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The Dream Giver By Elisha L ai M r s. Zinn


The Dream Giver Written By Elisha Lai Have you ever had a dream and you did not want to pursue your dream? If you do, then this book is for you. If you do not, this book might still be worth reading. Well, this book entitled The Dream Giver was written by a famous author named Bruce Wilkinson. The story begun with a Nobody called Ordinary who lived in the land of Familiar. While he was sleeping one night, the Dream Giver gave Ordinary a Big Dream for him to pursue it. On his journey of pursuing his dream, he learned to put his trust in the Dream Giver. Ordinary received a Big Dream from the Dream Giver while he was sleeping one night. The next morning, he saw a big, white feather lying on his windowsill. He told his friend and parents about his dream and how he will leave the land of Familiar (his Comfort Zone) to pursue it. His friend and mother refused to let him pursue his dream, but his father allowed him. He decided to pack his suitcase and leave the land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream that laid ahead of him. Then, Ordinary set out on his journey of pursuing his Big Dream. He walked and walked and walked……Then, he confronted with his first obstacle—the invisible Wall of Fear. He knew that it was hard to leave his Comfort Zone, but his Big Dream was on the opposite side of the invisible Wall of Fear. It was difficult, but he succeeded in crossing it. For many days, he walked and walked and walked until he reached the Borderland. In the Borderland, Ordinary met Bullies. They were Nobodies that he knew and who knew him very well! One of the Bullies was his mother. His mother tried to convince him to stop pursuing his dream and return back to the land of Familiar. The Dream Giver had sent a Nobody named Champion that had become a Dreamer to help Ordinary understand what was happening. Champion told Ordinary to hold tightly to his Big Dream and the thing that

mattered the most was whom he choose to please—the Dream Giver or himself. This was a challenging decision that Ordinary has to make. He sat beside the Waters and thought for a prolonged time. Finally, he came up with a decision to please the Dream Giver. Even though the Bullies tried to stop him, he succeeded by persuading most of his Bullies. After that, he saw a bridge that had been built over the Waters. When he went on the bridge, a sovereign landlord blocked his path. Instead of using the bridge to cross the Waters, he decided to swim across. Before he dived into the Waters, he found a boat that was given by the Dream Giver. He rowed the boat and crossed the Waters. After crossing the Waters, he thought his Big Dream was just around the corner. Instead, he disappointedly found a Desert Wasteland. He supplicated the Dream Giver for help, but the Dream Giver did not answer him. Because the Dream Giver did not answer him, his doubts about the Dream Giver grew, and it only made things worse. In the Desert Wasteland, he met Faith. Faith was sent by the Dream Giver to help Ordinary. Everyday, Ordinary followed Faith and he began to regain his trust in the Dream Giver. After days of following Faith, he arrived at Sanctuary. The Dream Giver’s bright light shone into the deepest parts of Ordinary’s heart and soul, and revealed all the ugly darkness in Ordinary’s heart and soul. It was gruesome and unbearable. The Dream Giver took away all his darkness. The Dream Giver asked him to give his Dream back to him. Ordinary thought that he could not. He sat down and thought and thought and thought some more. In the end, he did because he wanted to please the Dream Giver more than himself. The Dream Giver gave his Dream back to him. His dream turned into a part of the Dream Giver’s Big Dream. Ordinary continued on to the Valley of the Giant. Before he met his first Giant, he met the Commander that the Dream Giver sent. The Commander told Ordinary that he was a

warrior and all the Truths that he had learned on his journey would be his weapons to fight the Giants. The Commander also told Ordinary that Unbelief was more dangerous than any Giant. Every time, he met a Giant, he trusted the Dream Giver and asked for the Dream Giver’s power. One day, he arrived at the city of Anybodies. Their city was captured by a Giant. Ordinary immediately went to fight against the Giant. He fought all day long against the Giant, but the Giant still was undefeatable. The next morning, he went back to fight the Giant. He asked the Dream Giver for help. The Dream Giver only answered that Ordinary needed to wait for a miracle. He took out his white feather and raised it up high. Then, he threw the white feather on the Giant’s feet with all his strength. After he defeated the Giant, the Anybodies were full of joy and jubilation. After he saw the poor condition in the city, he knew that he needed to help the Anybodies and that his Big Dream laid here. He immediately set out to help the Anybodies. When there was no more work that had to be done there, the Dream Giver led Ordinary to other unfamiliar places beyond his dream. The Dream Giver is like God the Father in heaven. God has given me a Big Dream which is to come to Kunming, China. On my journey to come to Kunming, I met some bullies. They were my friends. They tried to convince me not to go to Kunming by telling me the poor conditions of China. I also met some Giants on my journey like the Giant of different language. Although I met Bullies and Giants on my journey, I decided to please and trust the Dream Giver and to keep on pursuing my Big Dream. After staying in Kunming for these three years, I have experienced abundant blessings of God. In the end, I would like to encourage those who still have breath that it is never too late to pursue your Big Dream. So, set out to pursue it at this very moment!

The Dream Giver Summary  

A summary essay that I've written about The Dream Giver after I read it.

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