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Marketing Concept for Spoiled Nation 829 WORDS ELISHA REID

Marketing Concept for Spoiled Nation A marketing concept is key for a start-up magazine publication. Ashe-Edmunds (2018) states ‘‘Waiting for people to buy your magazine or relying on word-of-mouth promotion can doom your business. Not only do you need to continually expose your publication to potential and current readers, you need to let advertisers know you have a presence in the marketplace and that you are a relevant marketing tool for them.’’ Woodward (2008) states ‘‘More than two-thirds of new publications started by first-time publisher’s flop within a few months. Take these steps to increase the odds that your own publishing ideas will succeed’’. This shows that marketing your brand is one of the most important factors for a new magazine publication. Spoiled Nation’s is based at male and female readers, aged 18-35 year olds. The production of the magazine was aligned as closely as possible to an industry standard workflow (Whittaker, 2008). This means Spoiled Nation will be marketed in a way in which suits the target audience, which includes a fast-paced turnaround and articles that the readers will fully engage with. Giving readers the opportunity to tell the Spoiled Nation publication what they think of the magazine will give it the opportunity for change and adaption where it is needed. This will drive sales and gain potential new readers. This could be enforced by creating an online poll for readers to fill out, which is easy and convenient for them and can show clear results for the publication. Search engine optimisation plays an important role for a start-up magazine publication, such as Spoiled Nation. This could mean instead of the digital publication being a website, creating a Spoiled Nation App. Fipp (2015) states ‘‘At least 20 per cent of current digital subscribers discovered apps via a search engine’’. Spoiled Nation’s target audience is 18-35 year olds. This is a generation that is always on the move, such as commuting to work. An App would be successful for this age range due to its convenience and its clear optimisation for mobile phone and tablets, that are likely to be used to read the digital publication on. Subscriptions to the magazine could create loyal customers. Offering the magazine at a discounted price to readers with a subscription will encourage them to subscribe and this will drive sales for Spoiled Nation. A way to encourage readers to subscribe could be offer the first three volumes for free. Offering a limited time competition, such as a chance to win a holiday when subscribing could encourage readers towards a subscription as there are appealing benefits. An opportunity for Spoiled Nation to innovate would be to utilize social media. It is easy to connect with current and potential readers through social media platforms. This could be used to show sneak peaks of future articles, for example through high quality images and videos on Instagram. These posts could be promoted for a small charge so that it reaches a larger audience. Another social media platform that could be used is Facebook. Creating a Spoiled Nation Facebook page will advertise the magazine to a large audience. If an article included an interview, then this could be utilized on the Facebook by showing a video of the interview, with a link to the full article on the digital platform. Using links to the magazine’s digital version will enhance engagement and increase its audience.

Another opportunity to innovate is to conduct promotional events. Magplus (2018) states ‘‘The days of boring marketing strategies are gone, modern users are looking for more. Come up to their expectations and entertain them by organizing promotional events.’’ This could include a hiring a venue for the evening and inviting potential readers and other publishers along to promote the magazine. At this event it could include live interviews with editors of the magazine, as well as a special-guests, such as a celebrity that appeals to the target audience and guests at the event. Food and drink should be provided for all guests so that Spoiled Nation comes across as a welcoming publisher that cares about their readers. This event can give guests the opportunity to share their expectations from the magazine and what they would like to see featured. With a large amount of funds, the first couple of copies of the magazine could be sent out free to its targeted audience. This will help to build consumer base and is a good opportunity for feedback and growth. Another way to innovate is to create a media kit for the Spoiled Nation that focuses on the demographics of the readers and build upon the subscribers list. This will encourage brands to advertise with the magazine as they are able to figures and who their potential market could be. With a lot of money, a publisher representative could be hired to seek advertisers for Spoiled Nation publications. This will give the magazine more revenue which could be spent on the development of the magazine.

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Marketing Concept for Spoiled Nation  
Marketing Concept for Spoiled Nation