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North East  Tour  2012     th


Monday 29  October  2012  –  Friday  02  November  2012  


Elite Development  Centres                  Unit  1        Chantry  Mill  Business  Park              Plymouth                    PL7  1YB                    Phone:  0845  003  7339              Email:  

Follow  us  on  #EDCTripsNTours   Phone:  0845  003  7339     Email  –          Follow  us  on  #EDCTripsNTours                                                              

The North  East  Tour     The  North  East  Tour  is  well  known  as  one  of  our  most  successful  and  beneficial   tours  for  players  provided  by  Elite  Development  Centres.    On  each  tour  the   advanced  development  centres  from  around  the  United  Kingdom  come   together  for  the  opportunity  to  play  teams  from  further  afield  coming  up   against  different  styles  of  football  as  well  as  the  very  highest    standard  of   players  from  Premiership  Academies  through  to  the  Football  League  and   Conference  setups.    The  tours  not  only  offer  experiences  that  are  not  available   to  players  at  their  development  centres  but  help  investigate  life  skills  in   particular  greater  independence  and  responsibility.   This  year  the  North  East  Tour  will  be  priced  at  

£399 per  person  and  is  

inclusive of  travel,  accommodation,  food,  coaching  and  insurances.  

Tour Highlights     §


Transport to  the  North  East  by  minibus  ,  

It’s all  about  the  football    

collection from  our  designated  pick  up  

The North  East  of  England  will  provide  our  Elite  Squads  the  opportunity  to  play  


against teams  of  the  highest  level.    Games  are  planned  against  Newcastle  

Four nights  accommodation  on  a  bed  and  

United FC,  Sunderland  FC,  both  at  their  academies,  with  proposed  games  

breakfast basis  at  the  3*  Holiday  Inn  

against Carlisle  and  Hull  City  awaiting  confirmation.    

Express Metrocentre   §

The opportunity  to  play  against  some  of  

As well  as  the  matches  where  the  boys  get  to  test  themselves  against  top   young  talent,  we  are  looking  to  inspire  the  boys  to  maximize  their  potential  so  

the top  premiership  academies  in  the  

we will  be  looking  to  organize  a  tour  of  Newcastle  United’s  “Sports  Direct  


Arena” home  ground  as  well  as,  if  the  draw  favour’s  us,  take  them  to  a  4  


Quality coaching  with    Elite  Coaches    

Round Capital  One  League  Cup  match  that  week,  the  latter  being  dependent  on  


Lunch and  dinner  each  day  (Food  Only)  

teams progressing  and  tickets  being  available.  


A packed  lunch  for  the  journey  to  the  North   East    


The opportunity  to  develop  new  


These unique  experiences  coupled  with  high  quality  coaching  and  the   opportunity  to  learn  from  their  peers  makes  this  tour  an  experience  no  player   will  want  to  miss.  

friendships with  players  from  our  other   centre’s     §


Free time  whilst  away  with  planned   excursions  to  Wet  N  Wild  Waterpark,   Bowling  and  a  Tour  of  Newcastle’s  “The   Sports  Direct  Arena”  (Additional  Costs)  


We are  hopeful  to  be  able  to  watch  a  game   in  the  area  as  the  4th  round  of  the  Capital     One  League  Cup  is  during  the  week  we  are   away  (Additional  Cost)  


“Success is  no  accident;  it  is  hard  work,  perseverance,  learning,  studying,  sacrifice     and  most  of  all  love  of  what  you  are  doing  or  learning  to  do”    

How to  book    

To book  your  place  on  the  tour  please   contact  Faye  McNulty  our  Trips  and  Tours   Officer  on  0845  003  7339  or  

07581011359 or  by  email  on     Each  team  will  only  take  a  squad  of  16   players  on  a  first  come  first  served  basis.    To   secure  your  place  a  deposit  of  £150  will  be   due  before  07th  September  2012  with  the   final  balance  of  £249  due  by  30th   September  2012.  

We must  state  that  tours  run  by  Elite  are  not  holidays  and  although  we  shall   have  time  to  enjoy  our  stay  and  surroundings  players  are  expected  to  act  as   young  professionals.    All  players  are  briefed  each  day  and  upon  arrival  firstly  on  

Account: Elite  Development    

health and  safety  matters,  rules  and  daily  on  performances,  plans  for  the  day,   times  of  meet,  lights  out,  breakfast  and  dinner  times  etc.  

Sort Code:  20-­‐68-­‐10    

Staff: Player  ratios  are  adhered  to  as  in  our  terms  and  conditions  and  regular  

Account #  :  23010724    

head counting  takes  place  on  entering  and  leaving  any  venue  or  meeting.    One  

Ref :  Your  son’s  name  

of the  aims  of  the  tours  is  to  encourage  responsibility,  independence  and   investigative  skills  of  players.    On  some  occasions  players  are  able  to  have  free  

For further  details  regarding  our  standard   terms  and  conditions  please  visit  your  clubs  

 Other  Information    

Payment can  be  made  by  cheque  made  out   to  Elite  Development  which  should  be   forwarded  to  Head  Office  or  by  Bank   Transfer  to  the  following  account.  


time with  remote  supervision  in  a  certain  venue  or  area.   On  all  tours  we  now  run  what  is  known  as  a  bank.    The  bank  is  for  all  players  to   place  their  week’s  spending  money  into  a  specific  member  of  staff  to  look  after.     This  avoids  players  losing  money,  overspending  or  running  out  of  money.    The   money  is  then  budgeted  for  players  so  that  they  are  able  to  have  spending   money  each  day.    The  bank  is  available  to  players  in  the  mornings  and  evenings

A media  team  may  attend  some  tours  and  parents  watching  games  may  also  

originally signing  up  and  you  do  not  wish  for  your  child  to  be  involved  in  the    

wish to  take  photos  or  video  footage.    If  your  circumstances  have  changed  from   taking  of  photos  etc  please  contact  Head  Office.   Many  players  may  wish  to  bring  phones,  cameras  or  games  consoles.    We  do   not  accept  any  responsibility  for  loss  or  damage  to  such  items.    


After positive  feedback  from  parents  Elite  have  decided  to  produce  a  “touring”   kit  which  will  be  available  to  purchase  from  ,  this  will  be  

used on  all  Elite  tours  from  now  on.      

“Every single  d   ay  I  wake  up  and  commit  to  myself  to  become  a  better  player”  

Packing Checklist     Players  will  require  two  small  bags  a  match  day  bag  and   other  bag.    The  match-­‐day  bag  is  to  be  packed  into  the   players  main  bag  for  travel  to  assist  space  on  the   minibus   A  Selection  of  boots  –  molded  and  studded     Shin  Pads,  strap,  tape,  skins,  gloves     Complete  “Elite  tour”  kit    -­‐  See  additional  information   (additional  cost)   Any  centre  training  kit,  tracksuit,  jumpers   Casual  clothes  jeans,  t-­‐shirts  etc     Underwear  and  socks     Swimming  trunks  and  towels     PJ’s  or  nightwear     Toiletries     Sleeping  bag   All  players  must  pack  for  all  conditions,  wet-­‐dry,  warm-­‐ cold.   Spending  Money  –  For  drinks,  snacks  and  additional   excursions      


“I am  a  member  of  a  team  and  I  rely  on  the  team,  I  defer  to  it  and  sacrifice  for  it,  because  the  team  not  the                                                                                                                                  individual  is  the  ultimate  champion”  

North East Tour 2012 Brochure  

This brochure has all the details for this years North East Tour. A hugely popular Elite tour, the North East Tour gives players the chance...

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