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Lucky numbers: 2 and 8.

issues, but don’t worry too

Lucky day: Monday

much. It’s all going to be alright.

(20th of

Health: It’s getting colder. Be

January –

sure you wear warm clothes

18th of February)

so you’re protected against a

Work: You have to work


together with your colleges and need to be extremely tolerant because there’s going to be a new one. Be prepared. Love: Love is in the air! Enjoy

(21st of March – 19th of April) Work: It’s an important week

cold. Lucky numbers: 6 and 4 Lucky day: Friday

at work. Lots of stressed people walk around you. Try to stay calm in all kind of

it. Health: It’s going alright, but you should stay in shape so don’t be too lazy from time to time. Lucky numbers: 7 and 3 Lucky day: Wednesday


situations. Love: Be allert this week. You’re going to meet someone

Work: You should stay

Health: This week is your top-

focused. You’re distracted of

week! You’ve got lots of

your work and your colleagues

energy and you should spend

don’t appreciate it.

it useful. Do things you always

Love: Dress up on your lucky

wanted to do.

day. If you don’t have a

Lucky numbers: 5 and 9.

boyfriend you should pay

Lucky day: Saturday

attention today for goodlooking guys, there could be someone be there for you! If you already


have one he’s going to spoil

Work: You’ve worked very a break. Spoil yourself a little. Love: It’s going not so well. Be prepared for a setback. Don’t let it get you. Health: You could use a little massage to wipe off the stress. You’ll feel much better after it.

(21st of May – 21st of Juin)


(19th of February – 20th of

hard last month. You deserve


you that day.

Taurus (20th of April – 20th of May)

Health: Good job! You’re taking controle of your body

Work: You need to do your

again. Hang in there, don’t let

very best this week. People

it go back the way it was.

are going to test you on things

Lucky numbers: 5 and 1

they think you can’t handle.

Lucky day: Thursday

Proof the opposite! Love: Be prepared for little

to eat healthy, but don’t forget

someone out there for you, he

to exercise.

or she will come to you.

Lucky numbers: 8 and 4

Health: Confusion and worries

Lucky day: Friday

haunt you... Be strong and search for help from your



(22nd of Juin – 22nd of July)

Lucky numbers: 2 and 7

Work: You’re doing very well.

Lucky day: Thursday

Keep up the good work! Your boss likes your commitment. Love: Also with the bad moments you have to keep fighting for your friends and love. Health: The winter is coming up, be prepared and wear warm clothes so you’re protected against the cold. Also eat many vegetables and much fruit. Lucky numbers: 9 and 2 Lucky day: Tuesday

Virgo (23rd of August- 22nd of September) Work: There will be an unexpected turn at work, that will be in your advantage.

Scorpio (23rd of October – 21st of November)

Love: Surprise your partner

Work: Once in a long time you

with a nice dinner or just make

get the attention you deserve

it cosy at home and watch a

for what you do. This adds

movie in your sofa, it’s a long


time ago you made time for

Love: You did find your love.


Don’t give him or her the

Health: You’re in perfect

chance to leave you!

shape! Go on like this.

Health: It’s hard for you to

Lucky numbers: 5 and 3

continue to exercise a long

Lucky day: Sunday

time, try to do it with a friend who requires you to go with him or her.


Lucky numbers: 1 and 9

(23rd of July – 22nd of August) Work: Don’t give up after a few setbacks. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Lucky day: Wednesday

Libra (23rd of September – 22nd of October)

Love: Keep it up, it’s going

Work: Your health is taking

very well and take it slow.

you down at your work, take

Don’t rush things and always

care of yourself so you can go

be yourself.

on with doing you job!

Health: Pick up your favourite

Love: Don’t look out too much

sport again! It’s very important

for potential lovers. If there’s

Sagitarrius (22nd of November – 21st of December) Work: Don’t work too much!

You’re getting stressed, be

without getting a cold.

sure you relax when you’re at

Lucky numbers: 2 and 4

Work: Don't hurry up all the

home. Don’t take the stress

Lucky day: Saturday

time... You should be relaxing

with you.

at the weekends.

Love: Everything is going well,

Love: Be attended, it's your

but now and then you should

month of luck!

let your partner know, you’re

Health: Don't be scared for

there for him/her. Health: Keep eating healthy, so you come trough the winter

Capricorn (22nd of December – 19th of January)

diseases, you are perfectly healthy. Lucky numbers: 7 and 8 Lucky day: Monday

Horoscope Jill  

(19th of February – 20th of March) Work: You’ve worked very hard last month. You deserve a break. Spoil yourself a little. Love: It’s going...

Horoscope Jill  

(19th of February – 20th of March) Work: You’ve worked very hard last month. You deserve a break. Spoil yourself a little. Love: It’s going...