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The coffee industry is buzzing with strength Martyn Ward, franchise recruitment manager of Cafe2U UK, looks at the performance of the coffee industry as a whole and what the UK’s increasing passion for the caffeinated hot brew means for the nation’s largest mobile coffee franchise


ast year’s Allegra UK Coffee Portal Report made for some very interesting reading for the whole of the coffee industry when it was released at the turn of the year. Now worth a staggering £9.6bn, the UK coffee market underwent a coming of age period in the last year, recording 10.5% branded market increase, signifying its 19th consecutive year of growth. Whilst the industry has strengthened, so too has its understanding of the UK coffee consumer. The top two reasons behind where people choose to buy their coffee from is the convenience of the location and the quality of the coffee - with the preferred drink of choice still the well-loved latte. All this makes pleasant reading for anybody remotely linked or interested in the UK coffee market and even more enjoyable for those working and operating in it. As with many coffee outlets, Cafe2U is simultaneously benefiting from the booming franchise market. Over the last four years, the franchise industry has grown 10% and is now worth £15bn to the UK economy, employing more than 621,000 people.

To straddle these two burgeoning markets at a time when others are struggling and futures looking uncertain is a unique and exciting opportunity. As the fourth largest coffee brand in the UK, and largest mobile coffee offering, we are proud of the position we find ourselves in.

A career with a mobile coffee franchise can therefore be a profitable one. By their very nature, they offer a less competitive landscape than those on the high street, in shopping centres or at transport hubs, offering a truly unique experience of coffee shop-quality espresso

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