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Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?

My main cover image links with the title, which is a bit in the style of Kerrang because they often use poses and props that link with the title of the magazine. I used this style because kerrang is a successful magazine and I thought by doing this it will attract my audience by giving a taste of my magazine because the front cover is what is going to catch the eye of the audience. Close and personal could also catch the attention of the audience because it means gossip and from my audience research a lot of females liked gossip and reading articles and reviews. The white, red and fading to black backgrounds gives the magazine that feminine touch as the target audience are females as well as females being attracted to the colour red and used a big red masthead so that it is eye catching to the reader. From my audience research the audience tend to buy magazines singularly rather than have a monthly/weekly subscription which is why my magazine is £2.99 because the readers do not want to be spending any more than £3 on a magazine, which is also why I used phrases like “with this issue” and limited addition. I used buzzwords like ‘extra’ and ‘win’ to stand out more than the other words because they are short but are in a bigger front compared to the rest of the text which makes them more attractive. I used quotes like “Chocolate is my guilty pleasure” under the title to attract my audience because I wanted something that my audience could relate to and would like to read about and chocolate it really relatable as most teenage girls eat chocolate and that it is their guilty pleasure.

The “you’d fight to the death for” which links with the word ‘killer’ with the poster creates the desperation for the magazine and its posters because from my audience research the posters are the most popular part of the magazine and also links with the fact that this magazine issue is “limited edition” because of the free CD. This also shows that rock music can be very headstrong and can seem a bit violent. On my contents page I attracted my audience by having a range of images, I also had a copy of the front page on it to make it look like an actual contents page and to promote my magazine. And also using bomb’s under my page numbers to make them stand out and also to link with my magazine’s name ‘Explode” as well as on my masthead having broken glass to make it look like the content of my magazine is about the ‘explode’ and break through the masthead.

I used a yellow graphic to make the competition stand out and to attract the reader because from my audience research said that the readers liked free things and because they’re concert ticket’s it’s related to music. The colours and the layout of my double page spread makes my magazine look attractive because it is different and isn’t the usual layout a double page spread of a music magazine would look like. The quote’s stands out on the page the most and gives the reader a general idea of what is in the articles. I think the title looks very professional too because of its stylish font. Images I knew that my images would be a big part of my magazines and that they have to be eye catching and the cover star image will be the first thing the reader would look at. I thought that this picture was alright quality (left), although I never used it in my magazine because I thought that she looked a little scared which wouldn’t work with my magazine’s ideology. I tried a few action shots (right), however I thought it looked at too messy and unprofessional and wouldn’t look right in a music magazine.

I then attempted with different camera angles, first I tried shooting from above which I thought turned out to be a good image but the fact it looked really small would make it look really out of place in my magazine and if I tried to increase the size of the image it would make the image look stretched. I even tested out the distance of the lighting to see what looked good and what didn’t. I ended up going with the picture because it was good quality and the fact it looks like she is blowing a kiss to the reader can draw the reader in. Also it shows of her makeup and clothing which is a big part of the image and representing people who listen to rock music and by having something the audience can relate too will attract them and it would make it more likely that they would by my magazine.