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Software List

Blogger: We use this software to record and present all of the work we have achieved before and after filming our production. This also enables the public to view and comment on our process of how we created our short film.

Twitter & Facebook: These social networking sites were used to reach the public and send out news about our production. We use both sites to give a live timeline of the process of the short film. This enables us to connect with our audience and excite them into watching our production. YouTube: This used to share our video online. This would be used once the production has been made and edited. By using this software we are again connecting with our audience and getting feedback from the public, this will help us to improve for further productions. Prezi: This software is used to create interactive ways to present our collection of ideas and work. This will then be uploaded on to our blog to be shared with the public. This will capture the audience’s eye more and reel them in to wanting to discover more about our production.

Final Cut Pro: This is software which we use on Apple Macs. We use this to watch over the footage we collected on the day of filming and discuss and edit what we believed the film should look like. By editing we can add effects and make sure it is presented as professional as possible.

Survey Monkey: This is used to create information on what the public would expect from our production. By using this we can ask questions and receive answers which will enable us to improve the production before its been filmed.

Microsoft PowerPoint & Microsoft Word: We use both of these publishing tools to record the work we do, in an interactive way. It means our work is in a neat form and helps to show our work in an easy, professional way.

Software list  
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