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Emergency Contact Details: Camp Director: Gary Anderson Telephone: (+44) 07525 613329 Email: Hotel: Sol Magalluf Park Hotel Calle Pedro Vaquer Ramis s/n 07182 Magalluf Mallorca Tel: 0034 971 130950 Fax: 0034 971 131950 UK Contact: Laura Dalby Athlete Services Manager Telephone: 07817 774621 Office: 0845 0260158 Email:


to all athletes

As performance director of elite-performance I have had the pleasure of attending numerous training camps throughout the world. Every single one of them has special memories for me. Each camp is unique and have been attended by literally hundreds of athletes with some going on to be World Champions and Olympians. Whatever your performance objective is for attending this camp I sincerely hope that you take full advantage of what is on offer to you. I believe that at this camp we have a truly world class coaching and support team many of whom have experience of sport at the highest level, I will introduce each member of staff to you later in this handbook. Majorca training camp is a new venue for us, unfortunately one of our venues for the last few years, the British Olympic Training Base in Austria has now closed but we are confident that Majorca will be a fabulous venue. Can I draw your attention to the camp code of conduct, this underpins the whole ethos of our training camps and is in place for everyone's safety. It is very clear of what is acceptable and what is not, we take the welfare of every single athlete very seriously and the team will have no issue in putting in place the disciplinary process should anyone contravene the code of conduct. The camp location is close to the varied nightlife in Majorca, whilst we want everyone to enjoy the experience, it is a performance training camp and to that end, there is a total ban on the consumption of alcohol. Some of our athletes are under the age of 18 and local laws also forbid this consumption. We will operate a zero tolerance policy on this and athlete that breaks this rule could be repatriated back to the UK. We have a full programme planned for the week that involves not only training but team building and education sessions. There will also be opportunity for students of the Oaklands Athletics Academy to undertake college assignment work and we have a college tutor with us to assist you. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the training camp and I look forward to working with you, ensure you take full advantage of this opportunity. Yours in sport


important information FLIGHTS

Depart: April 18th: 12.55 London Luton --- Flight 2273 Return: April 24th: 10.10 Palma Mallorca --- Flight 2272 You have an 18kg luggage allowance – if you are over this you will have to pay excess baggage – this is a training camp – high heels, hair straightners and make up are not really required, so boys if you do need it - arrange to share with your mates, spread the load to avoid heavy bags.

We are on a half board basis at the hotel. Breakfast and evening meal. As is common at training camps athletes cater for themselves at lunchtimes – this is to allow for the appropriate nutritional strategies to be implemented. There are numerous supermarkets, cafes and restaurants very close to our base that cater for the needs of athletes .

meet the staff

meet the staff Keith Wilson Coach Keith has worked with elite-performance for the past 3 years. Keith is an athletics coach who is held in the highest esteem by the athletes he coaches. A former professional boxer, who fought out of the state of Montana in the USA. Keith works in the fitness industry and has a passion for the outdoors – this is reflected in his revolutionary training methods which I hope we will see out in Majorca. “I am really looking forward to this training camp, I have been lucky enough to be part of the last camp in Austria where a number of athletes stated that it was a great platform for them to move on in their individual sporting careers – they made new friends and the whole “team” environment was evident. I want that experience to happen again….for you all. Make sure you apply yourselves, make the most of the opportunity and come home with a vast amount of new knowledge and lasting memories”.

Keith (Coach Wilson)

meet the staff

meet the staff

meet the staff Lauren Farrow

Hi I am Lauren and I will be undertaking my work experience at this training camp before heading off to University. I am really excited to have been given the opportunity to experience the training camp in Majorca, and look forward to getting an insight into the type of career path I aspire to follow. I’m sure it will be a great week and there will be lots of memories to take away from it. There are some really experienced staff and athletes going and I hope I can learn a lot from you all, let’s make the most of it! Lauren will be helping all the staff during the camp and will be keeping the blogsite up to date with all the latest news. She will also be interviewing you all at some point to go on our camp You Tube TV Channel !

Meet your camp captain and her able assistant !

Hannah HannahBright Bright––Camp Campcaptain captain

Michael MichaelBurke Burke––Vice ViceCaptain Captain


code of conduct

elite-performance 2010 Code of Conduct – Training Camp 2010 Athlete Agreement As a member of the Oaklands Athletics Academy and a supported athlete of elite-performance services limited, your behaviour will reflect on Oaklands College, the Academy, the company and sport . Accordingly, you must agree to conduct yourself in a proper manner at all times while participating in squad activities and within all commercial and media activities for Oaklands Academy and elite-performance. This code of conduct should be read in conjunction with the Oaklands College code of conduct and disciplinarily proceedure and any local rules that may apply. Any action(s) that contravene any agreement/code in force may lead to disciplinary action being taken. Following selection for the training camp you agree: (a) to make a positive commitment to supporting and achieving the aims and objectives of the Oaklands Academy and elite-performance; (b) to conduct yourself at all times when training, competing or on duty as a member of the squad or within nonperformance-related activity in a correct and proper manner that portrays the sport in a positive light and does not bring the Oaklands Academy, the sport, any Commercial Partner, elite-performance or yourself into disrepute; (c) to accept and abide by all the sports policies and procedures currently adopted in relation to contractual relationships with the Oaklands Academy and elite-performance; (d) to project a favourable and positive image of the sport and Oaklands Academy, elite-performance athlete support programmes by adopting high standards of behaviour and appropriate dress standards when carrying out duties in relation to the Oaklands Academy performance and non-performance activity. (e) to behave reasonably and in a manner that shows proper respect for other athletes and members of the public when training, competing or residing in a multi-sport environment or team hotels; (f) to refrain from excessive behaviour which would reflect badly on the sport and/or could prevent you from maintaining the highest levels of performance; (g) to act as an ambassador for the Oaklands Academy, elite-performance and sport in the UK at all times but specifically when so requested in accordance with squad membership. And to take the time to thank everyone who helps you along the way whether part of your team, event, competition or indeed anyone that deserves it. (h) This training camp has a NO ALCOHOL policy. Any athlete from the Oaklands Academy, or if not a member of the academy is U21 that is deemed to have consumed alcohol whilst on this training camp will be immediately suspended and repatriated to the UK at the earliest opportunity.

climate in majorca

Majorca's weather patterns range from the baking extremes of July and August, when the mercury can rise above 40 degrees, to the cold of a winter in the Serra de Tramuntana. With an average of 300 days of sun every year, the weather on the island is certainly one of the tourism industry's main selling points and holidays are geared towards the outdoor life. It is likely to be warm and sunny – the sun is considerably more powerful than in the UK so sun protection is essential, a high factor sunscreen and a hat appropriate for training. Also limit yourself to exposure during the hottest parts of the day. Also keep fully hydrated, refer to the athlete guide for advice. For training ensure that you wear appropriate kit – light and breathable in the heat – but remember your rain jackets – it does rain in Majorca occasionally !

Hydration Importance of Fluid Adequate Hydration is one the most important nutritional factors in sport performance. Dehydration has significant affects on performance: 2% dehydration can reduce performance by up to 20%. Appropriate fluid intake for optimal hydration is important to maintain exercise intensity, skill level and concentration, prevent fatigue, and enable optimal recovery. Fluid intake (volume, timing and type) becomes even more important in sports where there are great fluid losses via sweat, however, even in sports with lower sweat rates, fluid losses occur via metabolism and fluid intake is still vital to maintain concentration and skill level, enable optimal recovery and prevent fatigue. Types of Fluid During exercise lasting less than 60mins, water or No Added Sugar diluting juice is fine during or post exercise. During exercise lasting longer than 60mins consider following factors: Temperature/humidity: if hot or humid environment sweat rate likely to be much higher – may need to use Hypotonic or Isotonic fluid + water to increase fluid absorption. Energy Requirements: If exercising at high intensity you may need to replace carbohydrate as well (assuming weight loss is not a goal) and Isotonic Drinks might be more useful. If individual has low kcal requirements (e.g. individual has weight loss goal), during exercise of high intensity/longer duration/hot humid climate, Hypotonic fluids may be more appropriate.


About Majorca The island of Mallorca is the most popular tourist destination in Europe, largely because of the stunning variety of its scenery, its warm Mediterranean climate, the hospitality of the islanders, its rich cultural heritage and the richness and of its food and drink. Fortunately, most of the mass tourist market is confined to the southeast corner and the rest of the island is largely unspoilt. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic group of islands and is located in the middle of the group with Menorca to the north and Ibiza to the south. It has the most varied scenery of any Mediterranean island with high, forested mountains in the north (the Sierra de Tramuntana), and rich agricultural plains in the centre. Time Zone +1hrs GMT Currency: Euro Capital: Palma

What do I need to bring ? REMEMBER TO TRAVEL LIGHT BUT ENSURE YOU HAVE KIT TO TRAIN IN. (Max bag allowance 18kg). There are laundry facilities and you can also rinse through clothing each day and dry on your balcony. Passport Copy of Handbook Health Card Drinks Bottle clearly marked with name or initials Any medication you take – inform Megan if you are bringing any. Euros for lunch and incidentals. High Factor sunscreen Sun hat or cap Training diary and pens Any academic books – or study material Sunglasses – if you wear them for training please ensure they are appropriate and suitable, obvious fashion glasses will not be welcome on the track ! TRAINING KIT: Normal training kit – and appropriate footwear (well cushioned specialist running shoes are essential – “pumps” not appropriate for wearing on track ! – weights room will only allow suitable sporting footwear, no pumps or flip flop type footwear). Rain jacket – its spring and whilst we hope for great weather it can rain ! Swimming kit – with own towel – hotel not keen on their towels being used for training ! Spike bag or small rucksack for carrying kit to training venue. Flip flop type footwear for around pool area. You will receive two t-shirts for the camp – these are branded with our sponsors and supporters, please bring them with you as they will be required for various team photos. Please also travel in the “training camp t-shirt”

Most importantly please bring a positive mental attitude towards your training, a sense of humour because we are also going to have fun, a solid work ethic and most importantly of all the total commitment to enhancing your own performance !


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Training Camp Handbook  

2010 training camp handbook

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