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Film Review of ‘The Last Memory’ The Last Memory is a Drama starring Courtney Wedge who takes on the role of a tormented teen at high school hearing rumours of her beloved boyfriend cheating. Tensions rise as she is seen lifting a pistol to her temple in hope to take the depressing thoughts away. Sam Fava plays the role of Christian, a job seeker, who has a big interview for a large company in the field of accounting. Soon after the interview he discovers Selah wants to take her own life. The story grips the audience as we watch Christian running in hope to rescue Selah. There are many obstacles in the way. As we have grown fond of Christian we end up seeing him lying unconscious in front of a car with the phone and Selah’s voice next to his ear. This pauses Selah from pulling the trigger but convinces her more to do it. Will she pull trigger? The capturing and cliff hanger ending pulled the audience in even further to make them want to watch more. The exciting story line took the viewers on a journey through the memories a couple would share and cherish, which made the relationship between the audience and the characters in the film so strong. It thrilled the audience to see such a hard working boy to win over the interviewer but put them in shock as they see the last shot of him in front of vehicle on the floor. Times News Rated this film five stars for its grabbing storyline and outstanding actors.

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