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The media-landscape changes Why do kids in the 21th century prefer sitting in front of their computer,

to discover, with a very big

Playstation or television, instead of

attractiveness. These days it’s

playing with good old-fashioned toys or

considered very normal to allow children

playing outside? You could state that

at a very young age to discover the iPad

playing with toys is something of the old

or computer and to play on the many

days and that you can’t stop progress.

apps or games, with the parents have

But there is more than that. The

downloaded. The American Academy of

American Academy of Pediatrics did

Pediatrics concluded that almost half the

some research on the issue. This

families witch incomes above $75.000

research was focused on children aged

had downloaded apps specifically for

8 and younger. Why does the children

their young children. The app gap is a

play on the computer and don’t give

big deal and a dange of the future.It’s

attention at the toys that they have?

also the beginning of an important shift, as parents are increasingly handing

Nowadays almost every family in the

their cellphones to theur 1 year-old kid

USA has a computer and television or

as a shut-up toy. The study also

maybe even an iPad or iPhone. The

established that fully half of the children

attitude of the parents towards these

under 8 has access to a mobile device.

new media plays a very important role in this evolution. When they’re sitting in

Not only the parents’ media are to

front of the computer, texting someone

blome. No, television still takes an

with their cellphone or doing other things

important part in children’s pastime. It’s

on their laptops, they don’t realize the

very shocking when you know that

big influence their behavior has on the

almost a third of the children under two

behavior of their children. For children

have a television in their bedroom. The

all these unknown media are like the

new study also concludes that 64

“forbidden fruits”: things to explore and

percent of the children under 8 have their own television. As for the computer,

the results are even worse : about 12

children, they will keep on modeling the

percent of the children between 2 and 4

behavior of their children.Of course toys

use it every day, and 24 percent at least

are less attractive to the children of

once a week.

these generation : the media landscape

Parents like their media, and it’s really

changes so rapidly that almost every

tough to resist the lure of putting your

day there is something new to discover

kid in front of something that purports to

and that’s the reason why children don’t

be educational and will keep them

like their toys anymore, there is so much

occupied. As long as the attitude of

more to explore in the world of digital

adults towards new media doesn’t


change and they don’t realize the influence of their behavior on their

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Not only the parents’ media are to blome. No, television still takes an important part in children’s pastime. It’s very shocking when you kn...