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Our Children Foundation Empowering Lives through Education

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2011: Building a Solid Foundation for our Children Our Children Foundation has been built upon the belief that all children, whether yours or mine, deserve a healthy life and the opportunity to learn about the world in which they live. This knowledge and understanding is what empowers them to grow and become healthy, responsible, caring adults. The children of Our Children's School have come from an area of Kolkata lacking in community services and resources. These children have been born into a part of the world that does not receive benefit from their government for survival, but who rely solely on the kindness of others. All people who are involved with Our Children Foundation do so because they believe children are the responsibility of their community.

This year we have the opportunity to cement a foundation strong and loving for OCF to grow. We have been blessed to have Miss Elise Collins join our team as the Development Officer and Researcher. Her key role and her passion to help others has already had a remarkable effect in many areas. We look forward to an exciting year of change and regeneration. They may not be your children, but as citizens of this world, they are our children.


Allison Croft - Vice-Chairman



‘Empowerment through Education’ Children are the future of the nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.

Therefore, Our Children Foundation believes that, whether you are addressing poverty, healthcare, environmental issues, population control, unemployment or basic human rights, there is no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines basic rights of children covering multiple needs and issues in India. It was endorsed on December 11, 1992.

Education is both the means and the ends to a better life:  It empowers an individual to earn his or her livelihood  It increases one’s awareness on a range of vital issues  It creates an avenue for self-expression, self-respect and pride  It opens new opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful work and life pursuits



Children Schools

Our Children’s School project supports the education of children in remote villages by building the infrastructure of the schools in order to facilitate quality education and the development of strong teaching programmes. OCF’s first school, Andharmanik School, opened on 2 May 2009. Andharmanik is a two hour drive south of Kolkata in a rural village near Usthi. On 22 March 2010, two more schools opened: Shishumala and Sahara. These schools are located in semirural slums near the Kolkata international airport. The schools teach classes between pre-school to grade eight with grade nine expected to commence in the near future. Today, OCF provides approximately 35 local teachers with jobs and the schools have received almost 1000 children, a number that continues to rise.


In February 2011, final exam results for 2010 were announced. The average student grade for all of OCF’s schools has improved since 2009. These positive results reflect the continued improvements being made within the schools, including the concerted efforts of both teachers and students.

Outreach Programmes OCF aims to create opportunities for rural children through quality education and vocational engagements, in order to empower them and their families once education is completed. Therefore, the project focuses beyond basic education, in order to maximise a child’s participation in a range of areas, and allow them to explore their own interests and curiosities. At present, OCF is finding quality teacher training opportunities in order to raise the standard of education provided to children. Midday meals, culture exchange, computer training and vocational training programmes are just a few other of the outreach programmes that are either already being implemented, or will be in the near future, as funds become available.


Art Exchange Project Our Children Foundation has recently begun an exciting new art exchange project between primary schools in India and Australia.


The Australian host Teacher assists his/her children to create an Art project of their choice. Their package may include a photo and letter from each child. The package is sent to one of the 3 OCF Schools to a class of similar age. Our Indian students will then create an Art project to send back to Australia along with a photo and a letter. This exchange may then last for as long as the students stay interested and could also be included in their cultural education classes. The project has been designed to allow for the children to take initiative in their relationship with their OCF School. They may wish to expand their exchange to include Care Packages or plan fundraising events.


Contact (India): +91 9836521479 Anuradha Dasgupta - CEO Contact (Australia): +61 407 088 636 Allison Croft – Vice-Chairman

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Press Kit 2011- Our Children Foundation  
Press Kit 2011- Our Children Foundation  

Press Kit containing a summary of OCF's Principles, Vision and Projects in West Bengal, India