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The assignment was to create, write and design a magazine about the maker culture. This topic gives many different options and ways for interpretation, but to have a clear focus point I decided to dedicate this issue on the Estonian maker culture. It gives a unique angle to the magazine and at the same time it was really interesting for me to make, especially to write the articles, as I’m Estonian myself. I had a blast finding information about this kind of movement in my home country and it was really eye-opening.


TARGET GROUP Since the magazine focuses on Estonian maker culture the target group is people who are interested in different countries and cultures and/or the maker topic. The age and gender can vary, but the aim is to target two kinds of groups: People who have an interest in creating/making things with their own hands, but don’t practice that so often. People in this group can be a little pushed back by too technical or artsy things as they seem complicated to them and require too much effort, but they are still open to experimenting. People who already are makers and artists and want to be aware of different possibilities for them to express their creativeness and get inspiration.

TONE OF VOICE The articles are written in a friendly and inviting/inspiring way as the goal is to engage people with the maker movement. The overall tone of voice is informative yet joyful and welcoming in order to introduce the maker culture to the readers in the best possible way, keeping in mind that the topic is quite new to Estonians.


Knockout Featherweight


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Avenir Heavy

My own handmade font


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STYLE // MOODBOARD In order to attract both target groups, the design of the magazine should have a balance between being too overwhelmingly creative and too plain. Therefore I wanted the magazine to have a clean and minimalistic look, but with some creative twists in it. The style mainly falls into the flat deisgn category, but I played around a little with textures, shadows and color splatters to give a more interesting feel to the magazine.






For the colors I picked a pastel color scheme consisting of 5 different main tones (plus white). It creates a soft and light overall impression that fits the minimalistic and clean style.

BRAND PERSONALITY According to the topic and theme of the magazine the chosen brand archetype is a creator. As the magazine introduces an innovative and creative movement it would be most suitable for that kind of type. Creator individuals are most fulfilled by seeing new ideas take shape. Naturally expressive, original, and imaginative, they enjoy demonstrating their invetiveness and often are able to motivate creative thinking in others. They’re usually excited and challenged by opportunities to express themselves or advance new ideas. Creator organizations often are most successful at developing distinctive, original products and services and/or innovating new solutions or expressive means.


NAME // LOGO Name The magazine is called “Fallo”, it doesn’t mean anything special, but the name was chosen as it’s short, easily pronauncible and therefore hopefully memorable as well. Logo I created the logo using my own handmade font. The typeface is quite strong and detailed already and therefore I didn’t add any other elements to it as I wanted to avoid it to look too crowded. Also, the slight handmade feel in the typeface fits the theme of the magazine, maker culture, beautifully.

Idea behind the cover The idea behind the cover was to give the reader some insights of what’s in the magazine, but not in the most obvious way. All the images placed around the woman in a collage kind of a style are taken from the articles and illustrations inside the magazine. They are turned black and white, so that they wouldn’t take too much attention. The foreground picture of the woman looking upwards was chosen intentionally as it hopefully leads the viewers eye to the name and logo of the magazine.



GUERILLA MARKETING For the Guerilla marketing element I transformed the magazine into a roof, which will be placed at public transportation stops that doesn’t have a roof. The purpose of the roof is to give people a place to hide when it’s raining and/ or to give them something to do while waiting for the bus. When standing under the roof you can actually read the article and each roof will have a different page opened. The roofs are placed in different heights, so that people could find the most suitable one for them. The letters (F A L L O) can be easily painted on the wall along with the illustration of the man.The purpose of the man is to show that you can stand underneath it. The roofs can be made out of a weatherproof material (e.g. plastic cardboard).


Design guide for FALLO magazine  
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