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Incorporated in 1987 by business manager and designer Paul Ameloot, today Delta Light® has developed to become a market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting. Presenting innovative lighting designs, the company is recognised throughout the world for its subtle blend of ambiance, elegance, functionality, outstanding quality and design, both in interior and exterior lighting. Headquarters As well as office space and a production department, the architectural headquarters in Belgium includes a spacious showroom, warehouses, laboratories for in-house testing and certification, and a training centre, The House of Light®. Global Today, Delta Light® services its global clientele through a carefully chosen network of partners in over 120 countries. The success of Delta Light® relies on a continuous search for perfection and innovation, in product design as well as in manufacturing techniques, quality control and customer support. A key element in Delta Light’s service approach is its extensive training program, with lighting experts demonstrating the latest installations methods, industry trends and product developments. Services Each project requires a customized approach, as such Delta Light® distinguishes itself with an exceptional package of services and design tools. Via a team of in-house lighting experts spread throughout its network, each Delta Light® office is able to provide its clients with detailed lighting studies and expert product knowledge, helping architects and professional users worldwide to make light shine to the best possible effect.

The future Delta Light’s aim for the future is on further refining its product portfolio and building brand value on a global scale, with imagination, originality and creativity as top priorities, aiming to offer people the products they will need tomorrow. Quality, innovation, sustainability and service have been the key values of the company for the past two decades, and will always remain the foundations for every next step. New materials, new technologies, revolutionary designs... never leave Delta Light® out of your sight.

Eco Delta Light® realizes that its business activities are associated with responsibility for ecological awareness, health and sustainability, and handles these issues as a priority. Delta Light® operates according to the principle that the company - as lighting manufacturers - have an obligation to show its best endeavours to preserve the environment, within the context of its business, through the company’s environmental management and by working in harmony with suppliers, clients, partners and employees.

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In-house design An essential tribute in Delta Light’s creative process is the extensive in-house design, development, testing, engineering and manufacturing of all products. This enables the company to realize its short idea-to-market philosophy, resulting in extensive new collections on a very regular basis. Delta Light’s extensive R&D team is constantly on the look-out for the trends of the future, both in terms of design and use of materials, without losing sight for the power of imagination. Its creative statement is confirmed by the opinion of several expert panels, resulting in a number of prestigious awards such as IF Design Award, Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and many others. An important feature in Delta Light’s creative process is the use of state of the art development techniques. The intensive use of 3D printing, early stage FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect analysis) and in-house testing result in a fast, cost effective and first time right development process.

Quality & testing Throughout the entire production process Delta Light distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. As such, each product that leaves Delta Light, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency. Product quality and safety testing according to the international IEC standards is done in our company owned accredited Delta Light Laboratory. The close cooperation with our certifying partner SGS-CEBEC leads to CE, ENEC and CB certifications for Europe and IEC member countries ( The laboratory also covers the testing of products for the North American market by being certified as a level 4 laboratory for INTERTEK. This allows us to easily obtain the cETLus listing for our products.

LED: Focus on energy & efficiency The continued advancement in LED technology provides new opportunities for energy-efficient lighting. Delta LightÂŽ plays a leading role in implementing this new technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED lamps, developing innovative LED products and tailor-made solutions. The true measure of cost goes beyond just the initial cost of purchase, but also includes intelligent lighting control, lifetime, maintainability and operational costs. Combining extensive product knowledge with a vast range of energy efficient product solutions and industry specific experience, Delta LightÂŽ is able to guide you through a green, costeffective and sustainable selection process - without compromising the quality of light.

REO Delta Light’s Reo LED technology guarantees a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency. Using carefully selected high performance leds ranging from 500 to 2000 lm, the Reo LED technology is implemented in various products throughout the collection, in both new design and longstanding classics.

Optical performance Delta Light’s team of LED engineers are on a continuous quest to match the company’s credo for design with energyefficiency and optimal quality of light. Through extensive in-house testing, advanced product development knowledge and continuous optimization of materials used, Delta Light® is able to provide architectural lighting which excels in optical performance, durability and efficiency. The collection enables designers to create different lighting scenes, from accentuation to ambient, wallwashing, endless light lines or open area lighting, selecting from an extensive range of beams, filters, lenses and other accessories.

Return on investment Due to the massive energy reduction, minimal heat output, low maintenance and long lifespan, LEDs have proven to provide the best return on investment. Delta Light’s LED lamps and luminaires were developed to set standards in watts consumed per square meter, while the company’s extensive manufacturing abilities allow to focus on a high price/ quality ratio. A combination that facilitates quick ROI. Delta Light’s team of experts is available to help you with ROI calculations for your projects.


service & solution driven Building on its impeccable reputation as manufacturer of architectural lighting for homes, Delta Light® has grown to become a household name and trendsetter when it comes to lighting designs for commercial and professional environments. Delta Light® has catered for some of the world’s most well-known brands and architects, providing sophisticated and value adding lighting solutions. Ranging from retail to residential, office, public, showrooms to hospitality and landscape projects, small to very large scale, Delta Light® has the product range, experience and knowledge to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your projects. Each project requires a customized approach, as such Delta Light® distinguishes itself with an exceptional package of services and design tools. The global team works with all stakeholders involved to get the best possible result. Starting with lighting design services all the way down to the installation process and direction of lighting as a function of its environment. Be it for technical or application questions, performance and energy saving studies, a LEED assessment process, custom designs and made-to-measure solution, rendering or graphics needs, or any other lighting design related issue... Delta Light® provides a one-stop-shopping solution for your projects.







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Eyecatching new shapes and materials to upgrade your project.

More colour finishes than ever before, and brand-new colour options in the outdoor collection.


New levels in flexibility, both in movement as in lighting application.


New made-to-measure led profile solutions with superior efficiency and light output results.




New generation of leds with same characteristics of many conventional light sources (up to 3000 lm).

Use of unique segmented reflector providing superior reflection abilities and upgraded performance and efficiency.

New wallwash and downlight solutions for both residential and commercial projects.



Led + lens combinations in the interior and exterior collections, resulting in intense light effects.

The widest, most diverse and balanced exterior lighting collection in the history of the company.


Extension of the very versatile Supernova range, resulting in track, recessed, surface mounted and stand-alone luminaires.

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