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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” -George Bernard Shaw-

Who am I? Hello, I am Elise Ghekiere. I'm 21 years old and I am currently in my first master of Product Design at the University of Antwerp. I chose this study because of its variety of courses. From technical courses to more creative and out-of-the-box-thinking projects.

Skills Illustrator Photoshop

In my free time I love to draw clothes or things that has a touch of fashion. Sometimes I sew my own clothes. Therefore I took some courses on pattern drawing in Gent and I took part on a homecourse of fashion designer.

Indesign Keyshot Solidworks

As work experience I've already been working for 5 years as a lifeguard at the Belgian seacoast. If I'm not working as a lifeguard than I'm a surfmonitor or work at a surfbar. As you can see I love to work at the seaside.



Product Design at University of Antwerp

2012 - 2013

Clothing Pattern Drawing at CVA Gent

2007 - 2013

Nieuwen Bosch humaniora Boarding school Gent Latin-Science

I am also a really sportive person. I tried a lot of sports, I even think I tried most of all common sports. I like a lot of difference and I’m fastely interested in new things. At the moment I’m part of a hockeyteam. Swimming and running are the sports I have always been doing. If I have to describe myself than I could say that I am someone who never gives up and always wants to see the best in everything and everyone. But still on a realistic way. There's a lot of things I've been doing or I still want to do. I like some variety in life. There is less that doesn't interest me. I'm always curious in new things and at exploring new stuff or people and countries.



Outdoor Furniture


Ergonomic garden tool


Festival RaincoatSeat


The Storybuddy




Bachelor payment kiosk

01Ilo outdoor furniture - Making rental products from rotational molding. -


The idea was to make products for cultural events outdoor, like cinema’s or theatre.


We searched for a compact form to transport. Easy to reform into a great facility to enjoy the spectacle our movie.

Refinement “KUPLI” -bar“STUIN” -chair-


Option with the “pideta”


Speaker Cotton




02 Ergonomic garden tools - Searching for the right look to bring on the market with the best ergonomic optimalisation -

Inspiration The aim of this project was to develop products for a certain target group. With this moodboard we created a specific feeling of our target group. Afterwards we searched for the right look and feel of the product.


Testing real sprayers. Noticing the critical points.

Critical points



Rotate button Lockbutton


Testing the chosen form. Giving the final touch.


Final concept Upper stand

Lower stand

03 Raincoat - Making a festival raincoat that can be used as something else-

04 Neckbrace -Making neckbraces who are less stigmatized.-

Project The main goal of this project was to create neckbraces who are less stigmatized. Working with tools who helped us thinking out of the box and searching for the right solutions, we created a couple of different concepts.


Integrated functions

Brand identity and individual identity

Personal connection

Diversion of attention

05 Storybuddy -An interactive product for kids that tells stories.-

Project The storybuddy was a project for User centered Design. We had to make a interactive product that tells stories to childeren after the childeren themselves spoke certain words into the product. With those words a story is made within 24 hourses. After that, the storybuddy gives a sign and the child can listen to the story.


Ideation & model

We made 2 different models. With our moodboard as inspiration, we created our second model with a variety of colors.

Working Process 1



4 Speaking

5 Sending







13 Sending



06 Payment kiosk

Project The main goal was to design a payment kiosk in a certain environment. The payment kiosk has to represent modularity and must be secured by seperated volts. The modularity was an important part of the project because the payment kiosk had to fit better to the needs of the clients than they do now. The project was given by the company Antenor.

Design drivers Modular Clear use Marketing Ergonomic Safe


To start with the ideation there was chosen to work with the context of exposition halls. The expo of Antwerp was analysed to have a good view of the needs and possibilities for the payment kiosk. The green fields in the pictures are the possible locations for the payment kiosk.

Inspiration Afterwards a moodboard was made for the look and feel of the payment kiosk.


By analyzing and synthesizing the right design and modularity were found and meets the right capacity for the payment kiosk. The ergonomic tests resulted in an ergonomic kiosk with clear use.


Banknote recycler MEI BNR Coin validator V2 eagle

Volt with the storageflow of the coins. Possibility for 6 different coins.


Overloadflow of the coins with 2 servomotors.

Creditcard reader Jetonoutput



The payment kiosk is build on a frame. The frame is mounted on a concrete base. The metal plates are bend and varnished. The front plates are incremental bend and varnished.

Extra options

To play with the modularity I created some different options. The clients can chose the right size for their needs.

ayment Creditcard p Jetonoutput

ayment Creditcard p Jetonoutput Coininput Coinoutput

ayment Creditcard p Jetonoutput Coininput Biljetinput Coinoutput

Coininput Biljetinput Coinoutput

Marketing To give the payment kiosk an extra function to the environment and think about the markting in exposition halls the idea came to work with marketingscreens. In that way the client can place the kiosk alone and make some advertisments.

Personal creations -A glimpse of my personal creations.-

hope to hear from you Elise Ghekiere Student Product Design Universiteit Antwerpen tel. 0475/40.06.39 link:

Portfolio Elise Ghekiere  

Product Design

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