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The Whisky Vault “With The Whisky Vault being a global business, it was important for our customers to be able to contact us and leave us a message at any time. For example, when it is midday in East Asia or Australia then it would be around 3am or 4am in the UK – meaning we would be unable to take calls. eReceptionist gives our customers the flexibility to contact us whenever and leave a

message while offering a professional voicemail greeting. “The app is great and offers the functionality of being able to listen to voicemails or even make calls on the go. We always use the phone system to set up periods when we may be out of the office, such as Christmas week or bank holidays. “But the greatest feature for us is if we are on the move visiting clients or

suppliers, we are able to reroute calls to our mobile phones, which is vital in keeping us in constant touch with our customers and business. Missing calls whilst away from the office could be the fine line between completing a sale or the customer going elsewhere to purchase a whisky. With eReceptionist the number of missed calls has been reduced dramatically, which ultimately has helped with a number of sales.”

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“eReceptionist offered the very best packages and the team I have been in contact with have always been so friendly and helpful in getting us set up and working. Not being tied into a contract is great too, although – with the product and service being so great – there is no reason to leave. “Having the professional frontage with the caller options and professional recordings really helps with first impressions and

consumer confidence. Calls are managed really easily and with voice calls being emailed as audio files, it is really simple to track and manage. “Call-package prices, customer service and the simplicity of managing and setting up the system are what set eReceptionist apart. I recommend it because of the great product, service and costs. It is a must for all small businesses and not only saves money on staff but provides a bigger shop front image of your business.”


Extending your reach – sponsored by eReceptionist  
Extending your reach – sponsored by eReceptionist