'A Very Big Man - Hafla Cabaret' first edition

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A Very Big Man Hafla Cabaret

by Elinor Sahm

Artist book 1st Edition GlogauAIR Berlin September 2020

Zur miShelo achalnu

Barechu emunai Savaanu veHotarnu kiDvar Adonai

Hazan et olamo ro'enu avinu

Ahalnu et lahmo ve'meYeino shatinu Al ken node liShmo uNehalelo beFinu Amarnu veAninu eyn kadosh kaAdonai

Heinrich Sahm was the subject of the grotesque Cabarets in the

1930s in berlin. It would be only logical that the story of the last Prussian mayor of Berlin will be told in the format of a Cabaret. Unfortunately, his great-granddaughter, sitting before you, was born in Jerusalem and brought up by the other half, her Sefardic family. Their storytelling abilities are of a deferent form. It comes in the form of a Hafla, a gathering of family, friends, sitting together, surrounding the head of the family, her other greatgrandfather, listening to his jokes and glorious voice, telling stories of Hebron where he was born and old Jerusalem where he grew up, singing together with love and joy.