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On Sunday the sun came up and the hungry caterpillar started to look for some food.

On Monday he ate one apple

On Tuesday he ate two pears

On Wednesday he ate three plums

On Thursday he ate four strawberries

On Friday he ate five oranges

On Saturday he ate....

One piece of cake

One ice cream

One piece of cheese

One sausage

One sandwich

One banana

One cake

That night the caterpillar had a stomach ache

On Sunday morning the caterpillar ate one green leaf and his stomach felt better

The caterpillar wasn't hungry anymore. He was a big fat caterpillar.

Then, the caterpillar built a house around himself, called a cocoon. He stayed inside for more than two weeks. And when he came out....

He was a butterfly!!!

the very hungry caterpillar  

this story is about a caterpillar. he ate and ate, he made a cocoon and finally....

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