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BLACK WALL STREET VS OUR WALL STREET Should I exclusively give my money to black businesses only or support any business as long as it meets my required service standards?

THE NEW NORMAL Talks about the Afro-Caribbean Events Industry during Covid-19




The Secret to Generational Wealth by Charles Emeka

"Little Queens With Royal Dreams"

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1921 saw Tulsa Race Massacre, as many as 300 black residents were massacred by white residents, hundreds more were injured, this was one of the most destructive riot in the history of USA race relations. In the early 20th century, a prominent concentration of African-American Businesses in the U.S. was popularly known as Black Wall Street. On the 25th of May 2020, a 46 year old black man called George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This resulted to protests in the U.S, U.K and other countries around the world, it also sparked a debate of whether blacks should build back Black Wall Street in Cities across the U.S and the U.K. mimicking that of the early 20th century whilst others argued that it should be Our Wall Street.

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ow let us look at what Black Wall Street and

good way to go and begin to showcase black

u r

Our Wall Street entails, in 1906 O.W. Gurley

excellence whilst building wealth around black folks


established the first black business in

due to different covert and overt racism that still exist

Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma. His vision was to

today. Whilst those for Our Wall Street are clamouring

create something for black people by black people,

for all races to build this sort of Wall Street in cities

other prominent black entrepreneurs like J.B.

around the U.K and the U.S, their argument is that the

Stradford, A.J. Smitherman and more followed suit

segregation that exist today which those for Black Wall

says Hannibal Johnson, author of Black Wall Street:

Street are clamouring for would not help heal us all

From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa’s Historic

rather it will just begin to produce more and widen

Greenwood District. Together they built a full

today’s segregation.

functioning community of African-American businesses; the community had luxury shops, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, barbershops and saloons, clothing stores, jewelry shops, pool halls, a library, nightclubs, her own school system, post office, hospital, a savings and loan bank, bus and taxi service, offices for doctors, lawyers and dentists.

Black Wall Street and Our Wall Street has shown that most folks are thinking along the same line of making good differences but around two different ways, building a Wall for folks that have suffered the most and therefore should be compensated for the lost times is a good thing that one would want to go along with but the fall in this will be that this might also become that which is felt and known as wrong, for the first time

Black Wall Street as it was popularly known because of

in recent history, most could see all races protesting

its concentrated wealth was home to many affluent

together and demanding a change from how things are

African-Americans and some few less affluent African-

now, this in itself is a good sign that things are moving

Americans; it was a model community as things were

towards the right direction, so if this movement fails to

running efficiently, “a dollar might have stayed in Tulsa

reach the goal of achieving these that are craved, it will

(Black Wall Street) for almost a year before leaving the

not be because they did not try neither would it be

community” says sfbayview.com. White folks that were

because they did not want to but the feeling is that it

around could not fathom how Black folks could pull off

might be because they would not have made use of the

such a feat and jealousy must have crept in. In May -

allies in other races, it will be good for all humanity to

June 1921 when a 19 year old Dick Rowland, a black

begin to build Our Wall Street together for the benefit of

shoe shiner was accused of attempted sexual assault

one and all, Our Wall Street should be that of the

of a 17 year old white elevator operator named Sarah

mindset which is the indomitable human spirit, the can

Page, the heightened racial animosity in Tulsa erupted,

do attitude in the economic and entrepreneurial realm,

mobs of armed white men then descended on

this is what resonates with me and not a physical

Greenwood (Black Wall Street), looting homes, burning

geographical space. Now let us go on and Adapt,

down businesses and shooting blacks dead on the

Adopt and Prosper together.

spot, an estimated three hundred blacks are presumed to have been killed and many more injured. Those for bringing back Black Wall Street are clamouring for Blacks to build this sort of Wall Street in cities around the U.K and the U.S, that this will be a Elite Affairs




By Peace Madu-West Photo: iStock/michaeljung

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Sharon Chuter of Uoma Beauty, calls out top brands pledging their support for BLM to ‘Pull Up or Shut Up’. INSTYLE.COM


As the s the uprising began following the death of GeorgGeorge Floyd, we saw many statements from brand brands raising their voices with protesters and pledging donations to the Black Lives Matter movement and other charities fighting racial injustice. This however has caused many to ask, if black lives mattered to these big corporations, then where are the black people in their boardrooms and on leadership levels? This article is by no means to name and shame these brands but to critically analyse the sudden ‘support’ they are now showing for the black community. In the past, brands would drop influencers, artists or athletes for campaigning against issues such as what we see going on today, taking for example, the National Football League firing Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem in 2016. Another instance was L’Oreal Paris being outed by activist Munroe Bergdorf about their black solidarity hypocrisy. Turns out that in 2017, L’Oreal Paris had ended their professional relationship with Bergdorf due to her speaking out against racism and white supremacy. Yet, during #BlackoutTuesday, L’Oreal Paris put up the black square on their social media accounts, and written in it was, ‘Speaking out is worth it’. Additionally, let us talk about the corporation Reddit, which in 2015 was crowned home to ‘the most violent racists’ by Southern Poverty Law Centre. When Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was asked in 2018 whether “obvious open racism” was against the companies’ rules, he said, plain and simple, “it’s not”. He later retracted on this statement saying that “racism was allowed but not welcome”. During the wake of the protests over the death of Mr Floyd, he released a company statement claiming, “our values are clear”, Reddit employees and users, he stated, “do not tolerate hate, racism, and violence”.

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Beauty veteran Sharon Chuter of Uoma Beauty, called out some of these brands pledging their support to ‘Pull Up or Shut Up’. She highlighted the lack of black employees in leadership roles within their establishments by stating that “Every single brand and every single company has an Equal Opportunity Employment Policy. All these brands are now standing in support and donating, meanwhile, within their organisations, they don’t actively employ black people. They have no black leaders”. So, are these companies trying to tell us that no black person has applied for leadership roles since the formation of their establishments? Thus, why now? Why are these companies scrambling to be a part of this movement as though black people only just came out? The answer is simple, a 2018 survey which covered 35 countries demonstrated that 64% of consumers would support brands they saw engaging in some sort of activism. Millennials, most especially, reported that they are more likely to give their money to firms that appear to be affiliated with their beliefs. With corporations being driven by the interests of their stakeholders, they consequently, exploit moments they see fit for their economic benefit. Therefore, the purpose behind their alliance during this national outcry, is that once they win customer support, they win customer money.

What is the way forward? Just as Chuter stated, brands need to put their money where their mouth is. It is not enough to just take to social media saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ yet within your firm, there is no black person. L’Oreal Paris for example, reached out to Munroe Bergdorf to apologise for the 2017 incident and then offered her a consultancy role within their UK Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, which she accepted. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian gave up his seat in the tech company and instructed it be filled by a black candidate, he was replaced by Michael Seibel. All brands should start reviewing their policies and start making reforms within their organisations. They should put the same energy they use in shouting Black Lives Matter online, into their recruitment of black people within their establishments, especially, in leading roles.



THROUGH THE EYES OF MY LENS... Hi! My name is Adetope Ojo, the face behind the lens and the brand that is Affinity Q.

Not in a million years could I have envisioned that a silver Sony Cybershot camera given to me by a friend and leisurely walks in South London’s Burgess park would eventually take me from a passionate hobbyist to a professional photographer.



Artistry Meets Precision

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Phot hotography has never been a job to me, on th on the contrary, it’s been a never ending passipassion fuelled for a quest to capture creative and storytelling images (hence the “Q” in Affinity Q which stands for quest) Of all the genres, wedding photography happens to be my favourite. For me it’s the equivalent of having a blank canvas, different colour spectrums of paint and hours to create a storytelling masterpiece. This quest for the fun and emotive moments has led me to so many beautiful couples, incredibly amazing wedding venues in great cities and across many countries. As an Afro-Caribbean wedding photographer, my culture, heritage and traditions helps me translate my stories using these elements to convey a narrative that resonates. One of my biggest challenges when I was starting out in photography was finding someone who could mentor me, teach me the ropes, so to speak. I tried reaching out to quite a few photographers within the community back then but got no responses. The result of that was I had to hit the ground running and learn by trial and error. I’d really love to see us embrace and mentor the next generation of photographers. Oftentimes we feel the new crop of photographers reaching out to us should go learn to graft the hard way like we did but what we fail to see is the fact that these new guys have a fresh intake and perspective and we could in fact, learn a thing or two from them as well. My advice or words of inspiration to any up and coming photographer reading this…... your style and your eye for photography is unique to you. Work on it and don’t look for people's approval and most definitely don’t ask anyone to critique your work. Be your own critique by casting the most scrutiny on what you do till the quality of you rises.

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THE CA BRAND An exclusive Interview with Tosin Founder of "The CA Brand�.

By Glenda Richards


Tosin iosin is a tech-savvy entrepreneur and founder of The CThe CA Brand. A Creative Wedding Films Agency establestablished in 2011 reputably known for delivering quality service with precision and innovation. Tosin also coowns other businesses such as Teal Feathers, a cleaning company; an antidote for all cleaning needs. Over time, Tosin has expanded her businesses by building a team of trusted collectives. A combination of Business and its affiliation with the Arts has propelled Tosin and her work into an illustrious sphere. Tosin is a wife to One Love, mother of two amazing souls, a listening ear to many and a friend to some, a shoulder that most cry on, and most importantly, a contributor to humanity. Driven by inspiring minds and helping people pursue their passion, Tosin's past is a driving force for the woman she is today. Her journey from grass to grace, her lonely moments, her depth of darkness and discomfort, her challenging health and her history of having to survive on one or no meals a day, is what keeps her striving to do better. After carrying the burden of feeling NUMB for almost 30 years, in 2018, Tosin finally decided to write her HEALING. This birthed the launch of her book, loved by so many: NUMB. A few weeks ago we sat down to Interview this great personality, a woman whom we have so greatly heard has been making waves in our world, a woman who is outperforming, outstanding, innovating and soaring. Enjoy!

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So, tell us a little bit about your background and how the idea of your business came about. I am Tosin Founder of the CA Brand, born on the 30th of September 1988 in Lagos Nigeria. I stumbled into my business. I did not dream to be a business owner. I was a diligent worker, working my way up in retail when I picked up the camera for the first time and fell in love. My love for the camera blossomed. I started creating food content on YouTube 12 years ago. I was then asked by a friend to film the behind the scenes of her wedding, the video went viral. People started asking me to shoot their wedding films, after a while, the videos kept going viral, that's how my business was birthed. I seized an opportunity in demand. What was your key driving force to become an Entrepreneur? I won't sit here to tell tales, but one thing I do know is I am a dreamer, and I love to experiment to innovate. My entrepreneurial journey has one force, my past. I do not want to go back to poverty and homelessness. How did you come up with the business name The CA Brand? My company name has been rebranded many times. Each time we have had a major growth and lesson learnt, we have rebranded. Here are lists of names we have used in the past. Wisdom Productionz (Cheesy, unprofessional to me), Toch of Class (again, cheesy and unserious), Christiana Andrews (The viral name) my middle name and husbands name combined. People love this name! The CA Brand - Business has grown beyond me to 18 other creatives. So we decided to change the name this year to aid growth and expansion. So far the re-brand has been beneficial to the business. What challenges would you say you faced at the beginning of the business? At the start, my biggest challenge was how to price the business. After a while, it was keeping up with the demands and expectations. Who is the business targeted at and how did you build a successful customer base? Our audience are mainly African - Caribbean community. We have seen the pattern over the last 10 years. Our audience has shaped the way we strategies, we listen to them, read their comments and feed them what they need (content). Our customer base is through recommendations, personal relationships, social media shares and YouTube. What kind of culture exists in your organisation and how did you establish it? Our company's culture is compassion and empathy; I’m currently training to become a Therapist, as my passion for mental health plays a big role within my organisation culture and ethics. We treat everyone with love, respect and compassion. Lastly, what word of encouragement have you got for a young aspiring female entrepreneur? My word of encouragement is to try, you never know until you try. Do not give up. Set your tone from day one and know when you need to get support.

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One ne of the first to feel the devastating finan financial impacts of COVID-19 was the hosp hospitality and events industry, the pandemic certainly made us understand that this wasn’t business as usual as business postponement and cancellations began to roll out even before we got to the peak of the pandemic. Having been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years, it’s safe to say I have dealt a few business storms but nothing really compares to the coronavirus pandemic and the way it has affected the industry I love so much, the wedding industry.

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“There isn’t a part of our world or our event family, that hasn’t been impacted” and There’s no doubt that covid-19 is changing things, so how do we adapt to this “New Normal”? says Jove Meyer, who runs an event planning and design firm in New York City. Well first of all let’s take a deep breath and not over react.

"Take every setback as a setup for a comeback" by Rita Osa Photos by: Events @ No 6 Goka Photography



The key thing in a moment like this is to remain calm and become our brothers or sisters keeper. In order words, support your clients, business associated and so on, letting them know that they are not the only ones affected and that they can survive this. As wedding professionals we are in a service based industry and now more than ever is the best time to show it. Some of your clients are going to be nervous, anxious and looking for answers from you, so now is the right time to show-off those therapeutic skills. Knowledge is power, so it is important that as you provide legal guidelines on Coronavirus Best Practices and Clauses in Your contracts be well informed by speaking to the right legal experts. Remember, the way you handle your business in times of crisis speaks a lot about you as a business owner and the business sustainability. As the saying goes, Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes it meaningful, in other words, we need to learn from these challenges and make sure that we are ready for them if and when they rear their ugly heads again. In the spirit of change, there are opportunities for smart business to pivot and change their business procedures to generate new revenue streams from services, rather than eliminate them. As there is currently an increase in online e-commerce, this is the perfect time to venture into online market space. According to emarketer (2020), “the coronavirus pandemic has hastened the move to digital shopping among UK consumers. Consumers formed new habits during lock-down, and these behaviours are set to stick beyond 2020, as the high street is unlikely to fully recover”. My believe is that the wedding industry might not look quite the same as it once was, the new normal would give vendors greater creative freedom and covid-19 will bring forth business adaptation, diversification and innovation. So tap into the creative realm and continue to remain relevant online. As a brand, it may seem sensible to step back and stop posting or creating ads on social media as we are in crisis mode but remember that COVID19 has infiltrated every aspect of everyone’s lives. It is time to reconsider your decision to step back as consumers are longing for distractions, entertainment, encouragement and way to process this new sense of ‘normal.’ So help them by remaining active. As previously stated, in doing this you challenge your own status quo. Don’t be scared to do something different. Creativity in business always goes a long way. Every positive step you make is not only a plus for your audience but also for your business. Although there are fears of a second wave of the pandemic, no matter or whatever shift that may occur, one thing we should all be grateful for is that this pandemic beamed a light on the unity amongst our industry. We have seen the events tribe assemble when it was needed most and have been realigned to a common purpose. Hopefully, this new drive towards unity, and support for our fellow industry vendors, would last long after this passes. We are all part of the same tribe and there is still more to be accomplished from collectively working in one accord than by getting through this alone.

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THE SECRET TO GENERATIONAL WEALTH. By Charles Emeka Photographs by Pat Santos


As I s I study Dr Martin Luther King, I realise he did not die because he had a drea dream, I realise he did not die because he spoke truth to power, he did not die die because of voting rights, he did not die because he spoke for the least of these or because he spoke out against racism. He started initially focused on civil rights but graduated towards silver rights. He even went on to say that “Any religion that professes to be concerned about the souls of men and is not concerned about the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them and the social conditions that cripple them is a spiritually moribund religion awaiting burial.” Dr King died because he started encouraging people to take control of their finances and he started speaking against war which was created to increase the finances and profit of others. He was speaking out about the lack of jobs and the lack of economic opportunities for blacks. The day he made that pronouncement within 24 hours he was shot dead. The lesson here is we must all take our finances seriously. Where there are no jobs, create your own, become an entrepreneur, increase your skills, don't just spend your money, save and invest it. We have heard it over and over again that if you do not come from a rich family, then a rich family should come from you. You can’t give what you don’t have so if you don’t learn the language of money and free enterprise, then it will also be a major hurdle for your children. I’m not a rich man yet, but I spend every day making sure I die a rich man. Wealth begins in the mind and ends in the wallet. Yes, it’s about making more money but it’s also about making better decisions. It’s also about keeping more of your money and putting your money to work instead of putting your money to sleep also known as saving. All wealth and all poverty begins with you. Infact it begins within you. I want to take a few minutes to encourage you to think about Generational Wealth. 'Generational wealth is wealth that is passed down from one generation to another. This is through the accumulation of assets for the future to provide financial security for those that are coming after you. For most people, generational wealth, or the ability to pass down one’s financial status to their offspring, is a goal. But people sometimes fall short of achieving this goal due to financial hardships in their own lives. You also have people who don’t seem to care about generations after them because they feel they didn’t benefit from the generation before.

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Building generational wealth can begin in many forms such as real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and a good life insurance policy or policies. But building generational wealth comes with a very strong mindset, diligence and a realization that you may never be able to benefit from this wealth. That is a concept that is hard for most people and, quite frankly, many black people. We must start thinking and planning for our offspring that aren’t even here. It goes without saying that you must spend less than what you earn. A key component of generational wealth is empowering your children with financial literacy skill sets, but not allowing it to cloud their judgement and restrain them from living life.

For too long, people in the black community always have to start again and this is the generation that must decide that things will be different. Once you become a parent, your number one goal for me personally is to make sure that your kids do better than you. Wealth left from one generation to the next, with the right education and training compounds and grows. Wealth does not just happen, it’s built in time but something as small as a life insurance policy and a will can get the process started. When you are buying life insurance, you are simply buying money for your family’s future. You are giving your family a bigger cheque than you gave the insurance companies. Take advantage of life insurance. Now, this is very important because a good life insurance plan can springboard your children or family. A good life insurance can always help settle unfinished debt at death and provide financial capital for other generations. The concept of building generational wealth is easy. You simply have to acquire assets or save cash that you don't intend to spend in retirement. Then you pass those assets along to your children when you pass away. Anyone thinking about generational wealth should think ahead and plan in advance. Anyone thinking about generational wealth should also diversify their streams of income. Anyone thinking about generational wealth should also be willing to work hard for a sustained period of time. I believe that you should work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on God. Anyone thinking about generational wealth should also be thinking about being a builder and an owner. We need a generation of owners and builders within the black community. Ownership is another way to create generational wealth. Ownership of buildings, properties and businesses that pay back something monthly while increasing in value. Too often, you see Black people selling their parents and grandparents homes, properties and lands which in turn means that the asset building process has to be started all over again. Business ownership and property ownership is another avenue for those that want to create generational wealth. Anyone thinking about Generational Wealth must start now. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great. You can not consider the wind before you sow. You can’t wait for everything to line up in your favour. You must be willing to operate with a bit of risk and a bit of faith. Elite Affairs



Here are just a few things I have done to hopefully make life a little easier for those coming after me. I have invested in the National and International Stock Market. Many shares listed on the exchange have shown a good long-term value. And a great factor about building generational wealth is that you don’t need to make a lot of money in a small amount of time. This is a great option because it has the potential to continue growing for decades. A good generational wealth investment nugget is to invest in companies that have shown long-term success. Those kinds of businesses will stand the test of time. I’ve also invested in land and Real Estate locally and internationally especially in Africa. I’ve bought and will keep buying. Hopefully things won’t but if things do get hard for my children, they can sell plots of land to refinance their next educational or business moves. Hopefully business moves. There are certain lands and properties that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will never be allowed to sell. They can only take the money generated from it. Real estate is by far the surest and most effective way to build wealth for the long-term. With the increasing values over time, real estate can be a reliable path to wealth. Build a business to pass down. Most families that have generational wealth are directly tied to a business that will be handed down to a member of the family. Handing over a successful business to your children should be very rewarding. But, let’s just say your children have no interest in a business that you’ve built, then it would be better to just sell the business to fund generational wealth in another form. Invest in your child’s education. I think most persons understand the importance of a good education. Education can provide a way for your children to support themselves and maximize their potential in this life. But, simply acquiring a degree doesn’t guarantee success or contribute to generational wealth. Teaching your children about the importance of personal finance starts at a young age. Open an account for them as soon as possible and let them see their money slowly grow. Believe it or not, it helps train their young minds about the importance of saving. Finally, write a will. All those points won’t mean anything without a will. Writing a will isn’t as tedious and costly as you may think. A will simple ensures that your family will benefit from all that you have accumulated in this lifetime and provides them with generational wealth to pass on to future generations. Building wealth to last for generations is no easy feat, but it is an admiral undertaking. After you have your own financial situation under control, safeguarding your family’s future should be the next step. Take the time to implement a wealthbuilding strategy that works for your family. Not everyone wants to invest in real estate or build a business. So, find something that works for your situation. Whatever strategy you choose, be sure to pass down your financial know how and insight to your children. Arm them with all the personal finance knowledge you can. Your kids will already be one step ahead of the game as they make their way into the world. Generational wealth is a relay race and the first leg begins with you. Elite Affairs






The M he Most Rev Justin Welby insists the church must not ig not ignore the Black Lives Matter movement after the de the death of George Floyd and that some statues "will have to come down" The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that Jesus should not be portrayed as white. Reverend Justin Welby insisted the church must not ignore the Black Lives Matter movement and said Christians should rethink how Jesus Christ is portrayed as a white man. He said this needs to be reviewed in light of antiracism protests worldwide but added he did not want to throw out the past by moving forward. The Most Revd and Rt Hon Welby, 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, was asked whether Jesus' characterisation needs to be looked at, appearing on BBCRadio 4's Today Programme. He said: "Yes of course it does, this sense that God was white. You go into churches around the world and you don't see a white Jesus." "You see a black Jesus, a Chinese Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jesus, which is of course the most accurate, you see a FijianJesus." The Archbishop insisted he did not want to "throw out" the past but said the "universality" of Christ needs a rethink. He added: "Jesus is portrayed in as many ways as there are cultures, languages and understandings and I don't think that throwing out everything we've got in the past is the way to do it. But I do think saying 'that's not the Jesus who exists, that's not who we worship', it is a reminder of the universality of the God who became fully human." Elite Affairs

Speaking last week, the Archbishop said that the church is looking at whether some statues need removing after a surge in support for the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd. Understanding justice as crucial to forgiveness, he stressed a need to learn from the past. When asked if people should forgive the trespasses of those immortalised in the form of statues, rather than tearing them down, he said some will have to come down. He said: "We can only do that if we've got justice, which means the statue needs to be put in context, some will have to come down, some names will have to change. "The church, goodness me you know, you just go around Canterbury Cathedral, there are monuments everywhere or Westminster Abbey, and we're looking at all that, and some will have to come down. "But yes, there can be forgiveness, I hope and pray as we come together, but only if there's justice. "If we change the way we behave now and say this was then and we learned from that, and change how we're going to be in the future, internationally, as well." BY LAURA SHARMAN






Justin ustin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the C the Church of England, has said the church should reconr recon reconsider its portrayal of Jesus as a White man. Speaking to the BBC Today Programme, Welby was asked whether the way the western church "portrays Jesus" needed to be "thought about again" and "re-imagined" in light of recent Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd. "Yes, of course it does," he said, adding that Jesus was portrayed differently in countries around the world. He was regularly in touch with Anglican Church leaders from around the world, he said, who did not portray Jesus as White. "You go into their churches and you don't see a White Jesus you see a Black Jesus, or Chinese Jesus, or a Middle Eastern Jesus -which is of course the most accurate.


"You see a Fijian Jesus - you see Jesus portrayed in as many ways as there are cultures, languages and understandings." Welby added that the representations of Jesus were not, however, "who we worship" but rather served as a "reminder of the universality of the God who became fully human."




The Ar he Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Churc Church of England, Justin Welby has now joined joined in this debate that has been on for a long-time now on calls to correct this wrong of portraying Jesus as white, it is clear that some other races have also portrayed him as their respective races but the one that is most propagated is the white one, some might say why should we bother or rock Addressing calls for monuments with links to the UK's the boat, there is no boat rocking here as it is always imperialist history and slave trade to be removed, he said good to pick up the right things whenever or statues in Canterbury Cathedral would be put under review. wherever we find them. "We're going to be looking very carefully, and putting them in context and seeing if they all should be there," he said. The fact which some know and unfortunately most others might not know or have decided not to know is "The question [about whether they should all be there] arises, of that Jesus was not white, he was of Middle Eastern course it does, and we've seen that all over the world." race, so portraying him as white or any other race was The movement to take down and deface controversial statues a misrepresentation and therefore should be has gained traction in the UK, as well as Europe and the US but corrected once the chances present themselves, this has divided public opinion - with critics slamming it as "mob discussion should not just end till the wrong notions rule" while others applaud it as a way of addressing "systematic and misrepresentations that has been perpetrated for racism." centuries are corrected.

Both of CNN

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PEACE BE STILL... By Rev Tessy Nwakaego

"Go forth in peace. Be still within yourself, and know that the trail is beautiful. May the winds be gentle upon your face and your direction be straight and true as the flight of the eagle. Walk in beauty and harmony with God and all people." By A Navajo Blessing

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The w he world is presently confronting two major pandepandemics, namely the global coronavirus pandemic and t and the pandemic of racism, inequality and injustice. In moments like this where people are facing uncertainty the tendency of living in fear, anxiety and depression is quite high. In moments when the economy is shrinking, with the rate of unemployment on the increase, businesses struggling to survive there seems to be more questions than answers, let us anchor our faith in God, the CEO of all humanity. According to the word of God in Matthew 8:23-27, there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, that it covered the ship, but Jesus was asleep. His disciples cried out unto him saying, Master, carest thou not that we perish? Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and the sea was calm again. He spoke peace and calmness into the stormy situation and normalcy returned and they were able to move forward. Your job, marriage, business, career,finance, family health and document may be going through some stormy situation, but I say unto you, peace be still and fear not because God is still in control. God has brought you this far and he will not leave nor forsake you. Just like the psalmist King David said in Psalm 121: 1-3, “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not sleep nor slumber.” So, as a child of God, when your heart is overwhelmed, may the Lord Almighty lead you to the rock that is higher than you are for safety, peace and calmness. Beloved, fear not and encourage yourself in the Lord. God bless you.



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FASHION 2021 WEDDING TRENDS Wedding Dresses By Jean-Ralph Thurin Luxury Bridal Grooms Suits By Anthony's London What's Hot Ladies! By The Kemist


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