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曾幾何時,鍾嘉欣是宅男討論區的女神BB,嘉欣BB封號深入民心。 經歷十數年娛樂圈磨練,當年廿歲未夠的渾沌BB,進化成勇敢女子。四年 前,遇上命中注定的人,閃電成為人妻,真正擁有兩個可愛BB,建立幸福的四 口之家。 嘉欣媽媽說︰「全職照顧小朋友,比以前拍劇辛苦十倍,也不會有假期,卻 更切實地感覺自己活著。」媽媽這個角色,才是嘉欣的最佳演繹。

出道的苦日子 當選華姐冠軍,隨即由加拿大移居香港,全身投入演藝圈,生活三百六十 度改變,完全沒空間適應。回顧十五年前初出道的自己,嘉欣也忍不住自嘲: 「拍第一套劇《皆大歡喜》時,我佔戲百多二百集,但每日開工,除了埋位拍攝之 外,我只會和媽媽坐在一角讀劇本,收工便走,完全不懂跟別人溝通。」 只有二十歲,沒有受過演藝訓練,卻背負主角的重擔,惟有默默努力。「那 些年,自己的廣東話差,拍劇壓力大,日以繼夜,水土不服,臉上狂爆暗瘡, 好辛苦。跟鄭伊健拍《隨時候命》,演技生硬,加上性格不夠主動,曾經被伊健 取笑:『你是不是啞巴?』」 結婚生子後,嘉欣重踏演藝圈,發現那段天昏地暗的人生,造就她成為堅 毅的太太和媽媽。「當時忙到一個點,沒想過將來,只知道機會得來不易,一定 要珍惜,努力做到最好,現在回看便知道,做人要捱過苦,才會找到突破,正 如蝴蝶也要破繭才變得美麗,當年拍劇的日子雖然很難捱,但我學習到很多, 所以很懷念。」。

Linda Chung is the poster girl for netizens, a “babe”in the online world. Chung, who made it in showbiz before the age of 20, is now her own person. Four years ago, she met “the one” and got married. Now a mother of two, she is living her happily ever after. “Being a full-time mom is 10 times harder than being on a set,” says Chung, “but I feel so much more alive.”

The Tough earLy years after winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2004, Chung moved to hong Kong from Vancouver to pursue a career in showbiz. recalling those first days 15 years ago, Chung says she thought she was awkward. “I was in nearly 200 episodes of my first sitcom Virtues of Harmony. every day on the set, I would get into position and then hide in a corner with my mother to go through the script. We left when my parts were done. I totally didn’t know how to mix with fellow cast members.” Becoming a-list at just 20, and without any formal actor training, she had to work hard and quietly. “Those days, my Cantonese was very bad,” she says. “The pressure of filming day and night was tremendous, and it took a while to adjust to living in a different place. The stress showed on my face. I had a serious break-out. That was tough. When shooting Always Ready with ekin Cheng, my acting was stiff and I wasn’t outgoing. ekin often teased me: ‘you are not a mute, are you?’.” returning to showbiz after having children, Chung believes those challenges prepared her to be bold, both as a wife and a mother. “When I was wrapped up with work, I didn’t think of the future. I only knew that every opportunity was hard to come by and that I had to make the most of it and do my best. Looking back now, I realize that we have to work through challenges to find breakthroughs, just like a butterfly has to break out of its cocoon to become an object of beauty. The TV production days were challenging, but I have learned a lot. I really missed it.” ELITEGEN




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