineal shapes) influences. The common woods used were cherry and oak. The first dining room chair, gateleg table and Connecticut were introduced during this time frame. I find by supplying factual information it allows you to properly identity a piece of furniture, verses the current way of just looking at a photo in a book and matching it because it looks like something else. With this information you can narrow your search based on what you see. For example, it came across a dealer selling a 16th century gateleg table. It is unlikely since they did not build gate leg tables earlier then 1620. If it is not cherry or oak it is most likely mahogany, however mahogany was not used to build a gateleg table till the late 17th century… around 1680. So as you can see we will be taking the ‘guess work’ out of appraising.   The book will also address “the fact” that restoring antiques always increases their value. This is based on a test marketing we did. We took a handful of pieces to various auctions… first as is, later restored. The result; restored pieces sold from 300-3000% more then as is pieces.


OVER 15 YEARS HANDLING PERSONAL INJURY CASES In Pennsylvania and New Jersey Mr. Console grew up in Haddonfield, NJ and after high school attended the University of Notre Dame, then transferring to Villanova University where he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree. After graduating cum laude he was awarded a merit scholarship to Rutgers University School of Law, where he went on to earn his Juris Doctor degree.

Richard P. Console Jr. Partner

Mr. Console is licensed to practice law in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and he has been protecting and representing the rights of injury victims for 15 years. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully handled thousands of cases and has won millions of dollars in settlements for his clients in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, fighting to ensure that his injured clients are treated fairly and fully compensated. Mr. Console’s affiliations include: Member, American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) Member, New Jersey Trial Lawyers Association Member, New Jersey State Bar Association Admitted to Supreme Court of New Jersey Admitted to United States District Court of New Jersey. Admitted to United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Admitted to Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Since 1994 the firm has been proudly providing their clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania with exceptional legal representation and dedication in all personal injury matters. Their office prides itself on client service; clients are always top priority. Being a native to the Philadelphia area, Mr. Console is an avid sports fan, living in such a close proximity to Philadelphia has allowed him to take full advantage of the local sports scene, and he is both a Phillies and Eagles fan!

EP Asked Mr. Console a few questions: How do consumers protect themselves from manufacturer claims? Consumers don’t realize how much they are protected by the watchful eye of personal injury attorneys. Manufacturers are aware that they are being closely monitored, and personal injury attorneys like myself are making sure that manufacturers adhere to safety procedures and proper standards of production. If they ignore their legal obligations, manufacturers are at risk of having claims brought against them by consumers. How much influence do lobbyists have on our health? Lobbyists have stacked the deck with legislation and judicial appointments favoring big businesses over the injured consumers How can an injured consumer fight back against the company?

For More Information: Console & Hollawell toll free today 1-866-778-5500

That’s where we come in. Console & Hollawell are award winning, top rated attorneys practicing for over 17 years, handling personal injury cases and protecting families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We take pride in our commitment to fighting for the rights of our clients, avidly pursuing justice for victims of personal injury.

YOU CAN BE A FEATURED INTERVIEW IN ELITE PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE EP Magazine is fast becoming the hot publication for professionals to network, promote their practices and business to thousands and learn about fascinating places to visit, events, theater, dining and travel all in one convenient location. YOU CAN BE A FEATURED INTERVIEW IN ELITE PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE

EP Magazine is fast becoming the hot publication for professionals to network, promote their practices and business to thousands and learn about fascinating places to visit, events, theater, dining and travel all in one convenient location. We want to feature you or your practice in an upcoming issue. Simply contact our editor and she will arrange an interview.

We want to feature you or your practice and business in an upcoming issue. Simply contact our editor and she will arrange an interview. We look forward to featuring you as an Elite Professional. Email :

We look forward to featuring you as an Elite Professional. Email :

Getaways... Editor’s Pick Finding a place to go to easily for a few days is always a challenge. When I have a chance to get away but for just a couple of days, I want a place easily accessable by car or train perhaps that I can reach in an hour or two. I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days at The Inn at Perry Cabin on St Michael’s Island in Maryland about two hours by car from the city. Peaceful, relaxed, luxurious and right on the water.

The Inn at Perry Cabin

The Inn at Perry Cabin combines the magnificence of refined ambiance with a dramatic, private setting overlooking an impressive tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. Each detail of the guests lodging experience resembles a stay at a fine country estate. It is designed in Colonial Revival style with connected, white-shingled buildings fronted by columns. The Inn at Perry Cabin’s rich history dates back to the colonial era. In fact, the site of the property was one of the English Crown’s original land grants in the New World. The original Inn, built in 1816, now the north wing of the manor house, was designed and built by Purser Samuel Hambleton, a War of 1812 Navy veteran and aide-de-camp to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.

The Inn’s waterfront restaurant, redesigned in a tasteful nautical theme, features a grand lighthouse built atop to serve as a beacon to guests and area visitors. In addition, a cozy lounge, Purser’s Pub, was added. Other improvements included a new horizon edge outdoor pool surrounded by a brick garden wall, a large pergola style arbor, lush landscaping an herb garden and a greenhouse. Private gated gardens were added to existing garden view rooms, while a new brick lane that leads from the street to the new entrance makes for a lovely stroll. White columns and brick arches grace the new courtyard entrance that leads to the center of the historic section of The Inn, circa 1816, while blue stone pathways, protected from the elements by a grand awning, are impressive.

The Inn, named after the renowned Perry who is famous for his declaration, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours,” was built to resemble the Commodore’s cabin (‘Perry Cabin’) on the flagship U.S.S. Niagara. The resort’s colorful past includes the transformation from a private home to a working farm, and then a riding academy. In 1980 the Myerhoff family of St. Michaels, who established a comfortable six-room hotel with a small restaurant, converted it into a lodging facility for the first time. In September 1989, global entrepreneur and co-founder of the Laura Ashley Company, Sir Bernard Ashley, purchased the property. He then began a two-year expansion effort that transformed The Inn at Perry Cabin into a 41-room luxury hotel, offering a host of five-star amenities and services. Orient-Express Hotels purchased The Inn in May of 1999. In 2002 and 2003, the company completed a $17 million improvement program. The scope of the project included the creation of a more stylish entrance, the enhancement of existing rooms and the addition of 40 suites all with water views and private balconies or terraces.

Guest rooms have been refreshed as well with Italian marble in the bathrooms, spacious vanities and enlarged tubs. With its wide array of cozy sitting rooms, common areas, courtyards and plush lawn furnishings, guests are encouraged to wander throughout the house and gardens, take afternoon tea, and enjoy the Inn as if they were at home. The Inn at Perry Cabin’s lodging experience and comfort serve as its essential fabric - and offer truly luxurious accommodations that are found only in the world’s finest hotels. Future plans for the resort include the ongoing expansion of the gardens, which already feature a cutting garden, kitchen garden and numerous floral containers around the property. The Inn also sports a bocce court and croquet lawn. For a relaxing fall weekend you can utilize the bikes provided by the Inn to all guests, sail, hike , golf at a nearby golf course or totally unwind at the Linden Spa.

Opened in summer 2007, Linden Spa located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland offers a full range of spa services. The spa is named after the large Linden trees that line the brick driveway leading to the hotel, whose blooms are used in many of the spa’s signature treatments. Linden trees were initially brought by early settlers and their white and yellow blooms were coveted for their beauty, medicinal purposes and bountiful honey and beeswax harvests. Linden Spa’s focus on “the botanical art of wellness” harnesses the healing powers of local plants and herbs. Many of the plants grown in the inn’s own garden are used for treatments. The spa is grounded in the long-standing tradition of the apothecary, which was always strong in the Baltimore area in times past. To reflect this, treatment rooms are named after local flowers and trees that are known for their healing properties. Décor: The 6,000 square foot Spa is built in the same Colonial style of architecture as The Inn at Perry Cabin, in creams, browns and blues accented with botanical prints. The relaxation room is decorated with panels of pressed flowers harvested from the Inn’s grounds. Facilities: • Indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms • Infinity edge pool • Steam room • Yoga studio • Apothecary • Fitness equipment • Personal trainers available upon request

You can stay at the hotel and enjoy a 4 star dinner at SHERWOOD’S LANDING. Overlooking the Miles River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, the dining room is painted in a soft, sun-washed color that reflects the natural changing light outside. Plush banquettes and captain’s chairs invite diners to linger and enjoy their experience. In addition to the views from the wall of windows, décor highlights include a collage of ‘waterman’ tools over the fireplace and a collection of antique Oyster Plates. In warmer months, dining al fresco is available.

Celebrity Guests Paul Newman Christopher Walken Margaret Thatcher Nicholas Cage Jean Marie Messier Vince Vaughn Rachael McAdams Yuri Temirkanov Warren Buffett Joanne Woodward Sarah Jessica Parker Tom Selleck Robert Kennedy Matthew McConaughey Jane Seymour Isla Fisher Bradley Cooper Owen Wilson Elizabeth Taylor Wynton Marsalis John Major

One on One with Chef Chris Siropaides of Georges' Georges’ is Chef Perrier’s answer to casual stylishness on Philadelphia’s Main Line. It presents global cuisine with varied selections along with unique presentations. The restaurant’s warm inviting atmosphere is the perfect place for a quick bite, an intimate meal, or a fun meeting place to gather with family and friends.

"Georges’ provides a rustic elegance, and with a country style.” Chef Chris Siropaides has been  the executive chef at Georges' since 2003 and  'Foodies'  travel  from all over  to savor his amazing food.  Chef Chris attended the Culinary Program at the Central Montego Tech School from 1996 to 1997. His teacher was a graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute (CIA) and through his teachings and guidance afforded him the opportunity to attend CIA after graduation from High School. His early career led him to work with Chef Perrier which allowed him to expand on the fundamentals. Like Chef Perrier, Siropaides stays true to the classic dishes and preparations, but he had evolved to incorporate new techniques and flavor pairings. Chef Chris  has had the wonderful  opportunity  to  have worked with many talented chefs over the years, each of them  teaching dynamic recipes. " Georges's is a restaurant for quality and comfort. We do not strive to be flashy or trendy", we offer guests the freshest ingredients done in a very down to earth approachable way," stated Chef Chris.  

Q and A with Chef Chris

Types of Food and ambiance at Georges’ Georges’ is Chef Perrier’s answer to casual stylishness on Philadelphia’s Main Line. It presents global cuisine with varied selections along with unique presentations. The restaurant’s warm inviting atmosphere is the perfect place for a quick bite, an intimate meal, or a fun meeting place to gather with family and friends. What is the dish you are best known for? Braised duck ragout with potato gnocchi, English peas, brie cheese fondue   What is your current favorite ingredient?  Duck

What can diners expect when they experience your restaurant? Quality food and a relaxed atmosphere Media you have been featured in? The 10! Show , The CW’s Talk Philly, Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia, NBC 10 “Foodies” How would you describe the menu that you offer at your restaurant? An American Bistro with French and Asian influences complimented by high quality ingredients What summer shore town we can find you in?  Ocean City, NJ

Who is a local Philly chef you admire most? George Perrier and Chip Roman

What sports teams you root for? Phillies, Eagles and Red Sox

Five years from now where you will be? Still striving to serve the best food I can.

A popular recipe you prepare? A consistently popular order is the Poached Shrimp and Jumbo Crab Salad (baby arugula, citrus segments, red peppers, avocado, orange-poppy seed vinaigrette) Chef said that steaks are also very popular- “Georges’ has the best steaks in town.”  What is popular also depends on the season. For example, Georges’ prepares a lot of fish dishes in the summer and meat dishes in the winter.  

What would you be doing with your life if you had not chosen to be a chef? I would have been a historian or archaeologist. Why do you enjoy cooking at Georges’? Chef Perrier has confidence in me. He allows me to evolve my own style of cooking and gives me freedom to be creative.

Location 503 W. Lancaster Avenue. Eagle Village Shops Wayne, PA 19087 (610) 964-2588

Hours: Lunch Served: Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 - 2:30 Mid Day Served: Tuesday - Saturday 2:30 - 5:00 Dinner Served: Monday - Thursday 5:00 - 10:00 Friday and Saturday 5:00 - 11:00 Sunday 5:00 - 9:00 BYOW Brunch Served: Sunday 11:00 - 2:00

Two special recipes for our Elite Professionals Subscribers from Chef Chris Salmon Beaumoniere

Sauce Beaumoniere

4 people 4 – 6oz pieces salmon, skin-on 4 portions, fingerling potatoes 4 portions, sautéed spinach 2 tbs garlic, minced Salt and pepper

4 plum tomatoes 4 tsp, shallot, minced 2 tsp garlic, minced 4 tbs, olive oil 4 tsp sherry vinegar Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbs, chopped fresh parsley

Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Saute the salmon, skin side down till crisp, flip over and finish cooking in a 350 degree oven. Season potatoes, toss with olive oil and chopped thyme Roast potatoes in oven till tender Saute  garlic, do not brown, add the spinach and cook till wilted Season with salt and pepper  

Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Have a bowl of ice water on the side. Cut an x into the bottom of the tomato, dunk into the boiling water for 15 seconds Scoop out, and into the ice water to loosen the skin of the tomato. Peel off the tomato skins, quarter the tomato and scoop out the seed sacks Cut the tomato petals into a nice small dice Combine with the shallot, garlic, oil and vinegar and season with salt and pepper Add some chopped fresh parley before serving

Kevin Gatto, native Philadelphian is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Verde. With over eleven years of experience, Gatto has achieved such prestigious honors in the industry as being named a Network Educator for the New York based Bumble and Bumble product line (a position which kept him in direct contact with the trend setting stylists and educators there) and earning the honor of National Technical Specialist for Wella International in 2004. Gatto has also served as a Top Educator for Davines – traveling the world (Rome, Florence, Toronto and Amsterdam to name a few) in pursuit of the latest hair and beauty trends and bringing them back to his clients and those he trains. He is currently a senior member of the newly launched Creative Force color team for TIGI Colour -- training colorists throughout North America on the latest color techniques and trends. Kevin's reputation as premier stylist and educator also extends too many of the nation's most fashionable salons. He has trained stylists at the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City, a premier Manhattan style destination frequented by Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey. Gatto has also trained colorists at the new David Evangelista salon on trendy 5th Avenue in New York City. Gatto graduated at the top of his class from the Rizzieri Institute, where he was one of only four students chosen to assist the Clairol Styling Team at the New York Fashion shows working backstage with Richard Dalton (former personal stylist to Princess Diana). His styling experience is enhanced by his business acumen, developed as a business and broadcast journalism major at Temple University.  Kevin often serves on Philadelphia, 10!, doing Ambush Makeovers, CN8 Your Morning and Live with Regis and Kelly where he demonstrates his skills for dramatic before-and-afters and provides helpful makeover advice. Gatto is quickly becoming one of our regions’ preeminent stylist, colorist and beauty expert.stylist and beauty expert on television makeover segments for such shows as Good Day

Kevin’s tips this month are dedicated to our male readers. Next issue we look forward to tips for our female readership. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! -- In today's

delicate job market looking your best is crucial. Your face is the first thing potential employers or clients will see so you always want to look alert and refreshed. Dry dehydrated skin can make you look years older, especially in the upcoming winter months when your skin is exposed to harsh climates. My favorites are the Neutrogena Men line, which are available at drugstores

Nutrition -- Many will not associate good grooming with nutrition but eating right keeps not only your insides healthy but has a dramatic and positive effect on your skin and how you feel. A healthy balance is important.

Haircut -- Thanks to the popularity of the hit show Mad Men the art of the

gentleman's haircut is coming back. Although modified for a modern feel with texture for those times you want to have fun with your hair the trend now is for a classic 1960's inspired cut. Clean lines, strong side parts give a air of integrity and confidence. But make sure to get your monthly haircut..Looking scruffy around the neck line and ears is “so” not Don Draper.

Keep it clean -- Whether you are clean shaven or have facial hair -main-

tain clean lines and keep it neat and trim. The ultimate 5 o'clock shadow is worn by Tom Ford so facial hair can be sexy and professional as long as it is maintained like you maintain your haircut.  

Ditch the flakes -- Your dandruff may not be dandruff. Use a proper

cleansing shampoo to maintain a healthy scalp that will prevent those embarrassing white flakes on dark suits. Use a shampoo like Kaaral Energizing Shampoo ($14, avail. at verde) to invigorate your hair and scalp with citrus and eucalyptus. If you do have dandruff...try to solve the problem.

Smile up -- A great smile isn't just sexy it is healthy too. Regular trips to

the Dentist ,flossing and preventing gum disease can keep your smile bright and healthy! If you are a big coffee drinker like me than those Crest white strips –will be your best friend (but don't overdo it…we all remember that episode of friends with Ross' insanely white teeth.)

POLO NEWS WITH IAN BREALEY Ian Brealey is a businessman and polo player from England who wanted to share with our Elite Professionals readers the global Polo scene.

This past summer I saw Polo played in China and America as well as my home turf in England. I was intrigued at the sight of Prince William scoring four goals to lift Tiffany’s fantastic charity polo cup in celebration of the Santa Barbara Polo Clubs 100th anniversary. Working hard and playing hard Prince William is everyone’s idea of a Royal Prince.  Polo has formed an important part of his education and I would like to share why…  William has had to bravely put behind him riding scares which would put most people off.  When you fall off the pony and hit the ground hearing your neck cartilages creakily moving over each, a voice inside says ‘Give this up!’.  But he didn’t give up. He and his brother Harry are now accomplished polo players. In my native Warwickshire, England and around the world I have had the honor to play with a number of young people and I remember one aged 14 in his first polo match.  His Argentinean companion player and coach, my good friend Matias, got him to take the final penalty which would decide the match.  He was nervous but slotted it between the posts.  As we walked back I said to him ‘there that’s something to be proud of.  No one was there to help you do that. “ Besides confidence in his own abilities Polo like any sport teaches much about human nature. I’d like to think when the time comes for him to take up his responsibilities Prince William will be able to discern and value wise and honest advice from the flattery of place seeking people.  I’d also like to think he will be better able to balance moral and material progress and value both from his time on the Polo field.  It’s hard to talk to young people about moral education and the need for it but like any sport being around horses and horse people is to quickly learn the ways of nature. Polo now is definitely back and many professionals such as me are giving it a go in between busy professional lives. For someone starting out Polo is a kind sport.  It is played at a canter so the beginner does not have to suffer the agonies of getting used to the horses trot.  In fact my friends have proved we can get an enthusiastic beginner to safe and reasonable proficiency in eight weeks instruction.  Attached to the local polo club will be a polo school where reasonably priced instruction can be had.  However impressive the height of a tree you know it is matched by the depth of the roots below the ground.  Polo has deep roots in the countries where it is played among young people.  Each year some 400 teams in England of 14-18 year olds compete in the school and pony club championships in England. Polo is very popular in England and other countries too but the heart of the game is in Argentina.  If visiting Argentina be sure to go to San Antonio de Areco in time for the gaucho festival in October.  It is an extraordinary sight to see a thousand riders pass through town in costume along with the traditional ‘trapiches’ groups of riderless horses led by a single horse. If your heart is set on polo this town is a good place to begin.  Your new found Argentine friends will take you to the impressive Polo Open Championships in Buenos Aires in November where you will get a taste for watching the game at the highest thrilling level. Polo is not only to be found at grand Polo Clubs but growing to different venues for all to enjoy, from beaches to farms and university teams. Polo in the Philadelphia area: Ian Brealey is a businessman, avid polo player and father to 4 children. Ian attended Rugby School and began his career with KPMG.  Today he manages his agricultural estate, has interests in quarrying and travels the world writing about, teaching and retailing essential plant oils. His polo career began in 2003 in Argentina where he can be found each autumn. He keeps three polo ponies in Warwickshire, England where he lives with his family. His polo team plays in Red and is known as Polo Dreams.  Recently he combined his love of polo, polo characters human and equine, and essential oils in creating the perfume Polo Dreams Royal Wedding which contains Chinese Gardenia, and as 'Lily of the Valley' Citrus, Jasmine, Neroli, Tuscan Lavender, Vetiver and Cistus. See his blog at

Editor’s Pick

The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia

The Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1892 and is among  one of the oldest yacht clubs in continuous operation in the country. Located five minutes south of Philadelphia International Airport on the Delaware River, the beautiful waterfront venue is home port for yacht club members as well as private party and wedding catering events looking for a maritime theme. Club members enjoy year around sailing the eastern seaboard and Caribbean waters. They race one design classes locally three seasons a year in Optimists, Lasers, Vanguard 15s and J22s. The clubhouse has a rich yachting heritage and is home to an extensive collection of maritime artifacts, artwork and half models which are owned and maintained by the Corinthian Historical

Foundation. Much of the Corinthian history comes from Philadel phia’s oldest main line families who in years past would sail motor yachts up to the Club’s yacht basin before heading on to distant ports. When not out sailing or shooting trap on their private range, members of Corinthian attend lectures and seminars at the Club given by some of the best-known names in the sport of sailing. Privileges of the club include access to the dining room and porches, parlors, outdoor deck, locker rooms and swimming pool. The waterfront services include docks with water and electricity, and a number of moorings and slips. Boat storage is available on the property.

All the dining rooms overlook the Delaware River with views of the Commodore Barry Bridge in the distance and regular passing of commercial ships and leisure boats.


The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia is a participatory club of individuals and families with an interest in sailing, sailboat racing, cruising, boating and trap shooting. Conveniently located on eleven acres of beautiful Delaware River waterfront in Essington, PA., the Corinthian is one of the oldest continuously operating yacht clubs in the country. Members enjoy three seasons of one-design club racing on Lasers, J22s, Vanguard 15s and Optimists; year-round trap shooting; bi-annual sailboat cruises on the Chesapeake Bay or one of the Club's many social and educational events. The Club also has a vigorous junior sailing program and learn-to-sail classes.  Privileges of the club include access to the dining room and porches, parlors, outdoor deck, locker rooms and swimming pool. The waterfront services include docks with water and electricity, and a number of moorings and slips. Boat storage is available on the property.

Trap Shooting

CYC has an active trap shooting program at the most unique and challenging venue in the Delaware Valley. Sited on the shore of the Delaware River, we have a beautiful setting with a wood-stove warmed Trap House complemented by scrumptious pastries, coffee and lunches. Our shooting season begins in November with several professionally run clinics for both experienced and novice shooters.  Inexperienced shooters can benefit from this first class coaching in a fun, low pressure atmosphere. The season quickly moves to CYC’s traditional “Game Shoot” dinner where we enjoy exquisite fare. Next on the schedule is


The Dining Room was completely renovated in 2009. Member a la carte dining is available Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, and Brunch on Sunday. Private events can be hosted by members and non-members with prior arrangement for groups of 2 to 300 for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  Such events include business conferences/retreats/Board meetings, celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, showers, fund raisers and  pool parties.  A tent is available mid-April through midOctober and can seat up to 200.  Additional tenting is also available. Member events include a monthly speaker series, holiday dinners/brunches, guest chef and theme dinners and weekly sailing barbecues and Friday Pub Nights year round.

our popular “Turkey Shoot” (no they aren’t the geese from the front lawn) with the Cornish game hen given to the season’s most improved shooter thus far. As thoughts turn to Christmas we compare gloves and footwear while we prepare for our intra club shoots, both home and away, with the numerous shooting clubs in the Philadelphia area. The intra- club shoots are the most challenging for the organizers to field a full squad in all categories; women, juniors and men. There is always room for new shooters. A pause in the season is taken to celebrate the achievements of the previous season’s shooters at the Trap Committee’s Awards Dinner. Thoughts quickly turn to handi

caps, high guns and “holy quail” (the coveted 25 straight award) as we continue our home and away schedule. The “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” is an event to be enjoyed with our significant others with yet another splendid dinner at our Club. Finally, the season winds down in March with our Championship Shoot. All in all, trap shooting at CYC is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning, meeting new friends and spending time with old friends. We hope to see you on the river. Fees $17 per round:  includes shells, targets, coffee, soda, lunch. $12 per round: for shells & targets, when food service is not provided.    Subject to change with supply costs.

Arch Mc Michael

Commodore of The Corinthian Yacht Club

How long have you been a member of the yacht club? I have been a member of The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia for  over 20 years. I became Commodore in January of 2011. I have sailed for over 40 years. I currently own a 45 foot sailboat that is kept on the Chesapeake in the Spring and Fall and in New England in the Summer. My wife and I primarily use this boat for cruising. Over the years I have made many trips to New England and two to Bermuda. Additionally, together with my two sons we own a J22 that we race at CYCOP in the one design series. My younger son is the skipper and my older son handles the bow work. My activity is typical of the sailing activity at the Club. We have two sailing fleets. The "one design" racing sailors race on the Delaware every Wednesday night from Late April through early September. There are two fleets: j22's and Vanguard 15's. The :"big boat" fleet is primarily on the Chesapeake, although members have sailed everywhere in the world. One couple left CYCOP and came back 14 years later. They are still active members What are some of the club activities you are offering through the fall? Through the fall and winter our trap shooting program will be very active. The trap season starts in November and goes through early April. The shooters are out every Sunday morning. Several times during the season a “novice” shoot is conducted where instruction is offered to new shooters. There will be some weekend one design sailing. One of the biggest events will be October 1st, the Philadelphia Cup. This event is returning after a 16 year absence. It consists of several one design and handicap racing fleets and is co-sponsored by CYCOP. It is being held this year at the Independence Seaport Museum. Also through the non-summer months we will have numerous speaker programs. These consist of both sailing and non-sailing topics and usually involve dinner. On Friday nights an informal “club night” gives everyone a chance to kickback after a busy week and enjoy the fellowship with other members. Why is CYC a special place to you? One of the reasons the Corinthian is a "special place" to me because I have always enjoyed being on the water and sharing friendships with those who have similar interests. While we do not live in Newport or Annapolis (or one of the other great harbors) it is wonderful to be able to have a lunch or dinner overlooking the water and see both the commercial and recreational boating activities. Of course, the best part of the Club is the membership. We are a rather small club (about 300 members) and it is easy to get to know many of the members. They become a great resource of sailing information as a result of the breadth of experience represented. If you want to know a good place to cruise or the good restaurants when you get there, someone in the Club has that knowledge. Of course, helpful maintenance information is also plentiful. Can you share any interesting ‘sailing’ stories? Asking a sailor for any interesting stories is like asking Mc Donalds if they have any fries! We all have our stories, mostly involving good times and happy endings. There are the challenges of weather, boat problems, etc. There are the winning strategies used for every race--whether or not you won. My most recent trip back from New England involved traveling down Long Island Sound and through New York in the first days after the hurricane in late August. Capping a wild ride down the East River was the emotion of seeing the rising replacement for the World Trade Center together with the Statue of Liberty. But there are far too many stories to share all.

Cedar Creek Sporting Clays A First Class Shooting Club

I recently had an opportunity to visit the Cedar Creek Sporting Clays. I have had an affection for firearms and target shooting ever since my dad gave me my first gun (a Marlin .22 ga bolt action rifle) when I was 12 and told me he would get me a larger caliber when I could put three shots close enough together from 50 yards away to cover with a dime. So, I brought my son (age 16) along thinking this might be an opportunity to introduce him to the sport. I shot skeet a fair amount in high school and some in college but I hadn’t been skeet shooting for a very long time. This was the first time for my son and I hoped he’d enjoy it as much as I did as a boy. We drove out to the club where we rented a 12ga over and under shot gun. He and I went out to the first shooting area (stand). There are 16 at the course each with novice and an advanced presentation. Joe Scull the owner joined us shortly at the first stand. Scull is an NSCA certified instructor who enjoys giving lessons to everyone from the absolute beginning shooter to the advanced competitor who needs to hone his tournament skills. Joe told me that he individualizes his teaching style to meet the needs and the ability of each shooter and that he provides instruction at all levels from beginner to the most accomplished experts. Indeed Scull provides instruction and preparation for those in advanced competition, coaching tournament shooters honing their technique and improving their mental game. Scull had always been an avid hunter and got involved with sporting clays in 1992 in an effort to improve his hunting skills. He became fascinated with shooting clays however and began taking lessons to further develop his proficiency in the sport. He entered competition soon thereafter, rising to Master Class twice. Enthralled with the sport, Scull purchased Cedar Creek Sporting Clays in 1994 which at the time he recalls, was just a 50 bird manual course with trappers on 25 acres. Since then he has meticulously expanded the facility by cutting through an additional 50 acres of virgin forest to design and create a fully automated 100 bird course with at least two target presentations (advanced and novice) at each of its 16 stations. The course is spectacular for those who enjoy the outdoors with lush forest surrounding the wood chipped trail leading from stand to stand. You can rent golf carts but many sportsmen prefer the walk. The club hosts monthly tournaments for those seeking competition. These tournaments are very competitive, attracting some of the best marksmen from around the country. On our visit to the facility, Scull introduced us to Wendell Cherry, Team USA Sporting -Gold Medal winner an 11 times world Champion was at Cedar Creek practicing for a week and preparing for a particularly competitive tournament in which seven to ten of the world’s best clays marksmen were participating. “He’s here several times a year”, Scull told me. A lot of experts and avid shooters fly into Melville airport only 15 minutes away. “We send a shuttle out to pick them up and bring them to the club.”

Joe Scull (Owner of Ceder Creek)

Diane Sorantino, World English FITASC Champion and 15 Time All-American (Open 1stTeam 11 consecutive years) Anthony Matarese, also shoot at Cedar Creek on a regular basis.  I can say without reservation that Joe is an absolutely incredible instructor who knows exactly how to encourage and motivate a novice like my son. He patiently took him under his wing and avidly schooled the boy in the art of shooting clays. For obvious reasons, safety is paramount and Joe dealt with the topic vigilantly but in way that sustained interest. Joe’s love of the sport is infectious too and he soon had my son safely wielding the weapon like a pro. Within 30 minutes, he was hitting the targets, elated and very proud of his accomplishment. “Hitting the target is the most important thing for someone starting out”, Scull explained. “Constantly missing is frustrating and ruins the experience for beginners.” With Scull’s coaching however, there is no reason for that to happen and even first time shooters quickly relax and enjoy the sport. Clay pigeon shooting derives from a time past; when pigeons were hunted for food and live pigeon competitions were held to compare the skill of hunters. Live pigeon competitions were banned in 1921 and the sport transitioned to the more civilized shooting of similarly sized discs made of clay. The discs are circular resembling the base of a flower pot. The challenge in hunting though is that the target may move in any direction at any time. The clay disc or “pigeon”, commonly referred to as a bird, is projected by a machine called a trap presenting the same challenge found in hunting. Each trap is positioned and adjusted to throw a bird into the air so that it “flies” in a

particular direction or trajectory. The shooter then is presented with a two targets that can be delivered in sequence or simultaneously. A bird coming straight at you slowly gives you time to aim at it and shoot it. A bird crossing far out in front of you is more challenging since your shot has to lead it correctly to hit it. Launching one clay at a time gives the shooter time to refocus his gun. Launching two simultaneously forces him to redirect his aim quickly from one target to the next. Hence the presentations to the shooter can range from quite easy to extremely difficult and allows one to enjoy shooting regardless of their experience. Clay pigeon shooting is a global sport with thousands participating at all levels of competition including the summer Olympic Games which currently hosts two events, skeet and trap. Scull has constructed a facility at Cedar Creek that allows success and enjoyment regardless of the shooter’s level of expertise by placing multiple traps (at least four) at each shooting area along with stands for the advanced and beginning marksman. Hence each shooting area provides simpler and more complicated presentations of the targets. Shooting clays is a great hobby providing fun and relaxation even for a first time shooter because he can hit the target. The sport can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to senior citizens. I’ve had a couple of kids who started shooting clays with their parents at seven”, Scull told me. For smaller individuals and children, a smaller caliber shot gun may be easier for them to control than a larger weapon and both 20 and 28 gauge shot guns are available at the club. I have always enjoyed shooting clays; it’s a very different alternative to other sporting

activities that may really appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t come to mind in choosing a leisure activity because it is so different, because it requires a safe facility and because it requires a gun that many people associate with violence. Yet Cedar Creek Sporting Clays provides outstanding outdoor facilities in a rustic setting enabling anyone whether they own a gun or not to come out for a day of shooting as a sport without any negative connotation. Cedar creek Sporting Clays is located in South Jersey within driving distance of Philadelphia and the greater vicinity including NJ and Delaware. Cedar Creek is open to the public and is family and female friendly. There were several ladies there when I visited. For those who shoot often, membership is available. The staff is very friendly and very accommodating but perhaps most important to those less familiar with the sport, they provide basic instruction to ensure a safe, successful and enjoyable experience. Your initial lesson will cover gun safety, eye dominance, gun fit, proper stance, the right gun mount. Scull can also provide intensive three day immersion clinics to jump start your success. You don’t have to own a gun and you don’t have to bring anything with you. Facilities include a club house where you can rent shotguns and purchase ammunition. With catering available, Cedar Creek Sporting Clays has served as the venue for many corporate events for companies like Deloitte and Bowne & Company.  Group instruction or mini-tournaments for corporate outings or charitable fundraisers are frequently provided by Scull and his staff. My son and I had an incredibly enjoyable day, his last remark as we were leaving was, “When can we do this again Dad”?

Current Range Hours: Wednesday : 8:30 am - 3:00pm Friday : 8:30 am - 3:00 pm Saturday: 8:30am - 3:00pm Sunday: 8:30am - 3:00pm Open Year 'Round

Target Fees: 100 Targets - $37.00 Cash Discount -$35.00 Extras -.35 each 50 Targets -$20.00 Cash Discount -$19.00 Golf carts available for rental: $15.00

Located at : 499 Ramah Road Millville, NJ Cedar Creek Sporting Clays is conveniently located within easy driving distance from New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.--  45 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and just 5 minutes from Millville Airport and  Thunderbolt Raceway at the NJ Motorsports Park.

EP Magazine’s Philly Foodie Report Courtesy of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing

New Tastes Opa Sibling owners George and Vasiliki Tsiouris bring stylish Greek dining to Midtown Village with Opa. Menu offerings at the sleekly designed resto-bar include zimi, or baked feta-cheese-filled pita; striped bass over sauted spinach paired with a garbanzo bean soufflé and specialty cocktails like the Portokali, combining Penn 1681 vodka, blood orange juice and ouzo. 1311 Sansom Street, (215) 5450170, Serafina Opened this past spring, Philly outpost of New York celeb hangout Serafina, replete with signature frescos and an in-house bakery. The cuisine will stays true to the original’s classic specialties, such as homemade pasta with caviar and truffles, grilled fish and thin-crust pizza. 130 S. 18th Street, serafinarestaurant. com Mica Local superstar chefs Chip Roman (Blackfish) and Jason Chichonksi (formerly of Lacroix) team up for Mica, a fine-dining destination with a liquor license in a stone-front building in tony Chestnut Hill. 8609 Germantown Avenue, (267) 335-3912, Modo Mio & Paesano’s Having already won a devoted following with his Italian eateries Modo Mio and Paesano’s, Chef Peter McAndrews introduces Monsu, a cozily authentic Sicilian bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) spot in the Italian Market, serving delicacies that combine tradition and creative flair. 901 Christian Street, (215) 440-0495

Farm-to-Table Eats The Farm and the Fisherman The local debut of a Conshohocken native, Washington Square’s The Farm and Fisherman boasts an impressive pedigree—chef training at the acclaimed Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York. The white tablecloth BYO will focus on locally sourced meals such as slow-cooked heritage pork jowl with shaved brussels sprouts and smoked lady apple; and vegan braised-celery hearts with rice grits, quinoa and parsley. 1120 Pine Street, (267) 6871555, Farmers Daughter Taking over where the Coleman Restaurant left off at the Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center, Farmers Daughter is a welcoming, rustic space with an expanded, airy bar and a fresh-focused menu featuring thyme-roasted Harris Ranch strip loin, caramelized diver scallops and craft cocktails made with fresh juices. Route 202 & Morris Road, Blue Bell, (215) 616-8300,

Spicy Bites

Food On The Fly

Tashan Munish Narula, founder of the wildly popular Tiffin chain of Indian takeaway/delivery restaurants, steps up to highbrow dining with Tashan in South Philly, where the cuisine will include flash-grilled oysters with coconut and ginger moilee sauce; methicrusted sea bass wrapped in banana leaf; and tandoori black pepper chicken tikka. 777 S. Broad Street,

Freshii Healthy, customizable, environmentally sustainable food served in a flash is the basic concept of Freshii, an international chain with a new Philadelphia location at the Ritz-Carlton. Menu options include wraps, rice bowls, burritos, soups and more. 1414 S. Penn Square, (215) 977-7123,

Wayne’s Matador Fusing Spanish and Mexican flavors, Wayne’s Matador serves up poblano mole and fajitas alongside tapas and paella in a warmly lit atmosphere. 110 N. Wayne Avenue, (610) 6886282, Handmade pasta meets empanadas at the Italian Market’s BYO 943, where the tiled dining room serves up tempting creations like chimichurri short ribs with duck fat potatoes and grilled octopus with saffron, fava beans and fennel. 943 S. 9th Street, (215) 925-0900 Manakeesh Café and Bakery The Lebanese fare at University City’s Manakeesh Café and Bakery includes spinach pie, flatbread sandwiches stuffed with the spicy sausage sujuk and fresh-made baklava. 4420 Walnut Street, (215) 9212135

Frohman’s Wursthaus Jose Garces applies his prodigious talents to German cuisine with Frohman’s Wursthaus, a fast-service beer n’ brats joint replacing the Letto Deli in Center City East 208 S. 13th Street, Le Pain Quotidien The trendy Belgian café chain Le Pain Quotidien comes to Walnut Street bearing specialty pastry like pain aux raisins, hazelnut flutes and butter croissants, as well as tartines (open-faced sandwiches) with fillings like black bean hummus or grilled chicken and smoked mozzerella with arugula and basil pesto. 1423 Walnut Street, (215) 7510570, Plenty The Passyunk Avenue strip is already brimming with great dine-in options, but newly opened Plenty now offers delectibly homey takeaway options, such as coq au vin with Freebird chicken, pasta with meatballs and gravy and homemade gravlax sandwiches with red onion cream cheese. 1710 E. Passyunk Avenue, (267) 9098033, Pamcakes Philly’s hunger for cupcakes knows no bounds and Pamcakes, a new cupcakery in Rittenhouse, is working hard to fill the demand with classics like double chocolate, chocolate chip and red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese icing, as well as deluxe options like cookies and cream. 20th & Pine Streets, (215) 546-2860,


The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts th 10 Year Anniversary

The Kimmel Center, Inc. incorporates public amenities and two major venues: The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts -- Verizon Hall, a 2,500-seat concert hall and Perelman Theater, a 650-seat recital theater; and a renovated and upgraded Academy of Music (2,900 seats), which is owned by The Philadelphia Orchestra and operated by Kimmel Center, Inc.

Newly Added Shows A spectacular celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film, The Wizard of Oz  will blow you   away from the moment the tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling art deco Oz, complete with munchkins and flying monkeys. Don't miss the chance to travel "Over the Rainbow" and experience this national treasure on stage.   FELA! Tues., Mar. 20-Sun, Mar. 25 Academy of Music Tickets start at $20 FELA!, the most critically acclaimed musical of the season, received three 2010 Tony Awards®: Best Choreography, Best Costume Design for a Musical and Best Sound Design of a Musical! His story inspired a nation. His music inspires the world. FELA! tells the true story of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, whose soulful Afrobeat rhythms ignited a generation. Motivated by his mother, a civil rights champion, he defied a corrupt and oppressive military government and devoted his life and music to the struggle for freedom and

human dignity. FELA! is a triumphant tale of courage, passion and love, featuring Fela Kuti’s captivating music and the visionary direction and choreography of Tony Award® winner Bill T. Jones. Riverdance Fri., May 11-Sun., May 13 Merriam Theater Tickets start at $45 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, English lead guitarist of rock band Oasis performs at Academy of Music, Nov. 11—TRACES, Philadelphia Premiere by 7 Fingers, co-presented with the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Merriam Theater, Sept 15-18 Prog-rock band Dream Theater, Merriam Theater, October 16 Amos Lee, Philly Native Singer Songwriter Returns to Perform at Academy of Music, Nov. 5 Tori Amos, Night of Hunters Tour Philadel phia Performance, Academy of Music, Dec. 1 Jerry Seinfeld, returns to the stage with 2012 Live in Concert Tour, Academy of Music, Jan. 14

Jiim Brickman performs a special Valentine’s weekend program, February 18, Merriam Theater Single Tickets On Sale for the Following Shows: BROADWAY SEASON   Wizard of Oz Tues., Dec. 27& Wed., Dec. 28, 2pm & 7:30pm Merriam Theater Tickets start at $20   There truly is no place like home as the greatest family musical of all time, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, twists its way across the country! The entire family will be captivated as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road and beyond with Dorothy, Toto and their friends the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow in this lavish production, featuring breathtaking special effects, dazzling choreography and classic songs. 

Shows FAREWELL TOUR! EXPERIENCE THE ORGINAL! Now in its 17th phenomenal year, RIVERDANCE, the internationally-acclaimed celebration of Irish music, song and dance that has touched the hearts of millions around the world, comes to Philadelphia May 11 13! ‘A phenomenon of historic proportions!’ raves The Washington Post. ‘An explosion of sight and sound that simply takes your breath away,’ cheers the Chicago Tribune. ‘A family evening unlike anything else!’ declares The London Times. Discover why nothing in the world compares to the original! Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, there is no better time to share the magic of RIVERDANCE with your family.   KIMMEL CENTER PRESENTS   TRACES by 7 Fingers  A co-presentation with the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival Merriam Theater Thurs., Sept. 15 – Sun., Sept 18, 2011, Times vary Tickets start at $20   Traces is high-energy urban acrobatics for all ages—poetic and explosive, humorous and thoughtful—from 7 Fingers, a Montrealbased circus arts company founded with the goal to bring circus to a human scale. Circus feats—including traditional Chinese acrobatics, tumbling through hoops, and leaping between giant poles—combine with skateboarding and parkour, and mix with theater, music, and contemporary dance. The performers use every mode of expression available to them, hoping to leave their traces as best they can.  k.d. lang and The Siss Boom Bang  special guest Teddy Thompson Verizon Hall Thurs., Sept. 29, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $38.50   A fusion of country-rock and a playfully punklike attitude, k.d. lang puts the ‘alternative’ in alt-country. This Grammy® Award-winning singer-songwriter has collaborated with legendary artists from Roy Orbison and Tony Bennett to Elton John and Anne Murray.  Audra McDonald Verizon Hall Sat., Oct. 1, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $35   Tony® and Grammy® Award-winning singer and actress Audra McDonald is known on Broadway and beyond for her stellar performances and heartfelt ballads—and for the stunning beauty of her Juilliard-trained voice.

Herbie Hancock Verizon Hall Sat., Oct. 8, 2011 at 8:30pm Tickets start at $25 Now in his fifth decade as a performing artist, Herbie Hancock remains where he has always been: in the forefront of world culture, technology and music.  Following in the footsteps of his recent double Grammy wins for “The Imagine Project” and his appointment as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Herbie Hancock embarks on a North American tour this Fall. This tour marks the first time in the genre-defying artist’s career that he will be touring solo, incorporating elements of both acoustic and electric musical heritage and culling material from throughout his legendary career.   Keyboard Conversations® with Jeffrey Siegel  A Beethoven Bonanza! Perelman Theater Mon., Oct. 10, 2011 at 7:30pm Ticket Price: $30   Siegel navigates the myriad moods of Beethoven's genius—from the lighthearted Sonata No. 3 in C Major to the tragic and fiery Sonata Pathétique, and the transcendent Sonata No. 30 in E Major.  Esperanza Spalding  Chamber Music Society Merriam Theater Fri., Oct. 14, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $35   Known in musical circles for her multi-genre compositions and spectacularly soulful voice, Grammy® Award-winning jazz bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding makes her highly anticipated Kimmel Center debut. Jazz Up Close Celebrates Philly’s Jazz Legacy Celebrating The Heath Brothers Featuring Jimmy Heath and Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath  Perelman Theater Sat., Oct. 15, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $38   Beloved for their tremendous influence on the world of jazz, the Heath Brothers are known for their genre-bending style that fuses together pop, rock, and jazz.    David Sedaris Merriam Theater Sat., Oct. 15, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $50.50 David Sedaris’ wickedly witty observations of the ordinary to the bizarre deliver insight and laughs. Tweaking the familiar until it warps, David Sedaris mines poignant comedy from

his peculiar childhood in North Carolina, his bizarre career path and his move with his lover to France. Dream Theater  special guest Periphery In Association with Larry Magid Entertainment Group Merriam Theater Sun., Oct. 16, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $38  Recently voted one of the top ten prog-rock bands of all time by, Dream Theater will release their new album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, on September 13. The band is armed with one of the most powerful efforts of their storied, iconic career. "It's a really cool collection dedicated to the art and music of our forthcoming release along with a few awesome goodies,” says guitarist John Petrucci. Dream Theater embarks on a massive world tour this fall, where they will play songs from A Dramatic Turn of Events, along with classic fan favorites.   DRUMLine Live Merriam Theater Tues., Oct. 25 – Wed., Oct., 26, 2012 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $20 Drumline Live kicks off its second U.S. tour! The show’s vibrant cast has honed its precision and energy with years of training in marching band programs across the southern United States. This versatile group of musicians and dancers brings an explosive energy and athleticism to an eclectic mix of sounds. Equally at home with the hottest contemporary hip-hop, R&B, classic Motown tunes, and the rousing sounds of the great brass tradition,Drumline Live is thrilled to share the American Marching Band experience with Philadelphia audiences.   Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert  In Association with Mills Entertainment Merriam Theater Wed., Nov. 2, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $45 Selling out across the nation, master chefs Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert share an evening of storytelling, providing the audience with a provocative back-and-forth about what really goes on behind the kitchen doors. PHILADANCO  For Your Pleasure Featuring the Philadelphia premiere of a new work by Hope Boykin Perelman Theater Fri., Nov. 4 – Sun., Nov. 6, 2011, times vary Tickets start at $29

Hope Boykin: Watching Go By, the day (Philadelphia Premiere) George Faison: Suite Otis Gene Hill Sagan: La Valse (excerpt) Christopher L. Huggins: Blue  Beloved for its high-spirited energy and devotion to promoting African-American dance traditions, Philly's world-renowned modern dance company is a treat for the whole family! Join Philadanco as it displays its trademark techniques—infusing movement with passion, color, and theatrics.    Tony Bennett  special guest Antonia Bennett In Association with Larry Magid Entertainment Group Academy of Music Fri. Nov. 4, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $51   Living legend Tony Bennett reaches across generations with sold-out engagements featuring pop music, standards, show tunes, and jazz. Over his long career, Bennett has won fifteen Grammy® Awards and two Emmy Awards!    Gazillion Bubble Show Merriam Theater Sat., Nov. 2-Sun, Nov. 6, 2011, times vary Tickets start at $15   This dazzling show stars bubble artist Fan Yang performing the astounding feats that earned him a whopping sixteen Guinness World Records. In addition to giant bubbles, bouncing, floating, smoke-filled, tiny and massive bubbles, the spectacular production features jaw-dropping special effects and state-of-the-art lighting and lasers. An off-Broadway hit now entering its fifth amazing year, Gazillion Bubble Show unveils a multi-million dollar production for its premiere North American tour! Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ Series Marilyn Keiser, organ Verizon Hall Program features works by Mendelssohn, Handel, Mulet, Rheinberger, Vierne, Howells and Paulus Sat., Nov. 5, 2011 at3pm Tickets start at $19   Keiser’s performance will include a diverse collection of classical and contemporary composers with a compelling, nuanced recital guaranteed to stir the emotions. Amos Lee  special guest Brett Dennen (solo acoustic)  In Association with Live Nation Academy of Music Sat., Nov. 5, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $34.50

Since the release of Amos Lee's first album, the Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter has developed into one the most celebrated artists of his generation. Lee tours in support of his recent album, Mission Bell, which displays both range and cohesion, an array of emotions unified by his eclectic taste and distinctive vocals.   Noel Gallagher’s  High Flying Birds  special guest The Hours In Association with AEG Live and Radio 104.5 Academy of Music Fri., Nov. 11, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $39.50 *On Sale Sept. 9th!   After successfully announcing and selling out their U.K. touring dates, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have confirmed a handful of U.S. touring dates in support of their forthcoming self-titled debut album to be released November 8th, including an exclusive area performance at the Academy of Music. The High Flying Birds, described by Noel as a collective rather than a new band, will feature one-time Oasis touring member Mike Rowe, Zutons bass player Russell Pritchard, David ‘Macca’ Donald on guitars and Jeremy Stacey, brother of long-term friend Paul ‘Strangeboy’ Stacey, on drums.   Joe Bonamassa  In Association with AEG Live Academy of Music Sat., Nov. 12, 2011 at 8pm Tickets start at $39.50 Award-winning blues-rock star, guitar hero, and singer-songwriter Joe Bonamassa and his band make their Academy of Music debut for this one-night-only show in support of his new album, Dust Bowl. The eleventh fulllength solo release and ninth studio album of his career, Dust Bowl marks Bonamassa’s eighth collaboration with Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Aerosmith) as producer. Bonamassa’s previous album, 2010’s Black Rock, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Blues Albums Chart and No. 38 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. Orchestre Révolutionnaire et RomantiqueJohn Eliot Gardiner, conductor Verizon Hall Tues., Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $29 BEETHOVEN: Egmont Overture, Op. 84 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op. 55 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 One of the finest period-instrument orchestras in the world, the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique transports listeners back in time, offering a rare glimpse into how these seminal Beethoven works might have sounded when they first premiered. 

National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China Verizon Hall Sun., Nov. 20, 2011 at 3pm Tickets start at $15   Direct from Beijing, The National Acrobats of The People’s Republic of China (China National Acrobatic Troupe) presents a dizzying display in a myriad of colors, This awardwinning troupe performs around the world to stunned and delighted audiences.    Tori Amos  In Association with Live Nation Academy of Music Thurs., Dec. 1, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $39.50   The iconic, platinum-selling singer-songwriter continues her legacy of ground-breaking recordings with the upcoming September 2011 release of Night of Hunters, a 21st century song cycle inspired by select classical pieces spanning the last 400 years.  The 15 city Night of Hunters North American Tour kicks off on November 29 at the Cobb Energy Performance Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia and concludes at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie in Dallas, Texas on December 22.   Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Academy of Music Sat., Dec. 3, 2011, 3pm and 8pm Tickets start at $20   This beloved holiday show has toured throughout the U.S. with Grammy® Award winner and mastermind Chip Davis directing the group’s favorite Christmas music. Featuring state-of-the-art multimedia effects, the show spans the entire Christmas catalogue, from ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ to ‘The Christmas Song.’    Jazz Up Close Celebrates Philly’s Jazz Legacy Celebrating Benny Golson  Featured Artists To Be Announced Perelman Theater Sat., Dec. 3, 2011 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $35  Philly-born hard-bop trumpeter, Lee Morgan, is a legendary composer, arranger, and musician -- who played with the greats! This evening will feature the Terell Stafford Trio in a deeply melodic and bebop infused program.    Max Raabe and Palast Orchester Merriam Theater Fri., March 2, 2012 at 8pm Tickets start at $25   The ever-popular Max Raabe returns to Philadelphia by popular demand! Singerbandleader Raabe creates a musical time

capsule celebrating the music of the Weimar Republic, the turbulent era between the two world wars. Capturing the cosmopolitan sophistication of 1920s and 1930s Berlin cabarets, Raabe reveals the complexity, intelligence, and ambiguity of that era’s music, reminding us that between melancholy and irony, rebellion and resignation, elegy and slapstick, there often lies a single note or a mere word.   Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains Verizon Hall Fri., Mar. 9, 2012 at 8pm Tickets start at $37.50   Six time Grammy® winners, The Chieftains are not only Ireland’s official musical ambassadors, but are also recognized for bringing traditional Irish music to the world’s attention—creating a musical style both exhilarating and definitive.    Canadian Brass with  Jeffrey Brillhart, organ Verizon Hall Program features works by Brahms and J.S. Bach Sat., Mar. 10, 2012 at 3pm Tickets start at $25   The Canadian Brass is joined by local organist Jeffrey Brillhart for an afternoon guaranteed to thrill both families and organ enthusiasts!    Curtis Opera Theatre’s Elegy for Young Lovers (Philadelphia Premiere) In Association with Opera Company of Philadelphia Perelman Theater Wed., Mar. 14, Fri., Mar. 16, and Sun., Mar. 18, 2012, times vary Tickets start at $21   What happens when a ruthless poet looks to an unlikely cast of characters to provide his artistic inspiration? For those who find themselves in the company of poet Gregor Mittenhofer, the results may be as dramatic as the deadly snowstorm swirling around them. Director Chas Rader-Shieber and designer David Zinn bring us a new production of this compelling opera by Hans Werner Henze, one of the foremost composers of our time. Performed in English. (Limited ticket availability)  Jerry Blavat Verizon Hall Sat., April 7, 2012 at 8pm Tickets start at $41 Spend an evening enjoying the best rock & roll of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with Philadelphia’s legendary radio icon and larger-thanlife personality, Jerry Blavat! The Geator’s energetic and star-studded program is sure to have you dancing in the aisles. 

Keyboard Conversations® with Jeffrey Siegel The Power and Passion of Brahms Perelman Theater Mon., Apr. 9, 2012 at 7:30pm Ticket Price: $30   Experience the intricacies of Brahms’s most treasured compositions as Siegel presents the narrative Ballades, Op. 10 and the smoldering Rhapsodies, Op. 79.    Paco de Lucia Verizon Hall Tues. Apr. 10, 2012 at 8pm Tickets start at $35   Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia has made a revolutionary impact on flamenco, infusing new life into a centuries-old tradition. His groundbreaking collaborations and participation in notable soundtracks have established de Lucia as the most innovative and influential flamenco artist of the past three decades.  Jazz Up Close Celebrates Philly’s Jazz Legacy Celebrating McCoy Tyner Featuring Danilo Pérez and Friends  Perelman Theater Sat., Apr. 14, 2012 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $35 Join Grammy® Award-winner Danilo Pérez and friends as they honor McCoy Tyner’s transcendental piano technique and contribution to the world of jazz.    Academy of St. Martin in the Fields  Joshua Bell, solo violin and director Verizon Hall Mon. Apr. 16, 2012 at 7:30pm Tickets start at $29 MOZART: Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183 BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60  Led by violin phenomenon Joshua Bell, this world-renowned orchestra presents a stunning concert of works by Beethoven and Mozart—striking a delicate balance between fiery solos and dramatic ensemble playing.    PHILADANCO  The Philadelphia Connection Perelman Theater Fri., Apr. 20 – Sun., Apr. 22, 2012, times vary Tickets start at $29   Featuring the world premiere of a new work by hip-hop choreographer Rennie Harris. Beloved for its high-spirited energy and devotion to promoting African-American dance traditions, Philly's world-renowned modern

dance company is a treat for the whole family! Join Philadanco as it displays its trademark techniques—infusing movement with passion, color, and theatrics.   John Weaver, organ  Verizon Hall Featuring flautist Marianne Weaver and organists Alan Morrison, Ken Cowan, Diane Belcher and Chelsea Chen In Association with the American Guild of Organists Sat., Apr. 21, 2012 at 3pm Tickets start at $19   Weaver's innovative program includes both original and popular compositions. Weaver's former students Alan Morrison, Ken Cowan, Diane Belcher, and Chelsea Chen take the stage to honor their teacher and mentor.   

SINGLE TICKETS ON SALE for Kimmel Center 10th Anniversary Season and Select Broadway Shows, New Artists include Noel Gallagher, Jerry Seinfeld, Tori Amos, Amos Lee, Dream Theater and Jim Brickman Single Tickets on Sale for Audra McDonald, k.d. lang, Tony Bennett, Esperanza Spalding and More The Kimmel Center’s 10th Anniversary Season celebrates Philadelphia legends who call Philadelphia home with the best of world, pop, jazz, dance and classical offerings presented onstage. The 10th Anniversary season officially kicks off with a performance by k.d. lang on September 29, followed by jazz luminary Esperanza Spalding taking the stage October 14, and starting October 15, the Jazz Up Close Series honors Philly natives The Heath Brothers, Lee Morgan, McCoy Tyner and Benny Golson. The Kimmel Center’s 10th Anniversary Season also shines the spotlight on the resident companies that make their home on the Kimmel Center’s campus (Kimmel Center, Academy of Music, Merriam Theater) and Philly hometown talent including Philadanco’s world premiere of a new work by hip-hop native choreographer Rennie Harris, and radio legend Jerry Blavat.   Tickets are available at the Kimmel Center Box Office, by phone at 215-8931999, or online at

Kimmel Center, Inc., a charitable, not-for-profit organization, owns, manages, supports and maintains The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, which includes Verizon Hall, Perelman Theater, Innovation Studio and the Merck Arts Education Center. Kimmel Center, Inc. also manages the Academy of Music, owned by the Philadelphia Orchestra Association, and the University of the Arts Merriam Theater. Kimmel Center, Inc.’s mission is to operate a world class performing arts center that engages and serves a broad audience which includes providing arts in education, community outreach and a rich diversity of programming.  The 2011/2012 season is sponsored by Citi.  For additional information, visit 

BalletX Enters Fifth Season at The Wilma Theater with Fall Series 2011: Two World Premiers and the Return of a Favorite BalletX opens the 2011-2012 Season this fall with groundbreaking collaborations, nationally renowned artists, and unique explorations of personal perception.    BalletX Fall Series 2011 will present a World Premiere choreographed by Co-Artistic Director Matthew Neenan set to an original score by award-winning composer Robert Maggio.  The piece draws inspiration from the students of Andrew Jackson Public School in South Philadelphia. Also presented will be the World Premiere, Layer Cake, by New York City-choreographer Loni Landon.  Lastly, the BalletX original, Silt (2009), by San Francisco choreographer Alex Ketley will return.    Performances will be held at the Wilma Theater, November 16–20, 2011. Members of the press are invited to attend Opening Night, Wednesday, November 16, at 8 PM.  For Press Tickets, please contact Johnny Van Heest,  302.593.2586 or publicity@balletx. org.   Matthew Neenan’s work is the first installment of Inside the Mind of the Composer and Choreographer, BalletX’s innovative education venture funded by the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Composers Forum.   Collaborating with Neenan on this new residency project is composer Robert Maggio, whose work has been performed by the Boston Pops, the Atlanta Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, among others.  Maggio is a recipient of awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Pew Fellowship of the Arts. This performance marks Neenan’s and Maggio’s third collaboration following Le Travail (2003) for Pennsylvania Ballet and Vibrate (2005) for BalletX.   Inside the mind of the Composer and Choreographer includes improvisations derived from discussions with the students about their cultural influences, musical preferences, and personal aspi-

rations. The process will be filmed and later viewed at the Wilma Theater by the Jackson student body.  The process culminates during an original Fall Series 2011 performance in which BalletX dancers will perform to music live on stage by two cellists from Network for New Music.   Neenan says: “I am tremendously excited about this project.  It’s wonderful to collaborate with Robert, but what makes this even more special is the artistic beauty offered by each of the Andrew Jackson Public School students.”   The second premiere, Layer Cake, is choreographed by Loni Landon.  BalletX Co-artistic director Christine Cox says of her work: “Loni is an extraordinarily talented choreographer. She caught our attention because of her incredible ability to move dancers and inspire deep emotion.” Layer Cake embarks on a journey into the senses which unravels the protective barriers of the human spirit and features music by Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Loscil, and Johan Johansson.    Landon is co-founder of The Playground initiative, winner of Northwest Dance Project’s “Pretty Creatives,” and has been featured in Dance Magazine.   Fall Series 2011 also features the return of the critically acclaimed 2009 BalletX premiere of Silt by Alex Ketley.  Ketley’s piece is a compelling exploration of the loss of personal identity set to music by Chris Clark, Giovanni Pergolesi, and Arvo Pärt (Mixed by Tar © JMB).  “Philadelphia dance is rich and unique and BalletX has clearly become an important part of the city’s artistic tapestry,” says Ketley.  “Silt is a piece I really care about so I’m thrilled it will be performed again as part of that broader matrix.”   Ketley is a San Francisco-based choreographer and Co-Artistic Director of The Foundry.  A former member of San Francisco Ballet, he is the recipient of the Princess Grace Award for Choreography in addition to an array of other awards and scholarships.

Members of the press are invited to attend Opening Night, Wednesday,November 16, at 8 PM.   For Press Tickets, please contact Johnny Van Heest,   302.593.2586 or   Special Events: During Fall Series 2011, BalletX will feature special, on-stage audience conversations with the artistic staff, choreographers, and company dancers   providing patrons with the unique opportunity to engage directly in dialogue with the artists.   Performance Dates/Times: Wednesday, November 16, 8:00 PM, Opening Night, with post-performance Q&A Thursday, November 17, 8:00 PM Friday, November 18, 8:00 PM Saturday, November 19, 2:00 PM, with post-performance Q&A Saturday, November 19, 8:00 PM Sunday, November 20, 2:00 PM   BalletX’s 2011-2012 Season Sponsors: Comcast, The William Penn Foundation, Wells Fargo and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.   About BalletX: Founded in 2005, BalletX is an innovative and adventurous company that produces sophisticated and striking choreography reflective of a vision to integrate athleticism, emotion, and intimacy.  Recognizing the synergistic power of artistic collaboration, BalletX taps into the creativity and passion of a diverse pool of U.S. and international choreographers who produce work that is both surprising and compelling.

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