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The Accessibility of Technology & Its Health Effects

There’s no denying that we’ve enjoyed many benefits of technology, like ease and convenience for instance. However, there are negative aspects of technology as well, and some can even impact our health. The effects of technology on our mental, physical and social life can be devastating if not kept in balance. This article will hopefully shed some light on the negative impacts that technology could have on your health. Just being aware of these dangers may help you avoid the risks.

Technology Leads to Obesity The use of devices like laptops, video game consoles, and TV, among others, keeps you away from physical activities like outdoor sports. More time is spent sitting and looking at electronic screens and this laziness can lead to obesity. In addition to this, when watching TV, many people unknowingly eat things that are unhealthy which directly leads to obesity. Having the world in the palm of your hand isn't as exciting as it seems if it restricts you from physical activity. Prolonged inactivity without exercise can cause layers of lipid to build up in your body and cause obesity, thus, leaving you at risk for many diseases. The current trend is to 'binge-watch' television shows and movies, often times while sitting for hours on end and munching on junk food.

Technical Gadgets May Cause Depression When you become addicted to your mobile devices you often abandon physical contact with other people which leads to isolation and eventually, depression. The lack of physical contact with people is one of the major characteristics of social isolation and major causes of depression. Moreover, the lack of physical exercise can be another reason for depression. Depression leads to anti-depressant medication and the consumption of anti-depressants has drastically increased over the last decade. And this makes a lot of sense when you look at the time that people spend on their devices like computers, tablets and smartphones. However, it is possible to cure depression and many people fight this problem by living a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

Bad Sleeping Habits It is true that our devices keep us from a good night’s sleep, especially when our devices are connected to the high speed Frontier internet. Many negative health impacts of technology have a direct connection with sleeping habits. When you’re constantly working on the computer, your stress level rises which also prevents you from sleeping peacefully. Moreover, excessive use of cell phones can also lead to chronic stress. In preteens and teenagers, chronic stress comes from text messages and the attention they seek from their social media accounts. These factors can lead to dangerous anxiety attacks and disrupt sleeping patterns.

Headaches and Neck Pains When you are constantly using devices, generally the head is facing down which can cause serious headaches and neck pains because of the unconventional position we’re putting our body in for hours. This can also lead to spinal cord problems which in turn can lead to back issues. And the constant staring at the screen can shorten your attention span and can be very harmful to your health, especially the eyes.

Weak Eyesight and Hearing Issues Constantly looking at electronic screens can cause eye irritation which may result in eyesight problems. Your eyes are sensitive and they have to be clean and moist at all times. When your concentration level is high, your eyes do not blink at a regular rate and this can cause your eyesight to become weak. When you stare at your computer or mobile screen for hours, it can have a negative impact on your eyesight. Using your phone in darkness or excessive sunlight can strain your eyes. Poor vision can lead to headaches. And for those that listen to music for long periods on their devices, this can lead to bacteria in your ears which can cause damage and lead to multiple hearing issues.

The Addiction to Technology Technology is easily accessible but highly addictive. You often see people checking their social media accounts and this is very addictive. People are always following the news feed on their pages and seek something new every minute. People are so addicted that they wake up in the middle of the night to check for any messages, missed calls and social media updates to see what they might have missed.

Tendonitis - The Thumb Ache If you keep running for hours without rest, you're going to hurt your legs. Similarly, if you keep using your thumb to press buttons for texting, calling, swiping, playing games, etc., then your thumb can get sore. Resting it may help but eventually the pain will return if you don't stop using it.

Computer Wrist Unlike tendonitis, having a computer wrist can leave long-term, irreversible damage to your wrist. Firstly, this occurs when you type for prolonged periods of time. Your wrist may just hurt at first, but eventually, you can lose your ability to grasp things properly. Secondly, this may remain for your entire life so it's better to let your wrists rest when they ache and not test their threshold.

The Ringing Sensation

Excessive use of technology can cause the mind to hallucinate and the ears to hear noises which aren't really there. Using your phone all the time can cause your mind to play tricks on you. You might be sure that your phone is ringing or your laptop is giving sound notifications and then be surprised to find out that none of it is true.

Mental Disorders Anxiety, Neurosis, Depression, and Self Esteem Issues are all states of the mind and body that can occur if you're a technology addict. Yearning to live in the virtual world has become fairly common these days and can alter personalities and even cause permanent behavioral problems.

Spondylitis To use various gadgets, people today are bending their heads and walking, talking and multitasking more than ever. A constant state of bent posture has caused many to have spondylitis - a crooked back, a hunch back or backaches. Usually, people don't realize this until it's too late to fix their posture.

Reducing Sperm Production Harmful radiation from electronic devices can actually harm the sperm count in men which could result in pregnancy difficulties. Research has shown that a similar effect occurs in the ovaries of females due to the radiation, causing fertility issues, hormonal problems and irregular periods.

Cancer The worst of them all, an incurable disease that can occur due to the harmful radiation emanating from your devices. Even though the use of technology is only partially linked to cancer, it is true that the radiation can cause tumors in the body. Research suggests that talking on your cell phone for long periods increases the probability of having brain tumor by a whopping 80%.

Piece of Advice Technology may make life easier but it has multiple disadvantages. It is important that we take these issues into consideration before technological harm outweighs the advantages.

Accessibility of technology and the health effects  

There’s no denying that we’ve enjoyed many benefits of technology, like ease and convenience for instance. However, there are negative aspec...

Accessibility of technology and the health effects  

There’s no denying that we’ve enjoyed many benefits of technology, like ease and convenience for instance. However, there are negative aspec...