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Fast food turns to fitness Despite fast food remaining one of the top franchising opportunities in the UK, an increasing number of entrepreneurs appear to be making their move into fitness.


ith powerhouse brands like McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, it’s easy to see how fast food franchises have been so successful. But, however paradoxical it may sound at first, it’s not uncommon for franchisees to branch out and open fitness facilities alongside their successful fast food franchises. Seeing several of our énergie Fitness franchisees coming from a background of operating fast food sites in more recent years, we’ve been among the first to experience this transition. But what is it about opening a gym that’s attracting fast food franchisees to get a slice of an opposing industry? A healthy lifestyle is more desirable now Health and wellness is now a trend which is being

demonstrated in a number of ways, including everything from the recently introduced sugar tax law movement to the digital savvy health enthusiasts leading the way online with their global health and fitness focused posts, blogs and vlogs. Behind this growth are the brands who are reaching out to online influencers with offers of collaborations and paid partnerships, meaning those healthy breakfast snaps and gym session Boomerangs seem to appear on every single refresh of your Instagram feed. It seems that gyms are also becoming the new nightclubs. With many millennials giving up their boozy nights out in exchange for group workouts or their favourite gym class with a friend, this gives a whole new meaning to meeting ‘at the bar’ on a Friday night. Fast food is going out of fashion An increased health consciousness is a promising direction to be heading in for the benefit of the global population and is one of the drivers for the growth in the low-cost gym sector. This is further increased not only by the countless new restaurants which cater for a healthier audience, but also the up and coming healthy fast food market. This paired with the surge in new health clubs predicts a far healthier future for the nation. Booming brands are boosting the industry We’ve all heard of the fast food franchise giants, but now we also recognise the names of the gyms that are popping up across the nation. Alongside fast food heavyweights, low-cost clubs including énergie Fitness are really making their mark in the franchising industry. énergie’s recent top 15 placing in the Elite Franchise 100 2018 ranking of the best UK franchises is a fitting example of how even low-cost franchised gym brands are taking


Elite Franchise December 2018  
Elite Franchise December 2018