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What do we really know about Johnny Depp? John Christopher Depp was born in Owensboro Kentucky. Everyone knows him at least from the Pirates of the Caribbean. He has been declared the most sexy man in the world and that while he was 41 years old. Now he is 48 and young girls still think he is super sexy. People don’t just think he’s sexy, they also think he is one of the best actors in the world. He won 19 awards for Favorite Actor, Best Male Actor and Best Actor. And he has been nominated for several other events as well. So as you see he is not just anybody. He was born on June 9th 1963. His father, John Christopher, was a civil engineer and his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, a waitress. He also has two sisters, Christie and Debbie, and a brother Danny. Johnny Depp was not the famous kid from a rich family like Paris Hilton. Because of his dad’s job in Florida they had to live in motels and were moving from place to place. That had a bad influence on Johnny. He went of the rails and he started to cut himself. He started to smoke by 12, used drugs and he had a long list of thefts and vandalism. His career started teaching himself to play the guitar. Then he started to play in various garage bands. A year after his parents divorced he dropped out of high school and concentrated on the Rock City Angels. A very important man in his life was Nicolas Cage. He convinced him to pursue an acting career. Luckily Johnny Depp said yes. His first major role was in the horror movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm street’. What we can see in al the characters he played in the beginning, is that they were, as critic describe, ‘iconic loners’. Then he met Tim Burton. He called him his friend and brother. Burton started with Edward Scissorhands. This was just the start, Depp did several films with Tim Burton. They call them the Depp-Burton collaborations.

Mister Depp had four wives: Sherilyn Fenn, an actress. Wiona Ryder, also an actress. Kate Moss, a British Supermodal and then his current relationship with

Vanessa Paradis, a French actress and singer. He met Vanessa on the set of ‘The Ninth Gate’. They got two kids. A daughter named Lily-Rose Melody Depp, she is twelve. And a son John ‘Jack’ Christopher Depp III, he is nine year. Depp loves his kids. When his daughter got an infection of the dangerous E. coli virus he donated £1 million to the hospital. He also visited the hospital in his Captain Jack uniform and read stories to the ill children. It’s not because he is an actor he can forget the music. Depp still lives to make music. In some of the movies he acted in, he played the guitar. But that is not his only hobby. He also grows grapes, to make his own wine, in Saint-Tropez. He is one of the richest actors in the world and he deserves that. Only the way he speaks on set makes him look like a professional, he makes the character come to live and that is what makes him so special. And you see his youth was not easy. But he is an example for many, because he realized his dream. Now he has reached everything: he has a good ‘wife’ and two adorable kids. He’s not living for his career, he’s living for his kids. That’s something he always says.

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Mister Depp had four wives: Sherilyn Fenn, an actress. Wiona Ryder, also an actress. Kate Moss, a British Supermodal and then his current re...