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ParamoreI like this album cover as I think the simplicity says more than a portrait of the band. Especially as this was their first album and a picture of the band may not have been easily recognised in an industry where portraits are fairly standard.

NeverShoutNever NeverShoutNever’s music is quite happy and simple, so his music is reflected perfectly through this EP cover. The cartoon animals and childish font work well together to convey his style of music.

Fountains of Wayne This album cover is good as I think it’s somehow powerful but in a simple way. Tree’s often represent knowledge, and this tree is still growing. So it’s kind of like they’re breaking in with the new, yet keeping the same principle.

Media Studies

ElissaMorton Mika I really like Mika’s album cover as it is really bright and uses cartoon imagery and doodles. But as well as this, he also has a small picture of himself, so he can be recognised. This also works for his target audience as his songs aren’t serious and carry an uplifting beat. This is reflected in this album cover, through its bright colours and child-like drawings.

Kate Nash This album cover reflects her music in it’s fairly immature aspects. Although the album contains some adult material, it also shows a simple view on how life is, which can be perceived as childlike. Track 1 of this album is called ‘play’.

Lily Allen Similar to the other album previous covers, Lily Allen’s ‘Alright Still’ album cover has cartoons drawn on it. This fits in well with her style of music, which carries fairly immature themes. However, on this cover there is a full picture of Lily Allen, but it isn’t a serious picture, so I think it works quite well.

Media Studies

CD cover research  

The research i did for creating my own CD covers.

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