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Eli Shanklin Architecture Design Portfolio

Eli W. Shanklin XXX.XXX.XXXX University of Maryland College Park, MD Master of Architecture Candidate, 2017 Bachelor of Science, Architecture, 2014

Revitalizing Tahrir’s Souq

Urban Design as Rejuvination

Architecture as Collaboration

Architecture as Urban Acupuncture

Architecture as Information Modeling

“Significance [in architecture] is not achieved by the display of icons, signs, and symbols--no matter how “appropriate”--but by how buildings actually come to be and how they continue to be a part of the lives of the people who dream them, draw them, build them, own them, and use them.” - Michael Benedikt, For an Architecture of Reality

Architecture as Information Modeling Fall 2015 | ARCH 472 Architecture Elective Course Professor Kristen Ambrose


Designing Space for Digital Space

Building & Site Axonometric

Office Building - Lobby

Investigating the capabilities of BIMInvestigating software--Revit the in capabilities particular--students of BIM software--Revit were tasked in with particular--students the creation of were tasked wit a BIMuseum--a space for the celebration a BIMuseum--a of building space information for the celebration modeling and of building its manyinformation facets. The modeling design and its many fa challenge not only included a museum, challenge but also not program only included for a asmall museum, residence but also (for program a visitng architect) for a smalland residence (for a visit office space. In this scheme, the office office space space. (theInsmaller this scheme, building theopen officetospace the south) (the smaller was structured building open to the south) w separately from the museum and residence, separatelywhich from the are museum physicallyand connected residence, in the which larger arebuilding. physically connected in the larg

Preliminary Design Sketches

Preliminary Design Sketches

Interstitial Space - Central Stair

Visitors first engage with the museum when entering through the lobby of the office building. In the lobby, visitors are able to see that there is a larger building 15’ below where they came in, as well as the stair that leads to it. Employees working in the office show people how architects, engineers and contractors are able to collaborate using Revit and other software under the umbrella of BIM.

After departing from the lobby, visitors may either descend the large central staircase or use the winding ramp to get to the museum. Once inside the second building, covered in corten steel panels, they are able to take virtual tours of buildings made using BIM software, make their own small projects, and watch an array of videos revealing the history and process of building information modeling.

Interactive Museum - Virtual Reality Room

While moving through the building, visitors are constantly reminded of the grade changes the site has. Beautiful views looking up and down at the hill the building is built on attempt to form a graceful contrast between the technology being showcased and the natural world this building inhabits.

Interactive Museum - Digital Exhibition Space

Architecture as Urban Acupuncture Spring 2016 | ARCH 601 Architecture Studio Course Professor Madlen Simon

Tahrir Square, Baghdad, Iraq Bab al-Sharqi Neighborhood

Bab al-Sharqi Neighborhood, Baghdad, Iraq | Proposed Urban Plan

Revitalizing Tahrir’s Souq Street

Hussein specializes in cooking and at his stall, you can find him putting together specialty desserts with dried fruits, nuts and honey. Usually he prepares for the market at home, but he often times needs space to put his table and dishes out so that he can make more treats. The floor of each stall space will feature a distinct tile pattern, clearly dictating the space permitted to the vendors.

Amira and Farrah specialize in making scarves, blankets and various other embroidered cloth materials. The most important thing for them is that they have something to hang their beautiful work from so that people can see it from afar. At the discretion of the owner, stalls may be combined for a vendor who opts to rent out a larger space. The flexibility provided by having no interior walls allows for the “combining� of stalls.

Architecture as Collaboration Spring & Summer 2016 Design Team led by Professor M. Ambrose & Jason Winters (designed in collaboration with Meghan Leahy and Erin Barkman)

University Engineering Innovation Center

Preliminary Scheme 1

Early in the design process, it was decided that the proposed Innovation Center would either showcase the collaboration taking place or highlight the people moving about within the building. A transparent front that opens to the plaza shared by the Innovation Center and the University of Maryland’s new A. James Clark Hall.

Preliminary Scheme 2

The lecture hall, classrooms and labs are positioned on either side of an expansive space which contains the cafe, large central stair, and student lounges.

Gross Building: 119,123 Sq Ft Usable Building: 63,091 Sq Ft


Sm Class 3

Classroom 5 Classroom 4

684 SF

3013 SF

1096 SF

931 SF

Small Class 2 548 SF

Classroom 3 Small Class 1 1229 SF


Classroom 2 1115 SF Research & Engineering Library

Classroom 1 1255 SF

Public Computer Lounge Study 8005 SF 259 SF


Level 3 1/32" = 1'-0" 1

Level 1 1 1/32" = 1'-0"

Computer Room

Lab 1

Lab 2

Level 4 1/32" = 1'-0"

701 SF

Urban Design as Rejuvination Fall 2016 | ARCH 700 Urban Design Studio Professor Matthew Bell

Proposed Master Plan | Southwest Washington, DC

Proposed Master Plan | Virginia Avenue Renewed

The existing urban fabric surrounding South Capitol Street does not support the street edge. Spotty fabric so close to Nationals Park makes a dead zone of the area. Adding housing (yellow) and mixed-use developments to this zone of the master plan creates a vibrant, small-scale retail zone for those that reside in Southwest, DC as well as those visiting.

Thank you.

Eli Shanklin Graduate Design Portfolio  

It's 2017! The following is an in-process look at some of the work I have produced thus far while in graduate school for Architecture.

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