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Farg and Blanche跟瑞典塑膠地毯品 牌Bolon合作,用日本武士盔甲的原 理設計出一張高背椅。 Farg and Blanche worked with Swedish vinyl rug brand Bolon to make this high-back chair influenced by Samurai armour.

由瑞典脆餅Knackebrod引發靈感,再交予瑞典手製玻璃品牌 Maleras製作,實際行動愛惜本土文化。 The design duo value local culture. They were inspired by Sweden’s iconic Knackebrod crackers for this lighting collection by Swedish glassmaker Maleras.

Farg and Blanche的 Succession系列,形似麵包 的燈飾,對應百年大宅歷史。 Loaf lights from Farg and Blanche’s Succession collection reflect the history of their family home.

Farg and Blanche是夫妻檔設計組合。先生Fredrik Farg生於瑞 典,修讀設計課程之前,幼年已接受家具製作訓練,乃科班師傅一 名。太太Emma Marga Blanche同是瑞典人,但在法國長大,自幼隨 教藝術的母親看展覽,兩母女還會自製手工藝到聖誕市集擺賣。Farg 與Blanche一次同參與瑞典的設計展,又同獲邀到柏林參展。因為 Blanche的作品是一張磁石製的小,不能帶上機。Farg就決定一起 開車到柏林……就這樣成就了之後十年的設計愛情故事。 兩夫妻相處之道是這樣的—Blanche有藝術背景,思想跳脫天馬 行空;Farg有製作家具專業知識,成功將創意化成實物。Farg對生產 過程/手工感興趣,研究生產過程時,又引發出無限靈感。去到最後, 每件設計也分不清是誰的主意,兩夫妻同工同酬榮辱與共。 這對來自北歐的模範夫妻沒有依循一貫的直白簡樸設計風格,全 部設計均以出軌聞名。他們會拿木頭金屬車線,將皮革陶瓷又縛又 又焗,成就奇形怪狀質感獨特的變形家具。夫妻最新大作,是用新設 計跟太太的百年家族大宅對話,在傳統歐洲華麗大宅,注入其獨步江 湖的變種DNA。

Fredrik Farg and Emma Marga Blancheis are both designers. Husband Fredrik was born in Sweden and grew up immersed in furniture making before studying design. Wife Emma, also Swedish, grew up in France, her artistic mom often taking her to exhibitions from a young age. Not to mention making handicrafts to sell at Christmas fairs. The design duo met at a Swedish design fair and were both invited to a show in Berlin. Blancheis made a magnet stool, which she couldn’t bring onto a plane. So Farg decided to drive to Berlin with her. That was the beginning of their business and a love story—10 years and counting. Their firm Farg and Blanche is a perfect fit for the couple. Blanche comes up with wild ideas while Farg translates them into actual products. And the two simply share in the glory. One might expect the Nordic couple’s designs to be minimalist. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Their outside the box ideas like adding metal trim to timber and baking leather with ceramics to create oddly shaped and textured furniture is the kind of quirky furniture making they have become known for.





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