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A to Z Pi​z​z​a  P​L​a​c​es  By: Eli Reeder 

A is for ​Antico Pizza

Antico Pizza is a pizzeria in atlanta Georgia .       

B is for Bill's Pizza

Bill’s pizza is popular for its cheese pizza.         

C is for Coal Fired Pizza

Coal Fired Pizza makes  their pizzas with burning  coal.       

D is for Dino's pizza

It is in pennsylvania.       

E is for ​ Enfield House of Pizza  ​

This pizzeria is in New  Hampshire. 

F is for Frank's Pizza & Restaurant 

They have good pizza and  very kind staff.     

G is for Graziella's Italian Restorante 

They have big windows and is right down the  road.     

H is for Hungry Howies pizza  

They have flavored pizza  crust.     

I is for Italian Village Pizza 


This restaurant is found  in florida. 

J is for Joe Cristiano's Pizza    They have really good  pizza.     

K is for Kane's Korner Pizzeria 

Nice small pizza shop  with booths.       

L is for Luigi's Pizza

Luigi is their logo. 

M is for Mancino's Italian Delight 

This place has great  homemade food.   

N is for Napolis pizza

This place has been selling pizza for 52  years. 

O is for o’scugnizzo

This pizza place has been  open for 100 years.             

P is for Pizza Marsala

They are famous for their homemade tomato sauce.       

Q is for Queen's Pizza & Restaurant 

This pace is fit for royalty.     

R is for Romeo’s Pizza

They are open everyday  except for monday and  sunday.   

S is for Susie's Pizza

Small pizza shop that has  good pizza.   

T is for TJ’s pizza

TJ’s has a delivery  service.       

U is for Uptown Pizza

Uptown Pizza is in  wisconsin.     

V is for V pizza

V pizza is located in  florida.     

W is for World’s pizza

World’s pizza is in the southern part of vergina.         

X is for Pizza X

X pizza is in Indiana.         

Y is for your pizza

You can make your own  pizza here. 

Z is for Z pizza

This place is located in Maryland.    This book is made to  teach your child about  the alphabet. Your child  will enjoy this book  because of its pictures  and colorful letters.  After reading this book  your child will know  about pizza places in the  United States. 

A to z  
A to z  

This book is made to teach your child about the alphabet. Your child will enjoy this book because of its pictures and colorful letters. Afte...