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The Baker's House展覽中,出落得如此漂亮的百年袓屋。 The Baker's House exhibition is staged in a beautiful townhouse with more than a century of history.



太太Blanche自幼已受藝術老師媽媽灌輸「想做就做」的精 神,21歲設計學院畢業後,毅然到南印度Tamil Nadu當老師,之 後更決定回歸祖家瑞典。原來她太公一代已經在瑞典憑設計麵包 致富!Ikea有售的瑞典脆餅Knackebrod就是她太公發明的。太 公因為脆餅大賺特賺,就搬入這間建於1889年的大宅。下舖上 居,下面是麵包工房,上面是豪華住家。Farg and Blanche覺得 自己家族原來有此華麗背景,何不將自己設計搬入大宅?於是這 個名為The Baker's House的展覽,就在今年的斯德哥爾摩設計 周出爐。

Blanche was always encouraged by her art teacher mother to “just do it.” When she graduated from design school at 21, she travelled to south india to be a teacher before settling in Sweden, where her greatgrandfather made a fortune as a baker. He was known for inventing the Swedish cracker knackebrod, which is still sold at ikea. She moved into the grand mansion built in 1889 by her great-grandfather, which still serves as a bakery, with living quarters up top. Farg and Blanche came up with the idea to put their designs into the family’s heritage home? So they launched The Baker’s House exhibition at this year’s Stockholm Design Week.





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