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How to Combat the Effects of Aging Aging is a fact of life. From the moment we are born our clocks are ticking. This becomes especially apparent when the adverse effects of aging become visible on our face and body. These signs include: wrinkling skin, sunspots, age spots, and duller skin. However, there is no need to fret. In the not-so-distant past, those individuals who were unhappy with their aging and sagging skin did not have very many options available to them. Conversely, given the technological advances in cosmetic procedures in the past few decades, no one need know that you are five years older than the last time they met you. Arhytidectomy, or more popularly known as a facelift, is a cosmetic procedure in which the cosmetic surgeon removes excess facial skin and drapes the remaining skin on the face and neck to achieve the desired result. This procedure can often be combined with a blepharoplasty, often referred to as eyelid surgery, to get the full youthful affect. The facelift will most likely be performed under general anesthesia in either a hospital or the cosmetic surgeon’s own office or clinic.

For more details contact : There are two main types of facelift surgery: a full facelift and a mini facelift. A full facelift consists of a more invasive procedure that targets more areas of the face. A mini facelift in Beverley Hills targets a smaller area of the face. All face lift procedures are performed while the patient is asleep under general anesthesia. Recovery time for facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills varies depending on the individual and their operation. Often patients can return to their daily lives in about two weeks while the full results can be seen around six months. During this time, there will be some bruising and swelling (especially after the first day after surgery) and will disappear over time. The incision site scarring should fade gradually and become a lmost unnoticeable. If you or a loved one is thinking of getting a rhytidectomy, it is recommended that proper research is done when looking for the right cosmetic surgeon. Make sure that he or she is board certified and has an extensive amount of experience in the field of facial plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has many benefits. After undergoing plastic surgery, many people report a boost in

confidence and self-esteem. Many become more comfortable with themselves and this can lead to a more positive and satisfying life.

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