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THE POWER OF THE USER EXPERIENCE Tunnel vision can be useful for focusing on company projects. However, being blinkered in the retail space will leave firms out of pocket if they don’t listen to customer needs – which should include a solid user experience IT’S EASY TO ASSUME that you know what a customer needs. After all, who knows your business better than you? However, it’s easy to overlook obvious options and seemingly ‘simple’ solutions in favour of chasing ‘bigger and better’ agendas with which to dazzle your customers. But frankly, from a consumer’s point of view, nothing is more frustrating

than a poor user experience (UX) when shopping on the web. Regardless of the ease of today’s technological wonders, from augmented reality to mobile shopping, basic factors such as slow-loading times and confusing navigation are widely known to send users heading to rivals instead. So what goes on in the minds of customers the moment they make that critical decision to switch off?

For a start, it’s something desired within all good relationships, consumers want to be understood by businesses. Yes, it really is that simple. KPMG, the professional services firm, surveyed 18,000 consumers across 51 countries to ascertain that much. Findings showed the crucial thing to do is think of consumers as always shopping rather than just going shopping. Indeed, the average respondent makes 17 purchases online each year, so there’s a lucrative opportunity ready and waiting. With the majority of users checking out of a webpage within zero to eight seconds, even a one-second delay on the website of a retailer turning over $36.4m annually could cost $2.5m, as KissMetrics, the UX business, discovered in its research. While there may not be a big bad wolf huffing and puffing at your bricks and mortar store, the high street overall has certainly been rocked by change and that can have a knock-on effect. The best thing retailers can do is be prepared should that time come and a userfriendly e-commerce presence will be a step in the right direction to batten down the hatches.


Future-proofing Retail - sponsored by Flixmedia  
Future-proofing Retail - sponsored by Flixmedia