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Chapter 14 Facials Test

1. A facial is a luxury service designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin. a. True b. False 2. Extractions sloughs off dead skin cells. a. True b. False 3. List 4 benefits of receiving a facial. a.___________________________________________________________________________________ b.___________________________________________________________________________________ c. ___________________________________________________________________________________ d.___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The steamer should be __________ inches away from the face closest to the ______________________. a. 18 inches away, stomach b. 18 inches away, navel c. 20 inches away, stomach d. 20 inches away, navel

5. Before touching a client’s face ___________________________. a. Sanitize and wash hands b. Warm hands up c. Touch the clients shoulders to let them know you’re about to begin the treatment d. All of the above

6. Never use ________________ while doing extractions. a. Cotton compresses b. Comedone Extractors c. Fingernails d. Pressure 7. Steam the skin for approximately____________ minutes. a. 1-3 b. 3-5 c. 5-10 d. 10-12 8. Gloves must be worn during what part of the facial, a. Massage b. Extractions c. Masks d. Cleansing 9. Always have a _____________________ point and an ___________________ point when doing facial techniques and movements.

10. Extractions sloughs off dead skin cells. a. True b. False 11. The opening of a pore is called it’s __________________________ a. Follicle b. Insertion c. Ostium d. Sebaceous gland 12. During what part of the facial treatment should you not speak ________________________________.

13. There are ___________ methods for extracting sebum. a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 14. Masks a. Increases circulation b. Softens the pores c. Draws impurities out of the pores d. Sloughs off dead skin cell 15. Toners a. Can be used with electricity b. Helps with product penetration c. Refines the pores d. Hydrates and balances the PH on the skin e. B and D only 16. The basic difference between a mini facial and a basic facial is a. Client can leave on their clothes during treatment b. Client will receive the same number of steps and the same amount of time c. Great introduction to waxing services d. Esthetician can focus on several client concerns. 17. Never remove products with your ________________________. 18. The products you recommend to a client to use to _______________________ the clients skin, may not be the same products you use to ____________________ their skin.

19. Apply sunscreen ______________ minutes before sun exposure.

a. 10 b. 15 c. 20 d. 25

20. After a facial, never send your client out without ___________________________. a. Retail Products b. Eye Cream c. Sunscreen d. Lip treatment 21. Do not perform extractions for more than ______________________________________. a. 5-minutes b. 8-minutes c. 10-minutes d. 12-minutes 22. Do not exert pressure on the ______________________________. a. Décolleté b. Adam’s Apple c. Occipital Ridge d. Neck 23. Use the _____________________ finger(s) to pull up on the delicate eye areas when removing eye makeup. a. Ring and middle b. Pointer and middle c. Middle d. Pointer 24. Use the ______________________ finger(s) to hold the lips taut when removing lip makeup.

a. Ring and Middle b. Pointer and Middle c. Middle d. Pointer

25. The ________________ finger has the least amount of pressure. The _________________ finger has the greatest. a. Ring, Pointer b. Pointer, Ring c. Middle, Ring d. Middle, Pointer

Chapter 14 test  

Test for facials

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