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How did your story begin? Perhaps it started with a serendipitous encounter or a friend’s gentle persuasion. You talked all night, laughed for hours‌. fell in love. Whenever or wherever your story began, it has led you here to the center of a whirlwind of excitement and a time of sheer celebration. Your ring with no beginning and no end returns to itself like nature, reflecting your commitment to each other and proclaiming your exceptional style. Parade celebrates with you and is honored to be a coveted part, an emblem, of the incredible day when a lifetime of two commenced.


R2771 | R2954 | R2951

award-winning LYRIA


bridal collection

At first blush, the rings in the Lyria collection are like delicate blossoms – breathtaking in their elegance and simplicity. Look closer and they shine with a beauty that is intricate, charming and extremely sophisticated. Lyria strikes a balance between strength and beauty, which is symbolic of a union that will last a lifetime. ®


Voted Editors’ Choice by editors of leading consumer and jewelry trade publications. Recognized for excellence in innovation and craftsmanship.


R3121 | R3118B 5


es en ted by


es en ted by



R2122 6

R3197 7


R3188 | R3170 8


R1866 This design is protected under United States Copyright Law, registration number VA 1-405-241.


R3079 10

R2952 | R2951 11

R2771/C1 | R2771B/E1 | R2771B/C3 12

P2771/C1 | P2771 | HE2771 13

BD1976D | R2474B | BD1976 14



BD1976 15

Featuring the award-winning Collection AS SEEN IN

Design Inspiration Mingling artistry and purposeful design like the intertwining vines of the award-winning Lyria® engagement ring, the artisans at Parade seek a balance of timeless tradition with touches of unexpected and surprising detail. An incandescent blossom or a gold-spun leaf transforms the basic ring into an extraordinary work of wearable art. With a foundation in procuring premium gems for an array of successful designers, Allen and William Pung built a company organically, understanding the importance of both exceptional quality and simply designing what they love. With their awardwinning design team, Allen and William have created four brilliant bridal collections: Lyria,® Hemera, Hera, and Speira. Believing that each ring should be made with the same thoughtfulness, precision, energy and devotion that you apply to the most important aspects of your life, they craft every piece with purely essential elements resulting in one seemingly effortless, but intelligent, design. Parade’s admiration for one of nature’s simple beauties, the leaf, epitomizes Parade’s creative philosophy. Simple. Natural. Beautiful.


Recalling Romance of Eras Past

R2910 | R2849 | R2928

HERA collection Vintage has never looked so new. Combining geometric shapes of art deco with ornate filigree and graceful milgrain detail, the Hera collection exemplifies true romance. 20

R2902 | R2901 | R3072 21

R2784 | R2910-BD | R2910 22

R2848 23

R2849 | R3055 24

R3196 | R3195 25

R3192 | R3193 | R3194 26


R0925 | R3157 27


R3071 | R3124 28


R3049-BD | R3049 | R3054 29


R2909 | R2909-BD | R2928 31

R3050 | R3051 32

BD3089A 33

BD1979 | BD0839 34


LYRIA Signature Crown


Delicate yet strong, like the matrimonial bond they represent, the leaves of the new Lyria速 signature crown create the perfect setting to showcase the eternal beauty of a diamond. Indicates that the design was created with the Lyria速 Signature Crown. Any Parade ring can be customized with the Lyria速 Signature Crown upon request.

R3047 | R3046 36



Classic Redefined

R3059 | R3059-BD | R3149

HEMERA collection Hemera’s classic and highly sculptural pieces are stylish and sophisticated. Incorporating curvaceous arcs with textured or polished precious metals, the Hemera collection offers an enduring style of classic design with a modern touch.



R3155 39

BD3154 | BD3153 40


R2980 | R2980-BD | 41



R3114 | R3115 | R3142 42

R3003 | R3004 | R3008 43



R3205 | R3202 45

R3005 | R3007 46

R3152-SET 47

R2712-SET | R3150-SET 48

R3096 | R3112 49


R3014 50


R2884 | R2826



R3125 | R2748


award-winning Reverie Colorful visions of natural diamonds


R3101/R1 | R3100/R1

Introducing the Reverie

bridal series

Parade’s award-winning Reverie collection, a playful mixture of natural fancy color diamonds in artful designs, perfectly reflects a woman’s independent spirit and desire to be unique.



BD2816 | BD2272 55

2013 W I N N E R

BD3068 56

Authenticity Guarantee We are deeply committed to the highest standards of quality and customer care. Every piece is meticulously inspected at each stage of production and receives a final seal of approval with a laser inscribed Parade hallmark. To ensure the integrity of your Parade jewelry and to receive Parade’s promise of service, please authenticate your purchase within 90 days.

The Parade


The passion and care used to create each design has been nurtured through three generations of jewelers and artisans. Raised in the jewelry business, Allen and William have a deep understanding of the commitment it takes to sustain a lasting relationship with each customer. Overseeing the entire production process, they seek perfection in design and manufacturing, using only the finest diamonds, gemstones, 18 karat gold and platinum. A touch of natural artistry enhances the allure of each ring as exquisite details are skillfully applied and every diamond is precisely set with special attention to showcasing the center stone. Finally, after much meticulous work and dedication, Parade promises you the highest standards of quality and customer care that will endure through the engagement, the ceremony and throughout your commitment to each other.

Los Angeles, c. 1978

“Far beyond our love of great design, is the truly immeasurable feeling of working together with the Parade family to create an emblem of your happiness. At the end of a long and hectic day it is this achievement that truly matters.�

Allen & William Pung Co-founders & Designers

Elisa Ilana - Parade Jewelry  
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