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Vincent Vincent is a façade engineer project manager at Elioth. He is an engineer-architect and works alongside within the envelope department. And over the next decade ? ‘Continue to explore, innovate, improve myself, to gain the required technical skills for translating architectural concepts as delicately as possible.’

Vincent est chef de projet chez Elioth en ingénierie façade. Il est ingénieur-architecte et travaille au sein du pôle enveloppe. Et au cours des 100 000 prochaines heures ? « Continuer à explorer, innover, s’améliorer, pour atteindre la maîtrise technique permettant de traduire les concepts architecturaux le plus finement possible. »

Elioth Book | Release 2016 | The Pink Cover  

English + French text. Update March 2016. What follows is a look inside the full range of projects in which Elioth has taken part, our close...