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Mission Statement The mission of Covenant Presbyterian Church is to glorify and enjoy God, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, and to express the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. In response to the love of God, we will worship God, educate ourselves, care for each other, and serve our neighbors in the community and the world.

Covenant Presbyterian Church Concert Series Presents

Kirking of the Tartans Sunday, November 3, 2013

3131 Walton Way, Augusta, Georgia 30909 E-mail: Web Site: 706-733-0513

Sunday Worship Opportunities: 8:30 a.m. Communion Service 11:00 a.m. Traditional Worship Service (Communion – first Sunday of each month) The Rev. Robert M. Watkins, Pastor Lyn M. Patterson, Director of Music and Organist John McCrosky, Director of Christian Education

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Avalon Bio The Celtic chamber ensemble Avalon began during the Christmas Season of 2011 with Debbie Van Tuyll on the Irish whistle, Paul Jackson on cello, and Mike Cox on guitar. In February 2012, Alice Little Caldwell joined the ensemble with her Celtic harp, and in May 2013 Lauren Smith added her violin to Avalon. Don Cleary replaced Paul Jackson on cello after Paul’s death in May 2013. The group has been coached by Carl Purdy, a professor of music at Georgia Regents University, since its inception. Avalon was formed to explore the compositions of Turlough O’Carolan, Ireland’s best known composer. O’Carlan was a blind harper who traveled Ireland composing and playing for whomever would pay him. One of his best know works, and the one that initiated Avalon, is “Planxty Irwin.” Their emphasis on Celtic chamber music, as well as their unusual instrumentation, gives Avalon a unique sound within the Irish music genre. The ensemble has shared its sound with several local churches and in other venues including Georgia Regents University where they have performed with the Sand Hills String Band. In May 2013, band members endured their most difficult performance when they played at their cellist Paul Jackson’s funeral. Paul was tragically killed in an automobile accident, and the band is dedicating this Kirking of the Tartans concert to Paul’s memory. A small ensemble consisting of Paul’s wife, Miyoko Jackson, and GRU cello professor Christine Crookall, will perform a composition Paul wrote prior to his death, “Gomer’s Lament.” Paul’s charge to Avalon was always to “Have Fun.” This has become the group’s motto as well as its mantra in difficult times such as Paul’s death. We hope this concert will be as much fun for the audience to listen as it will be for us to play.

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Anam Cara Bio

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The core members of Anam Cara are Carl Purdy (fiddle and director), Frank Vaughan (guitar), Lauren Smith (fiddle and mandolin), Sara Mays (fiddle), Debbie van Tuyll (whistle and mandolin), Hubert van Tuyll (banjo), and Laura van Tuyll (guitar and fiddle). The group was established specifically to perform in support of the Georgia Regents University Study Abroad and Continuing Education programs that Purdy and the senior van Tuylls offer each year. The band’s repertoire consists primarily of traditional Irish jigs, reels, ballads, and the occasional bluegrass medley. Anam Cara has performed in a variety of venues here in Augusta as well as all over Ireland. The most unique component of Anam Cara is that the band waxes and wanes, depending on who is participating in the travel program. The core members welcome different students and community members who are traveling with them to perform as part of the group. For this concert at Covenant, several community members are joining as are some of the students who will be traveling to Ireland with the 2014 Study Abroad trip. These include Emma Kate Few, Rebecca Moore, Katie Tuttle, and Ashleigh Hansen.

Program Samhain Tionol (Winter’s Eve Gathering)

Carl Purdy

John Ryan/Dennis Murphy

Traditional Irish

Wind that Shakes the Barley/Wise Maid

Traditional Irish


Traditional Welsh

Wild Mountain Thyme Lauren Smith, Katie Tuttle, Ashleigh Hanson, Carl Purdy Calliope House/Cowboy Jig Water is Wide

Francis McPeake

David Richardson/Traditional Irish

Molly Malone Katie Tuttle, Ashleigh Hanson, Cynthia

Traditional English Traditional Irish

Planxty Irwin Turlough O’Carolan Mike Cox/ Debbie van Tuyll Mna na heireann (Women of Ireland) lyrics by Peadar ODoirnin/ melody by Sean ORiada

bolded performed by Avalon

Katie Tuttle Beggar Man/Girl I Left Behind Me/Off to California Carl Purdy and Katie Tuttle

Gomer’s Lament Bunessan (Morning has Broken)

Traditional Irish Paul Jackson

lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon/Traditional Scottish

Fanny Power

Turlough O’ Carolan

Erin Gra Mo Chroi Carl, Cynthia, Katie, Ashleigh

Traditional Irish


Traditional English


Traditional Irish

Within a Mile of Dublin/College Groves

Traditional Irish

Hector the Hero/Flowers of Edinburgh

James Scott Skinner/Traditional Scottish

Skye Boat/Highland Cathedral lyrics by Sir Harold Boulton/Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb bolded performed by Avalon

Concert Program