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Written and Illustrated by

Elise TrissEl

Copyright © 2012 by Elise TrissEl.

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Graphics text used: “Frail” © 2011 by Shuji Kikuchi, available at The iIllustrations were created using mixed media techniques on top of original archival inkjet prints.


n i ece


& e my n



w he

(my m i n iatu re me)


co e re f e r (my ca

t) emen l p m

l ove to absolutely everyone who helped me with th is book. I ca n’ t tha nk you enough for you r su p port .

Maddie Age 4 Great finder Loves to skip Has two nickles and one quarter Smart.

And This is the tale of Maddie and the skAritch sk h. a r at ch Munc Beware though, dear reader (that’s you!), for this is also said to be a cautionary tale. Not for the easily scared, nor the hungry.

So the tale begins! (Don’t worry, it starts out happily enough) And what better way for Maddie to start the day than by playing with friends?

Uh oh. What’s that noise?? Such a disruptive din definitely makes playing less fun. At least Maddie’s mom should know what to do!

Maddie’s Mom Age unavailable

Has pink slippers Hums when cleaning Not always the best listener.

So Maddie told her mom about the noise at lunch. “I’m sure it’s nothing dear, probably just the pipes,” said her mom, “I would go and look but I’m far too busy right now.” Before Maddie could ask if pipes said h mu n c , her mom vroomed off with the vacuum again.

Ah, peace and quiet! Why was she so worried anyways?

Uh oh.

g Sk A m u nch i n again?

Definitely a most disruptive din (just far too noisy). Surely pipes don’t say skarunchity ka m u nch i ty. But, if not pipes, then What does?


A T ch


A M u Nc




The Official Search for the Sk amunch

Under the dresser? No...

Behind the mirror? Closer...

Above the bed?


Now....what IS it?

Oliver (Maddie’s Brother) Age 6 In Kin-de-garten Dinosaur expert (he really likes them) Quick Knows Things.

As soon as Oliver stepped off the bus, Maddie grabbed him and brought him to the kamunc hing in her room. “Mice!” he said, matter-of-factly. Maddie knew he was right because he’s six and knows Things. Now that she has the answer, surely her dad will help when he comes home!

Maddie’s Dad Age: close to thir-twe-orty Likes jokes Good whistler

Not always a good listener.

“Ah, those noisy branches!” said her dad, “The wind will calm down soon dear.” Her dad must not have been listening well. How could the branches be in the ceiling? And did branches say munch? Maybe if Maddie tells her mom it’s mice, this time she will help!

“It’s probably nothing dear,” her mom said, “just the house creaking. It will stop soon. Try and get some sleep.”

Maddie felt very unassured indeed. Her mom was not being a good listener either. How would she ever be able to sleep through all this kArunch i ng?

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for there is a reason this is a cautionary tale and I fear it is soon to come.

The Battle for Sleep k A

ru Nc




Which will win, Sleep or the Skarunch Mu nch ?

u nc h



unC a


k H

Enough! Maddie needed a plan.


Ty Nc


kR U




To Be Continued...

Coming Soon! (To an Amazon near you)

For more info, please follow: SkaritchSkaratchMunch or contact:

Skaritch Skaratch Munch: A Cautionary Tale (partial)  

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