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N째. 2 - 2010/2011

Report Animals, the real stars!

Pull-out booklet Perfect Idleness

Kid Culture Shakespeare









Don’t forget that you have the hearing* for your driving licence next week Jeremy.

You’ll appear before the judge, you’ll tell him what happened and you’ll wait for his decision.

What do you think will happen?

hearing: appear in court in front of a judge

Will you come and help me?


I can’t believe that they can take away my licence.

You can be suspended for up to three months.

Yes, you’re okay.

Am I dressed okay for the hearing?

Case number 45970, Jeremy Duncan.

Here I am. Yes.

Three months?

Three months?

But am I really okay or just okay?

Your highness, I kneel down... front of you...

Maybe you haven’t understood very well...

Jeremy, three months, not three years.

Three months is equal to thirty six months for teenagers of my age.

What does ‘really okay’ mean?

Not guilty.

Whatever your friends have told you, here you don’t kneel down.

Pierce, just wait till I see you!!!



2 Cartoon strip Zits

Dear friends, we’ve decided to include in this issue a pull-out booklet containing a list of quotes by famous people about idleness and doing nothing. In addition, we‘ve got an article about one of the groups of the moment - La Roux, a travelog about the fascinating state of Singapore and an article about one of the greatest English writers - Shakespeare. Happy reading

Tea m Up editorial tea m

Travelog Singapore

6 Report Animals, the real stars!

7 Pull-out booklet Perfect Idleness

12 Kid Culture Shakespeare


14 Fun and Games

16 Famous Faces La Roux

Are you tired of the usual holiday? From 2012, the Spanish architect Xavier Claramunt, claims that it will be possible to travel into space and stay at the Hotel Galactic Suite, the first hotel at a distance of 450 kilometres from the Earth! However, there are some drawbacks* - a stay of three days will cost 3 million euros and it’s necessary to book in advance. Incredible but true, the first 38 travellers have already booked! Before departing, the travellers have to stay for 3 months on a Caribbean island in order to prepare for the trip. During their stay, they’ll also learn how to play in the water in the absence* of gravity.

glossary Do you know…………? How long will it take for the space hotel to orbit the planet? a.

two days


two minutes


80 minutes

Grammy in this issue you’ll come across: - past tenses, - present perfect, - phrasal verbs, - passives, - gerunds, - prepositions, - relative pronouns.

Common European framework Intermediate Level (B1 – B2)

Page 3: How long: c; Page 4-5: true; Page 6-11: The film Hachiko: true; Page 12-13: Shakespeare quotes: 1 e, 2 d, 3 b, 4 a, 5 c; Page 14: Match: 1 c, 2 h, 3 g, 4 a, 5 e, 6 f, 7 d, 8 b; True or False: 1 F, 2 T, 3 F, 4 T, 5 T, 6 T, 7 F, 8 T, 9 F ; Page 16: La Roux‘s name: c.

absence: when something does not exist drawbacks: disadvantages




‘Onward Singapore’ Singapore is a small state, in fact it’s the smallest nation in South-east Asia, but nevertheless* it has an important past as one of the principal commercial and military centres of the British empire. Consequently*, English remains one of its official languages. Do you want to find out more? Well, read on to discover some other interesting facts about this fascinating nation.

Its location Do you know where Singapore is? Can you pinpoint* it on a map? Well, it’s probably quite easy to miss, as it’s a small state situated to the south of Malaysia. The interesting thing is that it is made up of* sixty-three islands, so you have a big choice of destinations to visit. In fact, tourism is one of Singapore’s biggest industries and tourists from all over the world visit it each year.

A melting pot* As we’ve already mentioned, Singapore was once an important part of the British empire, therefore there are many British influences such as its architecture, its culture, the language. In addition, during World War Two, Singapore was occupied by the Japanese. Since its independence in 1965, there has been a lot of immigration towards the state and its population is a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Arabic and other people. Its official languages are English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese. This melting pot of nationalities and people, also has an influence on its cuisine*. Rice, seafood and chicken are common ingredients of Singaporean food. This typical cuisine is celebrated every year in the Singapore food festival, which is held annually in July.

Its successes Despite its small size, Singapore has a thriving* economy and it is considered one of the most business-friendly economies in the world. Many multi-national companies are based there with many foreign workers moving there to work. It has a good education system and there is a high rate of literacy* in the state. Singaporeans also benefit from a high standard of living and there is a lot of wealth* in the country. Apart from tourism, other important industries in Singapore are - shipping, banking, electrical and electronics, chemicals and oil refining.

What to see there The capital city bears* the same name as the state and the biggest island - Singapore. There are many things there to keep visitors busy such as the ethnic areas of Chinatown and Little India, Jurong Bird park, Singapore zoo, the Singapore zoological gardens, the Singapore science centre, Underwater world and volcano land. As well as these man-made features*, there are also lots of places of natural beauty to visit. So what are you waiting for?

Singapore trivia - Chewing gum is banned from the state, as an attempt to keep the streets clean - The coldest temperature recorded there was 19.4 degrees Celsius - It’s possible to buy live snake meat in the shops - This year, the youth Olympic games are held in Singapore - The head of a lion is the national symbol, representing courage, strength and excellence - Apart from Monaco, Singapore is the most densely populated country in the world - The most common surnames in Singapore are Tan, Lim and Lee

conjunctions , phrasal verbs, passives , relative pronouns.

True or False? People caught selling chewing gum in Singapore can go to prison for up to two years. true false Answer on page 3


bears: has a particular name consequently: so, as a result cuisine: type of cooking features: something typical of a place literacy: ability to read and write made up of: composed of melting pot: a mix of races, people nevertheless: in spite of, despite pinpoint: indicate on a map thriving: successful, strong wealth: richness



Animals, the real stars! There’s nothing some people wouldn’t do for their animals, such as giving up* their cars, like in Norco, near Los Angeles, or building special airplanes or even opening restaurants with special menus.

s, gerund erbs, v l a s phra s. passive

Norco, the city of horses It isn’t a film, it’s reality. In Norco, a city of 27,000 inhabitants* near Los Angeles, people don’t travel around by car but by horse. It seems that in this town, it’s normal to see the inhabitants on horseback rather than bicycles. Each family has two horses so there are about 20,000 animals in the town. The little children start with a pony and there are many paths around the town for the horses. Outside the shops and restaurants there’s a fence* with hay* and water where you can leave the horse, like in the Far West.

Cesare Pavese

and the Idleness renders the hours slow hours fast years fast. Industry renders the and the years slow.

ys in a hurry, In today’s society where everyone is alwa taking our we present you with some phrases about time and doing nothing.

s s e n e l d i t c e Perf

t is the most It isn’t having nothing to do tha ething to do delightful thing. It’s having som and not doing it. Marcel Achard

The insupportable labour of doin g nothing. Sir Richard Steele

lent but The indo condition agreeable nothing. of doing younger Pliny the

Nicolas Boileau

The dreadful burden of having nothing to do.

roughly It’s impossible to enjoy idling tho to do. unless one has plenty of work Jerome K. Jerome

Franz Kafka

Idleness is the beginning of all vice, the crown of all virtues.

Pet Airways Today, with Pet Airways, a new American airline company, our dogs can travel in comfort, without their owner. The animal is left in a special waiting room at the airport and is then collected at its destination. During the flight the dogs are kept in comfortable cages*, which they can come out of every now and again and stretch their legs. It was Dan and Alysa Wiesel, an American couple, who came up with* the idea for the company. For years they haven’t been able to travel by plane as they didn’t want to leave their dog at home.

The Bow wow: a restaurant for dogs The Bow Wow is located in Mexico City and is a restaurant where dogs eat! In this restaurant the customers are dogs and the owners can only have an aperitif. Not to be missed are the birthday parties, with candles and personalised cakes!

Do you know………? The film Hachiko tells the story of a dog who waited for his owner for 10 years. True or False? true The answer is on page 3



cages: a metal structure in which animals are kept came up with: found, produced fence: a wooden structure that divides an area giving up: stop doing or having something hay: dried grass that is used as food for animals inhabitants: people that live in a particular place


past tenses, passives, prepositions, relative pronouns.

His early life


He’s considered to be the greatest writer in the English language and is often called England’s national poet or ‘the baird of Avon’. His works have been translated into every major language and are read and studied throughout the world. So what makes this writer and his work so special? Read on to find out more...

William Shakespeare was born on April 23rd 1564 to John Shakespeare, a glove maker, and Mary Arden, the daughter of a rich landowner*. He was born in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in the county of Warwickshire, in central England. His alleged* house still stands there today and is visited by millions of visitors every year. It is thought that he lived in this house until the age of 18 when he married Anne Hathaway, who was 26 at the time. Soon after they had their first child, who was followed by twins a few years later.

The start of his literary career Around the age of 20, William started an acting career in London and formed a theatre group called ‘Lord Chamberlain’s Men’ which later changed its name to the ‘King’s Men’. Around this time, he also began writing comedies and historical works and his first most important plays were Richard III and the three parts of Henry VI, which he wrote in the early 1590s. He then became interested in writing tragedies and some of his most well-known are Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Hamlet, Anthony and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. By the end of his life, he had written 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems and several other poems. He died on April 23rd 1616.

His performances In 1599, the Globe theatre was opened and it was here that Shakespeare first performed many of his important plays. In fact, works such as Hamlet, Othello and King Lear were written specifically for the Globe. Tragically the theatre burned to the ground* just fourteen years later and this period came to an abrupt* end. However, in 1997 a reconstruction of the Globe theatre was completed on the banks of the river Thames in London. Here Shakespeare’s works can be seen and studied.

His fame During his life his talent as a writer was recognised but it wasn’t until after his death that his genius was acknowledged*. In the 19th century, the Victorians worshipped him and many writers such as Thomas Hardy, William Faulkner and Charles Dickens were influenced by his writing. Even today, his works are constantly studied, performed and reinterpreted. A good example of this can be seen in the film industry where hundreds of adaptations have been made of his plays. In particular, Hamlet has had 61 film and 21 TV adaptations made of it – the earliest in 1907 and the latest in 2000. There have also been many films which are based partly on one of Shakespeare’s works, such as Shakespeare in Love (based on Twelfth night and Romeo and Juliet) and 10 things about you (based on Taming of the Shrew).

Can you match the well-known Shakespeare quotes with the name of the play? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

To be or not to be All the world’s a stage If music be the food of love, play on Parting is such sweet sorrow A horse! A horse! A Kingdom for my horse!

Over to you

a. Romeo and Juliet b. Twelfth night c. Richard the III d. As you like it e. Hamlet

Answer on page 3

What’s your favourite Shakespeare play? .................................................................................... Can you retell the story of your favourite play?


.................................................................................... .................................................................................... .................................................................................... .................................................................................... Which Shakespeare character do you admire the most? ....................................................................................

abrupt: sudden acknowledged: recognized alleged: is thought to be true baird: poet burned to the ground: completely destroyed by fire landowner: someone who owns land or property



Match the name of the famous dog to the cartoon. 1.


a. 101 Dalmations



b. Scooby Doo



c. Peter Pan


Peggy and Pongo

d. Lady and the tramp



e. Tintin



f. Mickey Mouse



g. Toy Story



h. The Wizard of OZ

Are these sentences about the most famous love story in the world true or false? T 1. Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, takes place in Florence, Italy. 2. The main characters in the play are two families, the Montagues and the Capulets. 3. The two families get on with each other really well. 4. Romeo falls in love with Juliet when he sees her at a dance. 5. Soon after they marry in secret. 6. Juliet’s father promises her to another man and arranges the wedding. 7. Juliet drinks a special potion the night before the wedding and dies. 8. On seeing Juliet’s body, Romeo kills himself. 9. The families fall out and don’t speak to each other anymore.

The answers are on page 3


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intermediate advanced












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Lingua latina

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lower-intermediate intermediat

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Italiano di


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Deutsch e




elementary lower-in term

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e int adv erme anc diat ed e

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er low

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e diat rme inte nced a v d a

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x u o R a L

er, d keyboard play an er ng si e th , composed of ngmaid, The duo La Roux producer Ben La d an r se po m co u curious the r pieces. Are yo ei Elly Jackson and th h it w ld or all the w tists? are conquering iginal pair of ar or is th t ou ab e to find out mor

La Roux’s music

Your music is orientated towards synthpop. You in particular play the guitar and the keyboard. How do you find moving from one instrument to another? “I’ve always played the piano, at least since I started playing the guitar. Ben and I wrote all our songs on the guitar, then I started listening to electronic music and something different emerged*, other influences. So we started playing some new songs and consequently a new sound and a new direction”.

Elly, you’ve sold loads of records, especially in the UK, and now everyone is talking about you. Are you worried about this sudden rise to fame? Or do you think that in reality nothing much has changed? “My life has changed so much that I haven’t even had time to enjoy it to the full*. I’m never at home and I hardly ever see my friends and family. But it could be temporary. I really can’t wait to have a bit of free-time and return to normal life, at least for a little while”. (taken from

Do you know...........? The name of La Roux comes from: a.

the name of the pub where the pair played for the first time


the name of a cartoon character


the colour of Elly’s hair

Answer on page 3


charts: musical hit parade drawing: (here) taking emerged: came out to the full: completely

ple, past sim erfect p t n e s e pr

Complemento operativo allegato al volume Team Up in English 3. Non vendibile separatamente. Copyright Eli 2011

La Roux’s musical style resembles the pop music and electronic music of the 80s, drawing* their inspiration from groups such as Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Yazoo. Their first single, Quicksand, was produced in November 2008 and immediately obtained great interest. Their second single, In For The Kill, got to number 2 in the British charts*. The third single is called Bulletproof and the album has the same name. La Roux wrote all the eleven songs present in their first album.