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November Newsletter Greetings ! Greetings fellow Key Clubbers! It’s amazing how fast time has gone by, I can’t In This Issue believe it has already been 1 month since my last newsletter. Christmas Potluck The winter break is fast apClub Reports proaching and so is our annual Project Educate Christmas Potluck. All the clubs in division 11/18c are invited as Key Leader well as any Kiwanians that Contact Info would like to attend. More information about the Potluck is on the following page. Officers please remember to turn in your Key Club dues as soon as possible. Before you move on and continue reading my newsletter, please keep in mind that I am here to help you, so if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.

Elisei Costea

Christmas Potluck What is the Christmas Potluck? The Christmas Potluck is a yearly get together of Division 11/18 . Keyclubbers and Kiwanians who attend bring some food to share with everyone. It’s a great bonding time for keyclubbers from different clubs.

Christmas Potluck Date: Dec. 12, 2012 Time: 6:00 PM Location: Abbotsford Senior Secondary

Abbotsford Senior Secondary Last month, Panthers Key Club was actively involved with UNICEF. Our primary goal was not only to raise money, (although we did raise some), rather it was to raise awareness about the living conditions in other countries. We went from class to class to spread the word about the goals for UNICEF for this year and telling them how they could help. It is our belief that students should be encouraged to take their own initiative to make a change, instead of having them follow someone else’s ideas. Our club hosted a bake sale on the 31 st in our school. It was very successful as it was a girls vs. guys bake sale, where the students bought stuff and voted on which team made the best baked goods. The guys won for creativity, while the girls won for overall taste. We also had a photo booth set up at our school’s dance where we also made some money. A lot of our members volunteered for the SAFF Canada Film Festival from October 31st – November 4th. This month, our main projects will be Write for Rights and the 24 hour Vow of Silence for Free the Children. -Sayeda Abbas

GW Graham Secondary During the month of October Solh Key Club was busy with new ideas and volunteering projects. Solh Key Club participated in many activities during the month of October such as Rice Raiser, Ruth and Naomi’s, a Baking Party, and a Halloween Party. Solh Key Club loves to participate in Rice Raiser monthly by selling baked goods, and this year instead of having members bring in things from home we are eliminating all costs for them and we bake them at the school with supplies bought by Solh Key Club. This month’s baking party was on 30th and baked goods were sold on the 30th. We had several members go and volunteer on the 5th at Ruth and Naomi’s. And we also had a pot luck Halloween Party on the 29th, instead of a meeting. Solh Key Club intends to continue to work on our SIGN project, Rice Raiser, Project Educate, Bell Ringing for Kiwanis, and a movie at Cotton Wood 4 Cinemas called Frankenweenie, please support us by purchasing a ticket ($10, comes with popcorn and a drink, @ Cotton Wood 4 Cinemas, @ 10 AM). If you are interested in buying tickets please email . I have so much gratitude for working with all of the wonderful members in the Solh Key Club. ~Alexis Baldwin

Robert Bateman Secondary

This month we collected 1056 pounds of food through Halloween for hunger. The food bank will pick the food either Tuesday or Wednesday. Operation Christmas child is still going on. Samaritans purse will be picking the boxes up on nov.16th. We decided to have a concession on the 28th at out parent teacher interview to raise money for fracture care. We also decided to have 2 dances in December. 1 for middle school and the other for high school. -Shirley Chou

Yale Secondary

What a start to the year! With over 100 members, both new and old, we are off to a great beginning. We have already started a few projects, led by our very own members; they include SOS (Save Old Spectacles), Operation Christmas Child, and Love for Lilee (a bake sale in which over $300 was raised for a little girl suffering from cancer). Our recycling teams have already raised over $500 for donation and scholarships. For the community, our volunteers have eagerly helped out at the Rice Raiser and the Harvest Dance, which is a Halloween dinner and dance for mentally and physically disabled people. Later this month we will be helping out at the Food Bank, and in December we will be helping out at the Rice Raiser again. We have an overwhelming number of willing volunteers this year, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! -Carol Kwon

What is Project: Educate? Project: Educate is the new District project for 2012-2013. It’s main objective is to support the development of early-childhood & primary education in the developing country of Jamaica.

What do the funds go towards? The funds are distributed in 5 different contributions: #5 30,000 High school scholarships for 10 students across Jamaica #4 27,050 St. Mary School (yet to be confirmed) school supplies #3 23,050 Online classroom assistance to 150 students across Jamaica #2 20,050 Wakefield Primary School assistance for a new Library #1 12,050 Mona Heights Primary School supplies & library equipment

Merchandise Bracelets $1

T-Shirts $15

What is Key Leader? Key Leader is a weekend leadership program for today’s young leaders. This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership development experience. There will be large and small group workshops and team building activities. Students will be able to learn leadership skills that will help them change their schools, communities, and world for the better. You will meet new friends and have an experience you will never forget.

Key Leader 2013 in the Pacific Northwest District April 5-7, 2013 Kawkawa Camp and Retreat Center - Hope, BC, Canada

Who can attend ? All Key Clubbers How much is it ? $175—includes all meals, lodging, and program materials for the weekend

November Newsletter  
November Newsletter  

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